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Mad Scientist at Work

I have been known to sit in my Dodger lab and experiment by mixing different players and lineups together to see what  could happen.  After further review, here’s the lineup I want:

  1. Bourn  CF  (L)
  2. Ynoa  2B  (B)
  3. Kemp  RF  (R)
  4. Gonzalez  1B  (L)
  5. Wright  3B  (R)
  6. Ramirez  SS  (R)
  7. Crawford  LF  (L)
  8. Ellis  C  (R)

This is like doing your taxes by starting at the bottom and working up…. but I like it!  I might try that…

How do the Dodgers get there?  Let me explain.

  • Sign Michael Bourn as a Free Agent – He is a great CF, he lets Kemp go to RF where there is less wear and tear and Bourn is a bonafide lead off hitter.  An outfield of Crawford, Bourn and Kemp would be the best defensive outfield in all of baseball.
  • Why would the Dodgers send Rafael Ynoa to the AFL?  I believe they think he can be a player.  He’s a switch hitter, has a soft glove and is fast.  Let’s give him the 2B job and let him hit #2.  Between Bourn and Kemp, he would get some pitches to hit and not be impotent against RH pitching, like Ellis.  If he can’t handle that, he could flip with Crawford.
  • With Ramirez at SS, there is no need for Luis Cruz, Elian Herrera, Juan Uribe or Dee Gordon.  Also, Andre Ethier, Zach Lee, Mark Ellis, Chris Reed, Alex Castellanos, Scott Van Slyke, Aaron Harang or Chris Capuano, and Joc Pederson or Yasiel Puig, could be a part of a trade for David Price or James Shields and David Wright!
  • That said, Josh Hamilton is a possibility and I am sure there are lots of other deals available.  On Baseball Tonight, Jon Heyman said that Ned Colletti was on the phone more than any other GM….  I;m certain, that something REALLY BIG will happen soon.  Stay tuned.

Dodger News

  • Several sources report that the Dodgers were the winning bidder for 25-year-old Hyun-Jin Ryu, a LH with seveal plus pitches, including a 92 MPH fastball.   Interesting, but unconfirmed.  Also, it appears that most teams think he should be in the pen, not a starter.
  • Interesting article by Mark Saxon of ESPN/LA.


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37 Responses to “Mad Scientist at Work”

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve thought all along that Josh Hamilton is coming to town, but what I’m reading this morning is we are in aggresive pursuit of Torii Hunter.
    Oh yeah something thats sure to make Mark happy, the Youk is also on the shopping list.

  2. Badger says:

    As long as we are just dreaming, I’ll take Cano at second base. He hasn’t been extended yet. There is a $15 million option that will no doubt be exercised, but…..

    Wright at 3rd looks good to me, but, are the Mets going to give him the $16 million? Will he actually become a free agent? Same situation as Cano, right?

    Ynoa might work. Is he ready? His stats say he just might be.

    “Also, Andre Ethier, Zach Lee, Mark Ellis, Chris Reed, Alex Castellanos, Scott Van Slyke, Aaron Harang or Chris Capuano, and Joc Pederson or Yasiel Puig, could be a part of a trade for David Price or James Shields and David Wright!”

    Sounds complicated.

  3. Gionfriddo says:

    Alot of moving parts to be sure.. I love what Bourn brings to the table.. However, the Nats or Phils I suspect will give him a 9 figure deal– Colletti won’t, not with 3 all stars in the OF now..

    I actually like the idea of LA talking to Torii Hunter– if he is ok as a 4th OF that would be even better.. If not, that Ned has reached out to Hunter tells me the Blue has indeed floated Ethier’s name out there to gauge interest … I still say we send Ethier (plus 40 mill of his remaining 71 mill) to Tampa for Shields.. We then insert Hunter into RF with a 2 yr/30 mill deal (he keeps RF warm til Puig is ready in ’15)…

    Dodgers are also talking to Youkilis according to sources.. I’m good with that story.. Go 2 yrs/20 mill and there’s our opening day 3B (pushing Cruz to a super sub role)..

