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Let’s take a vote

As you know, I have labeled the Dodgers chokers and some people have taken great umbrage to that.  In my opinion, choke is the opposite of clutch, and the Dodgers have certainly have not been clutch.

They traded for four (five with Crawford) former All-Stars and added nearly $300 million of payroll and proceeded to go down the toilet.  They have averaged barely 2.5 runs a game.

I have labeled that a CHOKE.  Am I wrong?

We have a lot more readers on this blog than we do commenters, so I am going to put this up for a vote that all can see.

If you think the Dodgers have choked, just reply YES in a comment.

If you think the Dodgers haven’t choked, just reply NO in a comment.

I want your opinion, even if you have never commented before.

I will accept the majority opinion.

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70 Responses to “Let’s take a vote”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:


  3. JOSEPH OLIVAS says:

    yes but can still be a no at the end of the year if they make it to the postseason its a no

  4. Bobby says:

    I agree with Joseph

    YES!! (but it’ll be a more definite answer in 9 days)

  5. the truth hurts says:

    hell yes

  6. Reggie says:


  7. Glass Is Half Full says:


  8. DodgerDude says:

    YES YES YES!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes or you are an idiot.

  10. Bball says:

    No brainier. YES. And I say yes even if they do win out and get the pathetic 2nd wildcard

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yes, of course!

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Ken says:

    Here is a website for the dodger management to purchase chokers for their Sissys

  14. Bobby says:

    wow what another pathetic performance by our high priced offense tonight.

  15. RogerCraig says:

    You mean that everyone thinks the Dodgers are choke artists? Of course, they are! That is, unless you are disconnected from reality, which someone may be….

  16. Badger says:

    Not yet – but close.

    Something is wrong with Matt Kemp. You can call him a choker if you like. I think he is not 100%

    Are the Dodgers going to end up right where I said they would at the beginning of the year – 3rd place?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      They haven’t choked UP UNTIL NOW?

      I’m not saying that they can’t score 12 runs a game the rest of the way, but UP UNTIL NOW, it is a choke job.

      I will leave Luis Cruz out of it. He is a playa’

      10 hits, but only 1 run last night – that’s not a choke job?

      Maybe Kemp is hurt, but it’s not his legs and it’s not his right shoulder and he looks horrible at the plate. He’s swinging at stuff he didn’t used to earlier in the season and last year. He looks like he did 2 years ago.

      If don’t want to believe it either. I would like to excuse it, but it’s a choke job.

      Kirk Gibson won the biggest game of all time when he couldn’t even walk.

      This is one the wall as you enter my office:


      There are no excuses, you are clutch or a choker. There’s no in-between and there are no excuses.

  17. Wesparkerinia says:

    Yes….big time. Ned and Donnie do not deserve to come back…medical staff and some of the coaches not named Lopes should go too.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Someone has placed a “curse” on the Dodgers. No team with the (on paper) talent this team has – could play so bad. Day after day after day . . .

    This is not the first time that Matt Kemp has made a base running error, of what he should do, he just does not get it. Or, he is lacking baseball sense out there. Overreaching, sometimes running too slow looking at the play on the field and so forth.

    I read the write-up after the game, and Donnie Boy’s quotes – were more of a broadcaster than a manager. More of a cool customer than a manager in the heat of a drive for the final wild card slot.

    As nice and knowledgable of a guy he is, maybe this team needs a different type. Right now I do not have any names, but I bet ownership is thinking hard on this. They will not want to continue this direction next April 1.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Think about it: these hitting woes are not new. Ever since Torre and Mattingly came to town, everyone not named Manny has struggled with RISP for a large part.

  19. Mark_Timmons says:

    If Kemp needs surgery, I will retract the choke title for him.

    Read what TJ Simers says:

  20. Donnie D'oh! says:


  21. Gagne says:

    80% of the players are choking

  22. Robert39 says:

    Been on this site for years and never felt compelled to post til now.. I’m probabaly the oldest guy in here– born in a small town in Jersey roughly 15 min from old Ebbets Field.. And, yes, I did attend many games as young kid (1st game my dad took me to was in ’51).. Frankly, I’m with Brooklyn and Gionfriddo on this and in my view they are the true Blue fans– the fans that don’t cry in their beer and point fingers when they dont get their way..

    Mark, you put up this vote for what reason?? To say, see I’m right and these guys are wrong?? Get a clue, pal… You claim you’ve watched every inning of every game.. what the hell does that prove.. guarantee you I’ve watched more games than you, so, what does that mean?? If you whiners feel better about calling the Blue chokers– go for it but don’t be pounding your chest next year when they are 10 games in front come Sept 26– I would rather you remain silent and not embarrass yourselves…

    By the way, I did not vote–figure out which way I’m leaning…

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      The fact that I watch every inning of every game was not said to say that I am better than anyone – it was said to show that I am not a fair weather fan who cries in my beer, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

      The first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge the problem. You and Brooklyn, Gionfriddo and Badger are like alcoholics who say “what drinking problem?” They can’t solve the problem until they acknowledge there is a problem and believe me, nearly everyone KNOWS there is a CHOKE problem.

