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The Giants win the pennant

When THE TRADE was announced, it was assumed by most of baseball that the Dodgers would become Yankees West and buy their way to a title.

  • The Giants lost the leading hitter in the NL to suspension.
  • Their Cy Young winning pitcher was horrible all season.
  • The Dodgers got Hanley Ramirez, Shane Victorino, Adrian Gonzales, Randy Choate, Brandon League and Josh Beckett.
  • The Giants got Marco Scutaro and Hunter Pence.
  • It looked like the Dodgers got the gold mine and the Giants got the shaft.

I hear people say that the trade wasn’t made to win this year.  That’s total BS.  Of course it was made to win this year and the next as a well.  The Giants pulled together and played as a team, picking each other up and getting the job done in the clutch.  The pretty boy Dodgers didn’t.   I used the Cardinals as an example of a team that has a “culture of winning” but boy, oh boy does that apply just as much or more to the Giants.

It turns out the Dodgers weren’t the Junk Yard Dogs – the Giants were (and I mean that as a compliment).

For some reason, the Baseball Gods shined on the Giants this year…

This is why I worry about next year.  What makes us think the rich boys will get the job done next year when they couldn’t get it done this year?

I have the least amount of confidence in the 2013 Dodger team as I have had in over 15 years.  Boy, I hope I am really, really wrong.

Congratulations to the Giants.  They deserve it and I am proud of them.

Not enough to not root for the Tigers, however!

Dodger News:

  • Dave Hansen goes to Seattle as hitting coach – maybe the Dodgers will sign Chris Chambliss (former Seattle batting coach)?  ;)
  • How about signing Mike Napoli and let him catch 60 games and play 60 games in RF backing up Ethier (Joe Ferguson)?
  • Dee Gordon is up to .320 with a .393 OB%.
  • Otani will be signed by the Dodgers.  Book it!


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44 Responses to “The Giants win the pennant”

  1. Badger says:

    You are “proud” of the gints? You might want to explain that one.

    Why do you remain a Dodger fan? You don’t like the “pretty boy” Dodgers all that much, why not just go root for the team you are proud of? You supported a cockroach like McCourt, but now that the team has a chance to become legit, you write stuff like this.

    The gints won the pennant. They are not the best team in the National League but they played clutch ball when they needed to. They are the hot team. Detroit played a Yankee team that collapsed at the wrong time. San Francisco played a Cardinal team that fell asleep for the last three games. San Francisco is at home.

    But I bet the Tigers will be favored.

    Detroit in 6. Giants just can’t keep it up.

    • Max says:

      Agreed, why do you root for the Dodgers? And Let’s not forget that the Dodgers were 86-76 this season. Far exceeding everyone’s expectations and they missed the playoffs by 1 game. Mark, you bashed Kemp for not being clutch and it turned out he was playing with a torn labrum that needed surgery. You make it sound like the Dodgers are a pathetic failure that lost 90 games.

      I enjoy your passion for the game but have a little bit more faith in your team. The Dodgers are on the upswing. They have new ownership committed to winning now and in the long term. The Dodgers have begun the process of replenishing the farm while addressing on field needs as well. Building a winner takes time. From 2005-2008 the Giants were terrible, then in 2009 they went 88-74 but missed the playoffs due the west being tough that year. Since then they’ve had luck in the playoffs and good seasons out guys like Aubrey Huff, Melkey Cabrera, Marco Scutaro, Ryan Vogelsong, etc… My point is it took a few years to build a good team and they’ve had relative health as well as big contributions from players one wouldn’t expect. Call it culture of winning or luck or whatever you want.

      This season the Dodgers rid themselves of Loney, McCourt, and gained Gonzalez, Ramirez, and company. I still like the trade and look forward to watching the Dodgers next season.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Could it be that not just, as Mark says, the Giants were the Junkyard Dogs, but maybe they have some really solid coaching. Manager, bench coach, instructor coaches; and some top notch ones in the minors. Face it, they did something right. There have been there two years of late.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, could be.

      After all, the gints did have a payroll that was 20% higher than the Dodgers, and they do have solid ownership, and they have been spending wisely, they have a solid fan base that has actually outdrawn the Dodgers for the last two years. They are doing it right.

      It’s not like the midgets have done it the Tampa or Oakland way. These guys have the money to get great players, and they have a system in place that hasn’t gone through a decaying ownership. I’ll give them their due.

      But I sure as hell and not PROUD of them.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Thinking about Dodger pitching for next season.

    Starters: Beckett, Billingsley, Blanton, Capuano, Fife, Harang, Kershaw, Lilly.

