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Let’s talk about next year

This year is just too depressing:

  • Kershaw possibly until Mid-May 2013;
  • Billingsley facing TJ and out all of 2013;
  • Lilly and Elbert facing surgery;
  • Adrian Gonzalez doing a James Loney impersonation;
  • Matt Kemp obviously broken down;
  • Juan Uribe weighing the bench down… and good at it; and
  • Josh Beckett is the Dodgers’ ace?

YIKES – The Big Dodger in the Sky is not happy.

The feel good story of the year has been Luis Cruz, but do you really want to go into Spring Training with him as your 3B?  Juan Uribe anyone?  I didn’t think so.  I have an idea.    Am I crazy?  Maybe… but get this:  The Texas Ranger have Adrian Beltre at 3B.  For the uninitiated, Adrian Beltre is one of the TOP 3 MVP Candidates in the AL and is a Gold Glove 3B.  He is signed for 3 more years with an option for a 4th year. (Disclaimer: Adrian Beltre is my favorite player and I scheme to get him back every year.)

The Rangers have a young 3B, Mike Olt who is ready for the big show.  He was rated the #43 prospect this year by Baseball America.   He hit 28 HR in the minors this year in less than a full season and is a plus defender at 3B.   He has 39 plate appearances at Texas this year and is hitting .156, but he  has gotten little playing time.  He will hit and Texas knows it.   He’s a natural 3B and projects to be a monster hitter.  I think that the Rangers could be persuaded to trade him… or (gasp) Adrian Beltre for the right package.

In reality, I think Beltre could be the better trade candidate.  Ranger fans love Josh Hamilton.  The Dodgers don’t have any place for Hamilton to play, so he is not a consideration for LA.  The Rangers need to re-sign Hamilton, but have salary constraints.

Solution:  Trade Adrian Beltre back to the Dodgers and have the Dodgers take on his salary so that the Ranger can sign Hamilton.  Olt becomes their 3B  and everyone is happy.

Who to trade is the question?  OK, let me say this first: Can you see what a big influence Adrian Beltre would be on Hanley Ramirez?  Wow!  Now, who to trade:  One answer:  Dee Gordon, Zach Lee and another prospect or two.  The Rangers probably don’t need Gordon, so a three way deal is likely.

How would you like this lineup:

  1. Crawford  LF
  2. Ramirez  SS
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Beltre  3B
  6. Ethier  RF
  7. Ellis  2B
  8. Ellis C

That’s all I got…


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38 Responses to “Let’s talk about next year”

  1. ken says:

    “(Disclaimer: Adrian Beltre is my favorite player and I scheme to get him back every year.)” How about EVERY DAY? :)

    Money can’t buy health or a good trainer! Will the dodger men make the female trainers tha scapegoats for 2012?

    Beltre? Can you say lots of LUXUXY TAX for the dodgers?

    The Padres also have a 3B prospect ready to play next year. why spend all that money? I still want Headley.

    Fife can be the #5 until mid-May 2013.

  2. ken says:

    Lets talk about how the dodger sissys did last week

    Cruz .318
    Ethier .273

    No Hands .217
    Gone Home .208
    Vicky .167
    ME .143
    Rihanna .130

    A Joke .000 17 ABs

  3. Kevin says:

    I like your idea Mark except Beltre wouldn’t approve the trade. He’s already stated that the Dodgers are one of the teams he wouldn’t approve a trade to.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      I have heard that rumor, but I would have to see proof to believe it. He lived in LA in the off-season when he was in Seattle and Boston. I know that a few months ago he still hadn\’t sold his LA home. Maybe it\’s sold now…

      I\’m sure there are bad feelings, mostly toward McCourt and DePodesta, but I have to believe that if someone reached out to him, he would want to return.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    I agree with most of the health problems for next season. And ownership must be pulling their hair out. They have spent so much money so far and can hardly win a game anymore.

    For a Sunday game, the stands had a lot of empty seats yesterday.

    Someone needs to step up and lead this team. Kemp was supposed to be that guy back in Spring Training and he started out that way until he went down the first time this season — but he does not look like the leader now.

    I do not like the way Hanley plays SS. Put Gordon there and move Hanley to 3b. He will have to live with it, or let him walk.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, all this negative talk and the Dodgers are just one game out of the final Wild Card position.

  6. Gonzo says:

    One thing I’ll agree on is to switch Hanley back to 3B. But! put Cruz at SS. Dee just doesn’t do it for me. What the dodgers need is to shore up the pitching. it’s time to shut down Kersh and roll the dice with what we have.

