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All they need is a miracle!

2 Days.  2 Games. Win out.  Hope the Cards Lose Out!

Are there any miracles left?


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  1. Badger says:

    You’re up early.

    As long as you are, can you check to see if my RO system was shipped yesterday? Thanks.

    As for a miracle…… yeah, I look forward to one. At the beginning of the year, if anyone would have said we would still be in it with two games left I would have said they were nuts. We are still in it and the team is playing with a sense of urgency. There is no quit in them. There is no CHOKE in them.

    E #1. I still like our chances.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    They have not lost since Colletti went off!

    It was shipped – you should get a tracking number today.

    They brought me the order yesterday.

    You were right.

    I was wrong.

    You are genius.

    I am a moron.

    There – how\’s that?

  3. Gionfriddo says:


    You covered all the bases in the last 30 words or so of your post.

    • Badger says:

      Mark, that will do….. for now.

      I look forward to a full off season of differential obsequious self-abnegation and effusive Badger worship……..

      I look forward to it but of course have no expectations.

      Thanks for checking. You know, not to promote an advertisement here, but, by using your online service, I saved about $400 on the bid the local water people gave me. Thanks man, I appreciate you being there.

      If this season comes down to one game, we are all going to crap a hay bale going over the last month.

      Sweep the midgets to end this. Send them into the post season bruised.

      Go Reds.

      Anyone think the Angels WON’T re-sign Greinke? I read that he expects 6 at $23 million per. Will the halos go that high?

  4. Gionfriddo says:

    Going to be hard to outbid the Halos on Greinke IMO.. They are @ 150 million payroll as the season comes to a close.. They have over 43 million coming off the books with the expiring contracts of Torii Hunter (18 mill); Dan Haren (13 mill) & Ervin Santana (12 mill)..

    Moreno knows the importance of resigning Greinke to put between Weaver and Wilson to battle Texas in ’13.. Throw in the possibility of losing him to your crosstown rivals and I suspect Moreno will go to 6 yr/145-150… that being said, all bets are off with Guggenheim & Co when it comes to stopping at nothing to bring Dodger fans a WS winner.. Going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • Badger says:

      Agree with that friddo. Frankly, I don’t expect Greinke to leave Anaheim. I get the feeling he likes it there.

      Having said that, we know money speaks louder than ANYTHING in MLB. Is Greinke worth another $150 million on the books? I don’t know, maybe. But maybe not. He had a 10 WAR in 2009 but hasn’t come close to repeating it. It’s only 1.1 with the Angels. His ERA+ is good but not great. He will turn 29 this month, so 6 years puts him in his mid 30′s. Can we do better? Is there a 25 year old out there on his way up?

      What is happening with Bills? Is he going to have TJ surgery as Ken suggests? We got a ton of money tied up in that guy, sure would be nice to know if he can pitch.

      • Ken says:

        I did not suggest, I merely raised the possibility and asked a question based upon rumors.

        White Sox Choked!

        Texas is choking as Oakland surges!

        Angels out of the running before the dodgers!

        dodgers are the hottest team in baseball. They have not lost since Ned finally did his thing in the coach’s office.

        Did the coaches subconsiously go on vacation when the scrubs won every game? When the scrubs became a pile of dirt were the coaches clueless reagrding what to do? When Ned went out and got more players to replace the scrubs, that the coaches could not help, did the coaches go on vacation again and expect the new stars to carry the team?

        We have heard that all of the coaches are coming back next year but has any of them actually been offered a contract for 2013 yet? Ned got his contract but I predict that Stan is rethinking the coaching situation and has instructed Ned to not rehire anyone until after the post season management review of their performance.

  5. Rob says:

    It’s hard for me not to keep thinking about games that had slipped away during the season. The stealing of home by Cabrera as jansen’s back was turned, the two run hr by denorfia off of Guerrier after Kershaw threw a gem. Would of could of should have. I watch the cardinals games hoping for them to stumble but they just keep winning. A sliver of hope is all we have but miracles do happen.