    Next?? I still think Guggs will not be outbid for Greinke.. Yes, Mark Walter did say that pitchers do “break”, but at the end of the day Greinke is the #2 we desperately need.. It’s not OUR money– Gugg’s & co go into the glove compartment of the rolls and scratch a 6 yr/128 mill for Greinke..

    Hyun-Jin Ryu– we ARE the winning bidders.. Pick a # for a contract at this point- he will be our #5… Lilly, Capuano, Harang?? 2 of the 3 will be dealt or given a final check to go away..

    1. M. Ellis
    2. Crawford
    3. Kemp
    4. Gonzalez
    5. Ramirez
    6. Hunter
    7. Youkilis
    8. AJ Ellis

    1. Kershaw
    2. Greinke
    3. Shields
    4. Billingsley
    5. Ryu

  4. Gionfriddo says:

    A bit of an overlook on my part– Josh Beckett?? Well, insert him into the 4 hole of that rotation if Bills elbow becomes a problem in spring.. TOO MANY decisions to be made at this point… I need more java the next time I sit down and attempt to go Fred Claire..

  5. Miguel says:

    We got him!

    I love it, an Asian David Wells! I like this because this guy can command 4 pitches. He actually “pitches”. He doesn’t overpower anyone, but he mixes and locates. And that is the key to success in The Show. I think that this kid (remember he JUST turned 26) will do well. I loved watching him pitch in the WBC. He cut the Cuban and Japanese lineups up! And those lineups were legit.

  6. ken says:

    Yes Dr. Frakenstein the Dodgers are ALIVE!!

    1. Kershaw
    2. Shields via Trade (Ethier, Capuano, Guerrier, Ely, $10 mil)
    3. Sanchez via FA (5 Yrs – $80 mil)
    4. HJR
    5. Beckett

    1. League
    2. Jansen
    3. Belisario
    4. Guerra
    5. Elbert
    6. Harang
    7. Bills (if not on DL)

    1. Fife
    2. Withrow
    3. Tolleson
    4. Rodriquez
    5. Wall
    6. Otani via FA (Replacing Lee and Reed)
    7. Rule 5 Protection ?
    8. Rule 5 Protection ?

    1. AJ Ellis
    2. Gonzalez
    3. M Ellis
    4. Rameriz
    5. Wright via Trade (Lilly, Uribe, Lee #1, Reed #3, Pederson #4, $20 mil)
    6. Hamilton via FA (3 Yrs – $80 mil)
    7. Kemp
    8. Crawford

    1. New Catcher (Batting Left handed) via FA
    2. Youk via FA
    3. Punto
    4. Hairston
    5. 4th OF via FA

    1. Gordon
    2. Puig
    3. Casty
    4. SVS
    5. Fed Ex
    6. Rule 5 Protection ?
    7. Rule 5 Protection ?

    1. Sellers
    2. Herrera

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Heard that Ryu is seen by a lot of teams as a bullpen piece. If so (and I don’t have a clue), then Greinke, Sanchez, etc., etc., etc…. are all probably still in play.

    Ken, don’t you think Onelki Garcia should be on your list of pitchers in the minors?

    I don’t even want to comment on Mark’s post. Too complicated for my meager brain. I’ll just wait to see what actually happens.

    Whatever happens, will happen. But if anything stands out, it is that the Dodgers are now players in EVERYTHING. And that is highlighted by the ESPN The Magazine article linked in the last thread regarding how the Dodgers could justify overpaying $600 million for the opportunity to cash in on “a local TV deal that could be the largest in sports history, making the new Dodgers ownership the first of perhaps many to come that based a bid for a team, then the team’s payroll, almost entirely on local TV money.”

  8. voldomer says:

    Yes to Hunter (whom I suggested a few weeks ago), no to Youk. I’m interested to hear more about Ryu. I can’t see switching out Ethier for Bourn or Hamilton. It’s not my money, but there have to be limits, and starting pitching is a more pressing concern. Also, it sends a horrible message to free agents if Ethier is dumped so shortly after signing his extension.

