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It’s Time for a Change

Last year, I didn’t get much candy on Halloween.  Imagine that.

This year, I am changing my approach. Click on my photo at the right to see this years’ costume.

This should work well.

Trick or treat?

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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45 Responses to “It’s Time for a Change”

  1. Bobby says:

    I’m dressed as a Laker fan (it’s scary if you think about what happened last night)

  2. ken says:

    Time to throw around more change.

    Peavy signing for 2-$29 just increased the price even more for SP.
    Greinke (just to piss off Arte?), Shields, Kuroda, Sanchez. Sign 2, if you have given up on Logan’s hype. KC to go all out this off season for SP thus raising the prices?

    Nate McLouth a better choice than TGJ?

    Keppinger or Chavez to further strengthen the LAD IF?

    Trade Crawford and $50 mil to CLE for Shin-Soo Shoo?

    Napoli, coming off of an off year, a better risk/benefit than Fed-Ex?

    Trade another one of Logan’s potential busts for Joel Hanrahan?

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    So the feeling I get is . . . they will sign or trade for 1 or 2 or even 3 starting pitchers. Then just junk or let walk 1 or 2 of the starters from last season.

  4. Badger says:

    Trade Crawford?

    Is this how are off-season is going to go around here?

    I would rather the team did nothing than to start ridiculous knee jerking.

    As long as everyone is on the field Opening Day, we are going to be the team to best in the N.L. Relax. It’s all good.

  5. Bobbie17 says:

    Be serious. The team to beat? That team had a parade yesterday. All of baseball has one, and only one team to beat. LIke it or not, the season is over and they are champions. Next year, they might be even better, with Lincecum discovering, again, how to pitch. The Giants are the bullseye. It will take everything anyone has to unseat them. Bench players in starting positions and injured, former stars won’t do it.
    If we had a farm system we can trust, we wouldn’t have so much a problem. We are relying on other teams’ castoffs. I hope it works out. Hope, again, and again. There has to be more.

    • Badger says:

      I am serious B17. The gints have had their run. Everything went right for them. It can’t happen two years in a row. It won’t happen two years in a row.

      The Dodgers will be better than them next year. I am certain of it. Things WILL come together for us. The curse has been lifted. McGreaseball is gone. The Frankenjamie Freak Show is over. Even the masked weirdo in the U.S. Water Systems jacket with the gun in the picture above cannot bring his hero back. It’s a new day in Dodgerland. Celebrate the New Beginning!

      Or, crawl back in the rabbit hole with Horny the Clown and worship the midgets. Your choice.

      • ken says:

        Absolutely YES! If (1) gordon is a flop again and (2) the dodgers do not have a real lead off hitter, then trade Crawfish for Chew!

        MLB Stats
        Choo .289, .381, .465
        Crawford .22, .332, .441

  6. Jae says:

    If the Dodgers paid 75% of his salary, I doubt that any team would trade for Crawford.

    • Badger says:

      The Dodgers TRADED for Crawford! They WANT him here!

      Get real people. Crawford is our left fielder and our two hole hitter and we are the better for it.

      Now, the next move. Fedex and whoever to Tampa or just sign one of those free agent pitchers, sign Barajas, get second base figured out and make sure EVERYONE is getting to the gym!

  7. ken says:

    If nobody wants Crawford at any price then what is he worth and what does he have left? I want players on the LAD roster that other teams want. Crawford is ok but I think that Choo is a better fit for the dodgers because the LAD need a real lead off hitter. Now if Gumby becomes a real man in the next 6 months, then I will no longer desire a mid-season trade for Choo.

    More boring signings of people to work with Ned that hopefully will lead to exciting players in 5 years or less.

  8. DodgerDude says:

    Here it is in a nutshell:

    The Red Sox wanted to keep Gonzalez and the Dodgers wanted Gonalez. The Red Sox rued the day they signed Crawford and knew they were stuck with him…. UNLESS someone wanted Gonzales so bad they would take Beckett and Crawford. Gonzo is great, but this trade may be one of the biggest swindles of all time.

    • Badger says:

      I find your nutshell has a lot of cracks in it Dude.