  6. Bobby says:

    2 days. 4 games. all 4 games have to go our way.

    damn frustrating dodgers!!

    oh well, go Bears!!!

  7. ken says:

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle” Albert Einstein

    • Badger says:

      oooh. That’s good stuff ken.

      No matter what happens, I am hanging my hat on the team coming together and playing well under pressure. That’s something to build on. Hopefully all these guys get their asses into Athlete’s Performance (or TNT Athletic Performance, my son’s business…. ~ shameless plug) and come back ready to kick ass early and often.

      Oh, and one more things…. go Reds. Could use a little help here…..

  8. Kevin says:

    Any of the Harang haters wanna give the guy his props? He’s been pretty damn good the past few months (not spectacular but solid). His ERA is currently lower than Capuanos. Which one of these guys is actually our #5 starter?

  9. Ken says:

    Cappy better perform well enough to beat Zito or he should be the long reliever in 2013

    Kershaw should beat Vogelsong.

    Latos is hot and should beat Carpenter.

    The dodger game starts early tommorrow and will finish before the Cardinal game.

    Homer Bailey v. WHO?

    Hurry up and wait.

    • Reggie says:

      I don’t know why you would send Capuano to long relief.

      He should go over 200 innings for the year tonight. Harang only has pitched 179 innings. Harang does have a better ERA but Capuano has a 1.21 WHIP compared to Harang’s 1.40. Capuano is actually #18 in the NL in WHIP. That puts him in the upper 22% of NL Starters. He has a better WHIP than Voglesong, Wainwright, Cahill, Kennedym Lynn, Leake, Westbrooke, Zito, Lincecunm and others.

      His ERA also put him in the TOP 25% of NL Starters. Only 21 pitchers in the NL have pitched more innings. Only 20 pitchers have more strikeouts. He is tied for 7th in games started.

      I too don’t understand the Harang Haters, but I really don’t understand the Capuano haters.

      His stats say he is a #3 but the Dodgers only need him as a #4 or #5 and that makes him one of the best in the league at that spot.

      He may not have won 20 like Mark predicted, but if he can win tonight, he could have easily had 18+ wins with a little more support.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not a Capuano hater. I just noticed that he’s had a tendency in his career to have bad second halves that in no way resemble his first halves. That indicates to me that he begins to run out of gas in the second half, and might be better served working out of the pen, where I believe he might be successful both as a lefty specialist and on occasion in long relief.

    LET THE MIRACLE BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gionfriddo says:

    I’m neither a Capuano or Harang hater, I’m a realist.. Like I said earlier, we can do better. Both guys are actual #5′s and after Lilly went down in May, they became our 3 and 4.. Yes, both have been servicable to this point and with some offensive production could have sported better won-loss records.

    However, in the 2nd half, Harang has had 8 starts where he has failed to finish the 6th inning. Likewise, in the 2nd half, Capuano has 5 starts where he has given more than 5 ER (4 of those 6 ER).. translation= that’s 13 combined starts by these two where the bullpen has been taxed and forced into overuse..

    Harang has 85 BB’s to finish the year– it truly is amazing is era is 3.61–SP’s who have that many walks generally have era’s that are well above 4.00..It speaks to his ability this year to continue to work his way out of trouble.

    That being said, how bout the Reds breaking some sticks on Carpenter!! Let’s go big red machine!!

    Go Blue– I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!!!!

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    My wife and I went and saw the film: Trouble With The Curved (2012) — with
    Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake, and Amy Adams.

    Baseball film all the way. Also, John Goodman and Scott Eastwood (Clint’s son) has a small nice part.

    It is about an aging baseball scout for the Braves . . .

    Anyone else seen it?

    There are some film trailors online . . . depends what your server is —

    Or try Youtube: Trouble With the Curve.

  13. Gionfriddo says:

    Nice job, Ryan Ludwick… 2 straight AB’s with ducks on and NOTHING.

