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Run up the white flag

It was good to get a win last night, and this team could possibly hit their way into the playoffs, but they have no realistic chance of advancing without their Ace, who is facing off-season surgery for a labrum injury that the Dodgers don’t want you to know about and their #2, Chad Billingsley, who is also most likely having off-season TJ surgery and their number #3, Ted Lilly, who is also having surgery on his shoulder.

Capuano is clearly out of gas, so that leaves the Dodgers with a playoff rotation of Beckett, Harang, Blanton, Fife and whoever (YIKES!!!).  I think there are pretty good odds that Matt Guerrier will also probably need off season surgery and Kenley Jansen might need a heart transplant (just kidding) – at least he has a heart, unlike a former closer I shall not mention.

The Dodger pitching is a mess.  I know the Dodgers are optimistic about Billingsley’s return, but if he doesn’t get the TJ now, he’ll probably blow it out next year.  There’s not much help on the horizon next year either.  Maybe Steve Ames and a few others.  I realize that this is baseball and you never know, but I would play Gordon and Cruz down the stretch and see what happens. I would not be surprised if Kemp needs surgery either.   This is one gigantic train wreck and the Big Dodger in the Sky is pissed.

Now we learn that Mattingly will be back next year and evidently Colletti.  How came I feel so much like glazed ham right now?  It’s hard to have any positive attitude right now about this team. Maybe I just need to get a new perspective…

If you are a Football Fan, here’s my Colts Post this week:


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  1. gionfriddo says:

    The word you were looking for is labrum and let’s hope and pray he doesn’t need that surgery. Trust me, it is an invasive procedure that would probably prevent Kershaw from being ready by April.

    I agree with you on the pitching– even IF Kershaw is a full go the rest of the way after him the rotation is slim in a playoff setting.. I trust Beckett as our #2 but after that, there is a huge drop off.

    Capuano has been an unmitigated disaster the entire 2nd half.. digest these pathetic #’s for him– in 70+ innings he has allowed 38 earned runs, 11 HR’s, and sports a 2-6 record.. Doubt if it will happen but for my money we can’t have Capuano AND Harang in the rotation for the start of ’13– one of them has to be dealt..

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Thanks, I fixed it. The stupid spellcheck has a mind of its own. It says its still spelled wrong, but its not.

      • Miguel says:

        Mark, its so nice here. You have such fantastic readers. They are so great because every time you make even just one little spelling or grammar error they are there for you to point out the errors of your ways. Without that spell correction, I might not have “got” what you were saying.

  2. SpokaneBob says:

    OK, I agree we really don’t have the horses to get anywhere in the post season, but it would be nice just to get there at this point. Then we could add a starter or two and get healthy over the winter while we look forward to what promises to be a much better season.

    In any case we don’t really have any control over how we finish or the Colletti/Mattingly situation, so lets just hope the team comes out of this and finishes strong.

  3. Bobbie17 says:

    A different perspective can solve most anything. It doesn’t work for the team, though.
    Wins and losses; good baseball v bad baseball; passion v give a sh..t. I’ve gone to Spring Training for the last 5 years or so and had a chance to see these guys up close.
    Some of the young guys appear interested; most seem to be of the mindset that they have “made it” by wearing the nice blue and white uniform. No sense of pride or Dodger history. The “stars” don’t give the fans the time of day. The one guy that seemed to care, believe it or not, was Rafael Furcal. It didn’t expect that from him. This season is done, and the next seasons will be the same unless there is an attitude adjustment–not by the fans, the team. It’s been 24 years and counting. Is that a Dodger record? Someone should check that out. You can’t get rid of most of the players,now, so the Manager is next…and rightly so. He’s “made it” as a manager, so what’s left for him? The fans know, but does he? I’m now pulling for anyone who has a chance to beat the Giants. St. Louis can, so go Cardinals!

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    New link above for NFL Football fans

  5. Miguel says:

    What, no Niners football link Mark?

