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Badger asked for it, so here it is from September 30, 2011 on the John Sterling Blogspot:

The other day, while SuperFrankenstein and I were ridiculing Boston on multiple fronts, we agreed on one central point:

The 2011 Redsocks were a team of bloated, boobed, chubby nincompoops.

Carl Crawford looks nothing like the outfielder who once roamed Tampa. He could play Santa. His face is a weather balloon, his belly looks like it was grafted from Bobby Abreu. What happened to the guy? Is he living over a Ben and Jerrys?

Josh Beckett apparently thought himself so much of the Second Coming of Curt Schilling that he decided to eat like him.

Adrian Gonzalez (or Godzalez, as the brilliant Dirt Dogs site now calls him) grew summer teets. (He could also be called Gutzalez.) Look at him. I’ve seen thinner TV chefs.

And then there is Newt Lackey. Check out the jowls. The guy was always burly, in a Joba-kind of way. Now he’s roly-poly, in a Colter Bean kind of way. It’s possible that he’s not divorcing his cancer-stricken wife – but she’s divorcing him. There’s never any food in the house.

Big Papi lost weight. Pedroia remains wiry. But the Redsocks looked like a team that eats a five dollar foot long between innings. Yankee fans saw this in the 1980s, when every free agent we signed larded up by 20 pounds before donning Pinstripes. But today, look at the Yankee conditioning: Granderson is a wire, Jeter has stayed thin, Mariano? Nothing there. Even Arod and Posada – sidelined with injuries or lack of play – do not look chubby. Good grief. I’m glad we never had a bench-clearing brawl against Boston. Youkilis would have eaten somebody.

I guess I am not the only one who thinks Crawford looks fat!  Look at the picture above (I swear I didn’t alter it)  ;)


  • My Duke Blue Devils have beaten #2 Louisville and #3 Kentucky already this year.  I knew they were Top 10, but it looks like Coach K has another winner on his hands.
  • Notre Dame #1 in the Polls and I am a fan, but if they play Alabama, they will probably get slaughtered.
  • IU Basketball is back – #1
  • Andrew Luck!!!!
  • Just treading water until the Winter Meetings…….


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40 Responses to “Random Rumblings”

  1. Pete M. says:

    My Dukeys too are making me proud…
    Big time ND fan but I painfully must agree. I’m thinking we open a double digit underdog. Of course I dreaded going to Norman!!??
    Winter Meetings….Gentlemen GM’s , start your engines…

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    You may not have altered it, but that picture of Crawford does look like it might have been doctored from the source you got it from. But really, who cares about this anymore. When Crawford reports in February we’ll see what he looks like. Until then, I consider the matter tabled.

    And this speaks to Ken’s post in the last thread regarding the Nov. 30 deadline for FOX regarding its exclusivity to negotiate a new TV deal with the Dodgers.

    I got the link from today’s post in MSTI.

    If a deal of this magnitude becomes reality, it will go a long way to explaining why Guggenheim decided to bid $2.15 billion to purchase the Dodgers. It would make any premium they paid to buy the team, immaterial. It would appear as if they see the Dodgers as a long term investment that will pay off big time, and make any initial overpayment nothing but insurance to secure what they considered to be a lucrative target.

    If this deal actually gets done, and does so before the winter meetings in December, there is no telling what the Dodgers might do with respect to signing free agents. To build the Dodger brand, and attract 4 million plus fans into Dodger Stadium, they may well decide to overpay to secure whatever players they’re targeting.

    Stay tuned.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, need we wonder anymore why Selig rejected the $3 billion, 20 year deal that McCourt negotiated with FOX, as being undervalued?

    Media rights appear to have skyrocketed. I believe that every team will be receiving an additional $25 million this coming year from MLB. Maybe there’s a bubble in the future, but not right now.

  4. Gionfriddo says:

    Notre Dame is 12-0 for a reason.

    They have played 9 bowl eligible teams this year: by comparison Alabama has 5 and Georgia has played 4.