  14. RogerCraig says:

    When you have a guy like Capuano who give you 200 innings with a 3.69 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP, I don’t think you do anything but keep him in the rotation. He should be in his prime now. Not many pitchers pitch that many innings. In all of baseball, there are less than 30 pitchers who will pitch more innings than him and they are all #1, #2 and #3′s.

    Capuano will be hard to replace if you put him in the pen. I am pretty sure that the Dodgers are not as silly as some of you.

    • Gionfriddo says:

      I never proposed putting Capuano in the pen– that will not happen. In his prime?? Capuano is 34 yrs old- this IS his prime that we are witnessing.. He’s a very servicable 5th starter on the right staff.. But, career he is 6 games under .500 (69-75)… what you see is what you are getting..

      Come on Blue!!!!!

  15. Bill Russell says:

    I saw the film Trouble with the Curve and Liked it. Fun movie. It would sure make tomorrow exciting if the Dodgers win tonight and the Cards lose tonight. The Cards are currently up 1-0.

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    I agree about with Reggie and Roger about Caps and Harang. They aren\’t aces, but they ain\’t chopped liver.

    Reds ahead 3-1.

  17. Gionfriddo says:

    Here we go, Reds!!! 2-1 lead in 6th.. Need to tack on more now.. As I’m typing, Dionner Navarro gets an RBI single, 3-1 Reds… 2 hits for Navarro tonite– I’ll take it ..

    • Badger says:

      I gave the movie a B. I liked it, but it was really predictable.

      What friddo said about our two #4′s.

      At the beginning of the year, this is what was said:

      LHP Clayton Kershaw
      RHP Chad Billingsley
      LHP Chris Capuano
      RHP Aaron Harang
      LHP Ted Lilly

      *Harang and Capuano are constant injury-risks, so the Dodgers are likely going to need a few more starters for the rotation as the season progresses… Eovaldi will be first in line.”

      Harang and Capuaono were injury risks? Well, they had the injury part right, just the wrong guys.

      Was Lilly the #5? I don’t recall it that way, but I suppose it could have been.

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        Caps just had his arm rebuilt for the second time 3 years ago. He should be stronger and better next year. He\’ll win 20 games. ;)

        I still think Harang would be good in the pen for an inning or two. He can throw 97 if not a starter.

  18. Michael says:

    Lets go, batter up, I’m taking the afternoon off; It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame…{Miss that song from the old radio days}

    Hey troops , the Reds are winning, fasten your seat belts, click your heels and BELIEVE


  19. Mark_Timmons says:

    Next year:





    Harang or Lilly

    I still believe Bills will have a blow out. They just should have fixed it by now.

    • Gionfriddo says:

      Mark, I’m with you there.. That would not be fair if it came to fruition .. That 1-2-3 would be the best in the game..

    • Dave says:

      Capuano? Really? Over Beckett? The guy that has already given up two HRs tonight in a pressure game? The guy who has been VERY inconsistent in the second half? He should be pulled from this game NOW! HR followed by two hits, Giants with runners on 1st and 3rd – egads!

  20. the truth hurts says:

    I’m here, silent, but I’m here

    this is killing me

  21. Gionfriddo says:

    HR’s 24 and 25 on the year given up by Capuano… Who wants to bet #26 will follow in the next couple innings….

  22. Bball says:

    Get him out donnie

  23. Mark_Timmons says:


    Get Caps outta there now!

  24. Gionfriddo says:

    Get him outta there— oh, wait, way to roll that DP!!!

    Props to Broxton for getting Craig to ground into a DP in the 8th.

    Come on guys—get the bats going against Zito.. rt here, rt now..

  25. Mark_Timmons says:

    Capuano was a choke artist tonight – no excuse that he\’s hurt.

    This is a no excuse zone.

  26. the truth hurts says:

    jamey wright- choke artist

    • the truth hurts says:

      so Donnie is just going to leave him in!

      the season is not on the line or anything….

      Don Mattingly- choke artist!

