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The Laughingstock of Baseball

The Big Dodger in the Sky is not happy.  Maybe he doesn’t like the fact that the Dodgers tried to buy their way into a championship.  It doesn’t usually work that way, as we all well know.  Being called “Yankees West” is really a slam in my opinion.  Money doesn’t but championships.  Maybe the Dodgers are doing this all wrong.  Money can’t buy happiness, love, brains… and Championships.  I’m not sure I like being part of the Evil Empire whereby players are bought and sold.  I’m not sure I can stay in this program.

As horrible as Frank McCourt’s reign was, the Dodgers at least weren’t bullies stacking a schoolyard team.  Guggs and Company tried to buy it and the Big Dodger in the Sky started blowing it up.  Suddenly, hitters can’t hit.  Pitchers can’t pitch.  Injuries by the score – arms are falling off with a quickness.

The Big Dodger in the Sky is mad.  This is not the Dodger was to play baseball.   Right about now, the Dodgers are the laughingstock of baseball “You spent all that money for what?“  I mean, for God sakes, we have a Yankee manager…

The sun is setting on this season and it can’t come soon enough for me.  This just feels wrong…

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37 Responses to “The Laughingstock of Baseball”

  1. Rob says:

    What a buzz kill! The dbags take two out of three from the midgets and the all mighty padres take two out of three from us.

  2. Ken says:

    They all win the Mr. Softee Award. Time for heads to roll. Trainers, trainers and Traenors. Make an example of Uribe and DFA him. The players need to know that there are consequences. Fire at least 2 coaches, does not matter who just fire someone on the last day of the season. Chemistry does not matter unless there is a competent chemist. When an investor makes a big investment they expect a big reward. When you churn up Hope the fans expect Change.

    Why is Kemp batting 4th with a bum leg that is eliminating his power? Bat him 2nd, 3rd or 7th until he starts hitting again. Teach Hanley to be .300 hitter with only 20HRs. Make some real changes Donnie Little Balls.

    23 LOB. Kemp 6, Ethier 5, and even Cruz 5.
    Lets cf. the Dodgers to the Brewers for the 5 games of September. BA .267 vs. .274
    Hits 48 vs. 48
    Runs 17 vs. 34
    The Dodgers win the Dairy Queen Softee award.

    Casty .136 Great player development
    Punto .137 Great trade
    SVS .167 AAA Great player development
    Sands .174 Great player development
    Treanor .168 Great signing
    Uribe .186 Great signing
    Sellers .205 AAA depth?
    Gordon .229 Great player development
    Victorio .254 Same as Loney

    Stan Kasten needs to fire at least one big name from each of the 3 groups using the theory that “The buck stops here”
    GM’s office – Ned?
    Head coaching staff – Donnie?
    25 man roster – Uribe

  3. Michael says:

    Trading for players is honorable
    Vin likes it so much he’s coming back
    Good time for a day off
    I know Matt will get hot
    Talk to me Monday
    Never say die

  4. Badger says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t appear to be working at the moment.

    But I am not sorry we have Gonzalez in the lineup. I am not going to apologize for adding Victorino, Beckett and Crawford. I still believe those were good baseball moves. As for spending money to make the team better, I am surprised to hear a guy like you say that money is a bad thing Mark.

    The Dodgers are doing things right. We needed a lead-off man and we got one. We needed to replace Loney and we got the guy we wanted. We need extra starting pitching and we got it. We needed a strong left field presence and we got that too. Sure, most of these guys are way overpaid, but if they put up the WAR we think they can, they actually may earn their money. Remember, every WAR point is allegedly worth 5 million in salary.

    This IS a model of how teams create money making franchises. And we are not BORROWING the money to do it. Though one set of books might say the Yankees, Rangers, Red Sox, Cardinals, Angels etc. are losing money, another must say they are doing ok because the value of franchises is skyrocketing. The Dodgers can put 4 million butts in seats and they will soon sign a multi-billion dollar television deal. They can pay their way.

    This is the American way folks. The Dodgers are the 1%er’s of MLB. Isn’t that a GOOD thing? Isn’t THAT what we are all are supposed to be striving for?