      I can call Matt Kemp a choke artist and still be a big fan of his. Just because he choked this year does not mean he will in the future. I will root for Adrian Gonzalez, but he is part of the choke problem this year. It is what it is – a choke job. I am not a hater. I can criticize them and move on. I call it like it is. Most of us do have a clue – a few don’t.

      I am a huge Colts fan and a Peyton Manning fan and I rooted for him and still do as a Bronco, but he choked several times in the playoffs. He’s a great quarterback and one of my all time favorites, but he did choke at times. Everyone does. The great ones overcome it.


      It pains me to say it, but the Giants very well could win the World Series this year, because they are the opposite of Choke – they are Clutch.

    • RogerCraig says:


      I went to my first game at Ebbets Field in 1949, so we are probably about the same age. I am very outraged about the play of this team. It is disgraceful! There guys are not playing up to Dodger standards. The owners went out and bought some really good players but they still continue to stink up the joint. I think calling them chokers is accurate and very appropriate. I am still a fan and will always be, but like Mark says, if it walks like a duck…

  23. steve says:

    Yes, and Matt Kemp is the biggest choke artist of the bunch!

  24. Kevin says:

    Oh hell YES

  25. Bobbie17 says:

    Yes. Few can handle the pressure, including the manager.

  26. Badger says:

    Where you been Robert? This site needs posters like you

    Mark – aversion? Have you actually read what I, and others have said? Maybe it’s semantics, but I prefer to wait until the game is actually over before I pass judgment on it. For those who have been through so many years of this we know there are many ups and downs in a season. I keep waiting for this team to play to its potential, and I am of course disappointed, but you have been pounding this choke thing for a long time. I am choosing to appreciate the fact that the guy you backed as an owner is finally, mercifully GONE. The Dodgers are headed in the right direction and for now, that is enough for me.

    And read Simers column on Kemp. He nailed it. And you will also like it because uses the word “choke”, and we all know how adamant you are about that.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Why can’t a person analyze after EVERY Game?

      Let’s see, 1-10 with RISP? That’s kind of a choke. When it happens over and over, I’m pretty sure it’s a choke job.

      I backed McCourt like I do the current owners. They are the owners. We have no other choice so why complain? I backed McCourt until I learned how he plundered the Dodgers. If you knew that he was going to do that, then you are also smarter than me.

      Little money doesn’t buy much, but sometimes too much money doesn’t buy what you really need. I hope we Dodger fans don’t learn that first-hand.

      Simers did nail that article.

  27. Gionfriddo says:

    “If kemp needs surgery I will retract the choke title”?? Wow, you’re quite the fan.. Only if
    he needs to go under the knife huh.. Don’t matter that he’s been playing with a torn labrum in shoulder & a sore knee, selling out every nite as witnessed by the play on Molina a few weeks back,..

    I’m with Robert, it’s obvious this vote was constructed so mark could feel some vindication and pull out the “I’m right and you guys are wrong”– however, I don’t give a flying Terry Forster about your need to be “right”… It’s a difference of opinion and that’s it for me..

    One last thing, Mark– you said this choking is a deep organizational problem if memory serves me right… What the hell is that?? Do instructors teach this in spring training or has Mark Walter & Earvin J been chokers in there business affairs.. Just curious, u don’t get called on this senseless vitriol enough….

    • RogerCraig says:

      It seems to me that the senseless vitriol comes from you and a couple of others. Mark called the Dodgers choke artists, and most of us agree. I could fault you for not comprehending that, but that’s on you, not me. You can have your own opinion, even if it flies in the face or reason.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      It does little good to argue with someone whose mind is already made up and who also has the ability to read minds and discern thoughts. Wow! I can only wish I were that smart.

      No matter how carefully I choose my words they frequently end up being twisted by others. Have at it.

      “you said this choking is a deep organizational problem if memory serves me right… What the hell is that??”

      Maybe someone else can explain it to you. I have tried and have little inclination to continue…

  28. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I accept your judgment. I’m acting like an alcoholic and I don’t have a clue. Sorry if I recognize the shades of gray in life, and prefer not to hang out on the fringes occupied by Messrs. clutch and choke. Like I’ve said before, I’m extremely busy, and certainly I don’t have time to get involved in a tete a tete over an issue on which minds are made up, and on which no amount of reason on either side will sway the other.