  27. Rob says:

    Getting shut down by zito, embarrassing

  28. Jae says:

    It is time to bring out the whooping sticks!

    Choke Artists: GO HOME!

    • Badger says:

      He will have another shot.

      Relax. This one is set up for a dramatic ending.

      Don’t you just love this stuff? This is pennant drive baseball and we are in the middle of it. Just like it’s supposed to be!

  29. Bball says:

    Ya I love it. If we end up on top

  30. ken says:

    “The 25-year-old Jansen, who missed three weeks with an irregular heartbeat, expects to undergo an offseason catheter ablation, in which doctors will make an incision in his groin and, with a flexible tube, seek out and cauterize abnormal tissue that triggers his atrial fibrillation. He’s said he’s looking at a three-month rehab.

  31. Bball says:

    Are u kidding me mark. Holy shit.

    • Badger says:

      Sounds delightful. Just googled it and it’s a serious procedure, but is successful 90-98% of the time. Hope he is ok when it’s over. Will he pitch again?

      Kemp looks at a 2-0 pitch down the middle then swings at strike three in the dirt.

      Not clutch.

      But, we have 4,5 and 6 next inning.

      I still like our chances.

  32. DodgerDude says:

    Hang on. It’s about to get wild.

    Ellis is so fired!

  33. DodgerDude says:

    Here is Kemp’s shot!

  34. Mark_Timmons says:

    Ellis should be shot.

    Victorino on 3B.

    Kemp chokes again.

    No other way to spin it.


    • Badger says:

      In the last 7 days Kemp has an OPS of 1.583. In the last 14 days Kemp has an OPS of 1.076. But you want him to do it every single day or he is a choker?

      You’re doing it again.

      You just can’t expect one guy to do it every day. Some days, somebody else needs to get it done. This is a team. It needs to be done as a team. We got three runs. We need a few more. Somebody else needs to step up.

  35. Bball says:

    Anyone watching the A’s. Wow. Way to go for them

  36. Dave says:

    Tempting to hate on M Ellis. Bad time to take such a chance. Can’t help to wonder if Victorino would have been pitched just enough differently had Ellis been on second. So easy to say Ellis cost us a run. Who knows. I say, focus on the 2 runs that did score. GO DODGERS! POSITIVE VIBES!!!

  37. ken says:

    A LHP hurts his left arm with the metal donut while warming up as a left handed batter?

    What next? In the off season he is going to be a Hibachi cook and not use the fork just his fingers? :)

    Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid is not clutch. Stupid is Choke.

    But then he ALWAYS physically wears down after the All-Star break, apparently also mentally. :)

    • Dave says:

      Just look at his demeanor – see the look on his face when he has pitched the second half. Deer caught in headlights? Scared? Something wrong in his head.

  38. ken says:

    Well, it was an exciting year with a lot of unforeseen events, highs and lows, heroes and chokers, new young stars and struggling vets, hype and truth, exiting trash and emerging hope, success and failure, speculation and reality, hope and frustration, laughter and tears, learning experiences and miracles. Will the significant potential result in off season dedication? Wait until next year!

  39. Rob says:

    That sucked!

  40. Badger says:

    Gordon steals second, tying run in scoring position, down to the last out in the bottom of the ninth.

    That’s what makes baseball exciting.

    It wasn’t meant to be. Oh well. The sky is blue again. This team will be competitive every year for some time now.

    I would imagine the tweaks will start soon. This group won’t wait long.

    • Gionfriddo says:

      2nd that, Badger.. Exciting and heartbreaking @ the same time. Kemp hits 5 HR in 6 game winning streak and is a “choker” tonite? I have no more energy for that nonsense. That dog just ain’t gonna hunt for me…

      And, yes, Guggs & co., Kasten, et al will not wait around. The ongoing changes and subsequent improvements will be good to see unfold in the coming months.

      All I want in the immediate future is for the Giants to be bounced from the playoffs.