    Interesting thoughts on the pitching and chances are you’re rigth as far as the rest of this season and maybe most of next. You NEED pitching in the playoffs.

    Also, I’ve heard that shoulder injuries (Kershaw, Lilly) are usually like the kiss of death for pitchers. Elbows (TJ) are something that they can recover from quite well. But shoulder injuries seem to be an entirely different set of issues. Just ask Josh Johnson!

    I’m always worried when I hear about shoulder injuries with pitchers.

    Should the Dodgers continue to push and ride Kershaw this season, knowing that they could be screwing with his career? Kershaw will never take himself out, never. And he’ll lie so that he can pitch. Because…. that is what society tells us that “gamers” do (Kemp and Bills both lied about being hurt this season and its HURT the team in both instances!.

    Also, is it worth it for us to try and work Bills back? I think that he should just go for the TJ and get it over with ASAP so that we can get him back sooner than later.

  6. Rob says:

    Time to shut some of our big names down and let the young guys prove themselves. Kemp is simply horrible right now and appears to be hurt. Kershaw is not worth the risk of damaging for a small hope at a wild card spot. Let casty play left and shift victorino to center and let’s give ely a shot at a start. Let’s see what these guys have to offer because this line up is not geling.

  7. Note says:

    Most depressing blogger of all time. You and the followers non believers I bet even with a world series win you guys would still be whining! Go blue never lose faith wake up!

  8. Note says:

    Do you guys even like the dodgers or just complaining about them?

  9. mica says:

    I assume we talking about a hip labrum and not a shoulder labrum for kershaw. If it is a hip, his prognosis will be better than that of a shoulder like an another poster intimated. Long live punto the ripper. I thought punto was a bad word in la’s spainish dialect

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    On Kershaw:

    It is the hip – not the shoulder. Still not good, but not as serious. I have had problems with hips (had it replaced) and shoulders (torn rotator cuff and labrum). I think the hip labrum surgery is fairly minor compared to the shoulder. Kershaw should be fine by spring.

    Usually I am called the Biggest Dodger Homer of all time. To be called depressing is a reality. This team is depressing right about now. There\’s no other way to spin it.

    If you are not depressed about this team you are either delusional or on some strong meds!

  11. Mark_Timmons says:


    FYI, I\’ve written this blog for free for 11 years because I hate the Dodgers.

    I bash them all the time. That\’s what I do!

    Yeah, that\’s the ticket!

  12. Bball says:

    Mark everything your saying is reality I no that but you still believe right? Or have u checked put. Just asking

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      I have been a Dodger fan for 50 years (I just look young). ;)

      I write this blog for what reason?

      You should know the answer!

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Based on his history of running out of gas in the second half of seasons, I’m wondering if Capuano would be better suited as a lefty specialist out of the pen. Choate appears to be someone who will not be returning, and from what I’ve seen, Pacho Rodriguez isn’t ready. Whether he ever will be is another question. And if he continues his progress upon returning from his injury, I’m guessing that Elbert teaming with Capuano wouldn’t be a bad lefty tandem.

    The pitching for next year is definitely questionable. But there appears to be some pitching available in the free agent market, and we don’t know what might be available from Japan. And although I don’t think that money solves everything, I do think that it can help cure some ills. Those of you crying about the Dodgers spending too much and gutting the farm system (in itself, pure nonsense considering the direction ownership is now taking with respect to player acquisition and development) should consider this. Had this ownership been in place last winter, the so-called farm gutting deal that got us A-Gon and company, would not have been necessary, since it’s very likely that Prince Fielder would now be a Dodger.

    I wouldn’t worry about how many millions the Dodgers spend. This ownership seems hell-bent upon building a championship caliber team by any means possible. Since the farm system is not producing very much big league ready talent at this time (and it wasn’t doing so BEFORE the trades), then I expect that we will be seeing some more spending this winter, and maybe a another deal or three.