    If we don’t make it, so what? At least this ownership group tried. Believe this we will be back. Greincke’s agent is just salivating at the news that both Kersh and Bills are probably done. I think it’s time to cut ties with: Uribe, Harang, Capuano and Lily. Eat the contracts because no one will want them. Greinckie, EJax and Liriano are on my wish list for the offseason.

    • Kevin says:

      Harang and Capuano are valuable. They are very good back of the order pitchers. Just eating their contracts would be a monumentally stupid move.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      If you are already paying Uribe why not see what he has next season?

      You are joking about Capuano & Harang, right?

      Capuano and Greinke have similar stats and Capuano has a better WHIP. In fact, Capuano is 26th in WHIP in all of the major leagues.

      Capuano and Harang both have ERA’s under 3.80, which places them in the TOP 3rd of all Major League Starters. To put it another way, 2/3 of the Major League Starters are worse then they are.

      They have a lot of value, whether it be to the Dodgers or another team and they are CHEAP!

      What do Greinke, EJax and Liriano have in common with Capuano? They All have a lot worse stats than him. Harang actually compares pretty favorably to them, especially if you consider he is supposed to be a #5.

      Someone will have to get Hanley to buy in to being a 3B, because I have it on VERY good authority that he will be a disruptive force on the team if he can’t play SS. Maybe someone can convince him, but they haven’t so far, which is why he is playing SS right now.

      The inside scoop on Hanley is that he is a “head case.”

      • Kevin says:

        If it’s true that Hanley won’t buy into playing 3b then SEND HIM PACKING!! He’s obviously more concerned with himself than winning if that’s the case and we don’t need guys like that on this team. He’s not that good anyway. All I’ve seen is a guy who hits .250 and runs into one every once in awhile while playing terrible defense.

  7. Rob says:

    I agree gonzo, let’s shut down our guys that are hurt which includes kemp and try a different approach with some young talent. I would mind seeing casty playing left and fife along with ely starting. You never know what might happen but the way it is just awful!

  8. Rob says:

    That’s wouldn’t mind

  9. Note says:

    Well that’s a nice thought, let’s get rid of the only player producing, glad youre not a real gm just playing one!

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a productive farm system? The entire Albuquerque team hits .300. Isn’t there a third baseman in there somewhere? Cruz deserves a spot on next year’s team. Put him where he plays the best. I can’t believe that there is no one in the system that has a chance to step up. What are they doing down there? Isn’t everyone getting too dependent on this free agency idea? I guess that ship has sailed.

  11. Gionfriddo says:

    AMAZING– 1 game out and this is where we are? Talking of sitting guys and comparing Capuano to GREINKE (which is hilarious)… News flash– every team is banged up in September– case in point, the Cards yesterday- Beltran is playing on 1 leg and needs his knee scoped; Berkman is out for the year; Furcal–see Berkman; Molina has a bad shoulder; Freese has TWO bad ankles= you get the point, right..

    Now, for giggles let’s look @ Capuano and the inferior Grienke:
    Capuano– 11-10, 3.60, 1.18 whip, 156 K’s

    Greinke — 14-5 , 3.56, 1.20, 176 K’s

    If the soft tossing Capuano is better than the former Cy Young winner, I would like to know in
    what way?? People say Greinke has struggled with the Angels?? Well, he’s been taking the ball every 5th day with a bad lower back and keeping his team in games in spite of the condition.. Just out of curiosity– IF, we get to the postseason, and we all know Kershaw is done– who would you want to follow Beckett after a game 1?? Capuano or Greinke?(assuming we had him of course)…

    • Kevin says:

      Dude you just made Marks argument for him. Their numbers are pretty much IDENTICAL. Now don’t you feel like a dumb dumb?

      • Gionfriddo says:

        Actually, genius, Mark said nothing about IDENTICAL or equal.. He said Greinke had WORSE stats than his boy, Capuano … Had u read his post in its entirety you would have understood my post… Now,,,,, who you calling dumb, again???

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree, that if Hanley turned out to be a malcontent who couldn’t accept playing 3B, then just get rid of him. But I’m not sure that’s the case. I haven’t seen anything to tell me that he wouldn’t agree to settle in at 3B. And actually, at this stage of his career I have a feeling that he’s better suited to 3B than SS. Might be that playing everyday at 3B is something he would get more comfortable with. As things stand right now, for next year I’d like to see Hanley at 3B, Gordon at SS, and Cruz given a shot to take 2B from Mark Ellis. And let’s not forget that Cruz may or may not carry this year into next year. It’s much too early to say whether or not he has staying power.

