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Passive-Aggressive is Neither!

Since Joe Torre arrived in LA and brought along his buddy, Don Mattingly, the Dodgers’ situational hitting has largely sucked!  Manny Ramirez and Matt Kemp have had their successes and there have been other bright spots (at times), but for the most part, the Dodgers choke in the clutch and have for several years.

Yes, I said “Choke” – I like that word!

Don Mattingly teaches a “modern” approach (aka/ Moneyball approach) to hitting.  That approach could be called Passive-Aggressive, but really it is neither.  You are either passive or aggressive – you can’t be both!  Do you know any passive-aggressive people?  Do you like them?  Some of the greatest hitters in baseball were not passive-aggressive.  Guys like Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Frank Robinson and Roberto Clemente looked for their pitch and hit it, rather than watch and hope that the pitcher would throw balls.

You may only get your pitch once a game, but if you like it inside and high, you can change the game in a single swing!  You have to feel “safe” to swing the bat.  Passive works for AJ Ellis, but not some others.

I say: “let a hitter have his own style – don’t make him conform to yours.”  Don’t try to work the count if that is not your game.  It might work for AJ Ellis, but it doesn’t work for Andre Ethier.

Adrian Gonzales says he now has to “fix his swing.”  Could it be that the Dodger’s Philosophy screwed him up?  Mattingly’s philosophy works with some people, but not with everyone.  It’s time for a change.

Someone recently suggested Rudy Jaramillo as hitting coach.  I have been a fan of his for years and would endorse that.  It’s that time!

There is a connection to Jaramillo on the Dodgers, because Jaramillo has been credited for the development of players as Jeff Bagwell, Juan González, Iván Rodríguez, Mark Teixeira, Michael Young and ADRIAN GONZALEZ, among others.

Dave Hansen is a good guy, but he has to go.  Don Mattingly has to focus on managing.  Rudy Jaramillo should be the next hitting coach.  PERIOD!

This is Jaramillo’s Golden Opportunity to cement his reputation as one of the greatest hitting coaches in the history of baseball.  Right up there with Charlie Lau…

Memo to Mattingly:  Stay away from the hitters!

The only problem is that the Manager has to admit that his way needed to hit the highway.  Can he do that?

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  1. Badger says:

    Yeah, you’re right. What does Don Mattingly know about hitting.

    Though I PREFER having Gordon in the lineup, for obvious reasons, I REALIZE there likely is no place for him on this team. He is not an outfielder, and even if he was, which clearly he is not, how many games would he get out there? Gordon may need another year at AAA to get his game to where it needs to be, but I have this feeling he is not long for this club. If the team prefers Mark Ellis at 2B, then so be it. Gordon on the bench, IMO, is just goofy. He needs to play. And if it means he is traded to a team that has the patience to allow him to develop, for his own good I am down with it. I am curious what position he will play in winter ball.

  2. ken says:

    Mark is right. All you have to do is go to the dodger MLB website and look at both their BA per Count and how they compare to other teams.

    Donnie must be thrilled that the dodgers are 6th in MLB with a 1-2 count even though they bat only .179.

    The CHOKERS are
    WORST in MLB with a 3-0 Count
    27th with a 1-1 Count
    27th with a 2-1 Count
    25th with a 3-2 Count
    20th with a 2-0 Count
    20th with a 2-2 Count

    Below average with these Counts? MORE CHOKING

    When they are behind in the count the team BA is a pitiful .219, but they are 9th in MLB so that is GREAT right?

    Even when the count is even they are only 25th best at .257 BA.
    Oh yea with 2 strikes they are hitting .183 but are better than average at 13th best so that must be good in Donnie T-Ball Land.

    So what if they are 6th best when the count is 3-0 because that occurs less than once per game.

    Donnie is trying to put square pegs into round holes. If there is really only one approach to hitting allowed on the dodger team then make all of the players use the same size bat, stand in the exact same spot, use the exact same swing, try to hit home runs the same amount of the time, and have everyone bunt once a game.

  3. Gionfriddo says:

    Mark, I suggest you read the Gonzalez article again– you missed the intent of the piece.. As Dodger fans don’t we want our stud 1B who is coming off a .299, 107 RBI, 47 double year to say, “hey I need to fix some things with my swing”?? By his own admission he said he was trying too hard this year (that includes Beantown & LA), which led to some bad habits–namely being to too quick to the ball, which led to pulling off the ball.. the results= less HR.. from my seat, it’s damn refreshing to see a guy with those #’s say, “I need to fix some things”.. NO where in the article does it refer to Gonzalez being influenced by Mattingly or Hansen– Mattingly is not going to tinker with a swing or approach like Gonzalez has to begin with..

    On Jaramillo– I was the one who suggested he would be a huge get for the Blue awhile back.. first heard of Jaramillo back in the 80′s when my ex college roommate got drafted by Texas and he called me while in the Sally League (Gastonia) raving about this roving hitting instructor.. this guy is a genius with the art of hitting.. I would love to see what he could do with Ramirez and Ethier as far as getting them back to where they were 3-4 years ago..