    Hunter makes sense because he can play all three OF positions and at his age may be more focused on getting a ring than playing everyday in one set position. His great relationship with Kemp would also be a plus. It would allow LA to bring Crawford along cautiously, sit Ethier against lefties if that continues to be a problem, rest Kemp to keep him fresh, and provide (through one of the four) a legit DH for the ten road interleague games.

    • ken says:

      Tampa has excess pitching with a hitting deficiency. If they acquire a key batter then, according to blogs, they think that they might make it to the WS next year. The price for Shields is a big bat so therefore Ethier, or Crawford plus propsects, plus payroll relief, may be the only way to acquire Shields.

      Only Ned know how much the LADs are willing to pay for pitching.

  9. Bobbie17 says:

    Tori Hunter should play, not sit. 2 years would be good. Youkilis as some sort of utility infielder make some sense. Good clubhouse guys. We still need a bunch of starting pitchers to replace all the #4′s we have. They must be better than #4, though. I am still hopeful for an open camp with some farm guys given a real chance.
    Too much free agency really kills that idea.

  10. Gonzo says:

    By signing Ryu, I think that Sanchez is not a target anymore. To me Ryu was signed to give the rotation more balance with him and Kersh. Greinke is even more of a possibility. Ned has to pick one of the following, Harang, Capuano and Lily just in case Bills breaks down (which I think he will).

    I really doubt the Dodgers are in on Hunter unless an Ethier trade is in the works. I too believe that something big is going to happen soon. Exciting times. Can’t wait for spring training at camelback!!

  11. Badger says:

    I think Gonzo is right. I originally thought Ryu was projected as a relief guy, but if you look at his stats you will see he is a starter. He pitched as many as 211 innings (’07) 192 in ’10 and 182 last year. Somebody in our rotation is going to be traded.

    In reading today, what makes the most sense to me, if indeed they intend to sign Hunter, is that either Ethier will be shopped or they want Hunter around in case Crawford takes longer than expected. Hunter isn’t ready to ride the pine. Though he will be 38 next year, he played in 140 this year and played very well. Yeah, I would love to see him as our 4th, giving everyone lots of time off, but, will he accept that role? Maybe, I guess.

    I like ken’s starting rotation, his trade scenarios are quite…. creative – but I don’t think Wright or Hamilton are coming here. I also like friddo’s lineup….but we had better do better than Ellis in our lead-off spot. He is going to be 36 next year and his OBP numbers are not good. Replace him with Gordon and that is one helluva lineup.

    But, having said all that, nothing would surprise me now.

    • ken says:

      We know nothing but we can have hope inspired creativity in anticipation of more good news!

      If Gordon is wise, then he should volunteer to play 2B next year. Otherwise he may be traded or just wallow in the minors until he is a free agent. Ned is going big!

      Hunter should come to LA with a no trade clause in anticipation of playing 100 games or being traded in the summer. Can you say “WS RING”? :)

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Things may well happen soon. At the same time it’s possible we may not see most of the major action until the winter meetings set for Dec. 3-6. Then again, that’s not too far off. And more may be in the offing even later than that.

    I too don’t see Mark Ellis leading off. Maybe he won’t even be in the starting lineup by opening day, or maybe not even on the Dodgers. I’m sure he’s a trade chip, along with a lot of other players. Gordon is also a trade chip, but as Badger notes, having him replace Ellis would be nice. Also, it’s suggested in the link below that the hiring of Mark McGuire could have positive ramifications for Gordon (and Carl Crawford too).

    None of us knows the internal thinking of the Dodgers regarding Gordon, nor of anyone else. So speculating might be fun, but the reality that unfolds may be something completely different (probably will be). I’m just happy that the Dodgers are relevant again, and players in just about everything.

