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2013 Wish List

OK, I am going to try and put away my doubts about this team and since the Dodgers allegedly have “deep pockets,” I am going to make a few suggestions. 

Read them at your own peril.  I have a “wish list” of players that I think the Dodgers would do well to acquire:

  1. Sign Zach Greinke – $180 mil/6 years should get it done. He doesn’t require any compensation under the new CBA rules.  I am not in love with him, but he’s the best pitcher out there.
  2. Trade Luis Cruz, Dee Gordon and Zach Lee for Chase Headley.  He may have had a career year in 2012, but he would be a solid addition.
  3. Trade Chris Capuano, Stephen Fife, Shawn Tolleson, Chris Reed, Aaron Harang and $10 million to the Rays for James Shields.
  4. Re-sign Brandon League.
  5. Sign Cody Ross.

Here is the team:

Starting Pitchers:

  1. Kershaw
  2. Greinke
  3. Sheilds
  4. Lilly
  5. Billingsley
  6. Beckett

One of those pitches will end up on the DL.


  1. Ramirez  SS
  2. Headley  3B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Ethier RF
  6. Crawford  LF
  7. Ellis  2B
  8. Ellis  C


  • Fed-Ex
  • Ross
  • Punto
  • Herrera
  • Castellanos


  • Guerrier
  • Belisario
  • Elbert
  • Ames
  • Guerra
  • Jansen
  • League


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28 Responses to “2013 Wish List”

  1. tdf says:

    Wish #3 seems kind of steep.Too much for just one player

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m one of those “real fans”, who has expressed his approval of our new deep pocketed owners. But I’ve also expressed my belief that money doesn’t solve everything, and that when you have it, you have to spend it wisely. Spending $30 million per year for Zach Greinke is not what I consider good cash management. Maybe the Dodgers would get lucky and it would work out. Or maybe he would “break”. Something tells me that their are better options out there, either via free agency or the trade route. Any Japanese free agents or posted players potentially available?

    You’re definitely right that at least one of those pitchers will end up on the DL. I don’t expect anything out of Lilly, and I am guessing that Billingsley will miss all of the season, because of TJ surgery this winter, or most of it due to TJ surgery during the season after his elbow blows out.

    I wouldn’t make that trade for Chase Headley, because I don’t trust that Hanley will turn out to be the long term solution at shortstop. And I’m not convinced that he won’t move over to 3B. But that package or a version of it, might be enough to pry loose one of those pitchers we need. I’d probably make that deal for James Shields, but a lot would depend on the shape of the trade market, which I’m sure the Dodgers have a much better handle on than any of us. I guess Cody Ross is a possibility, and probably so are others. I haven’t seen him play in a while, and w/o looking it up, I’m not sure how old he is. So for now it sounds OK, but due diligence might cause me to change my mind.

    Definitely would like the Dodgers to re-sign League.

    Not sure that Ames fits into that bullpen. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Onelki Garcia, so he could conceivably emerge. I wasn’t overly impressed with Paco Rodriguez, but I could be wrong, and I’m guessing he’s somewhere in the mix if he continues to make progress. Whatever the case I think the Dodgers would like at least two lefties in the pen. Hopefully one of them is not Choate. Guerrier, if only because of his contract, probably opens the season in LA. If he falters, he might not last the season. And right now, I don’t know where Guerra stands. He could be trade bait.

  3. Bobby says:

    $30 mil a year for Greinke?? For 6 years??? Who’s wishing for this, a Dodger fan or a Giants fan???

    If Greinke gets 180/6, Kershaw will ask for $300 mil over 5 years.

  4. Ken says:

    1. Assuming you got hit in the head with a ping pong and you meant $120 mil/6 :) I would do $100.01 mil for 5 years. I would prefer Kuroda $12 mil for 1 year, assuming Logan’s hype re: his draft picks is partially true..
    2. In a nanosecond.
    3. Wait and see if the Rays pick up his option first before juicing rumors. I might do that deal if they also take Uribe and Guerrier.
    4. In a nanosecond. Why isn’t this your #1 priority? With Paco in the pen during 2013 7 relievers would have an 2012 ERA under 3.00.
    5. Absolutely.
    I know Herrera plays multiple positions but I would still pick Gwynn over him to start the season.

  5. Badger says:

    1. Ridiculous.
    2. No thanks.
    3. Ridiculous
    4. OK
    5. OK

  6. The Bunny Rabbit inside Broxton's Soul says:

    1. that’s obviously a mistake for the monetary value

    2. That isn’t enough to get Dirty Rotten Scoundrels female lead Glenne Headly

    3. I like James Shields, but I’m not sure Tampa Bay wants our scraps

    4. Yes

    5. Yes

  7. Badger says:

    You must be very proud tonight Mark.

    Is the gints pitching really that good? They weren’t all that great during the regular season. Maybe Detroit wakes up at home. Hope so.

    I got a wish list too. Everyone on the Dodgers remains healthy for one year. If that could happen, we wouldn’t have to add anyone to be better than the midgets.

  8. Ken says:

    Panda = Gibson = gints win in 5. Crap

  9. Mark_Timmons says:

    I did not want the Giants to beat the Cards.

    I am rooting for the Tigers.