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      “NO where in the article does it refer to Gonzalez being influenced by Mattingly or Hansen– Mattingly is not going to tinker with a swing or approach like Gonzalez has to begin with..”

      Using the rationale that if Gonzo didn’t say it, it didn’t happen, means that since Kemp didn’t say his shoulder was injured, he didn’t need surgery.

      I read the article very well, but you have to realize writers can’t say everything they hear or know. For example, in an interview with Logan White, he defended Jon Broxton and got on me for calling Broxton out, but then as we were leaving the interview, off the record, he whispered “Jon Broxton is a good set-up man and a second-tier closer.” Four year later, I now can say it, but I couldn’t then.

      Of course, Gonzo’s not going to blame it on Mattingly, even if it did happen like that and I don’t think it did. I don’t think Mattingly tinkered with his swing. I do think the “culture” of being passive-aggressive at the plate may have played a role.

      Ken hit the nail on the head. I’d like to see him analyze the stats from the Yankees when Mattingly was the Hitting Coach.

      • Badger says:

        Wait a minute….. you want to analyze YANKEE stats? And then what…. compare them to the Dodgers? You’re kidding…. right? Talk about comparing apples and lemons.

        White… and Broxton… in that interview did you ask him why the f Joe Torre left him out there for 99 pitches in 4 days, 48 in one? Did you ask him why tf Broxton’s WHIP went from .96 the year before to 1.47 the year after those days in July? Did you ask him if Broxton was such a good set up guy, why did they dump him after Torre blew him up? And for the record, Broxton is still pitching while the Dodgers are on vacation, and Broxton has 54 saves since the Dodgers dumped him.

        Most of us won’t forget what really happened that year. Since you are doing these interviews, why don’t you ask these guys the hard questions? Is it because you won’t get asked back?

        • Mark_Timmons says:

          I ask plenty of hard questions – there is a difference between hard and rude. Look it up.

          Broxton is still up to his old tricks…

          • Badger says:

            It’s not being rude asking the hard questions. Look that up.

            What old tricks?

            How is that Broxton’s fault? Did you even see the game? He gave up two singles. That ain’t good I guess, but, a passed ball and a misplayed grounder and the unearned run comes in.

            You are doing it again Mark. You are letting your prejudices dictate your policy. Broxton got a raw deal from Joe Torre and the Dodgers. I am not the only who thinks that. He can still pitch. And giving up no earned runs, striking out 3 in one inning is damned good. Also, representing what your bloggers are asking in a meeting like that one cannot be held against you. I say again, it is not rude to ask “why 99 pitches in 4 days with a guy who throws as hard as Broxton does?” That’s legit.

          • Badger says:

            Jonathan Broxton’s ERA+


            then came Joe Torre’s incredible brain fart:

            Broxton got the f out of L.A.:

            There’s a bunch of other stats that could be thrown up here that would warrant asking White wtf was Joe Torre thinking…. but… would it be rude to post them?

  4. Badger says:

    Jaramillo has been around for a long time, I think most noticeably down in the Texas outback. He’s in a couple of Hall of Fames. He has helped Jeff Bagwell, Adrian Gonzalez, Iván Rodríguez, Mark Teixeira, Juan González,and Michael Young, among a host of others. Not a bad resume. If he’s available, I would hire him.

    Those are interesting stats ken. Here’s another notable stat from – the Dodgers were 16th in MLB in hitting, 26th in OPS. I wonder if the poor batting averages in “counts” you mention has anything to do with the fact that the Dodgers, for most of the year, didn’t have very good hitters in the lineup. We hit .252 as a team because on that team there were a bunch of .250 hitters. I would think that with a healthy Kemp, a healthy Crawford, Gonzalez and Ramirez now comfortable in L.A., those numbers just might change a bit.

    Some of you guys seem to be fixated on this choking idea. I would suggest you chew a little longer before you swallow.

    • Ken says:

      Your analysis is illogical and therefore choking!

      If a team is 16th in BA but LAST in the MLB during a specific count then they are CHOKING in that count as compared to the average team and the average player who chokes less than the average dodger. Tha analysis is not between BA and OPS, it is between how they perform overall (Team BA) and how they perform in certain situations (Specific Counts, Etc.) as compared to the average player. Other specific dodger choking situations included, RISP, 2 Outs, etc.

      The dodgers need either a perfomance coach or a change in hitting approach, or maybe both.

      • Badger says:

        A performance coach. That’s freakin’ hilarious!

        The Dodgers need a better lineup. And they have it now. The question is, can they keep it out there for a full year.

        Performance coach. I’ll be laughing about that one for a while.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    Athlon Sports listed the 10 Worst Contracts in Baseball.

    Carl Crawford was #2. Vernon Wells beat him out.

    • Badger says:

      No argument that Crawford is overpaid. In fact, if you read what has been posted, most agree with that.