    Kemp showed me a lot when he hustled to throw out Yadier Molina at 3B Saturday night. For heaven sakes, do people not understand that he’s human just like the rest of us, and that he’s been playing everyday despite being obviously banged up. We’re not getting the real Matt Kemp, i.e., the MVP candidate from last year, and the MVP player we had the first month of this year. But none of it’s because he’s not trying.

    And yes, we are still only a game behind the Cards. This thing ain’t over, not just yet. But negativity is a lot easier than positivity. We all know that people are never satisfied, and love to complain. Personally, I’m just going to let it play out, and see where we’re at when the dust settles.

    Most of the Dodgers minor league talent is at AA and below. And for the most part, the Dodgers keep their best prospects out of ALBQ., especially pitchers. But really, that hasn’t changed since last year. That’s the legacy left to us by McCourt, who unlike the current regime, truly did all he could to gut the Dodgers farm system. But we do have some good prospects, but just not a lot of big league ready talent. But that too should begin to change over the next several years. That’s why I have argued, along with others, that the Dodgers are moving in the right direction. And by spending big money to acquire big league stars, ownership is buying time to re-build the player development pipeline. And everyone should stop worrying about the money. It’s pretty clear that what we consider humongous amounts of money is not so to our very well heeled ownership, which plans to spend in order to ultimately generate wads of dough via increased attendance and TV sponsorship.

    When he played for the Dodgers I loved Adrian Beltre. And maybe he has several more good years left in him. But he will be 34 next year, and maybe taking him on long term would not be the wisest use of resources, especially if you think as I do, that Hanley Ramirez will ultimately take well to 3B.

    I just prefer, as I noted earlier, to let everything play out over the winter, and see where we are when the dust settles. I have a feeling I’m going to like where we’re at.

    And finally, I ultimately think that Uribe will be DFA’d. I imagine the Dodgers might explore using him in a deal, if only to get another team to pick up some of his contract. But if that, as expected, becomes impossible to do, then I think ownership will not hesitate to jettison Uribe.

    Again, with the uncertain health of certain players, and the likelihood that lots of changes may be in the offing for next year, I wouldn’t even begin to speculate what the Dodgers might look like next year. I just have a feeling that they’ll be looking good.

  13. Bill Russell says:

    I just don’t know what to say so I won’t. I love reading some of these comments however. Fight on with no pitching or hitting. Love Cruz. You got to find a way to keep this guy next year. Reward the guys that bust their A$$.

  14. Bobbie17 says:

    A #1 pick is a #1 pick, whether McCourt did it or not. Where are they? Lee and Reed?
    If they stopped walking guys or could pitch more than 4 innings at a time, they would be closer to the the big leagues by now. THEY ARE #1 PICKS AFTER ALL. How many of the last 10 #1 picks are in the big leagues WITH ANY TEAM? Probably not many. That’s the least a farm system can do. Get your #1′s to the majors. The other guys should be more of a crap shoot, diamonds in the rough, maybe. How long can we blame McCourt? Probably until you can’t anymore. Are the scouts changing? Are the teaching coaches changing? My guess is, no. Same ol’. Same ol’ This isn’t Brooklyn, and these guys are not the Boys of Summer.

  15. ken says:

    It is time for “Occupy Chavez Ravine” and protest all of these over paid dodger players that have no respect for the game while they take the millions without any ethics and show up half awake and without any game plan for every game. Institute a day of accountability each month where the worst position player, who makes over $10 mil per year, gets to choose whether to sit on the pine with a dunce cap for his retardation or bat ninth in the lineup.

    Donnie No Balls – Stop cuddling the prima donnas who are so insecure that any analytical comment sends them into a downward spiral resulting in 2-3 strike outs per game and a passive aggressive attitude toward the batting instructor.

    Just tell No Hands that since he refuses to dive for a ground ball he had better go play in the Winter leagues and learn how to play left field because that is what is going to happen during April and May of 2013. Then Cruz can play 3B and Gordon can play SS. Whomever proves to be the inferior player will be replaced by No Hands when the overweight Crawford arrives.

    There is no longer any need for the dodgers to retain a batting instructor at the major league level. Most of their players do not listen and just want to hit like Russell Martin. Just put up a sign in the locker room and over the batting instructor’s desk

    “Long Swing = Short Wing?”