    That is 8 names; if they are all signed and not out for the season or a major part of the season with medical problems.

    As I understand it, only Beckett, Blanton, Capuano, Fife, and Harang are not injured or possible medical problems already on the table.

    Billingsley might have major medical . . . Kershaw will have to see about that hip . . . and I forgot what Lilly looks like and throws like.

    I think ownership will move to add at least one starter arm. On the list above of 8, some might not be resigned, or just released, or simply traded.

    Over the years —— I think baseball has changed in the medical strength of players and being on the DL. I have some ideas of why, but that is not for now.

    But the Dodgers do not have a solid 5 starters ready that can be counted on. A real lot of IFs there now.

    As for the Pen — that is also up for grabs. Jansen has some heart/health concerns. Guerra is not what he was two years ago. League came around but is not signed as of yet (as I understand) and the rest will try to make a go of it — look for additions here.

    The Dodgers now understand that it does take pitching, and they WILL want to get the 40 man roster in better shape.

    Look at the Rangers and Angels entering 2011. They both had impressive pitching rosters — but neither made it to the post season. Baseball is sure a funny and surprising game.

    • Badger says:

      It will be an interesting off-season Roger. Who knows what the Dodgers will do. You can bet the brass is going over all the sheets and will be prepared for the winter meetings. I believe they are in Nashville this year.

      I can’t imagine the Dodgers NOT having great pitching. It’s what they have always been good at. Now the new ownership may have a different approach, and we will have to see what it is they emphasize, but, again, the Dodgers are synonymous with great pitching.

  4. Badger says:

    This is what happens when the gods are on your side:

    That is about the weirdest baseball thing I have seen in years. Wouldn’t have believed it possible.

    Who knows, maybe the gnats string of good fortune will continue through the next series. Balls bounce funny.

    Damn Cards. Now THAT was a choke job.

  5. Kevin says:

    Proud of the Giants?!…..that’s kind of a weird statement. Although I admire their tenacity and never say die attitude I would never go as far as saying I’m proud of them…..and neither would any other Dodger fan I know.

    “I have the least amount of confidence in the 2013 Dodger team as I have had in over 15 years.” Do you really feel that way or is this just something you typed in the heat of the moment because I can’t remember a Dodger team with as much talent on paper as this one in a long time. I’m excited to see what they can do with a spring training together and full season under their belt.

    I will say this, In my opinion we need fewer superstars and more gamers. That sounds weird to say but they need to start plugging the holes with more Marco Scutaro types and less Hanley Primma donna Ramirez types.

  6. Gonzo says:

    Mark, you underestimate the fact that the Giants acquired two players and were immersed in that clubs culture while Dodgers had an upheaval. Youre a business man and you know that when you get rid of 3-4 workers and hire 4 new ones to replace them, they will do the job but it will take some time for them to get settled in and get a feel of how things are run.

    Everybody was excited by the moves, but I for one always stated that if they made the playoffs it’d be great but I wouldn’t be mad if they didn’t.

    You say that the Giants lost their best hitter and to me they caught lightning in a bottle and never looked back. I asked it before in another thread and it didn’t get a response. How many games did Melky win for the Giants when he carried them. Take those games out of the equation and they don’t even sniff the playoffs. I know hindsight is 20/20 but like Shania Twain said “that don’t impress me much.”

  7. Bobby says:

    I’ll ignore Mark and his pro-Giant comments.

    But yes, they have developed a winner’s mentality, and that mentality is not easy to beat, and even more depressing for us, that mentality is hard to lose. They may be good for a while. Go Tigers!!!

    As far as we go, I really wouldnt’ mind overpaying Peavy for a shorter term deal. He had a good year, and can be really good again in the NL West.

    Otani would be another great get for the future.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Pretty much what Badger said.

    Badger, we don’t know what approach the new ownership will take, but I think history tells us that Stan Kasten has been associated with teams that build strong pitching staffs, namely Atlanta and the current Washington team. But, of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    The deals the Dodgers made over the summer were for 2012 and beyond. No doubt it didn’t work out in 2012. We’ve hashed over the reasons innumerable times, so no need for a rehash here.

    “I have the least amount of confidence in the 2013 Dodger team as I have had in over 15 years.”