      But, rather than focus on what is wrong… like that ridonkulous contract….. why don’t you focus on what might be right?

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t think Mattingly wants his hitters to be passive. That’s tantamount to saying Barry Bonds was a passive hitter. Forgetting the PED’s, Bonds looked to drive the ball, and simply refused to swing at garbage out of the strike zone. How much better a hitter does Matt Kemp become when he stops fishing for breaking balls down and away? Nothing wrong with a hitter developing the patience to lay off junk out of strike zone, while at the same time always looking for his pitch to drive, no matter what the count.

    I know Jaramillo’s reputation, but I’m wondering why the Cubs didn’t hit any better than they did under his tutelage. Could it have something to with the players? And I know ISch’m going to hear that he was fired by Theo Epstein of the Moneyball school of thought. But the bottom line is that the Cubs weren’t hitting.

    I have no problem with Jaramillo being the hitting coach, but I don’t necessarily think he would be any kind of savior. And say what you want about Mattingly, but the Yankees didn’t do to badly when he was over there. And as passive as he might be, A.J. Ellis did pretty well with his approach, including 13 HRs.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Third sentence of second paragraph above should have been “And I know I’m going to hear that he was fired by Theo Epstein of the Moneyball school of thought.”

  8. Ken says:

    It is one thing to try to work the count and get the starting pitcher in trouble and get to 100 pitches during the 5th inning. It is another thing to LEGALISTICALLY/BLINDLY take a first pitch fastball down the middle of the plate 7 out of 9 ABs in a row because the pitchers know that you are not allowed to swing at the first pitch. The overall approach to working the count is great, but you still must swing at YOUR pitch and often the FIRST pitch is YOUR pitch.

    Rudy might be a great hitting coach but all the dodgers need is someone who KNOWS how to help a player learn what his abilities are, stay consistent, and have the confidence to swing at HIS pitch. However, that would require the players to say screw you to Donnie T-Ball’s approach to getting behind in the count and then CHOKING!

    Same goes for waiting for the batter to take 5 pitches before trying to steal second base. If the dodger batters actually swong at the first pitch a third of the time, then the pitchers would start throwing breaking balls on the first pitch and the runner on first could go on the first pitch once and a while.

  9. Gonzo says:

    Crawford knows all the smack people talk about him not deserving that contract; which he doesn’t but I will bet he comes out with a chip on his shoulder. Gonzo will also rebound from his “funk”. I think he’ll revert to hitting line drives and the HR’s will come back. Hopefully Hanley realizes that the team will do better if he hits .300-.320 and 20 -30 HR rather than .250-.270 and 30+ HR.

    I know that the stats show that the Dodgers pitching was pretty good. But what the team needs is a stopper or two behind Kershaw. I honestly believe that Beckett can be one of those stoppers if he gets in shape. I know many of you disagree, but I think that Blanton in the 5 hole would be good. I really like his moxy and think his skill set is suited best for the end of the rotation. I’d like to see Harang in the bullpen like the 6th-7th inning guy. If you really expect Lily to be productive, I’ve got some oceanfront property in AZ I’m selling. Capuano, while servicable just doesn’t convince me as a solid starter.

    So my rotation for next year would be (Bills IS going to miss ’13):

    1. Kershaw
    2. ???? Sanchez/Greinke
    3. Beckett
    4. ???? Peavy/E.Jackson/Liriano
    5. Blanton

    • Ken says:

      Better the chip be on his shoulder than in his wrist. :)

      Pretty much agree with your comments. Hope the pitchers that would be leaving do not have no trade clauses. The dodgers are already at $200 mil for 2013. But, new rumors regarding a $5 billion TV contract.

      I have been thinking for 3 months that Shields would be a good choice for 2013.

      Sanchez – Price war with the Tigers.

      Greinke – Price war with the Angels

      Peavy – Doubled his innings in 2012 = Sore arm?

      Jackson – Hope that he wants to come home

      Liarno – Rather keep the existing starters

      The problem with going out and signing multiple starters, who want multiple year contract, is that the dodgers allegedly have minor league starters who will be ready in 2014 & 2015. But then Logan has said such a thing a few times before.

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    How about someone who can teach–yes teach–the minor league hitters, the good ones, to be major league hitters. Our AAA hitters fall into the abyss when they get a chance to play in the majors. Why? They can’t all be that bad. I still have hope for Van Slyke. Isn’t there someone in the Dodger system that can take these guys to a higher level? Hansen was an mediocre hitter and probably a worse coach/instructor. I fear that Jaramillo is another one who is in the process of riding off into the sunset at the expense of the Dodgers. Just like the manager, in my opinion.

  11. Gonzo says:

    True B17, it’s time for the Dodgers to invest in quality coaching as well. What I think that there is no organizational plan on how to approach hitting, pitching etc.. everything is different at each level. Some consistency would do good.