      The Red Sox signed Crawford to a ridiculous contract expecting to get the numbers he had in Tampa. They didn’t get them, I think because he was hurt and nobody knew it, but, whatever… the Red Sox were dysfunctional from the top down and needed someone to blame it on. It wasn’t Crawford’s fault the Sox wanted to overpay him. Anybody would have accepted that contract. He tried to play injured, and actually didn’t do bad for a guy who needed TJ surgery. Now, some can put the blame on Crawford, and saps all over the place are going to buy the premise. I don’t.

      Crawford is overpaid. I know, he knows it, the Dodgers know it and the American people know it. The Dodgers don’t care. If he can’t mend, screw it, they got Gonzalez and Beckett and will move a different direction in left field if needed. Wouldn’t surprise me if we found out the Dodgers have an insurance policy in case of such an event. If he CAN mend, the Dodgers have plugged a huge hole in the lineup.

      I SO look forward to seeing Crawford on the field. I hope he heals up and all of you haters will be tasting crow for a long time to come.

      People are going to pay to see the Dodgers next year. I’ll be one of them.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    First off, I’ll go with everything Badger said above, including the part about “the masked weirdo in the U.S. Water Systems jacket with the gun.”

    B17, you say “If we had a farm system we can trust, we wouldn’t have so much a problem.” You still haven’t woken up. The Dodgers finally re-entered the international market this past summer, and just brought in two executives with impressive credentials and experience in the international market. The Dodgers are finally beginning to devote significant resources into their international operations, an area completely ignored, or more accurately, trashed, by McCourt. And yet, for some reason you don’t recognize the changes that are occurring. Yes, the Dodgers did trade away some prospects, but what they got in return was anything but “castoffs”. Look at Adrian Gonzalez’s career stats, and tell me he’s a castoff. And I’ll say the same thing about Hanley Ramirez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Brandon League. These are not castoffs. They’re players expected to meet the short term offensive and pitching needs of the Dodgers over the next several years, with the express objective of winning now, and also to buy time while the farm system is re-built. And make no mistake about it, the Dodger farm system that was inherited by our new ownership had a shallow talent base, that was getting shallower year after year. This is what Baseball America said about the Dodger farm system, which it ranked #23 in its 2012 Prospect Handbook. “The McCourt ownership mess has wreaked havoc on a previously prosperous farm system, particularly in international signings, where [the] Dodgers must bottom-feed rather than [lead] the way.”

    The Giants got hot in the second half, and you’re so impressed, that you think they’re going to carry it into next year. Well, maybe they will, and maybe they won’t. And keep in mind, that much of the Giants’ success was directly related to the Dodgers collapse in the second half. Just the loss of Matt Kemp for about 60 games probably made the difference. And before you say something like Kemp’s loss wouldn’t have made a difference of 8 or 9 games, I’ll tell you just the opposite. First off, given that games against the opposition have a two game swing, if the Dodgers had just beaten the Giants 4 more times, that’s 8 games. And since the Dodgers lost quite a few close games against the Giants, I have to believe that a healthy Matt Kemp could have made a huge difference there. And of course, it wasn’t only Kemp who missed time (not to mention, he played hurt when he wasn’t missing time). If the Dodgers can remain healthy in 2013, that alone will go a long way to righting the ship.

    And rest assured, the Dodgers will be bolstering the roster over the winter. And one other thing. Over the next several years you will be reading about, and falling in love with a whole new crop of young Dodgers prospects. Names you don’t know now, who will become as familiar to you as RDLR, Jerry Sands, etc., etc., etc.

  10. Gionfriddo says:

    Everything Brooklyn and Badger just said… Brooklyn, you have laid out the positives of the new Dodger ownership ad nauseum– and each time it is spot on.. You would be better off finding a wall and beating your head against it for several minutes because some in here REFUSE to see all the good that IS happening and will continue to happen..

    Crawford?? If anyone has a positive bone in their body they will be rooting for this guy to be healthy and to return to his Tampa days– IF healthy it will happen.. Crawford blossomed in a small market environment in Tampa and then proceeded to do what 99.99% of young American men would do if they had been a 4 time AL steals champ– he signed his name on the dotted line in Boston for 142 million.. The Boston experience was not a fit for Crawford and he took ownership of that (refreshing to say the least)…LA will be a much better fit for Crawford and playing next to a fellow southerner and African-American in Kemp can do nothing but help him..