    OK, you’re entitled. I, however, feel confident going into next season knowing that I have A-Gon at first instead of Loney, Hanley in the infield instead of Uribe, and hopefully a healthy Matt Kemp. Plus I am encouraged that the Dodgers will address the pitching issue over the winter, and any other issues that may arise. I continue to believe that Dee Gordon can be a force on this team. And if he’s involved in a trade, perhaps including multiple players, I believe it will be a deal that brings back an impact player or players. I’m hopeful (there’s that word again) Kenley Jansen will be back at full strength, and that the Dodgers will re-sign Brandon League. And without going into all the details, I believe that the Dodgers will have an extremely deep and talented bullpen, including two or three lefthanders.

    Mark, you said above that you were proud of the Giants, but not enough to root for the Tigers. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you meant to say that it was not enough to make you root for the Giants. If so, I understand, because I make mistakes like that all the time. Of course, I’m not proud of the Giants. I’m just disappointed that the Dodgers didn’t pull it together earlier. And for the record, GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bobbie17 says:

    I am a Giants hater, but I agree with Mark. Face it you “real fans”; the two teams aren’t even close in any category. The main reason is that the Giants have a farm system that has produced the core of a good team, which will be the team to beat for years to come. That is the Dodgers’ problem. Productive talent from any source is the problem. The farm system is my first choice. The “real fans” probably differ. Oh well. The “real fans” should wake up to the problem and not be deluded into thinking a change here or there will make a difference. This is a deeper problem and has been going on for years, before McCourt. It’s an attitude that everything will be ok, just wait. Bull! Real change is needed in the entire organization. Maybe the new ownership will do the job; maybe not. The fans, “real” or not, will have to wait and see what the new suits will do.

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    1. So I shouldn’t feel the way I feel. OK – I’ll try and change how I feel. Pass the Kool-Aid Please!

    2. I love the Dodgers, but that does not require me to hate the Giants. The opposite of love is not hate – it is apathy. I am generally apathetic about the Giants, but I have to be proud of a group of guys whop can come together like that. If you hate the Giants, that’s your problem.

    3. I give credit where credit is due. The Cards choked and the Giants were clutch. They made two amazing comebacks against the Cards and Reds. I’m jealous.

    4. I can look at another woman and say she is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I want to trade my wife in. Same with the Dodgers…

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually Mark, it’s me that’s convoluted. Missed the second “not”. I need to follow my own dictum that “reading is fundamental”. Guess I can blame it on the familiar excuse of advanced dementia.

    Absolutely agree that loving the Dodgers doesn’t require hating the Giants. I prefer to root for what I wish to happen, not what I don’t want to happen. Of course, I prefer that the Giants don’t win the WS, but I won’t get overly upset if they do. And if the Giants do win the WS, just that much more motivation for the Dodgers to dethrone the world champs next year. Not that they should need that for motivation.

  12. 7 says:

    This has become a dodger bashing website specially when Mark is putting he is proud of the Giants pretty lame! The dodgers will be in the playoffs next year and will win the west we will come 2gether and we will also sign a big arm maybe jake peavy, zach greinke, and even maybe trade for david price

  13. Badger says:

    If you go back far enough, and I do, loving the Dodgers does indeed mean hating the Giants. For me, it happened when Juan Marichal took a bat to Johnny Roseboro’s head.

    f the Giants. As far as I am concerned I wish they would have moved to Florida when they had the chance. This is what rivalries mean guys. You think there are any Red Sox fans who are proud of the Yankees? That is just crazy and sounds ridiculous to me.

    “The Dodgers are on the upswing. They have new ownership committed to winning now and in the long term. The Dodgers have begun the process of replenishing the farm while addressing on field needs as well. Building a winner takes time.” Max

    Well said Max. It will take time to fully recover from the stench that was spread by the McCourt ownership. It won’t happen in a couple of months, like some in here thought it should. We are on our way back and for that, I am thrilled.

    “I have the least amount of confidence in the 2013 Dodger team as I have had in over 15 years.”

    Like Brooklyn said, you are entitled to it. But you are the same guy that had confidence in the con man Frankie NoNickels. Some of us (me) tried to tell you something was wrong with that guy, but you bought into it. So, I am hoping you are as wrong about the new ownership as you were about the last ownership.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, you just don’t get the point. And may I add, none of us who are happy to see new committed ownership have said that we were the “real fans”. That’s clearly a figment of your imagination.

    The new ownership group has made a solid commitment to player development. Or did you miss the fact that they took the Dodgers from last in spending on international talent (courtesy of Frank McCourt) to a team that invested all $2.9 million it was allowed into signing 25 or more international prospects. And that doesn’t count the $42 million invested in Yasiel Puig, who was signed just before the new spending limitations went into effect at the beginning of July.