    Alabama has the #1 ranked dee in D-1 with a defense that allows 9.25 pts per game. ND is #2 with 10.33 pts allowed per game.

    Notre Dame leads D-1 by allowing only TEN td’s the entire season– Bama is 2nd with 14.

    Taking into account the basis on which the NCAA ranks total defense (opponents total yds, opp total yds per play, opp offensive tds’s, and yd’s allowed per game), Alabama is ranked #1 and ND is #6.. a sidebar to that stat is a “down” Michigan St team is ranked #4– ND went into East Lansing earlier this year and punched the Spartans in the mouth, 20-3 (holding down a RB who many of you have don’t know but will get to know on coming Sundays in Le’Veon Bell)..

    ND and Bama are alot alike– great defenses to go along with big, bruising offensive lines that impose their will on opponents dee lines.. a slaughter?? time will tell the tale on that opinion.. what I do know with certainty in regards to all the naysayers is this– the Irish have EARNED the right to play for the BCS title on Jan.7 @ the Orange Bowl…

    • Badger says:

      9 bowl eligible teams? You do realize that half the teams in NCAA go to a bowl game, right?

      We usually agree on all things Dodgers, but we don’t agree on this one friddo. Notre Dame only played 4 ranked teams, Oregon played 5 and Stanford 6 and they played the #2 ranked team TWICE. I think the BCS computer ranking system is really bogus. It’s my opinion the two best teams in the country are Oregon and Alabama, and that would a game more people would watch.

      We’ll see how it plays out, but, most folks see ‘bama winning this one. The betting will likely keep the spread close, but, I think the opening line will be 11 and Alabama will cover that.

  5. Badger says:

    Notre Dame has not played a ranked team in over a month. They squeaked by some un-ranked teams, and should have lost two – one to Stanford and another to Pitt. They will play for the Championship, they will be double digit underdogs and I predict Alabama will cover. If ‘bama was playing any of the other top teams, it would be a single digit spread and likely a much better game. The game I am looking forward to is KState Oregon, if it happens. I am not a Notre Dame fan, but do accept that a healthy Iris program is good for all of football. I just don’t think this team is worthy of playing for a title, but, like Pete said, they are 12-0.

    I don’t give a damn what was said about Crawford over a year ago. What I care about is how he plays for the Dodgers. I posted his work-out video and even in it his face was round. So is Marshall Faulk’s, and he did ok. So is Miguel Cabrera’s and he isn’t so bad. Babe Ruth was round, and he had a decent career. Let it go man. You don’t have a clue what his work-outs are like now and all this fat talk is silly. If he shows up on Opening Day fat, then you can start another thread about it. ‘Til then, he is the starting Dodgers left fielder and I wish him well.

    I think most of us already knew the t.v. deal the Dodgers had coming, whatever it might be, was going to be freaking huge. Even the knucklehead McCourt knew that. That is the primary reason the Gaggenymens outbid themselves for the team. There is massive money to be made on this team and I have been saying that since those bean town butt heads took over years ago.

    Stand by. It’s only going to get more interesting in the coming months and years!

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Here\’s the difference:

      Cabrera and Ruth were not speedsters. Crawford is.

      I sat beside Marshall Faulk on an airplane in 2003 and he was the Pillsbury Doughboy. He went downhill fast after that.

      I root for Crawford, but I have my concerns.

  6. Badger says:

    Per Rece Davis, oddsmaker Danny Sheridan says every SEC team in the top 10 (there are 5) would be favored over Notre Dame in a title game.


    There you have it. The number 1 team in the nation would be underdogs to 5 teams ranked below them, (probably more than that actually) including the #10 team in the nation.

    No respect. But, there is good reason for this.

    Wake up the echoes. They are going to need them, and a lot more, come January 7th.