    Everything is going to be as it should. Don’t forget what Kasten said when he was on PTI – what they are doing is building for the future. We don’t have a broke owner anymore.

    You all by now know my political leanings, I am a man of the people and believe the poeple’s money should be spent on the people. We have uber-wealthy American corporation money backing our team now, and that beats the crap out of having a cockroach like McCourt at the helm. This billion dollar corporation may have crossed a few moral lines to get where they are, but they are now in a position to spend their money on the people’s baseball team. I say that is a good thing.

    Patience. Let’s see how this thing all plays out. Like I have said before, I didn’t see the Dodgers in the play-offs this year anyway. Looks like they might end up right where I had them – somewhere around (but over) 85 wins. And it still isn’t over yet. A win streak could still be in this bunch, but I do look forward to seeing how Kasten works his magic with the entire system. I think it’s going to be fun.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wholeheartedly second what Badger just said. This thing cannot be judged on the immediate results. And this is not about just spending money on free agents, and picking up large contracts. Let’s not forget that the Dodgers are now investing heavily in re-building their farm system. A team that practically left the international market is now back in it full bore. If anything, that’s an example of the Dodgers returning to their roots.

    How can I complain about replacing Loney with Gonzalez, Rivera/Gwynn/Abreu with Victorino/Crawford, and whoever he is replacing with Hanley Ramirez? Even Beckett is looking like a good pickup. Hopefully we have the patience to understand that it’s not always about instant gratification. This is a process, and it will take some time. I think by this time next year we’ll be having a whole different conversation. And certainly the injury to Billingsley and the recent unavailability of Kenley Jansen hasn’t helped matters. All I know is that I have hope, and under McCourt I had none.

  6. the truth hurts says:

    Badger hit it dead on, Brooklyn as well…

  7. Kevin says:

    Wow overreacting much Mark?

    • Badger says:

      It’s kinda what Mark does.

      I swear, sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to see who he can get a rise out of. He sure knows he can ruffle my feathers. Been doing it for over 15 years.

  8. Gionfriddo says:

    Brooklyn, you callled it.. Our society is now based on the instant fix, the “I want it right now” mentality… McCourt had STRIPPED the franchise of not only its farm system, but its pride & integrity .. The results are lacking and disheartening since the BoSox trade but let’s ALL not forget where we were 6 months ago after McCourt sullied the brand of the Dodgers by dragging the franchise into bankruptcy … Evil empire of the west?? Hell yes!!! I’ll take that over what we had… Funny thing is, had we run off 10 in a row to take over 1st, most people, with Mark leading the charge would be lauding the evil empire of the west..

  9. Bobby says:

    We’ll see what this team is made of this weekend. Anything less than winning 2-3 in SF is a failure, and likely ends the season

  10. jerry says:

    i dont understand why cruz is hitting 6th..hit him third or up in the lineup.the why kemp is hitting he should be behind either some where in the line up.i dont think that donny is a great manager, his move,s something make me wonder.and remember we are only playing with 24 team just sit one the bench.

  11. JOSEPH OLIVAS says:

    why did he sit cruz last night so early it was dumb…sure kemp got robbed but then came back & did nothing about it but hopefully he gets his swing back and we do some work season ain’t over we will know what happens after this weekend! we need 2 sweep the SF giants on another note arizona will play them tough from here on they play again monday after that heated series!

  12. DRomo says:

    I think in our short sighted excitment we are missing the big picture. No matter what Logan White or whomever tells you the Dodgers are/were short on MLB ready talent. The biggest names were at least a few years away. This team needed bats at 3B, 1B, and a LF to go with our CF and RF that were locked up. We also need starting pitching. With the exeption of Victorino we didn’t trade for rentals. This ownership group isn’t trying to buy a championship. It is using the only resource they have to build this team into a contender right now so that the talent in the farm system can develop. By the way the underfunded farm system will be re-built just like they said they would.

    That brings me to the here and now. Sure the team is failing to go on a run that we all want. Let’s be honest, we are all disspaointed but I think this team is actually poised for a run NEXT season. We are going into an offseason with a specific need. FRONT LINE STARTING PITCHING! Be it Zach Geinke, Ryan Dempster or both it will only cost money and I am sure they will both be on the radar.