      • Rob says:

        Let the midgets enjoy this because we are going to win the west continuously for the next decade!

        • Badger says:

          I agree with friddo. Screw the midgets. I hope they lose 3 love.

          And I agree with Rob that the West is gonna be ours for a while. We are gonna put a Yankees play-off run streak together starting next year.

  41. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When Ethier got on base to lead off the 9th, my first thought was to bring in Gordon to run. Can’t believe that Mattingly didn’t do it immediately. Then he plays it conservative, and takes the bat out of Ellis’ hand by having him attempt to bunt. And if you’re going to have him bunt, why wouldn’t you have had Gordon in to run to increase the odds that the bunt will be successful? Or why wouldn’t you put in Gordon to steal, never put on the bunt, and at the very least try to move him to third, and maybe get a hit in the process. Instead, on a team that’s had problems scoring, they attempt to give up an out, and in the process Ellis ends up behind in the count, and essentially has the bat taken out of his hands.

    And Mark Ellis trying to stretch a double into a triple was a bonehead play. When I saw him going to third I was almost certain that he was going to be thrown out. But yes, it’s possible Victorino would have been pitched to differently and would not have tripled. But then again, maybe he would have gotten just a mere base hit and drove in the tying run. That we’ll never know. But even though we will never know what might have happened, Ellis should never have been going to third.

    What annoyed me most about Kemp’s at bat was that when he ran the count to 2-0, he took a fastball right down the middle, and then followed that by swinging at two pitches out of strike zone. Bad at bat.

    Capuano and Harang are both decent major league pitchers, but nothing more. If it’s available, I believe that the Dodgers should aspire to better. And I completely disagree that Harang would hit 97 out of the pen.

    And if Capuano and Harang are held in such high esteem by other teams as they are by persons on this blog, then both should be able to fetch something decent in a trade.

    • Rob says:

      I agree Brooklyn, don’t understand why Gordon didn’t go in immediately with Ellis batting. Ellis had a great at bat prior to that one and with romo’s movement on the ball Donnie put him in a bad spot. I think mark Ellis saw pagan jogging towards the ball and tried to catch them sleeping unfortunately. I still think the biggest problem with this team is Donnie. League gets hit in the elbow with a comebacker and he doesn’t even get another pitcher up just in case. These guys need a leader not a best friend.

    • ken says:

      Still on a roll

  42. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Rob, I have the same feeling, but I also know that there is truth in the saying that “that’s why they play the games”. No matter how good the Dodgers are on paper, they’re going to have to perform on the field. With the change in ownership I’m confident that they will. But I also know that it’s anything but a slam dunk.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait until the World Series is over, and free agency and the winter trading season begin. I expect the Dodgers to be active, and hope that they’re smart as well. And of course, a little luck wouldn’t hurt.

    • Badger says:

      You guys are right. Gordon should have been in immediately with the intent to steal. That changes the dynamic of pitching to the next hitter. If gives the reliever something he has to think about and it almost guarantees fastballs in the at bat. I just KNEW he was coming in immediately. He did not. Why not? And Ellis trying for third was indeed bonehead. Aggressive yes, but really unnecessary. You are in scoring position, you did your job. Stay there and force the pitcher to think about you.

      Yes it was a bad at bat by Kemp. Not a good time to go back to your old bad habits Matt. It’s SOP in hitting, you get the count in your favor, you look to punish a fastball down the middle. He stood there and took it. If we know it, he knows it.

      But you can’t hang a season on one inning. These guys took it to the 161st game of the year. Let it go, take some needed time off and begin to prepare for next year. A lot of these guys are still in their prime, and management has now put them all together with a window for winning a championship. After your vacation, it’s time to put extra effort in the gym. In February, show up with your game face. Dee needs to play winter league somewhere and we need to figure out which of our young talented pitchers gets his shot on the roster next year, or we need to consider trading them for the 26 year old that is ready to put together his 5 year run.

      Lots to do in the next few months.