    And regarding Ryu, maybe he does start. And perhaps the Dodgers target Jeremy Affeldt to be the second lefthander out of the pen. Maybe Choate is still on Ned’s shopping list, but I hope not.

    Ken, I understand your point about Onelki Garcia. He turns 24 next August, so maybe he’s advanced enough to impress in spring training and find his way on the 25-man roster, or maybe he’s brought up sometime after the season the starts. What I’ve heard about him is intriguing, but I know that what you hear is not always what you get.

    Given what the Dodgers seem willing to spend, I doubt if eating contracts is something that would give this management any pause. So, if necessary, I have little doubt that the Dodgers will DFA just about anybody if they have or can get something demonstrably better.

  13. Bobbie17 says:

    How about Hunter hitting leadoff? I think he’s done it before.

  14. voldomer says:

    Rosenthal says Hunter would have to take a “lesser role” and that Ethier is going anywhere. Hunter is close to both Kemp and Crawford.

  15. ken says:,32/

    A lot more work before the Dodgers can be the 2003 Yankees of the West :)

  16. ken says:

    People are talking about whether there are enough games for Hunter to play should he sign with the dodgers in 2013, but:

    Crawford OPS+
    Career 105
    2010 135
    2011 85
    2012 107

    Career 132
    2010 126
    2011 116
    2012 132

    I am starting to wonder whether the dodgers should consider signing Hunter to start in LF and make Crawford the super-sub???

  17. voldomer says:

    Hunter’s agent initiated conversations with the Dodgers. Hunter isn’t sure he is ready to be a fourth outfielder but does like the idea of playing with Kemp.,0,2751606.story?track=rss

  18. Badger says:

    Crawford is the starting left fielder on this team. Torii Hunter is going to be 38 next July. You know the end is coming up. Yeah, he had a great year at age 37, but can he do it until he is 40? The age of PED’s is over. Outfielders don’t last that long anymore. It’s a lesser role with the Dodgers or he goes to one of the other 9 teams and it wouldn’t surprise me if it were a team he could DH several times a year. He DH’d 6 times last year and the teams mentioned at MLB Trade Rumors are AL teams.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    For the past several years, I have wonder why some team with the right make up — would not try 4 outfielders:

    each starting outfielder, gets one day off a week = with the 4th outfielder taking that slot — so 3 starts a week for that guy.

    Then, when an injury happens for a game or two or a DL listing, the 4th outfielder picks up more time.

    Also, he pinch hits those other 3 to 4 nights a week when he is not starting.

    Also to the also, in the inter-league games, he is one of the starting nine.

    Over the long grind of 6 months, that give a bit of rest to each of the starters in the outfield, and to a guy like Hunter, that might fit just fine at this point in his career.

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Nice breakdown Roger….pretty brilliant…..if the Dodgers can sign Hunter for let’s say 2/17 mil. they can pull this off…..

      • Badger says:

        With 4 playing that rotation, divided it up equally there are about 500 plate appearances per player.

        There isn’t one of the current starters that would accept that. They all want at least 600 plate appearances to put up the numbers. Most of them have incentives built into the contracts and they won’t reach them unless they play 150+ games a year.

        A 4th outfielder is just that. Unless there is an injury, Hunter will get at best about 300 at bats by playing for the Dodgers. Can he play 1b? He might get a few more there.

        The Dodgers will likely be willing to overpay him for this role. If this doesn’t work for a guy 38 years old, good luck out there.

        • Roger Dodger says:

          Also, the one regular outfielder, that sits out one game a week — is able to pinch hit in that game, or come in if needed.

          This really does make sense.

          Also, if the 4th outfielder get in one of those hot streaks, then the manager could opt to play him a few days more while he is in that zone.

          And, that would allow some monkeying around with guys like Ethier the the trouble he has with left handed pitchers. If, say, the Dodgers faced two or three lefty’s in a row — fine, he might not start one or two or all three of those games, but be ready if that left handed started is lifted for relief, and is right handed.