  7. SpokaneBob says:


  8. voldomer says:

    Badger, calm down and enjoy the postseason. Notre Dame absolutely deserves to be in the title game. They are 12-0 and played one of the toughest schedules in the country. Sure, some wins were close, but quality teams win the close ones. What more could they do?

    I grew up in SEC country (Vol) but have two degrees from ND (Domer). The SEC is the best football conference in the country. For most of the last two decades, ND could not compete with the top SEC teams. I think it is different this year.

    ND could very well be playing Georgia in the NC game, though most assume the SEC champ will be Alabama. Georgia is playing very well. Alabama already knows how difficult it is to win it all two years in a row.

    From what I read, the networks expect ND vs. the SEC champion to be a ratings record-breaker. (For that matter, over 10% of the country watched ND-USC last night.) ND-Alabama would probably be the bigger draw considering the history of the programs, but again, Georgia could crash the party.

    As much as this pains me to write as a Dodger fan, this year’s ND team reminds me of this year’s SF Giants. They aren’t flashy, but they play solid ball, do enough to win, and play well together. They aren’t necessarily as talented physically as the opposition but yet find a way to get it done. I think they have one more win in them.

    • Badger says:

      Calm down?

      I’m calm. Didn’t mean to sound jacked up. Just have my opinion and, I am not the only one who feels this way. The NCAA needs a play-off and they need it soon. Tell Sheridan to calm down. He’s the one who said there are 5 teams in one conference better than the one that is picked to play for a title.

      Georgia? You really think Georgia can beat Alabama? Come on man. The Notre Dame Alabama game will probably be watched by many because the programs have so many followers. I just happen to think there will be much better games all over the place than that one.

  9. Mark_Timmons says:

    Here’s the two Wild Cards:

    1. Brian Kelly – he won’t go into that title game without a few new wrinkles. They have plenty of time to implement some new awesome plays (he has a history of that); and

    2. The Notre Dame kids. They are simply smarter. Smarter is better!

    My son wants to go to Notre Dame (academics) or Oregon (cool uniforms).

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Ten years after its founding, the YES Network has nearly quadrupled in value ($800 million in 2002, $3 billion today). Most of that worth comes from subscriber fees, the amount cable companies pay to the network for the right to carry it. That cost is, of course, passed on to customers—even the ones who don’t watch the channel. If your cable package has the YES Network, you’re paying nearly $3 a month for it, whether you are a Yankee fan or not. With YES available in 15 million households, that’s more than a half-billion dollars each year, even before the channel sells advertising.

    (YES commands a remarkably high subscriber fee. Nationally, only two non-3D channels charge more than $1 a month—ESPN and TNT. But RSNs regularly get the big bucks. SNY costs an average of $2.40 per subscriber. The Dodgers’ obscene purchase price is founded in the potential of an RSN to launch in 2014, which one estimate says could charge a $3.50 monthly fee. News Corp is no stranger to the RSN market, owning all or part of 22 channels nationwide through its Fox Sports imprint.)”

    Guggenheims should consider hedging their risks and create a network 49% owned by Fox.

    I agree that Adrain looked as out of shape as the Michelin man from the day that he arrived.

    Beckett might run a 6.0 40 on a warm day.

    But then again isn’t Sterling a Yankee fan and that article is dated 9/30/11 and not April 5, 2012?

  11. Gonzo says:

    They are smarter how so Mark? Football wise? Academic wise? Or just because they attend a private institution rather than a public one?

  12. voldomer says:

    USC players speak about ND and Oregon:

    There was no USC postgame outrage. The Trojans knew how and why they had been beaten. And when you asked star wide receiver Marqise Lee whether Notre Dame was the No. 1 team in the country, the answer came easily.

    “Yeah, they did a great job,” he said.

    And when USC linebacker Hayes Pullard was asked the same question, he answered, “Most definitely.”

    Better than Oregon?

    “Yes,” said Pullard, whose Trojans had lost to the Ducks 62-51. “Better.”