    I think the Giants are the team of destiny this year. Rats!

    This is going to be a long winter.

    On the $30 mil a year to Greinke: I don’t know that he will get that, but it won’t surprise me. I talked to a high-ranking MLB Executive this week at length (off the record) and it is his opinion that All team will up their payrolls $20 to $30 million a year for the next 3 or 4 years. He even included the small market teams.

    He says there is such incredible sums of money being made in sports that the owners will keep overpaying to try and generate more revenue.

    He said that Frank McCourt said he could get $2 Billion for the Dodgers a couple of years ago and he laughed his a$$ off, think McCourt was delusional.

  10. Badger says:

    Frank McCourt turned 9 million and a parking lot into 2 billion. Ain’t that America.

    I believe there is that much money in sports. We, the fans, just keep paying. Those people at the top wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire, but, they sure as hell will take our money for an inferior product. Again, ain’t that America. Mellencamp is on the money.

    Series ain’t over. There is still a 20% chance. Which, translated into Dodgertalk, even Juan Uribe can get a hit now and then.

    • ken says:

      Much of the fan’s cost will be hidden in our cable tv bills very soon, and those citizens who do not even watch baseball will be subsidizing our addiction :(

      • Badger says:


        And, if you DO want to go to a game, look for a cost of doing business increase that will not be commensurate with your COLA….. if you even get one this year.

        And, if available here in Arizona, I will be one of the submissive doormats that purchases the new DTV network.

        There is no hope for the sports fan.

      • Bobby says:

        very true, ken

  11. Bobbie17 says:

    I’ll do #’s 2,3,&4. Not #1. He’s a small town pitcher. I think LA will eat him up.

    • Badger says:

      I find #3 ridiculous for a couple of reasons.

      1. why would Tampa trade Shields now? They have him signed to affordable contract options for the next two years. If they were going to trade him, the bidding would be very high and if the Dodgers are involved, it would start with Lee, Reed, Pederson and somebody else. They sure as hell won’t want two veteran pitchers that are making $15 million between them. That isn’t how they work. And 2. Capuano and Harang are both capable of doing again next year what they did this year – and we are going to need veteran pitchers, especially if Lilly and Bills don’t come back.

      I would look into free agents this off season, starting with Greinke, Haren and Peavy. Hell, sign all three of them and keep our prospects right where they are.

  12. SpokaneBob says:

    What Brooklyn said. League for sure. I think Ross could be a nice addition.

  13. jerry says:

    even though i hate the giants..i have to root for a national league teem, just hate the american league..

  14. Ken says:

    “We still have work to do,” said Colletti. “We want to continue to upgrade the bullpen, look for a starting pitcher. Our outfield is somewhat complete, but not complete. We’ve got to keep our versatility and have somebody that can play center field. Tony Gwynn is still part of the organization and a candidate.”

    I presume that Ross is an average CF.

    Free-agent pitchers likely to be on the Dodgers’ radar include Hiroki Kuroda, Ryan Dempster, Jake Peavy, Kyle Lohse, Zack Greinke and Blanton. per Ken Gurnick after his interview with Ned.

    Glad to hear that Yasiel Puig is expected to play in the Puerto Rican Winter League in December.

    Crawford said he is “ahead of schedule” in rehabbing his throwing elbow and “thinks” he’ll be ready for Spring Training, at least to swing a bat if not to throw a ball. He conceded that his left wrist, which underwent surgery last spring, is a greater long-term concern that “flares up from time to time and is something I have to watch the rest of my career for hitting.” per Ken Gurnick

    Crawford’s elbow finally well enough to put on a uniform. :)

    Ramirez is expected to work on shortstop defense during winter ball and third base defense with coach Tim Wallach in Arizona in January. per Ken Gurnick

    “We’re not ruling out Dee Gordon, but we’re not anointing Dee Gordon either,” Colletti said

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Ramirez is expected to work on shortstop defense during winter ball and third base defense with coach Tim Wallach in Arizona in January. per Ken Gurnick”

    “We’re not ruling out Dee Gordon, but we’re not anointing Dee Gordon either,” Colletti said

    The above tells me that the Dodgers have spoken to Hanley about playing 3B, and that, although he may prefer to play short, he was receptive to the idea of playing 3B if it makes the team better. And clearly they’re sending a message to Dee Gordon that he’ll have to earn anything he gets. Now I know that you can’t believe everything you read, and that the Dodgers at this point are probably uncertain themselves how things are going to play out. And I have little doubt that they’ve kept all options open, since just about anything is possible, and they’re not ruling anything out.

    Should be a very interesting winter, and ST.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Sometime, a guy has to go to Spring Training — and just show ‘em, make eyes open, and take the position. That is what just might happen to Dee Gordon. He is entering his mid-20s and basically knows what to do.

    Now it just might be his time to become the Dodgers SS for the next decade or so.

    • Badger says:

      He has the tools and he has the opportunity. The job is his for the taking. What I HOPE happens is he forces Hanley over to third base. This team is SO much better with Gordon leading off and playing short. But only if he mans up, shows he is ready for it and wins the job. If he doesn’t have a great Spring Training, he could be shipped before the season starts. I tried to find some current stats on him, but looks like the games from last week were postponed.


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