    Finally, the Dodgers follow up bringing in respected executive Jerry Hunsicker by bringing in another well respected executive in Bob Engle– Engle excels in international scouting and while in Toronto (under Pat Gillick)as their scouting director he was responsible for signing Pat Hentgen, Roy Halladay, and Chris Carpenter.. as Seattle’s international scouting director he was responsible for the Mariners signing Asdrubal Cabrera(Venezuela), Felix Hernandez (Venezuela), Michael Pineda (D.R.), and Shin Soo Choo (S. Korea).. Kasten means business, fellas….

  11. ken says:

    Bob Engle’s right hand man Patrick Guerrero to be hired tommorrow?

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Very well said friddo, especially in providing lot of the details I left out.

    And B17, I’ve posted my disagreements with you before, but still cannot recall you ever responding directly. How about shooting down my arguments, point for point. Something more than telling us about the “real fans” and how terrible the Dodgers have become with all of these “castoffs”.

    And exactly who should the Dodgers have been playing other than A-Gon, Hanley, and Beckett. And please tell us what you think the Dodgers should be doing this winter? And finally, who are all these young Dodger prospects who could turn this team around? Please enlighten me. But let me give you a heads up. When you mention Scott Van Slyke, who has been in the Dodgers system for 8-9 years, and who will turn 27 next season, you will, to say the least, get no agreement from me. Maybe he’s a late bloomer, and will find a role somewhere in the big leagues, but I doubt if it will be as a regular for a contender, and that includes the Dodgers.

  13. Gionfriddo says:

    Ken, the Dodgers brought in Patrick Guerrero on Oct. 27… another good hire.. also, they hired Pedro Avila, who found King Felix in Venezuela for Engle and the Mariners.. Avila has been named the Dodger’s new scouting coordinator in Venezuela….Once again folks, Kasten is building this for the long term, just as he did in Atlanta.

  14. Bobby says:

    I agree with the positives in here. We are acquiring established vets in their prime and young 30′s to help us win until 2017 or so. we are also rebuilding our minor league system to help with a new crop that comes in. It didnt work this year, as, unfortunately, it took too long for the guys to gel before they got hot. Oh well. The trades weren’t made for 2012 only; they were made for 2012-2016.

    If we do have to nitpick, then here it is: when a high priced player is traded, one of two things happen: 1) the team acquiring the player receives some cash from the trading team to help pay for the high priced vet, and the acquiring team sends top prospects to the trading team. 2) The team acquiring the high priced player receives ZERO cash from the trading team, in exchange for sending lesser prospects.

    In our case, we took on a LOT of money, sent back a couple of big time prospects, and only received $40 mil in cash from Boston (a very low percentage).

    I think Ned got swindled a bit. Now granted RDLR and/or A-Web may become average #3/4 starters, in which case we don’t worry. BUT, if Ned was going to give up both top pitching prospects, he should have gotten more cash back from Boston. I think Ned could have kept A-Web and sent a lesser pitching prospect instead. That’s negotiations, and I think in that negotiation, Ned lost.

    Regardless, the trade is done. A-Gone will be great, Crawford can be a massive difference maker, and Beckett showed he’s very valuable as a 3/4. If we can add that Shohei Otani to our minor league system, I”m happy; he likely makes up for A-Web or RDLR

    • Gionfriddo says:

      Bobby, you made some good points.. The best one being if WE LAND OTANI.. LA gets Otani and our farm system will get a tremendous boost– an 18 yr old that hits the upper 90′s (has touched 100 on the gun) is unheard of– well, Dylan Bundy in Baltimore’s system is a year older than Otani and has a comparable arm–

  15. Roger Dodgert says:

    Was Beckett one of the starting pitchers in the Red Sox club house of off days, who was drinking?

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    To whom it may concern,

    You speak with a forked tongue when you characterize me as a hater. Yeah, I have a Dodger Blog because I am a hater. You lose what little credibility you have when you say that.

    I would love to see Carl Crawford be the player he once was. I just don’t think it is likely, much the same as I don’t think Andre Ethier will suddenly hit left-handers.

    If that makes me a hater to you, then you have a very warped view of the world.

