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Too Little, Too Late

… but we can still hope that the Cardinals will collapse like the Dodgers did after THE TRADE. 

Last night, the Dodgers were 4-14 with RISP.  Not great, but enough to score 8 runs.   The superstars played like junkyard dogs last night (I mean that as a compliment).  They didn’t hit any HR, but played very well.  Matt Kemp’s recent success can be attributed to swinging at balls he can actually hit – it’s amazing how that works.   The converse is true of Hanley Ramirez – he is very undisciplined much of the time.  I’d like to see him ditch that .250 HR swing and move to the #2 spot where he could hit .320 and steal 40 bases – he’s extremely fast!

Look, I hope the Dodgers make the playoffs, but the odds are long.  Here’s what matters most:  Did they learn anything that can help them avoid such a prolonged slump next year.  When you go through the fire, you either become hardened and stronger or brittle and you break easily.  This years’ choke job will hopefully leave such a bitter taste in their mouths that they will resolve collectively to never experience it again.  It’s probably too late to save this season, but adversity can make you stronger for the next one.

Barry Bloom of published his interview with Ned Colletti.  It’s a good read.  Eveidently Ned called them “a bunch of chokers” Tuesday night (my words).

Who doesn’t love Nick Punto?  He’s an awesome utilityman.

Mumford and Sons – “The Cave”:

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24 Responses to “Too Little, Too Late”

  1. Ken says:

    Second that!

    Based upon what I have read, Ned called out the underachieving coaches on Tuesday night. Rumor has it that Ned was easily over heard by the players. So it took being yelled at in his office with everyone hearing the yelling to cause Donnie D’oh! to do something different on Wednesday like benching half of the chookers? In my opinion that says a lot about Donnie D’oh!’s lack of mental abilities. Donnie D’oh! should change his approach to managing befoer he expects the players to change their approach to batting.

    Punto is only great when he does not swing at pitches at eye level. Vicky and Herrera are just good when they do not swing at pitches at eye level.

  2. Badger says:

    “ Do you feel this team has underachieved?”

    “I think it’s tough to tell, because we’ve made so many changes and so many different things happened. Whenever you have injuries to key players, it changes your dynamic. When a guy like Matt Kemp comes back after missing 51 games, it’s tough to play yourself back into shape. You don’t have six weeks of Spring Training that you can inject into a season. It’s so much more compact and so much shorter. When you have an injury as serious as he had, it really changed the whole context of the season.

    So to say that we underachieved as a team, to grade that, you almost have to have a full complement all year. If Matt Kemp had played 162 games, if everybody had played the full year and we didn’t make trades we made and all the adjustments that they entailed, it might be a different dynamic. We might have as many DL days as any team in baseball. It’s unfair to characterize it as underachieving, because we fought through so many things.”

    Yeah, that’s almost word for word what you have said about this team Mark.

    You are wrong about “too little”, but you may be right about too late. We’ll see. The Cards pulled off a similar run last year, and it too took a collapse by the Braves to get in. Who knows, maybe it’s St. Louis’ turn to taste that begonia.

    As for too little, the Dodgers did a lot to improve the club, and they continue to do things that will pay off in the future. I have faith in this particular team for next year. We are in SO MUCH better shape now than we were last year at this time. Crawford should be healthy, and hopefully we can get a full year out of Kemp. And who knows what moves might still be out there. With McSphincter gone, our system will be revived, we don’t have to worry about what short cut old washed up veteran Colletti will be forced to sign, and there will be no need to stretch contracts out, burdening payroll for years to come.

    The future is bright. Sorry you don’t see that.

    • Anonymous says:

      In first and second grade we earned grades in both effort and achievement. Please do not confuse the two subjects any more.

      • Badger says:

        I do recall that happening in those grades. And, I actually taught those grades for a couple of years, so, I think I get the grading thing.

        But what I don’t get is your point. Are you saying I don’t know the difference between effort and achievement? Maybe I value one more than another? (I actually do)

        I have been waiting for this team to perform to it’s ability. And, for whatever reasons, they have not. I still have faith in them, and believe when all the parts are there and functioning as a unit, there will be both effort AND achievement.

    • Mark Timmons says:


      The future could be bright – I can see that, but let me rain on your parade a little bit:

      1. Carl Crawford is reportedly very overweight and his surgically repaired left wrist will always require him playing with pain and sometimes sitting down for a few games. We may or may not be getting the Carl Crawford of old.

      2. Can Hanley Ramirez become team player or a team cancer? The HanRam I want is the guy who hits 2nd and scores 120 runs with 20 HR/10 Triples/50 Doubles/50 SB and a .320 BA. If forced top play 3B, he can be come a malcontent and hit .250 with 28 HR.

      3. Is Andre Ethier a platoon player. Looks like that right now.

      4. Does Josh Beckett have anything left?

      5. Adrian Gonzalez will hit hit .300 with 100 RBI which ain’t so bad, but has he lost his power?

      6. There lots of questions and I have seen lots of trainwrecks by people who just thought throwing money at something would fix the problem.

      7. De Gordon? Will he realize his potential?

      8. Can Matt kemp return to his 2011 MVP FORM?

      9. I am hopeful.

      10. But there are questions. BIG QUESTIONS.

      • Badger says:

        I need a freakin’ umbrella after that.

        OK, all you just said is true. Shall I go the other way with it? Tell you what, I’ll just hit what I consider highlights.