  12. Badger says:

    I’m all for Jaramillo being a roving instructor within our system. The guys already at the ML level got here because they could hit. Mattingly was one of the best hitters in baseball for a decade. I don’t know how much influence he has as a hitting instructor, after all, he is the manager, but if he sees something, I am sure he will mention it. Kemp already knows what he needs to do. So do the rest of them really. The middle of our lineup are proven professionals. We now have more better hitters in the lineup than we had before.

    I think the point about taking a cookie down the middle for strike one is a good one and something I have been talking about for years. If you aren’t ready for a fastball over the heart of the plate, no matter when it comes in the sequence, then wtf are you doing in the lineup? I can guarantee you, if you punish that pitch, that pitching staff will take notice and not do it again. The problem, as I saw it, was the glaring fact that the Dodgers, other than Kemp and Ethier, did not start this year with a scary lineup. They hit over their collective heads for a while, then the league figured them out, Kemp got hurt and it was downhill the rest of the way. The end of the year looked much different though. I hope the team comes out like they finished.

    The thing about hitting, as I see it and taught it, is really simple…. first rule of hitting is “get a good pitch to hit”. That is taught from Little League on up. The mechanics of the swing should be fixed in the minors. So a system wide approach would be a good thing. Trying to go deep in the count, just for the sake of going deep in the count is, IMO, dumb. It’s also true that pitchers will try to get ahead in the count. Strike one is the most important pitch to a pitcher. How does he get it? If he knows you will be looking, he will get it by throwing his best pitch right over the plate. Don’t let him get away with that, ever, and you can take it to the bank – he won’t try it again. My philosophy with the first pitch was always this – treat it like it’s a 3-0 count. If he throws you a “get it over fastball”, square it up and take it back through the middle or to a gap. That’s the best pitch you are gonna get… why wait?

    I am of the belief that this Dodger team will play better next year. I am willing to make the bet this early…… 86 wins and I got the over for 500 push-ups.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Is Pedro Baez finally moving to the mound? That’s what Mike Petriello at MSTI tells us might be about to happen.

    Certainly seems about time given Baez’s career hitting stats.

  14. Kevin says:

    I think you “choke” everytime you write an article.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      And you vomit every time you respond. You are obviously a really stupid person because you keep coming back. Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?

  15. Badger says:

    Broxton tagged with an L, which will probably make some of you happy. 0 earned runs and 3 K’s in 1 IP…. he still looks pretty tough to me.

    Damn smurfs.

    I thought they were talking about moving Pedro to the mound last year? Might as well. He can’t hit worth a lick.

  16. Gionfriddo says:

    “We need a performance coach”.. “We need a new hitting coach”..”Mattingly teaches a modern approach”.. A performance coach? that’s embarrassing.. A new hitting coach– I say if you want to make Hansen the fall guy, you better get a gem like Jaramillo to come in.. Mattingly would laugh at you if described him with having a “modern approach”.. Mattingly hit .307 with over 2,100 knocks and would have been in Cooperstown if not for a chronic back that left him a shell of the player he once was the final years of his career.

    Did Mattingly teach the modern approach in 2004 as hitting coach in NY when the Yanks set a franchise record with 242 HR?

    How about in ’05 with Mattingly as hitting coach when the Yanks hit 229 HR and .276 as a team– was the “modern approach” in play?

    How bout his last 2 yrs in NY (’06 & ’07) as hitting coach when the Bronx Bombers hit .286 & .290 as a team with 210 HR, followed by 201 HR??

    Let’s get down to brass tax once again fellas– you want a new hitting coach, I say ok… But, knocking Mattingly for what you perceive as him changing some guys approach is a downright joke– you see, Donnie Baseball can be sliced and diced for his questionable managerial moves these last 2 years but the guy knows hitting inside and out..The man has forgot more about the inner workings of hitting than some of us will ever know… Some of you still want to be pissed about the poor offensive showing in August and September need to come to the realization that what happened was…… BASEBALL….pure and simple.. what we witnessed (painfully) in those 7 weeks down the stretch has happened to teams for the last 125 years or so. I choose to believe the guys who come back in ’13 will be hungry as hell and ready to prove the failure of ’12 was an aberration..

  17. Mark_Timmons says:


    See, that is your opinion. Personally, I have little problem with Mattingley\’s managerial style and I am not a second-guesser because many moves could be justified either way. I look at the overall team performance and say \”I have seen this year after year.\” It\’s time for a change. Sometimes, change for just the sake of change does the trick. It\’s time for a new approach, in my opinion. You saw the stats posted by Ken – the Dodgers\’ hitting was horrible. Maybe all the stuff Mattingly forgot would have helped had he not forgotten it.

    I am not disrespecting Mattingly as a player – he was great. I think he is a decent manager and will get better. I just happen to believe that his approach to hitting isn\’t working for the Dodgers.

    • ken says:

      If two parents had a family of 25 children some of these guys would demand that all of the children be raised the exact same way regardless of their children’s individual personalities and talents and then would say that after the children were failing in life that the problem was with the children not the parents.