    Clearly you would rather have James Loney (a product of the Dodgers farm system) than Adrian Gonzalez. You were upset that the Dodgers gave away some good prospects to get established players. Well, I too wasn’t glad to surrender RDLR, but I also recognized that the talent we got in return addressed serious offensive problems that the farm system wasn’t about to address anytime soon. And I also recognize that the new owners have a long term player development plan that will re-fill the talent pipeline with far more than the few players that were surrendered. You want a strong farm system? Well, you’re about to get it. And while that talent develops, this team has the resources to plug weaknesses through trades and free agency. Take a look at Stan Kasten’s history, and you will see (unless you’re blind) that it’s a history of commitment to player development.

    Finally, it wasn’t all the fault of McCourt. News Corp. also never was committed to establishing a winner. They acquired the Dodgers for one reason only, and that was to gain a foothold as a media player with MLB. Do you really think that Rupert Murdoch cared one bit about how winning baseball games? Finally, the Dodgers have an ownership group that shows every indication of being committed to building a championship caliber team, and you’re too blind to see it. These owners didn’t get control of the team until May 1st, and still have never had the luxury of an offseason to build the team. In fact, if they had been able to acquire the Dodgers last fall, they may well have signed Prince Fielder, and the Dodgers might well be in the World Series now. And had the Dodgers acquired Fielder (with money of course) the Gonzalez deal would never have been necessary. But no sense in dwelling on the past. I prefer to look ahead with an ownership dead set on doing everything possible to build a winner, and build it as quickly as possible.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, I read through these posts pretty quickly, and missed Max’s post. So let me concur with Badger, “Well said Max.”

  16. Ken says:

    A year ago the 2011 giants were in a similar state as the 2012 dodgers. Bochy’s thoughts for 2012 included:

    “Bochy said he has addressed many issues he would like to see improve gearing up for 2012, including situational hitting, defense and baserunning.”

    Sounds very similar to the current dodgers and their issues.

    The giants had a terrible offense but:
    “There has been criticism of hitting coach Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens because of San Francisco’s struggling offense, though the Giants ultimately decided it wasn’t Meulens’ fault. He has worked tirelessly with hitters and regularly travels during the winter to visit different players.

    However, the post 2011 giant pitching staff was probably better, and certainly healthier, than the post 2012 dodger pitching staff. Ned needs to acquire at least 1 starting pitcher during the off season.

    The dodgers should play the “dodger way” in 2013 but they need strategies, methods, and a tactical approach to be able to improve in 2013 as the giants have done in 2012.

    Maybe Ned should stop giving away big contracts to older players who have career years and just hire their batting coaches like maybe SF’s Hensley Meulens and Joe Lefebvre. :)

  17. Jae says:

    I don’t know of anyone who bleeds blue more than Mark Timmons. You are fools to call him out for what he writes about he feelings on the Dodgers.

    A lot of you predicted 82-87 wins for the Dodgers before the season started and then they went out and got Victorina, Ramirez, Gonzalez, League, Beckett and Choate – expectations were raised above 82-87 wins and they flat-out choked. Now, you want to make excuses.

    Mark is calling it what it is. Money doesn’t buy much in itself! This is not a Dodger-bashing website. If you think that, you should probably go back to first grade and learn to read again.

    • Badger says:

      Oh brother.

      If we do go back to first grade, I want my desk as far away from Jae as I can get.

      Mark is proud of the Giants. You make a remark like that on a Dodger website you DESERVE to get skewered.

    • Gonzo says:

      Your right jae! And when Mark does push ups he doesn’t push up he actually pushes the earth down. Whenhe pees outside citric trees will grow on that very spot. And his high school PE teacher renamed Jumping Jacks to Jumping Marks. I think I must have missed some things.

      • Badger says:

        Here’s another one from Jae that needs some examination:

        “Money doesn’t buy much in itself!”

        Really? Money doesn’t buy much in itself. Do you own a car Jae? A house? Do you pay rent? Or maybe you live in your parents basement?

        Even if your transportation a bike… chances are pretty damn good that you bought it using money.

        There was a time when bartering was a way of life. And there are probably places on this planet where bartering is STILL a way of life, but it sure as hell isn’t in the United States of America. This place is driven by capital and if you don’t get that, then I can’t even offer to sell you a bridge…….

        unless of course you need to move out of your parents house…………

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow…..this is ass backwards……Mark is bashing the Dodgers (your words)….others are just voicing their opinions which aren’t the same as Mark’s…I don’t see a problem with that….Is that calling someone out?

      This site has a tendency to turn somewhat venimous in the off season…..