  43. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Just curious. What determines the order in which posts appear? I commented on Rob’s 1:04 am post, and that post which was at 1:32 am appears after Rob’s 1:49 am post, which I didn’t see until now. And Badger’s 7:26 am post appears before my 1:23 am post, my 1:32 am post, and Rob’s 1:49 am post.

    Not sure it was necessary for Donnie to get someone else up in the pen. If League had to leave the game because of injury, I believe anyone coming in to replace him would have been allowed all the time they need to warm up.

    I don’t agree with everything Donnie does (e.g., too much bunting, and getting Gordon in to run AFTER Ellis’ at bat), but overall I like the job he’s done, and don’t think that he compromises his leadership by being a player friendly manager. It seems to me, that if necessary, he would not shy away from a confrontation with a player if he felt it necessary.

    Again, can’t wait for the World Series to be over, and the beginning of the offseason. And by the way, I don’t just want the midgets knocked out. Rooting for the Braves to knock out the Cardinals.

    • Badger says:

      I think it has to do with hitting the “reply”.

      I have yet to see a manager that I agree with on all issues. They all have their reasons for doing what they do. I would think Donnie has already forgotten more about baseball than I ever knew, and who knows his team better than he does? If asked, he will have an answer for everything he does.

      But I think it’s common in all sports – players play, coaches and managers just prepare them for that moment. Good players can make a mediocre coach look great. But, it is true that a great manager seems to have a knack for making the right moves. Look at Bal’more. What the heck are they doing in the play-offs? Showalter has to be considered.

      Donnie may some day be considered a great manager. Today, not so much. Hopefully he grows into the job.

  44. ken says:

    Go A’s, Go Money Ball

    Will the A’s win and the dodgers be happy Dempster did not come to LA?

    # 1 on wish list for 2013 = Sign League

  45. Bobbie17 says:

    Comments on the season: This was the most pathetic display of offensive baseball of a Dodger team I can remember. How many times were they shut out? Remember in midseason when it seemed they were shut out every game. Unbelievable. They began the season as a mediocre team and they ended it the same way. Young blood is needed, top to bottom. Money and Old won’t work. Money and Young/Eager/Dedicated/Fearless/Talented might. Just might. Let 2013 begin. I can’t wait to see what they are like in February. It better be better than what we saw this year. The people in power (whomever they are) have to start demanding more out of these guys. That goes for the fans, too. 24 years without a World Series ring for this franchise is horrible. You fans deserve better. No more free passes with this organization. It Is Time.

  46. Gonzo says:

    Wow! What a year. Talk about peaks and valleys. I think that when Ellis doubled he didn’t intend to go for three but rounded 2b to that imaginary line that you know you can’t return from so he went with his momentum and tried for three. If he had stopped I am pretty sure he’d been picked off at 2b since the relay man had the ball. He didn’t pick up Wallach until it was too late.

    League did seem to put it together at the end. that dude is nasty when he is on. Victorino started to heat up at the wrong time. If he’d been playing with a the urgency he displayed this past week we’d still be in it. Not that I am blaming him but he would have been the catalyst the team needed.

    So the questions now arise.

    Does the team keep or trade Ethier?

    -Starting rotation: I’m still not sold on Harang and Capuano.

    -Lilly should do the Dodgers a solid and take a page from that Japanese player the twins cut and ask for his release and renounce his money.

    -Peavy for low end starter?

    My prediction for the world series: Braves vs A’s with old man Chipper walking out on top. I still can’t believe he’s 40. Damn.

    Mark, by Monday I require that you come up with at least 3 trade scenarios that will net the dodgers 3 solid top of the rotation guys to along with Kersh.

  47. Badger says:

    “This team is going to be a frickin’ monster next year,” said reliever Jamey Wright. “This team is going to be a beast. It will be pretty exciting for Dodgers fans.

    “We’ll get a little hungry this off-season and come back do some damage next season.”

    Manager Don Mattingly is counting on that hunger, that disappointment born from just missing the playoffs, to drive the team in the off-season.