      • Badger says:

        Two parents with 25 children? Well, they don’t need a performance coach.

        I wonder if these same irresponsible parents (birth control anyone?) would call these children choke artists if they didn’t come through on their expectations.

        Where do you come up with this stuff?

  18. Badger says:

    For what it’s worth, I agree with friddo on this. Mark makes a good point about change, but I don’t think it applies in this case. The Dodgers didn’t hit well last year. I have said it’s because the Dodgers didn’t have that many good hitters in their lineup day after day. Our best hitters, two of whom came late, didn’t get that many at bats. Kemp – 403, Gonzalez – 145, Ramirez – 251, Cruz – 283, AJ – 423, the rest of the at bats were shared by guys like Rivera, Loney, Gordon, Kennedy, Gwynn et al. Ethier is the only guy who got a full year’s at bats and he did fine. If the guys we have set up to start next year, including Crawford, all get 600+ at bats next year, we won’t come up one game short of making the play-offs.

    All those stats ken gives, while interesting, don’t tell me the story. What I am looking at is over a thousand plate appearances by guys who are .250, or worse, hitters.

    The glass is half full boys. I’ll drink from that and sleep well at night. Some of you can just keep staring at the empty space and say the sky is falling.

  19. Badger says:

    Hey ken… I think this is the girl you are lookig for:

    I can see Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez, Carl Crawford, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier all sitting down and listening to Jenny Evans.

    Can’t you??

    “Stressed is desserts spelled backward!”

    Performance coach. I am still laughing about that one.

  20. Gionfriddo says:

    Website or no website— it’s still embarrassing and laughable..

  21. Badger says:

    Maybe some “chokers” or marginal MLB players need them, but I don’t see any of our stars doing it. Legit sports psychologists are often used for legit psychological problems. What you continue to refer to is a figment of your imagination. What Matt Kemp (and the others) need is each other, and an organization that believes in them and will do whatever it takes to win.

    You don’t believe. I do.

    • Ken says:

      I see a major problem with the “Stars” Choking for over a month and until you have proven that you have already fixed the problem than Hope and Change is Just MORE BS.

  22. Badger says:

    Don’t go political on us here cuz the facts, as well as the truth, are not on your side.

    I knew there was something about your negativity that rang familiar. I can put a finger on it now. You’ve been pissed off for 4 years now and are just taking it out on the Dodgers. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, put something behind your words – 500 push-ups? I haven’t lost one of these yet!

    • Jae says:

      The truth as you see it may not be the real truth. Your truth is not the ultimate truth. I hate right and left wing people who always act like the truth is on their side. I’m not down for an argument on politics, but it is hard to know which side is worse. I thought Bush was a disaster until Obama got elected and now I pine for Bush. Romney is an idiot. Obama is a liar and will destroy this country. Let’s see-who should I vote for?

      Maybe I should move to New Zealand. Don’t get me started on politics…

      • Badger says:

        You “pine” for Bush?


        New Zealand is not a bad idea. From what I know about it, people there are peaceful, and neighborly.

        The truth can be found if you know where to look. The problem with politics is, politicians get you looking the other way by threatening you with a series of hobgoblins, most of which are imaginary. Bush was the worst, also the dumbest, president in my memory. I go back as far as Eisenhower.

        Things are much better than they were. Get away from the war model, and we could actually succeed as a nation.

  23. RogerCraig says:

    Been away for a few days. I don’t have the answer but I see a pattern with the Dodger hitters. What I don’t know is whether a 61 year-old coach can get inside the young guys heads anymore.

    I have no idea if Dave Hansen is a good hitting coach or not, but maybe Mattingly is the common denominator. I do know that I have watched the Washington Nationals a lot this year and they are definitely a grip it and rip it group. They swing the bat a lot.

    Sometimes change is good.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The only thing laughable around here are the people who are constantly calling for coaching changes.

    How many times have people called on the Dodgers to fire Rick Honeycutt? Yet the Dodgers were tied for 3rd place in MLB with a team 3.34 ERA. And Brandon League comes over to the Dodgers, and turns his game around. Must have been the lousy coaching. It’s amazing how people find it so easy to see what’s wrong, and are at the same time silent when things go right.

    So now it’s the hitting coaches. Were these guys the hitting coaches for Hanley Ramirez and Adrian Gonzalez before they got to the Dodgers? Did both of those guys just forget how to hit after they got to LA? And Matt Kemp’s failures at the plate are definitely the fault of the coaches who presided over his MVP caliber season in 2011, and were clearly responsible for the season long injuries he had this year. But, I forget, injuries are no excuse, even if the result is offseason surgery that finds more damage than was anticipated. And Matt Kemp is surely among the choking dogs, even if he probably suffered through pain everyday to be in the lineup. And tell me, how did Luis Cruz, a career .257 minor league hitter and career .221 major league hitter, find success working under the inferior Dodgers’ hitting instructors? Goodness, even longtime minor leaguer Elian Herrera managed a modicum of success in LA. And somehow, A.J. Ellis exceeded expectations.