    Pieces that can be moved out will be moved out. We may eat some salary. We may just plain cut players (Uribe?) But some fellas will be headed out for spare parts and minor leaguers. Rememeber last offseason was a crap shoot and Donnie, Ned, & Co. had no way of knowing how to build this team.

    The payroll is out of control but so what? It’s not our money, it hasn’t been passed on to us. And despite what you hear premium seats may go up some but the run of the mill fans will be fine. TV money is where it is at. It is all about the network folks. Next year will be our year.

    I would love for the boys to make a run here. I really would. But it would be gravy. If you believe this is the “Team of Destiny” be dissapointed in yourself for throwing that label on the team. This tema is too talented to fail and rarely work in th efirst year together let alone the first 2 months.

    We dreamed of an owner that invested in the team, the money be damned and now we have one. Relax. It has been barely 5 months since Gugs & Co took over. Let’s not jump ship yet. But then some love instant gratification…

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, I’m not sure what’s available, but the MLB free agent market may not be the only place to get pitching for next year. Outside of trades, maybe there’s something to be had from Japan. Anyone know if any big time Japanese talent is eligible for free agency or available for a posting fee? Who knows, maybe there’s a Korean player or two that will become available. Under McCourt the Dodgers were cut-off not only from the amateur international market, but the professional one as well. Now there’s no market they can’t compete in.

  14. Bobbie17 says:

    All of you who were ecstatic of the “win this year” part of the trade are now saying we can wait. What’s up with that? A long-term view of things would be to develop players on the farm, but that was forsaken by the big bucks. Now we have a shot farm system AND we STILL have to wait. Come on guys! This last deal was a crapshoot, and the only thing for sure we got was an expensive first baseman, the easiest position in the majors to fill. It’s a month-long season now, and the Giants couldn’t be happier at this point. They have their worst team in a few years and are still ahead after 2 season sweeps. We’ll see what kind of leadership the manager provides. By Sunday pm, this thing could be over.

  15. Gionfriddo says:

    Joc Pederson.. Yasiel Puig .. Corey Seager.. Zach Lee.. Chris Reed.. Onelki Garcia.. Eric Smith.. Steven Ames, Paco Rodriguez, etc, etc…B17, hate to break this to you but this farm system is FAR from shot.. I failed to mention the plethora of young international talent signed by LA in past 2.5 months ….

    • Badger says:

      I agree with friddo. The system isn’t shot. According to most, it wasn’t that deep in hitting, but the pitching is still there and we’ve added Puig and Seager. I am anxious to see the new prospect depth list for next year. With what we have added to the ML roster, we only need a few a year to be ready, and who knows who will break through.

      The sky ain’t falling. In fact, I believe it’s quite Blue.

  16. JOSEPH OLIVAS says:

    I agree with badger…. Blue it is! Next year with a happy & healthy carl craw…we will be a much better team especally with a little more chemistry together!

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    As Badger says, “Amen brother friddo!” Actually, coming into this year the Dodgers farm system was in the process of getting thinner. With the advent of a new ownership that understands the value of player development over the long run, a new life has been breathed into the Dodgers system. These owners understand that a farm system has more than one purpose. Yes, it’s there to build a pipeline of talent into the future, but it also serves to provide talent that can be used in trades to plug weaknesses on the big league club that have no immediate prospects of being filled by young homegrown talent.

    And, of course, the deals that the Dodgers made were designed for more than this year. The players the Dodgers acquired, for the most part have a shelf life that should be good for the next several years. They give the Dodgers a chance to win, while at the same time giving them the luxury of slowly developing the new talent being signed now and going forward. Yet, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that this ownership does have a “long term view” (hence, the plethora of international signings), there are still some (maybe just one) who continue to perseverate over what they see as a betrayal (undeservedly so) of the policy to develop from within. But what can you expect from someone who thinks that a player of Adrian Gonzalez’s caliber is easy to acquire because he plays “the easiest position in the majors to fill.” Mind you, easy as it is to fill, the Dodgers have been unable to fill first base adequately for more than a few years.

    Closed minds aside, the Dodgers are in the process of building for the present and the future. Maybe the present won’t be this year, but the next several years have the kind of promise not seen around the Dodgers in many years.