    I agree that the Dodgers shouldn’t be risking Kershaw’s future just for a wildcard, and I suspect that Billingsley would be best served by having TJ now, and getting himself ready for 2014. As for Kemp, I mentioned in a previous post that I suspect he might need to have his left shoulder scoped this winter. At least it’s not his throwing shoulder, and hopefully, if it had to be done, he’d be fully ready by spring training, or at least the beginning of next season.

    I expect significantly better years out of A-Gon and Hanley, and if he’s for real, then I’d like to see Cruz in the mix for an infield spot next year, with Mark Ellis being the odd man out. Whatever position he plays next year (short or 2B), I think that Dee Gordon has to be in the lineup. Cruz can play 2B, short, or 3B, and Hanley can play short or 3B. No reason the infield can’t be Hanley, Gordon, Cruz and A-Gon, no matter where they each play.

    And why would a Dodger fan pull for the Cardinals because they have a better chance of beating the Giants? A real fan pulls for his team to win, and NOT for some other team to lose. And of course, if the Cardinals do get the wildcard, they could lose the ONE GAME playoff with the Braves. I’m a Dodger fan, and have been since the 1950′s, even after they moved out of Brooklyn. So for me there is only one outcome that’s acceptable. And that outcome only includes the DODGERS winning. I don’t love the Giants, but first and foremost I root for the Dodgers to WIN, not for the Giants to lose.

  14. Bball says:

    Ok mark. You made me happy. I no they havnt been clicking offensively but if they are you don’t need great pitching. Hopefully last night woke them up

  15. Rob says:

    On my way to the game for the second day and I expect the bats to go crazy again!

  16. ken says:


    At least the dodger MVP Cruz was up at the end of the game. No other dodger is the man.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Nice win tonight. So for the time being we are tied for the second wildcard spot. Still a couple of weeks left in the season, so anything can happen. A few points:

    1. Didn’t someone criticize Kemp the other day for a lack of leadership because he wasn’t showing enough enthusiasm, and for not putting out enough effort? What was that I saw in the 8th inning tonight? Not only did Kemp hustle after the ball came off the wall, and make a great throw, but he also hit the wall with his left shoulder (the injured one) in his effort to catch the ball. We need to get that malcontent off the team.

    2. Dee Gordon steals second and maybe, just maybe played a role in Cruz’s hit by occupying just a bit more of the pitcher’s attention than an ordinary runner would.

    3. Probably were a few people who weren’t happy with Mattingly’s decision to pinch run Herrera for Cruz. I thought it was good move at the time, and it turns out, that decision may have won the game for the Dodgers. Cruz doesn’t score on Rivera’s hit. Just another example of the value of speed.

    Well, at least one person isn’t happy. The Dodger win makes it that much less likely that the Cardinals will beat the Giants in the postseason. And by the way, if the Cardinals do win the wild card, how do we know they end up playing the Giants? Really, I don’t care, since like most of people on this site, I’m a real Dodger fan.

  18. gionfriddo says:

    Brooklyn, there are those that think the system did get gutted.. then, there are those that know better.. not only are Puig, Lee,Pederson, Reed, Seager, Magill, Rodriguez,Dominguez, Jonathan Martinez, Onelki Garcia et al still stud prospects just 1-3 years away– as you noted the new ownership went out and signed over 20 international players to help replenish a system that was neglected for the last 7+ years..The repeated mantra of our system having been gutted is at best intellectually dishonest or just plain failing to see the forest from the trees..

  19. Rob says:

    I think I need to go to the remaining games because they are undefeated when I am at the game!!

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Friddo, my sentiments exactly. Funny thing is, the people now saying that the Dodgers system is being gutted, never said that same thing while it was slowly being gutted via neglect by McCourt. You don’t have to trade away players to gut a system. You can do it simply by not replenishing it with new talent.

  21. Note says:

    Gotta believe mark positive vibes seasons not over carpe diem!


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