    Yet there are people who would have us buy into the commercial hype behind a method being hawked on the internet, that is supposedly backed up by irrefutable science (i.e., junk science). The Hecht Effect probably has as much validity as the worthless (and often harmful) dietary supplements that are widely promoted by the ubiquitous charlatans who are everywhere trying to pick our pockets.

    As for me, I go along with friddo’s (the “laughable” friddo) thinking, when he stated that “Some of you still want to be pissed about the poor offensive showing in August and September need to come to the realization that what happened was…… BASEBALL….pure and simple.. what we witnessed (painfully) in those 7 weeks down the stretch has happened to teams for the last 125 years or so. I choose to believe the guys who come back in ’13 will be hungry as hell and ready to prove the failure of ’12 was an aberration..”

    But wasn’t it the choking dogs of 1962 who came back the following year and swept the Yankees in the World Series. In fact, it was those same choking dogs who broke the back of the Cardinals with a 3 game sweep near the end of the season, just following a stretch in which the surging Cardinals had won 19 of 20 games. Remember Dick Nen’s HR?

  25. Nedsucks says:

    Tim Wallach to be interviewed by the Red Sox

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Not concerned about Wallace taking the Red Sox job. He’s just one of those inferior Dodger coaches. He was a good hitter. How come he couldn’t impart that to the Dodgers hitters down the stretch? Let him go. Let them all go.

  27. Badger says:

    Brooklyn…..the continuing voice of reason.

    Now some out here are saying – “why dont he write?”

    These guys don’t need “performance” coaches. They already have a staff of professional coaches. What Kemp, Gonzalez, Ramirez, Ethier and Crawford need to do is exactly what got them those enormous contracts. Add a couple
    more support players, a pitcher or two and they will be fine.

  28. Mark_Timmons says:

    Badger and Brooklyn,

    OK, I have to draw the line when I hear drivel and that is exactly what it is. DRIVEL!

    John Smoltz sought out a performance coach and that made him what he was.

    You pick and choose – AJ Eliis, Hererra, et al but ignore the fact that as a team, the DODGERS sucked with RISP!

    They were one of the worst in baseball before the Trades and maybe the Worst after the trades.

    I have never been down on Honeycutt, but I don’t think Mattingly is a good hitting instructor. Ask his son about that. Look at the stats. SCOREBOARD!

    That’s my opinion, but there is sufficient evidence to indict.

    Your deep hatred of McCourt only is exceeded by your immense illogical defense of the indefensible: the Dodgers have sucked as hitters (collectively, oh you can point to certain players as successes), and only a pollyanna or a idiot would deny that!

    Which one are you?

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “OK, I have to draw the line when I hear drivel and that is exactly what it is. DRIVEL!”


    Pollyanna? Idiot? Illogical McCourt hater? Soon to be indicted moron (my word)? That’s me, ALL OF THE ABOVE.

    To put it another way. Drivel is in the eye of the beholder.

    Oh, one other thing. Maybe the performance coach did make John Smoltz what he was. Or maybe that’s what he thought the performance coach did, when, in fact, he did it all by himself, perhaps with some help from his other coaches, family, friends, support network, whatever.

  30. Badger says:

    You need to get your facts straight Mark. John Smoltz hired a Sports Psychologist by the name of Jack Lewellyn. And we all know many athletes hire their own personal trainers. You want to call them “performance coaches” I guess you can. Maybe it’s a different word for the same thing. I have a different idea of what those people are. I am surprised you of all people don’t know the difference, being the head of a national corporation and all.

    And your sycophantic support of your gumba Frankie NoNickels was disgusting to all who observed. We tried to tell you about that guy and you just went on defending him. Now, instead of a broke butthead who borrowed his way into the Dodgers, and used them as his own personal ATM machine, we have wealthy owners that want to turn this around and for some damn unexplainable reason, you find fault with them. Suddenly you have a problem with money? You?

    Brooklyn nailed it. You really should talk him into writing here because his take is needed. The Dodgers did not hit well for a few months, but they still finished with 86 wins and damn near made the play-offs. They played well at the end. These guys are getting to know each other and seem to like each other. The community is behind them, the system is being rebuilt and you and Ken-ken do little but find fault with all of it.

    I am THRILLED we have Gonzalez instead of Loney. I am DELIGHTED we have Ramirez and Crawford. I even like Beckett and Blanton. I think we will be adding even more as the months roll on. And I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am Frank McCourt is gone.

    It’s all in how you look at it. Brooklyn, friddo, myself and a couple of others have glasses that are half full. The Dodgers are being made whole again. Too bad you and what’s his name aren’t sharing in the moment.

  31. Gionfriddo says:

    Mark, sorry, but calling someone a pollyanna or an idiot (or losers in previous posts) don’t make you right– rather, it makes your point baseless and irrelevant.