  18. Badger says:

    Good point Brooklyn, the new players this time are in their prime. It seems like we are usually getting the veterans. We get guys like 53 year old Juan Uribe (ok, it just SEEMS he is this old), 38 year old Bobby Abreu, and 36 year old Adam Kennedy. Solid vets who are past their prime, or in Uribe’s case, his prime is a rack of ribs on a large plate served with 2 or 3 butter smothered baked potatoes.

    We are not, as Timmons suggests, the “Laughing Stock” of baseball. Contraire, we are the envy of fans everywhere. It’s a new age of Dodger baseball. I think we are going to love this. At least some of us will. Come over from the dark side Mark. You too B17.

  19. Michael says:

    Hey Badger, Mark Reynolds has 7 HR in his last 7 games. Also of note Adrien Beltre has 5 in his last 6 games. That’s what we need Matt to do.

  20. Joe says:

    I swear the Dodgers have broke some kind of record for falling behind early in games the last 3 weeks. I don’t recall a stretch where a team continues to give up runs every game in the first inning. It seem like every game they are immediately down. I think the problem you run into with all the power hitters in the lineup that they all try to hit it out of the ballpark thus everyone is waiting for the 3 run homer and not playing enough small ball to win games. The other night I watched the Panda hit a ground ball to 2nd to move the tie runner to 3rd and Posey wasn’t playing so he is the only 1 in the lineup that youd think of as a RBI guy in the lineup. Hate to say it but the Giants seem to have come together as a team after Melky got busted and the Dodgers have yet to find it with all the new players coming in.

  21. Rob says:

    This series needs to be a statement. Either we go into AT&T and rough the midgets up or we walk away with our tails between our legs and wait til next year. LET’S DO THIS!!!!

  22. Mark_Timmons says:

    The same people who are saying “it’s OK – the sky is not falling – everything will be alright” were the same people who were saying “now we can win this year” and are the same people who say “just put Hanley at 3B.”

    The last statement, in itself, shows you have no connection to reality. Hanley Ramirez fancies himself a shortstop and will not be happy if he plays 3B. If he is not happy he will be a 3B who hits .250 with 15 HR and 60 RBI. What about that do you fail to comprehend? If you don\’t believe it, you are out of touch with reality.

    Look, I like Gonzalez, Hanley (at SS), Crawford and Beckett, but the Dodgers gave up a potential #1, #2, #3 and #4 Starter to get them. That is huge . They gave up Josh Lindblom who was a solid piece in the pen, and they took on HUGE payroll. I like the players, but the Dodgers paid through the nose because everyone knew they could and would.

    4/5 of what could be a GREAT starting rotation for this? So far, I am underwhelmed.

    You let your hatred of McCourt override your common sense.

    Badger, I know you can read, so why do you say that I said money is a bad thing? I never said that. It’s just not the ONLY thing. See, I drive a 2000 Ford Expedition (that looks new to some people because I take care of it), but I could afford to drive a Mercedes CLS. I just don’t care about that stuff and I have no car payments. Money is overrated. Tampa Bay has a better record than the Dodgers and a payroll 1/3 of the Dodgers. What does money buy? Not a damn thing!

    • Badger says:

      “What does money buy? Not a damn thing!”

      Then why are working at your business so hard? Why don’t you just sell the damn thing and retire?

      This is a business Mark. These guys are in it to either make a huge splash and to MAKE MONEY. That’s what surprises me about your remarks. You sound like a guy who doesn’t know that it takes money to make money. You talk about the Ray’s. You want that model? What have they ever won? They have a 1088 and 1312 record. You like those numbers do you? Take the bottom teams in payroll this year, the Padres, A’s, Astros, Royals, Pirates and Rays, in that order, and tell me how relevant any of them have been in the last decade.

      The Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies, Tigers, Cardinals, hell even the Giants, have payrolls well over 100 million. What do they all have in common? They are relevant. They are in the chase. They all are at the top in MLB attendance and they all have lucrative t.v. deals. Why? I am beginning to think you don’t know why, and YOU are the businessman around here.