          What I like is the basic idea of a rest day each week for each starter. And go from there.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree with Badger. If Kemp, Crawford and Ethier are healthy, they’re only going to be happy if they’re out there everyday, with an occasional day off to keep them fresh.

    If Kevin Youkilis at age 34 would be happy in a part-time role (not sure if he would be), he’d be a good fit to fill in at first and third, and serve as a PH and the primary DH in interleague games. But a 4th outfielder is likely to just that, a 4th outfielder. If Hunter would accept that, he’d probably be a good fit. But it’s not a role he’s likely to accept.

    Almost anything is likely to happen. Maybe something soon, or maybe we have to wait until the winter meetings or beyond. But something(s) will happen.

  21. Bobbie17 says:

    Crawford is a non factor in all of this unless and until he can prove that he can play. Crawford MIGHT be the 4th outfielder, if he’s any good. Spring Training will determine that. Don’t forget the young guys (VanSlyke) who will be trying to force their way in. Bring on the competition.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Carl Crawford is a non-factor, but Scott Van Slyke be trying to force his way in. Very interesting. Delusional might be a better description.

    Scott Van Slyke, who has been in the Dodger organization since 2005, and who will turn 27 in July is currently hitting .238 with a .319 OBP in Venezuela.

    This is the same Scott Van Slyke who had the following combined averages during his illustrious minor league career.

    2005 – .282
    2006 – .256
    2007 – .254
    2008 – .232
    2009 – .293
    2010 – .270
    2011 – .348
    2012 – .327

    Didn’t even get as high as AA until his 6th minor league season, and didn’t have what could be called a big year until his 7th minor league season, and followed that up with a big year at ALBQ, where James Loney once hit .380. And I’ll just forget the .167 he gave us for the Dodgers in 2012, since he did have limited playing time.

    Maybe he’s a late bloomer who will manage to create for himself a modest big league career. Maybe. At best, he’s probably a candidate for a regular job with a losing team, if even that. I seriously doubt if he finds his way back to the big leagues with the Dodgers, and I think it’s very likely that he’s no longer a Dodger much longer. I can see him being a throw-in in any deals the Dodgers make. Fact is, in the minds of those in charge of player development he’s likely, at the very least, already behind Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig in the Dodgers prospect pecking order.

  23. Badger says:

    AP has Oregon, KState, Notre Dame. That’s how I see it.

    “Carl Crawford is a non-factor, but Scott Van Slyke be trying to force his way in. Very interesting. Delusional might be a better description.”

    That’s how I would put it too. Crawford IS the starting left fielder on this team. He has to play his way off the field in order for that to change. I don’t see it happening, but, it’s possible.

    I think, at this point, SVS is nothing more than a career AAA player. Maybe, if given an opportunity in a place like, say, Kansas City, he could become more, but where does he get the at bats with this team? I think he is gone soon. If not soon then by early next year. If any team shows interest in him, he will be moved.

  24. Mark_Timmons says:

    Badger and Brooklyn are too cynical. Of course Crawford is a non-factor and SVS is going to be the Messiah. It’s just as sure as pigs flying out your butts and me actually becoming a writer. It could happen.


  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ll second what Mark says, except the part about his writing. He’s a lot better than he lets on.

    And I’ll do the same regarding Badger’s comments concerning Crawford. Yes, he could play his way off the field, but I too don’t see it happening. Problem for SVS is that he’s got about as much chance of playing his way onto the field as a snowball has of flourishing in hell.

  26. Gionfriddo says:

    “Crawford MIGHT be the 4th OF, if he’s any good”…. I think we have covered this already, right??…. Scott Van Slyke reminds me of another 6’5 big slugger who crushed AAA pitching like no other– the infamous Billy Ashley.. Trouble is, Van Slyke, much like Ashley had trouble hitting @ the big league level.. yes, small sample size this year but he needs to get another shot with a Pittsburgh or a KC team.. it won’t happen here…

  27. Bobby says:

    I think “Crawford MIGHT be the 4th outfielder” may be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on this board.

    My lord


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