    I’m sure, like a lot of folks in here I’m a college grad and I must say Brooklyns’ posts, if I did not know better are written by a college professor– Brooklyn, at which academia institute do you presently toil at? That last Dick Nen post was spot on from every angle…

    “I don’t think Mattingly is a good hitting instructor. Ask his son about that. Look at the stats. SCOREBOARD!” YOU are kidding right? are you channeling Jim Rome with that scoreboard nonsense? News flash for you Mark and the other minions– the elite hitters are born with a gift and with some fine tuning, tweaks, and guidance from hitting instructors (plus managers, coaches etc) in the lower minors become everyday MLB hitters who thrive for 5-10-15 years.. You are going to blame Don Mattingly for being a poor hitting instructor because Preston Mattingly did NOT have the same gift his father was born with? by your logic, every .300 career hitter in the bigs who have sons should then have said sons become .300 hitters in the bigs.. that is asinine thinking at the very least.

    ALL the factual stats put up on the Yankees’ hitters success during Mattinglys’ tenure as hitting coach (’03-’07) meant nothing to you? they did not dispel any DRIVEL as you stated from continuing on in regards to Mattingly’s “modern approach” or shortcomings if you will?

    Let’s cut to the chase on the “performance coach” crap, now. They are called psychologists in the work force and they are there in large part to help athletes with an array of problems..These psychologists are not going to help hitters from “choking” but rather help young men deal with some real life issues such as social anxiety disorder.. this disorder ended the career of Khalil Greene and caused players like Greinke, Dontrelle Willis, and Joey Votto to take extended time off to deal with this serious issue.. To lump in the Blues hitters offensive woes down the stretch with needing a performance coach is short sighted to say the least..

  32. Ken says:

    More terrorist attacks from Honey Badger. I guess he did not like my video. Stealing words and phrases from the world of politics is only political for people who live in the extremes. I am writing this from my hard white chair in my Yes We Can room.

    Donnie is back for 2013. Ned’s tirade in September is reflective of his decision to release at least 1 coach. Who? We will find out soon. Changes need to be made periodically if only to light a fire under people and create a little tension without creating an environment of stress, although stress may reveal who the Chokers are.

    From OC Register Don Mattingly: Too many bunts, too much predictability, too few solutions to problems in front of him. Good with the media and in the clubhouse; a leader who should improve going forward. Head-in-the-sand-hold-your-breath approach to star players’ injuries bordering on negligence. Grade: C-

    Donnie says that Uribe is the best teammate on the dodges. Maybe he will be back next year.

    Social anxiety disorder does not effect BARISP? Completely Laughable.

    Hurry up and then Wait and See.

  33. Badger says:

    Terrorists attacks.

    What a ridiculous comment. Making a hobglin out of me. Do my posts and opinions make you afraid?

    From your “Yes We Can Room”? Is that the isolated cave where you have Fox news running 24 7?

    “Stealing words and phrases from the world of politics is only political for people who live in the extremes.” – and that would be you since you started it. Everyone knows where you stand with your lame capitalized Hope and Change comment.

    The way you have been talking about this team being made up of chokers, I would think you want them all replaced. From most of your posts, sounds to me like you don’t care much for how the team is currently constructed, from the top down.

    I don’t have the time now but when I get back I am going to look up the 3 year WRISP splits on the middle of our lineup. I wonder what they might be on the yahoos we had in there for those 1,000+ at bats that the replacements….. you know…. Loney, Rivera, Uribe, Kennedy, Gwynn, the minor leaguers who got their shot, etc. Maybe, for a change, you can look up some facts – or do facts just get in your way? Maybe you are more of a “values” guy.

    I will agree with one comment by the OC Register (will reserve my comments about the paper itself) – I do think the Dodgers may bunt too much. Maybe it’s because of their record in 1 run games. I know that record is bad but I don’t have the time to look it up now.

    “Donnie says that Uribe is the best teammate on the dodges.” (dynamically repressed subconscious slip?) I don’t doubt it. Uribe is one tough dude that never gives up. Just because he can’t hit anymore doesn’t mean he can’t be a good teammate. I would like to see him on the 162 game DL and cheering from the bench, but that’s just me.

    I would love to have seen this team with all the starting pitchers, Gonzalez, Ramirez, Kemp, and Crawford in there start to finish. All I want for Christmas is a healthy staff and 2500 at bats from those four guys next year. You call them chokers. We’ll see.

    500 push-ups ken.

  34. Tom Cruise says:

    Only losers use performance coaches

    • Badger says:

      Good one!!

      We are all children of the same creator. We have the sun, the darkness and the wind.

      And we have them all right here.

      We can do better. Tighten up your chin straps (that’s a football metaphor ken) and play it out. Trust your training.

      How’s that for my first PerfCo?

  35. Bobbie17 says:

    I was thinking. How many owners have the Dodgers had since 1988? Probably 3-4. With the same results…sitting home for most of the fall. If it’s not ownership, what is it?

