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Carl Crawford – Part 3

Tell me you don’t see the evolution from speedster guy to fatter guy!


I still say he is 30 pounds heavier than his glory days in Tampa Bay! (Click on the picture to see it FULL SIZE)

Maybe it’s the camera that adds 30 pounds.

Some of you don’t want to face reality.

Crawford has admitted he took the big money and ran.  I think he got fat and overconfident.

He was fatter in Boston and in the latest photos.

He need to get to work and prove his worth.

He needs to weigh 200 pounds.  I think he is close to 240!

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16 Responses to “Carl Crawford – Part 3”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I guess you don’t have anything better to do than search the internet for pictures of Carl Crawford. Those pictures proves absolutely nothing to me. Given that Crawford is just coming off surgery and was inactive a good part of last season, I would expect that he’s not in top physical condition. And, if memory serves, I believe that Crawford has been listed at 215 lbs., so I wonder why you suddenly want him at 200. 240 lbs.? No way I can figure out what his weight is by looking at a picture. Besides, I don’t really care what his weight is now. Let’s see, spring training begins officially on March 1st. That’s about 4 months away. Let’s see what he looks like then. I’ll make my judgments when I see him in action, not by looking at some pictures.

    • DodgerDude says:

      Of course they prove nothing to you. You don’t want to see what is obvious. Crawford is overweight.

      Here is a FLASH:

      Carl Crawford hasn’t been relevant for two years. Why not pull your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine and admit he has a lot to prove?

      He does look very heavy for a speedster.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Well actually, I have a lot of better things to do than search the internet, but it only took 3 minutes. You may be in love with Guggs & Co, but I have questions. Crawford has not been a good player for 2 years and he NEVER was a GREAT player. His game is predicated on speed and I doubt that at 32 he will be speedy unless he gets a lot smaller. He\’s not a slugger. He is a fast guy who is currently a heavy guy. The past and present are predictors of the future. That\’s why I say what I do about him. You can ignore it iof you want.

      I won\’t.

  2. Jae says:

    Mark, some of these idiots will never get it. Forget it. We know that Crawford is fat. Like you say, even Ray Charles can see that. Will he be by the spring? Time will tell. I hope he can re-capture his youth.

    • Badger says:

      “Like you say, even Ray Charles can see that. Will he be by the spring?”

      Ray Charles is dead, and yes, he will still be dead by spring.

  3. Reggie says:

    I had high hopes that Crawford would be a solid 1 or 2 hitter. I have my doubts now. In order to do that, he has to get a lot smaller.

    Why the big disagreement? It is as obvious as the nose on your face.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Crawford is overweight, but that is understandable. His surgery has surely limited his exercise this year. What bothers me is how bloated he looked last year. If he is a workout nut as some suggest, he had better get his act together.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The picture of Crawford on the Dodger webpage doesn’t give any indication of weight as being a problem. But it’s a brighter picture, with less shadow.

    Call me an idiot, tell me I can’t see what you perceive as obvious, or say anything else that passes through that perfect vacuum between your ears. I’m sure you need something to make yourself feel good. Have a nice day.

  6. jerry says:

    seem like no matter who the dodger get..when they get here all goes to hell…why is that..i still say the coach,s maybe the night life..just because you can play ..dont mean that you can teach…even in sliding..seem like all are play end up almost past the bag…they should start there slide earler..that again is the coach..would love to here some comments..

  7. Badger says:


    Only an idiot would look at selected pictures and make an exclamation such as what we read here.

    The dumbing down of America in evidence.

    • RogerCraig says:

      Of course you have all of the correct answers because you have special powers.

      • Badger says:

        No. I have common sense. Those that can see thirty extra pounds on a guy by looking at photos of his face have special powers.

        Or maybe special needs?

      • Badger says:

        Mark has been known to say outrageous things just to light the board up. But I think he, and the haters, believe this one.

        Oh we’ll. No sense in continuing the argument. Nobody is really going to know anything about this until Opening Day.

  8. Rob says:

    Crawford signed that huge contract and bacame a fat ass.

  9. Gionfriddo says:

    Mark, you bored? Let it go.. You are driving this into the ground just like you did with the choke/clutch banter.. Brooklyn’s point is the sensible, reasonable (yes, I said reason because the man has it and you don’t) course of action on this subject. Time will tell the tale on whether Crawford is : 1. fit and in shape or overweight, 2. if Guggs and Co wasted in excess of 100 million to bring him here in the A Gone deal… Nothing can be ascertained at this point in time as to whether Crawford is overweight– you can post pics all nite if you desire…

    Jae, “sometimes it better to remain silent and thought a fool….. Ahh, forget it, it won’t do no good to continue with you…

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    Fat or not, he’s damaged goods. The real fans can put their hopes in the doctors. We, without the rose colored glasses that real fans have, want to see if he can swing the bat 600 times of official a bats next season. Yes, we will wait and see,while prospects and free agents and bench players look on with varying degrees of interest.


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