  13. Gionfriddo says:

    Badger, we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

    Jimmy Sheridan?? Hey, his opinion is his opinion and trust me he is no smarter than a lot of us in here. I recall this same situation 25 years ago in which a team taking the field had no business being on the same field with the #1 ranked team in the nation even though they were the #2 ranked team in the nation. The Canes would go off as 7 pt favs…

    25 years ago– that #1 team had the Heisman Trophy winner in Vinny Testaverde. They had 2 all-americans on defense (and future #1 picks) in Jerome Brown and Bennie Blades. They had yet another all-american and 1st pick (and a future HOF) in WR, Michael Irvin. To top that off their RB turned out to be the THIRD overall pick in the ’87 draft in Alonzo Highsmith..

    Bottom line, that Penn St team had no business being on the same field as the vaunted Hurricans from Miami– the U had outscored its opponents by an average of 27 points on their way to an 11-0 record.
    THIS was the banter leading up to that game by ALL the pundits and Jimmy the Greek know it alls– it was fairly unanimous- the Littany Lions should not show up for that Fiesta Bowl.. the pundits said that because Penn St barely got by sub .500 teams in Cincinnati, Maryland, and ND (yes, we sucked that year even with Steve Beuerlein under center)…

    We all know what happened that night to the U… Hell, maybe Bama destroys the Irish and the naysayers will be proven right.. The spread?? that spread will mean nothing to those kids come Jan. 7– that is something for us who watch and lay down $$ to get excited about.. time will tell the tale

  14. Badger says:

    Well no shortage of homerism around here. I get it, and it’s cool.

    Yeah, anything can happen on any given day, I know that is a fact. But the games I watched Notre Dame play this year, and since they are on every week there were a few, I just didn’t see a team that dominated. They have a solid defense, but they won some close ones against unranked teams. Stanford got robbed of a td in South Bend or who knows how that game would have turned out, an unranked 19 point underdog Pitt team took them to 3 overtimes and got seriously hosed on a PI call that kept an Irish drive alive (again, in South Bend), and I think had Barkley played USC would have beat them in L.A.. Not exactly doing it the way Oregon and Alabama did, with an average margin of victory of about 29 points. But, Oregon lost one late, and Notre Dame cruised beating unranked teams the last 4 weeks of the season.

    And I don’t have a clue who Jimmy Sheridan is, but Danny Sheridan is a Vegas oddsmaker and one of the most respected in his trade. I don’t know that he actually said that as it was second hand, but I wouldn’t doubt that he did. And as the underdog, you can say the spread means nothing, but, it does mean something. Of course it doesn’t always work out but, they didn’t build Las Vegas because oddsmakers were stupid. They know what they are doing. If heavy money comes in on either team , the numbers will of course change. But, I just don’t see the smart money coming in on the Irish. This could be a 10-13 point spread before kick-off.

    Look, I don’t have any love for the SEC. I am damned tired of seeing a team from that conference take the title every year. But I think they will do it again this year and I believe there are other teams that could play Alabama better. This may be the largest spread ever for a Championship game. I don’t believe Georgia can beat Alabama (‘bama currently 8 point favorites) and I think the Tide will hang over 35 points on Notre Dame.

    Anyone else got a call?

    This could get very interesting before it’s all over. I got no horse in the race. I hope they both lose. I hope KState and Oregon (the teams I was pulling for) face each other in the Fiesta Bowl. For my money, that will be a far more entertaining game to watch.

  15. Bluenose Dodger says:

    So we will be satisfied it Crawford reports to ST looking like Andruw Jones and Juna Uribe. Will extra weight help him run faster, jump higher, swing more quickly? If so, there is no issue. My guess is that he will report in good shape. If not it will a reflection of his attitude same as Jones and Uribe.

  16. Badger says:

    Alabama vs. Notre Dame opened at 9 then almost immediately jumped to 11 1/2. Must have been a ton of money come in on Alabama. I would lay 9 in a heartbeat. I think it will stay at 11 1/2 for a while, then go to 12 1/2, which I believe would match the largest spread ever for this game. Just a hunch.