      The Dodgers, hopefully, will spend their money wisely and create an atmosphere that generates excitement and enthusiasm. The park will be filled up, and the Dodgers will be on t.v. more – like the damn Yankees seem to be every week. Maybe, being buried in the midwest, you are too far away to really appreciate that element.

      I think, I BELIEVE, the Dodgers have a golden opportunity to be relevant again. And I’ll tell you why I believe that, and it has less to do with money and more to do with command presence. That command presence is Stan Kasten. Watch what he does. Watch how he does it.

      Sorry you aren’t on board with this. I am sorry for you.

  23. Rob says:

    Money spent= less down years and almost always being competative. I live in northern California and see the oaklands A’s will have five to six down years in exchange fothreesome year run at being competative. Money keeps you relevant and gives you a chance to win a world series. A’s fans would love to have a big payroll.

  24. Ken says:

    A little less conversation and little more action – DODGERS – STOP THE HYPE AND JUST WIN SOME GAMES

    Just wondering – If Gordon improves in 2013 and Donnie plays Gordon at 3B will Hanley embarrassingly volunteer to play 3B just because the baseball world would be laughing at the situation?

    Mark – How many times have you said the sky is not falling? Badger just likes to pretend that he does not understand the issue underlying the words, phrases and sentences so that he can become a Honey Badger. :)

    So far money has bought false hope. Fortunately this current false hope is without debt. Wait until next year! What starting pitcher will the Dodgers sign in the off season?

    • Badger says:

      Honey Badger is back in school Ken. Maybe he is taking some finance courses.

      False hope? So, you don’t think this going to work?

  25. Gionfriddo says:

    Badger, very good response and I’m in total agreement with you.

    The Rays being used as a measuring stick?? You can’t be serious with that one, Mark.. The Rays have been in existence since ’98 and of course have been in the AL East with the vaunted evil empire in NY.. In that span, the Yanks have won the AL east 11 times and the World Series 4 times. The Rays have won 2 AL east div titles & have appeared in 1 WS (loss to Philly in ’08).. So, the 64K question is before us once again– do we wish to be the hammer or the nail?? The Rays are a viable franchise due to having repeated top 5 picks for multiple years and to their credit they have drafted well with those picks (Longoria, Crawford, Price, Upton)…

    As far as giving up potential #1,#2,#3 and #4 SP’s to get Ramirez, Crawford, Beckett, A Gone, Victorino, et al, I suggest you look back at the trade in ’05 that sent Beckett and Mike Lowell to Boston via Florida for Hanley and Anibal Sanchez (deal also included 2 other prospects).. that trade helped propel the BoSox to the ’07 WS title and although the price was steep in giving up a future batting champ and a pitcher who would later throw a no-no, I would take Bostons’ end of that deal any day of the week because the ends justified the means..

    • Badger says:

      The Yankees are there every year. And why? Because they have the players. Players cost money. Prospects come and go.

      I do think that Jed got schnookered in that deal. We gave up too much. But that’s Jed. That’s what he does. If it were me, I think he would be gone. Ties to the former regime are ok, if they have done a good job. He has too many Uribe’s and Schmidt’s on his resume for my liking.

  26. Note says:

    Please mark last year at this time you were begging for this. Try to enjoy it we take down the giants with a sweep you will be whistling, and two outta three ain’t bad Brutha

  27. Bobby says:

    I don’t know very many scouts who think RDLR, Eovaldi, Emart and Aweb ALLL will be successful in the bigs enough to be a great 1-4

    Yes, they COULD, but I also COULD marry Salma Hayek. Chances are, I won’t. And chances really are, that those 4 won’t become Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, etc.

    More likely, we traded a solid 2 or a great 3, a solid 3, a good 4, and agood 4. That can be more easily replaced.

    Of course, none of us will know the real answer until 2016, so at that point, let’s all reconvene, get some beers (or Macallan for me), and discuss this!!

    More importantly, we need a high and inside pitch to Matt Kemp or Hanley tonight that gets our dugout up and our team awake.

    MINIMUM we need 2 of 3 this weekend!!!

  28. jerry says:

    it the 7 inning..and we should of scored..but we keep taking pitch write down the middle..and we dont score..we need a hitting coach badly.even i little league .they say if it close swing..

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