    “This is going to soak in,” Mattingly said. “You have to allow this pain, and what you go through now, to be what fuels you for the winter.”

    The Dodgers should be fine. Most of these guys are still in their prime. The exceptions are the geezers Jed signed with McBankrupt money. Walter says they will spend more money if they have to and Kasten is the leader of this rebuild. Nothing Jed tries to do that is superannuated redipulous will get by him. This year started in bankruptcy and ended 1 game short of the play-offs.

    I agree with Jamie Wright. This team is going to put some serious dents in NL West teams next year.

    I say again…. the Dodgers are going to be fine.

    • Ken says:

      I believe the activity during the off season will be partially limited by how many dumb no-trade contracts Ned gave out during the McTrash period resulting in back ended contracts with large amounts of deferred salary in 2013 for average players that can not be traded without paying their salary on behalf of the buyer.

      Minimum required moves for the off season

      1. Sign League for 2 years

      2. Sign one #3 starter for no more than 3 years (TB-Shields?)

      3. Sign a new back up catcher capable of playing 50 games and PH with average or power.

      4. Monitor all players during off season and require endurance workouts for ALL pitchers

      1. Kershaw

      2. Lilly

      3. Beckett

      4. Capuano

      5. Harang

      Who has a no trade clause? Replace one LHP with a #2-3 RHP. If Bills is ok then move either Lilly, Cappy or Harang to bullpen.

      1. Jansen

      2. Belisario

      3. Guerra

      4. Guerrier – Surgery?

      5. Tolleson – Replace with a Long Reliever/#6 starter?

      6. Elbert – Paco in the wings

      7. Wall – Replace with League

      1. Ellis

      2. Fed-Ex – Sign a very good backup

      1. Gonzalez

      2. Ellis – Platoon if BA against RHP < .250 in 2013

      3. Rameriz – Move to 3B if Cruz flops

      4. Cruz – Gordon is waiting :) (I still want Headley-Is Gyorko ready to replace him?)

      5. Punto

      6. Uribe – "Never Give Up, Never, Never, Never" Churchill

      1. Kemp

      2. Ethier

      3. Hairston/Gwynn platoon for 2 months

      5. Casty or Herera – Replace with Crawford by Memorial Day

  48. Anonymous says:

    B17, how do you figure this is an old team? I don’t have the player ages in front of me, so I might not get this perfectly correct.

    Gonzalez is about 30.
    Ellis is old at about 35 (but there are other alternatives at 2B-e.g., Cruz (about 28) and Gordon (24 or 25).
    Ramirez is about 28 or 29.
    Cruz is about 28.
    Crawford I don’t believe is more than about 30.
    Victorino is about 30 or 31.
    Kemp is 27
    Ethier is about 30

    Kershaw is 24
    Capuano, Harang and Lilly are in their mid to late 30′s, so that area needs to get a bit younger–and probably will by the time this offseason is over. The bullpen isn’t old with Jansen, League, etc.

    This is by no means an old team. Yes, they do have a few older players, but what team doesn’t? And as I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, and you’ve ignored just as often, the Dodgers are now spending on the internatiional market that McCourt ignored, and a farm system that was becoming talent depleted (try reading Baseball America) is now being re-built. There’s still some hopeful prospects in the system now, and that should grow coniderably over the next few years because the Dodgers are now spending M-O-N-E-Y to sign young talent. And they’ll probably sign or trade for a few older (but not “old”) players this winter to fill the holes that will continue to exist while the farm system is being re-built. Kasten, in case you don’t know, was one of primary architects behind the Washington Nationals success in signing young amateur talent. If he’s anything, he’s a player development guy, who is smart enough to recognize that in the interim while the farm system is regenerating itself, there’s going to be a need to spend money to fill the holes that the farm system is incapable of fixing now.

    Quite honestly, your mind is closed shut, and nothing it appears, is capable of opening it up. Why else would you call a team that has added a number of players in their prime, an “old” team?


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