    However, Dodger Dude was exactly right. The Dodgers wanted Gonzalez and had tried to get a deal done much earlier. They had agreed to take Beckett, but the Red Sox insisted they take Crawford as well, in order to get Gonzo. The Dodgers finally capitulated.

    Gonzo alone may ultimately be worth it, and if Beckett can be a #2 or #3, the deal will be great. If Crawford returns to glory, the deal will be awesome. Hopefully, it will happen, but it’s based upon wishful thinking, not fact.

    I share your wishful thinking…

    • Badger says:

      There is probably some truth to that Mark. But, not as much as you and Dude say. I think Crawford was really wanted here. We need him. Our left field sucked and our two hole hitters were not good. He will be better than Victorino in many ways. He needed to get out of that messy situation in Boston, and he needed to get the T.J. surgery, that for whatever reason, did not happen in Boston. There were a lot of guys who wanted out of that organizational headache. Did you see how happy those players on the plane looked on their way to L.A.? Boston was a sink hole of disloyalty, disunity and dysfunction and everybody associated with that team knew it.

      And you aren’t so much of a hater as you are a lover…. of McCourt. You can try to deny it, but your history on that subject is there for all to read. You defended him at many turns. You and I went round and round about it for years. I won’t forget, though it appears you have. You don’t believe in Crawford, and you of course have that right. But I have to ask, why are you not defending the Walter/Kasten run operation with the enthusiasm you had for the McCourt’s? It just doesn’t make any sense. It almost sounds like you would rather be right and have the Dodgers fail than admit you were wrong and have them succeed….. and that, to real Dodger fans, looks very strange.

      The Dodgers, by most accounts, are on their way back. That should bring real joy to ALL Dodger fans. It is obvious that are some non believers in our midst.

      I have them winning the division next year. You don’t. I got no pride in the San Fancisco Giants. You do. I got no love for Frank McCourt and am thrilled he is gone, though knowing he bilked over a billion for his mismanagement has me shaking my head. Only in America, and maybe the new Russia, can a man of so little character become so filthy rich.

      But he is gone. The Dodgers are back.

  17. ken says:

    There are many questions regarding next year, but probably not as many as Mark has stated.

    There are many questions regarding the approach(s) that dodger hitters were taking last year and someday we will find out if the problem is Donnie T-Ball or the various player’s stubborn prides.

    There are many questions regarding the health of the dodger players and we should all currently have hope that they all will be healthy by the end of Spring Training.

    Many people have hope regarding next year but do not express their hope the same as Badger. Varying degrees of hope are expressed very differently.

    Several important dates have just passed and the dodgers have said good bye to 9 plays and hopefully 3 more within the next month.

    There is a new MLB TV contract that will provide at least $10 mil additional per team and during this off season we could see some surprising contracts.

    Stan is bringing renewal to the Front Office and we will hear of interviews, hires, and finally their names will appear upon the LAD MLB website.

    Good things are happening and some day we will see the limits to the Crazy Guggenheim wallet and the wisdom of the Front Office.

    25 years is a long time for the dodgers to win a WS and therefore hopefully the LAD will at least make a strong showing during 2013.

    But we all know that there are many things in this world more important than baseball.

    • Badger says:

      Perhaps I was a little too hard on Mark and his lack of faith in the new leadership. If so, my apologies.

      But he did support the misguided leadership of the McSuks and that I will never understand.

      We have good baseball people at all levels of the organization now, and we did not before. The minor league system, the international scouting system, the entire infrastructure is in the process of being rebuilt. This is a good thing. How anyone can not see that is mind boggling to many of us.

      As for 2013, I can’t help but believe it will be better, but so much depends on the health of our first teamers. That can be said of all organizations, but it’s especially true for us. We lost our All World Center fielder for half a season, and he wasn’t himself when he came back. We lost our #2 and #3 starters. We lost our young lead-off hitter and even with all that we were in it until the final week. If these guys can all show up and play at 100%, yes, I believe we will be the favorites in the NL West. The Giants have question marks, and frankly I still think, other than Posey, right through the lineup we can be better than them.

      And yeah, it is true there are more important things than baseball. We as a planet are facing some interesting times. Darwin said it best – adapt, migrate or die.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    The Dodgers have entered a new world, or time zone, or focus, or dimension, or black hole, or slot, or . . . you name it.