    Like I said, I’m busy; so for now I choose to quit this conversation until the offseason gets rolling, and we have new issues to discuss. Of course, I do so at the risk of being called a quitter by some on this site. But really, that’s no risk at all, since my life revolves around more than this site, and I have better things to do with my time than getting caught up in a perpetual debate over nothing (at the very least, nothing very important).

  29. Jae says:


    You should learn to suffer fools better. ;)

  30. Kevin says:

    So basically if someone doesn’t succeed they are choked? That’s just plain stupid.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Come on Kevin, I know you can read better than that. It\’s only a choke job it it happens repeatedly. Everyone fails, but when given the opportunity in repeated situations, repeated failure = choke. We all do it, but the great ones do it less.

  31. J says:

    Yes, but can one choke without being a choker?

  32. Rob says:

    I think we have been infected by the redsox choking disease. They choked last year and now they brought the disease to the dodgers.

  33. Dodger66 says:

    By your defenition Mark, yes they have chocked!

  34. Gonzo says:

    Well I’m probably one of the alcoholics. Since the trade happened I said that the Dodgers were either going to take off or struggle. I know what choking means. I also know that when many new pieces are inserted on a team there is usually no gray area. You get a Manny like performance or one that is substandard. I don’t think that the team choked because half of the starting Lineup was acquired at mid season. I didnt expect to win it all this year, but seeing the big picture I still say that Kasten did most of the FA shopping for the next few seasons at key positions.
    I choose to celebrate the fact that our team finally made a move that made a statement to MLB the Dodgers are back. Why do you think Cain was signed to an extension? So call them choke artists if you want. I just chose to not let players that have been with the team for a little over a month the main cause of the teams struggles. Or can any of you say with a straight face that the team out of spring training would be in the thick of things? If this trade didn’t happen and we were to hear that Ned didn’t pull the trigger what would be you’re opinion?

  35. Michael says:

    Are you IN or are you OUT?
    And doesn’t Matt hit about 8 HRs in the final week of his seasons? He’s seeing the ball tonight.

  36. Roger Dodger says:

    I did not respond with an answer to Mark’s question.

    Mark likes to use words like “Choked” and “Soft” — for years, he called Ethier “Soft.”

    I do not use either words. Never did. Probably will never used them.

    Either one gets a hit in a key situation or does not. Either one pitches out of a bad situation or does not.

    Mark likes to use Choked and Soft as his measuring stick. I do not. But I let him because it seems to be important. So be it.

    My father used to use the work: “So and so is a money player.” Meaning, in the tough situations (hitting or pitching) you could count on them to come through.

    Tonight some of the Dodgers made a statement that “We are not though with this season, we still have some games to win.”

  37. Ken says:

    Nice to see the lineup changed tonight. What a bold move thinking so far outside the box :)

    Today was Reverse Day for the dodgers. No hits for Cruz but the chokers played well today. Maybe they know the season is over so they are no longer having their anxiety attacks!

    How does a starting pitcher go 4 innings, give up no hits and throw 80 pitches?

    When the season is over the dodger starters should be told that they will pitch 120 pitches per game so they had better get in shape, run 4 miles every day, and lose some weight.

  38. Roger Dodger says:

    Ending of the season could be down to the last out, and then some . . .

    Cards have 3 with the Nationals, then 3 with the Reds.

    Dodgers have 1 with S.D, then 3 with the Rockies, and 3 with the Giants.

    • Badger says:

      So…… it ain’t over yet?

      I think you will get some resistance from Mark and the Choke Squad. They done gave up days ago.

      • Ken says:

        Just as you refused to go to a game when McCourt owned the dodgers I refuse to go to a game when most of the dodger “1%” are choking. Even Cruz, batting .300 (the only regular) since the All-Star game, is choking. 6 RBIs in the last month.

        Why can’t there be ever be more than 4 starting position players batting over .250 in any one week? Rotating Chokers. Why can’t there be ever be more than 4 starting position players batting over .250 in any month? Long term Chokers.

        Long term underachievers since the All-Start game (about 70 games)

        Loney .275 (everyones Choker)

        Gonzo .269

        Rameriz .265

        Ellis M .252

        Ellis AJ .236

        Vicky .227

        Rivera .217

        I am sure that those numbers really put the fear of God in a pitcher. :)

        All of the dodger fans who who read this blog, post, and KNOW that the dodgers are choking, hope that the dodgers stop choking and progress both this season into the playoffs and learn from their choking to become overcomers and champions next year.

        Yes there are many people here that can deal with the oxymoronic sides of the dodger reality just like a parent who both loves their kids and must show tough love periodically or frequently based upon the child’s behavior.

        • Badger says:

          3.5 back.

          Never give up

          McCourt was an unctuous cockroach that was underfunded from the get go. What was going to happen was predictable and in fact predicted.

          Yesterday is gone. Be here NOW!

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