        Ethier will put up similar numbers every year. If it ain’t enough, trade his ass.

        Beckett should be a fine #4 or #5. Overpaid? Hell yes.

        Crawford is still young. Overweight? A lot of guys are when they are sitting on their asses. I trust he will be fine by ST.

        Gordon? I say again, he still has a rookie total of at bats. Give him a thousand at least. He is a hard worker. He doesn’t appear to have attitude problems. 100 ground balls a day everyday, he’ll be fine.

        Kemp? We need him to lead this offense. Is he going to be a perpetual DL guy? Hope not. No reason to believe he will.

        Ramirez may not put up his 24-25 year old numbers, but do we really need him too? He will end up with near 100 rbi’s. I’ll take that each year.

        AGon – .300 and 100 ribbies is fine with me. Does anyone hit a lot of home runs in Los Angeles?

        I too am hopeful.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Yesterday I posted: if you kick out the first 10 games of this season, the Padres had a better record since then.

    Some said: hey, it is a full season . . . . and so forth.

    But so many here posted over the winter, how good the Dodgers played last September and were will better than other teams.

    I guess it matter what the subject is.

    In this case, all I wanted to say was: throw out the first 10 games of the season, and since then —– the lowly San Diego Padres with no established stars except maybe their closer — have a better record than the Dodgers. And a lot lower salary total.

    And if one did not know that – and heard it somewhere, one would laugh and say no way.

  4. Bobbie17 says:

    The pressure is off now. A snowball’s chance…..A few teams this year have performed better after they were out of it. San Diego is one of them. But to perform when the pressure is on. That’s what winners do. Colletti should have started yelling in Spring
    Training. Maybe Mattingly would have gotten the point. With this organization, maybe not.

    • Badger says:

      The Cards pulled if off last year. What if they had given up?

      It’s not over. The pressure is off when you are eliminated. For the next few days, it’s go out there and win.

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        The Cards started their push at the end of August. The Dodgers are starting at the end of September. Their timing sucks.

        • Badger says:

          Copy that.

          But they were 3 games behind on September 23rd, and even on the 27th. That’s 4 days. Do we have 4 days left in this season?

          It ain’t over dammit.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    One interesting discuss will be the infield starters for next season for 2B, SS, & 3B.

    We know the cast of players now: Ellis, is is a very profession classy player and does his job. Handly R. who can be a very powerful players at the plate but seems to have a few minor problems at SS. Cruz, who is probably the Dodger MVP for the 2nd half of the season – he just keeps on hitting – he came to play. Finally, Gordon who is fast and fun to watch; makes some mistakes but also makes some great plays.

    Rotation really does not work. Handly would not put up with that. So, maybe one guy gets traded. But it will not be easy.

    • Badger says:

      Ramirez can play short as far as I am concerned. He’s only 28 – 29 next year. I would like to see Gordon on the field, but if he needs another year in the minors, then let him get 400 lead-off at bats there. I am fine with him at 2b too.

      Ellis is a gamer, but he is 36 next year. He’s signed, so he is here. So is Hairston, but I’d rather see Punto I think. Cruz has earned a shot at starting. I hope for intense competition in ST next year.

      I also look for some pitching signings. Is Bills OK? Are Beckett, Harang, Blanton, Lilly and Capuano really who we go with next year?

      I am sending the positive thoughts out there for a healthy roster. If we all do that at the same time, who knows…. it could be causal. Thoughts have mass, you know… noetic field theory – the principle of organizational invariance of quantum superposition in tubulin conformation and the interconnected microtubule networks similar to that which control exocytosis. It’s of course important to coordinate and observe the mechanism that transfers activities from one level to the next, but we are a team here. Our collective mechanism will be based, not on randomness, au contraire, but rather a deterministic complexity algorithm whose attractors cause phenomena in the next level. Let us remind ourselves of macroscopic quantum phenomena (MQS), such as magnetization in ferromagnets, and the observation of their similarity in the case of tubulins and MTs (Nanopoulos ’97). Yeah, I know, there is a problem in actual measurement of results, but let’s all agree that non-choke would a valuable target of our experiment.

      Can we all agree to give this a try?

      • Gionfriddo says:

        Classic, simply CLASSIC….

        • Badger says:

          Yeah well, it’s a two phase calculate. We send our unified positive thoughts into the collective consciousness and at the same time stick pins into some St. Louis Cardinal bobblehead dolls. Cover all the bases you know.

          So far so good in our game. Dogs 2 for 7 WRISP… meh. But it might be good enough with Kershaw on the mound.

      • RogerCraig says:

        Explain why they started hitting when Mark called them chokers. That was the opposite effect was it not?

  6. Bobby says:

    Obviously we have to win today (not a shocking comment there), but we won’t be gaining any games tonight.

    StL up 9-1 on our former BFF Edwin Jackson and Wash after 2 innings!!

  7. Bball says:

    Kershaw. The new bulldog. This guy is cy young worthy. What a performance

  8. Ken says:

    Crazy Eights! Now TOO much but really late.

    8 position players currently on the bench and NONE of them are hitting .250 or higher. HaHaHa! The bench needs some work before the 2013 season begins.

  9. Billy says:

    At least if they finish strong, they will be forced to carry that sting of coming so close into next season and hopefully be a stronger, more unified team because of it.


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