    Money and resources where there was very little.

    Changing roster with major changes where there was on little-bitty-changes before.

    Fans support where there were empty seats before.

    We might different on just what to do now, but things will and are happening almost every day to improve this team.

    Sorry to see no Dodger winning a golden glove for 2012.

    Hitting coach???

  19. Badger says:

    It’s my opinion your best teachers should be in the Instructional Leagues. You draft the guys with the talent to learn how to hit the best pitching. Of course you need very good coaches at all levels, and we are getting them. But by the time they get to the Major Leagues, they know how to hit, they just need to be reminded of what it is that got them there. That is where the best ML hitting instructors earn their money.

    In low levels, it’s mostly about teaching fundamentals and helping kids adjust to the grind of playing over 100 games in a summer. At AA and AAA it’s about helping a prospect learn more about plate discipline. At those levels, it’s about preparing mentally and using a player’s abilities to execute appropriate strategies – such as working the count, hitting behind runners, what to look for, when to pull and when to go the other way, developing a power stroke and learning when to use it and when and how to square the ball up going the other way.

    Maybe what many ML players need is a sports psychologist. The pressures of playing 200 games a year for teams that expect you to actually continue to earn your $60,000 a night can wear certain personalities down. The Dodgers may need a whole team of shrinks to keep the guys psyched up for as many as 200 games a year.

    • ken says:

      Right ON! Too many hyped draft picks that are busts at AA & AAA. Better coaches at the lower levels just might solve that issue. If not, then Logan was a flash in the pan. However, that will no longer matter because Stan has a new approach for dodger drafts and will continue to improve the player development program.

      Yes, McShart could no longer hide his true self and the dodger brand and performance suffered greatly. Capitalism unrestrained by greed never leads to a good long term result. Any attempt to pretend that charitable work compensates for a person’s extreme greed is pure delusion.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, you mean like the guy in the movie The Natural. Who held class lectures for the team . . .

  21. Bobbie17 says:

    I agree with a lot of what you guys are saying–for a change. But, no way will the Giants not be favored to win the West. I think they are the 3d betting favorite now to win the WS again in 2013. From Rookie ball to the ML, when Blue plays Orange and Black, it must be a must win game. Our young players have to be sold on this rivalry from the earliest stages. They MUST beat the Giants. Period. I think that attitude is built in Giants players from the earliest. We must do that also. I don’t think free agents get it. League is smoking the same thing a lot of you guys must be smoking. The Dodgers are not the favorites for anything next year. But they can still TRY to be. That might be more important than actually being the favorite.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    Bob 17 – I hear you, but I am on the Badger-Brooklyn school. I think all of baseball knows that the Dodgers will not operate the same, and the beginning changes will really start to kick in — in performance next season.

    In fact, I sense that almost every hour, each day now, a signing or trade, or announcement of some kind is about to happen.

    These owners are for real.

    I expect a pitching staff, with 5 great to good starters, and 7 arms in the pen that are all on the beam.

    I expect something at 3b to happen, and (as Badger says) clean up 2nd base.

    I expect a strong bench and role players. Not just some left over AAA guys.

    And, I expect at AAA and AA and A levels, higher quality players on those rosters.

  23. Badger says:

    “Badger, you mean like the guy in the movie The Natural. Who held class lectures for the team.”

    Yeah, just like that guy. Except of course, not at all like that guy.

    Hard work, composure, intense focus. To put it all together in front of millions takes a special kind of human being. Not all can do it.

    There are a number of specialists today that have careers aimed at helping professional athletes. Yeah, I guess you could call them “performance coaches” but I wouldn’t. Having studied a bit of sports psychology years ago, I know the teaching techniques are different than in training corporate stooges.

    “Capitalism unrestrained by greed never leads to a good long term result. Any attempt to pretend that charitable work compensates for a person’s extreme greed is pure delusion.”

    geez man, where did that come from?

  24. The Bunny Rabbit inside Broxton's Soul says:

    Report out that Mark McGwire is the new hitting coach

  25. Valencia says:

    Dash Dyno can measure your car’s gas financial state and horsepower. This obviously indicates that relationship speeds are inadequate with this protocol.


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