    Every one will know what that means.

    When the player strikes out twice in a game put that saying up on the scoreboard.

    When they strike out 3 times in the same game just add

    “He probably has a really big truck too”


  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Ken, what ever you are having for breakfast, the Dodger players need to have some of it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t read your football forecast but if you stabbed Peyton in the back like you did BRus and Hiroki then you must be loving this

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Underlying problem of AAA for the Dodgers. Albq, Las Vegas both have some built in problems being their AAA location.

    Not sure of all the concerns, but Albq is too high and the ball flies out and pitchers have problems with developing pitches there, especially the breaking ball.

    Las Vegas is plain hot and really really close to the booze, women, and gambling — not the best of off-time for the young turks.

    I know that MLB has some requirements that a AAA team must have so many seats in the stadium/ballpark . . . and some cities just do not have that or want to expand their current place nor build another field.

    I live in San Antonio and the Dodgers used to have their AA team here but moved it twice since. From San Antonio after the 2000 season; to Jacksonville, FL from 2001-2008. Then to Chattanooga in 2009.

    Maybe one of these cities: San Antonio, Jacksonville, or Chattanooga should become the AAA team for the Dodgers. There are other cities, but Albq & LV just do not seem to work.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      I suggested Indy because we have a great stadium and a first class organization. You could draw a line up from Chattanooga to Indy to Midland, MI. They would play in the International League which is a much more realistic hitting league. However, the Indianapolis team signed a two-year extension with the Pirates and the Dodgers just renewed Albq.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    See Mark, that is part of the Dodger’s problem now. The renewal in Albq. just might have been a bad decision.

    For next season. If the choice is between Cruz & Ellis at 2nd base. I think right now I go with Ellis. Cruz is having a magical season, but every game I see the possibility that he drops down to .222 and stays there. Ellis is solid and will most likely be at the .260 level, and, as Vin says, moves players along and hits the surprising home run once and awhile.

    Yet, if Hanley stays at SS — and Gordon works hard to learn 2nd base, and the Dodgers go out and get a real third baseman — then I put Gordon at second base and use his speed. Hit him first or eighth, whatever, but his speed is important to this team.

  20. DRomo says:

    Beltre talk? Can you tell there was no game yesterday?

    Beltre is still an excellent ball player however his injuries are coming fast and furious these days. That ship has sailed Mark. Lets turn the page.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, WAKE UP!!!!!!

    Dodger #1 picks are not generally at the top of the draft (like Kershaw at #7). They generally pick in the middle to the bottom of the first round. In some cases their #1 is close to be a bottom team’s #2. Also, under McCourt the problem wasn’t the draft as much as it was the almost total abandonment of the international market, where the Dodgers last year ranked $30 (DEAD LAST) in MLB in what they spent in that market.

    “This isn’t Brooklyn, and these guys are not the Boys of Summer.” Exactly what is that supposed to mean?????????? And exactly how does that relate to the draft, which didn’t exist way back in the days of the Boys of Summer? Maybe you should think before posting the first random thought that enters your mind.

  22. ken says:

    If the dodger bats get any worse, then next year the players should just carry their small bundles of sticks in their fanny packs.

    Dusty Baker’s toothpick could get more hits.

  23. Bobby says:

    Let’s see if the Dodgers packed their testicles with them on this trip to DC.

    I want 2-3 this trip to show that we still have heart.

  24. Michael says:

    Rained out tonight and don’t close the door on Claytons season.

  25. ken says:

    47% of the dodger players are just taking a pay check and do not care whether they win or lose.

    Glad that there will be a double header tommorrow. Time to compare players at their respective positions on the same day. Play one game starting the overpaid prima donnas and one game with the scrubs. Letssee who dives for a ground ball and who just takes a dive in the batters box.

    FedEx v Treanor

    Gonzo v Rivera
    Ellis v Punto
    Rameriz v Gordon
    Cruz v Uribe

    Ethier v Casty
    Kemp v Herrera
    Victorino v Abreu

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee, I turned on the TV for the game, rainout.

    So I first thought – a game washed out of the season. Matt Kemp needs it so he can have 4 or 5 more ABs to win the triple crown: HRs, RBIs, and batting average. He is so close. THEN, I remember —– that was LAST SEASON. He is no where near that kind of performance this season.

    Then, I see a “let’s play two” is on tap. So, more batting practice for Matt Kemp.


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