    Anybody else got a call?

    I would be very surprised, and disappointed, if Crawford showed up at ST out of shape Bluenose. This is a golden opportunity for him to resurrect his career after landing in that dysfunctional Boston nest. I hear all those guys are glad to get away from that mess.

    But, you never know.

  17. Mark_Timmons says:

    A few responses:

    1. I think Crawford will be in shape come spring. I am just worried that he has bulked up too much with his workouts. His game used to be speed…

    2. It is a fact that it is academically harder to get into Notre Dame than an SEC School…. by far. I also believe it is easier to get into Oregon.

    3. Everyone ranks the Strength of Schedule differently. It’s subjective, not objective, but CCR has the Strength of Schedule as follows:

    Notre Dame – #8

    Alabama – #15

    Oregon – #59

    I\’m just sayin\’…

    I think ND will shock you.

    Danny Sheridan has Notre Dame where in the pre-season odds? Maybe he’s trying to get part of his a$$ back?

  18. Gonzo says:

    I don’t think so Mark. ND is the 59th hardest school to get into. Texas A&M is harder to get into than ND. Again, Kelly would give years of his life to get the type of squad that Alabama or another power house school has.

  19. Badger says:

    Notre Dame – #8

    Alabama – #15

    Oregon – #59

    All you need to do is look at the schedule’s and you know that’s bullsh*t.

    Oregon played 3 ranked teams in their last 4. Notre Dame played nobody ranked in their last 4. Not their fault, but, easy finish. Granted SC was on the schedule for each, and SC was ranked when they played Oregon.

    If Oregon was playing Notre Dame, who would be favored? Just askin’.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:


    Put down the crack pipe!

    Notre Dame has the 25th highest SAT scores in the country at 1510. There is only one… I SAID ONLY ONE school that has a SAT score that high that also has a successful football program (Stanford – 1540).

    Schools ahead of Notre Dame are as follows:

    Vanderbelt, Rice, Brown, Northwestern, Duke, Darthmouth, Harvard, et al.

    Texas A & M is not in the top 200 in SAT. Theirs is 1300. Unless lower is better, A & M is not close to Notre Dame.

    Oregon has a 1219 SAT… but they have cool uniforms.

    • Badger says:

      And I am sure every player on that Notre Dame team was held to those standards.

      Oregon’s uniforms are cool. And it is Oregon, one of the most beautiful states in the country.

    • Gonzo says:

      Ok, but you said that ND kids are “simply smarter” so kids that play football for Alabama, Oregon and other schools that that have equal or better SAT scores than ND’s football players are not smart? Or is it possible that they CHOSE to attend a different university because they had a choice?

      I like ND but that comment you made was offensive to me as an educator. I was accepted to Stanford at one point, but I chose not to go because I decided to get married. I have two post graduate degrees from Northern Arizona University and working on a doctorate. Does that make me less smart than a person that has the same degrees from Notre Dame? Maybe the diploma has more prestige and I get that, but people choose to go to different schools for different factors.

  21. Gionfriddo says:

    Excellent call on the video– that dude appears to have a round face in that workout..

  22. Badger says:

    Go Irish!

    I saw a wrap on Crawford’s wrist in that video.

  23. Gonzo says:

    Mark, I was a D student in high school, by choice. Once in college, I prioritized my life and can say that the grades I received at the UofA I could have gotten them at any school. That kid you know like many I do, suddenly flip the switch and just get it. It’s not the institution it’s the person.

    Also, the SAT is not being held to as the only way colleges identify bright students. A lot of colleges now are looking at the state exit exams as precursors to college success.

    Another example my bud’s nephew is a C student and is being recruited by D1 schools heavily to play baseball and yup you guessed it ND is one and it is promising the moon and the stars to him if he just scores the minimum on his SAT to make him D1 eligible.


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