  36. RogerCraig says:

    Two questions:

    1. Who thinks Mattingly would have pinch hit for A-Rod?

    2. Under the Dodger culture, would Ibanez have been swinging on the first or 2nd pitch?

  37. Reggie says:

    Jon Broxton opened the door for the Giants and they won game three – now they are in the process of eliminating the Reds. It all started with Broxton.

    • RogerCraig says:


      Don’t count the Reds out yet!

    • Badger says:

      I don’t see it that way Reggie. And I saw the game. Two singles to start the inning. Dig a hole Jon. Then two K”s – blew ‘em both away. Then a passed ball.. oops. Catcher opened the door wide. Then a doinker, easy third out, misplayed by Rolen. Broxton blows the next guy away. NO EARNED RUNS. 3 K’s. You can try to blame Jon for that one, afterall, he did give up two singles. But, NO EARNED runs and 3 K’s. He DID his job.

      Interesting questions Roger. 1. Pinch hit for ARod. Considering he has looked like crap for some time now, 3 for 30 with 16 K’s……yeah, I think Mattingly DOES ph for him in that situation. 2. Jim Johnson is a fastball hitter. As a pinch hitter you go up looking for the pitchers best pitch. If he leaves one up, which Johnson did, you get ugly with it. Ibanez is a pro. You don’t have him taking a strike. You choose him to hit, you let him hit. Just my opinion.

  38. ken says:

    “ers” = present and past tense. There is no we’ll see, that is future tense. D’oh!

  39. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ll take it a step or two further on Broxton. The first two singles he gave up were ground balls, neither of which was scalded. Either one could have easily been a ground out (maybe he a double play on the second ground ball). But that being said, he did get the strikeouts, and there is no doubt that it was the passed ball that opened the door. With runners on first and second, assuming the same ground ball is hit, Rolen goes to second for the force.

    Didn’t see the Orioles/Yankees, so I can’t comment. Besides, if Mattingly pinch hit Ibanez for A-Rod and he popped up, maybe everyone would be screaming for Mattingly’s head. It’s easy to have an opinion after the fact.

    Sorry friddo, I’m not currently toiling at an institution of higher learning. However, I did spend 34 years teaching at the junior high school level in the NYC school system. Taught science for nearly the first 20 years, and math thereafter. Currently involved in multiple businesses, and definitely too busy. And, when it comes to insight I’ll take a seat behind you and Badger.

    • Badger says:

      Reds cough up a hair ball.

      I too am a former teacher Brooklyn. Also coached at the J.C level. Been out of that game for a while.

      No back seats for either you or friddo. Both of you bring reason to this forum. There are others too, but it seems we are debating silly arguments way too often.

      Broxton with a 0.00 ERA in the post season and a 169 ERA+ this year, but that won’t matter to some.

      Damn Yankees. They are still relevant every freakin’ year.

  40. Badger says:

    OK, did the research. This is for kenKen

    The first numbers are three year splits, ’09-’11 – BA OBP OPS The second set of numbers are this year.

    Matt Kemp .282 .382 .934 —- .292 .383 .934

    Andre Ethier .298 .391 .871 —-.313 .393 .886

    Hanley Ramirez .268 .370 .802 —-.256 .335 .713

    Adrian Gonzalez .375 .476 1.078 —.392 .434 1.083

    That is the middle of our lineup, the guys YOU are calling chokers.

    So, I call bullsh*t on your accusation and on your silliness to pursue it. With the exception of Ramirez this year (which aren’t horrible), those are damn good numbers WRISP. Now, the rest of the Dodger lineup, the guys that new ownership are trying to replace, I got no numbers for them. They are all back-ups as far as I am concerned, with AJ being an exception.

    This is a proven group of hitters, all in their prime. I look forward to having them play a full year together. I also look forward to you eating some fresh crow.

    500 push-ups. You know you need the work.

    • Ken says:

      Honey B

      You finally have convinced me that you never have pretended to not understand the issue at hand but rather you never have understand the issue at hand. Possibly you are just too self-centered to be able to try to understand what others are attempting to say and you just are thinking too much to be able to listen to any thing that any one that you hate actually says. Therefore I no longer wish to have any dialog with you. Please spew your cult type delusions toward someone else. Keep your words to yourself or I will respond.

      • Badger says:

        Cult like delusions? Pretty weak man.

        I think I understand you perfectly well. You bitch about most things Dodgers. You think they are chokers. I post stuff that counters your fatuous arguments and you don’t like it. I get that. So, go ahead and pretend you aren’t listening. I don’t care. But you are going to have to stop dialogue with a few others around here that don’t agree with your take.

        I won’t miss challenging your dopey choke nonsense. The numbers are there for all to see.

        later kenKen

  41. Mr. Spock says:

    I am amazed that non-Vulcans believe that a person can actually not allow their emotions to effect their mind or physical movements.


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