      • Badger says:

        It’s the off season. What else do we have to do but analyze and critique each others ridiculous p.o.v.’s? We been doin’ it this way for years. Why change now?

  18. Anonymous says:

    A warm fuzzy for the team in orange and black, NEVER.

  19. Mark_Timmons says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I like you. I really do. You remind me of when I was a young and stupid, and I would like to insult you, but the sad truth is that you wouldn’t understand me.

    • Badger says:

      So…. you are at least willing to admit that you were stupid.

      That’s a start.

      Me? Always tested in the top 5%. Even when I was young, I was never stupid. And, I always stood up for, and defended, the stupid kids, so I was there for you when you were young. But in this case, saying you are “proud” of the Giants, well, that’s just adult stupid and you are on your own with that one.

      I say again…. f the gints. I hope they are shut out 4 games in a row.

      • Ken says:

        Now I know why I never saw you at a Mensa meeting. :)

        I am respectful of the approach that the gint coaches and players adopted for 2012. NOT Proud. The dodger coaches and players could learn a few things from the gints.

        Happy to hear Jansen’s surgey was successful

        Congrats to Belisario – 3rd in 2012 comeback player

        Break out the check books – AJ and Belisario are super 2s.

        • Badger says:

          And I haven’t seen you at the Minsa meetings either. :)

          I too can respect what the gnats did. They did it the right way. But since I am a Dodger fan, no way can I ever say I am proud. That’s just goofy. Pride suggests pleasure or satisfaction taken in the achievement. I think if Mark were to really think about what he said, in a private moment he would take it back. But since he has never admitted he has been wrong, I doubt we will see it here.

          I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the Frankenjamie Freak Show. That should be a hoot.

          • ken says:

            Mensa and Minsa must meet at different places. I stop paying dues after 25 years.

          • Badger says:

            Man you’re right. Won’t see me at any Mensa meetings. They won’t let me in the door. I just took the Mensa test online, 30 questions, I got 63%. “Only one other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE. Can you find it?” Hell no.

            But it’s late. And I am tired. And old. Smoked a lot of hash. Took a lot of LSD. Was exposed to Agent Orange. And agent white. Wanted to be exposed to Agent 99, but they wouldn’t let me on the set.

            You win. I fold.

  20. jerry says:

    i beleive that the dodger are only looking for power..and we need both ..base hit hitters. if a home run hitter hits it out about every 5 or 6 games…then we are only going to score just like we did this yr…we need high ave hitter and looking for only power to me is not just a good thing

    • Badger says:

      “A good perspective.”

      I’ll say.

      That guy doesn’t sound proud of the midgets.

      But, he does sound respectful.

      Damn gints. They have been the better organization and it sucks.

  21. Gionfriddo says:

    Proud of the Giants?? Wow, I have to go with Badger and Max on that one.. I’m not wired that way– having grown up in Central California, smack dab equal distance from both LA & SF, you were either a Dodger fan or a Giant fan.. I hate the Giants and always will– Proud of them? NEVER… How many think Lasorda is proud that SF is back in the WS? Big Blue Dodger in the sky– yes, and that rain coming down on the Giants NLCS clinching celebration was Double D, #53, spitting down from up above in disdain.

    “I have the least amount of confidence in the ’13 Dodger team as I have had in over 15 years”.. really? You have to be looking to purposely ruffle some feathers with that comment, right? We add Ramirez, A Gone, Beckett, Crawford to a team that has THE best pitcher in the NL and THE best player in the NL and you don’t have confidence in this team. You’re going to tell me with a straight face you liked the team (confidence wise of course) we had heading into the spring in ’11 and ’12 better?? how about the team we had in the spring of ’05?? we all remember those guys managed by J. Tracy— opening day lineup of Hee Sop Choi @ 1B, Jose Valentin @3B, Ricky Ledee in LF, Jason Phillips behind the dish, and Malcontent Bradley in CF.. Yes, I can see how you could have more confidence in that team that went 71-91, than the one that is currently constructed…

    Come on Verlander in game 1!! And let’s go Fister (another FSU Bulldog) in game 2!!


    • Badger says:

      friddo… showing up with his A game.

      It’s going to be a fun off season for Dodger fans. Can’t wait to see what is done next.

      Otani anyone? Just read somewhere that the Rangers are going hard after this guy. The Dodgers are the logical choice, for all the reasons already stated. I hope they are matching any team with giving attention to this kid and his family. Give them a nice place in Rancho Cucamonga. Who wouldn’t want to live there? (don’t answer that)

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