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It’s just going to take time…

This is Justin Gunsaulus last post here.  Thanks Justin!!!  Good luck in the baseball business.

The Dodgers are on the verge of an offensive explosion. I can feel it coming. I know everybody (including myself) can still not believe that they were having this much trouble finding runs.  It is just going to take more time.  I can’t explain it, and I am not going to hate on our hitting coaches, but time is what its going to take.  Below are some statistics to maybe help explain a little as to why were having trouble.

Hunter Pence since joining the Giants

  • Games 46
  • AB 174
  • Runs 23
  • HR 4
  • BB 16
  • AVG .230

Shane Victorino since joining the Dodgers

  • Games 43
  • AB 174
  • Runs 21
  • HR 1
  • BB 16
  • AVG  .230

We all know when pitchers go from the AL to the NL their stats go down drastically.  One less professional hitter in the lineup helps out a lot.

But maybe it’s not that easy for hitters. Baseball is all about a routine.  Nomar Garciaparra is in my top 5 all time favorite players. I have watched Nomar’s routine since he was at Georgia Tech. He steps up to the plate and undoes his batting gloves like three times and then kicks up a fair amount of clay inside the batters box and he is ready. When we take guys out of their routine it leaves them vulnerable until they find comfort or until they find a new routine. When I say routine I do not mean a “batting routine.”  Routine is defined in this article as the ability to find comfort in a new environment. This will take time.

Pence and Victorino are both  players traded away from the Phillies to west coast teams. I originally wanted Pence but the Dodgers got Shane. Looking back at the trade I am not so angered with Ned.  We would have got the same production (maybe a little more production due to the stadium he plays in now) if we had traded for Pence. We gave up a relief pitcher and a possible number 3 starter for Shane and I feel that Pence would have had a higher price tag for the same production. Shane is a wash and won’t be back next year. See ya in a Phillies uni next year Shane, but it’s cool we got Crawford.  These players just need time to get comfortable. I think its hard to find comfort when everyone is pressing. A playoff push must be hard on players who are trying to find their way around.

A-Gon and Crawford just need time to get their barons straight. This team is just not ready for the playoffs. The Dodgers minus Beardinsley, Kershaw, Lilly, and Jansen are not set up for a playoff push. I am not giving up on 2012 but 2013 is going to be the Dodgers year. We get Crawford settled in and A-Gon hitting on all cylinders for 2013 watch out National League.  Oh yeah we got Hanley too.


Matt Kemp

I have a quote for you.

Bill Belichick has a saying that has stuck with the Jets for a long time since his short tenure there.

“Lets not confuse routine with commitment.”


Nedsucks Signing off.

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17 Responses to “It’s just going to take time…”

  1. Mark_Timmons says:

    This was written by Justin (Ned Sucks), not me!

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I have pretty much the same feeling. But the truth is, we’re probably going to have to wait until next year to see if it’s true. I think with a winter to prepare, spring training for the newcomers to further get comfortable , a healthy Matt Kemp, a more mature and experienced Dee Gordon, and more time for everyone to get comfortable with each other, the offense will pick it up big time next year. And I also expect some pitching additions.

    Looking at the talent on this team and expecting some more to be added over the winter (I’m guessing mostly pitching), I find it difficult to believe we’ll be seeing then what we’re seeing now. And certainly the 3 games they’re behind is by no means insurmountable. Maybe the Dodgers will get hot (12 in a row isn’t impossible), and maybe the Cardinals and Brewers will get cold. Or maybe we’ll just have to wait until next year.

    Whatever the case, the Dodgers have put in motion a plan to do whatever is necessary to win. It may have gotten off to a rocky start, but that doesn’t mean the plan is a failure. Like anything good, it probably just needs some time to take shape.

    And Justin, your remark stating that “…I am not going to hate on our hitting coaches” is just what I was thinking. When something goes wrong, blaming the coaching staff is too often the easy answer. Guaranteed the answer is a bit more complex.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Read the article linked above, and decide for yourself if you think Kasten is thinking the same way with regards to the Dodgers. I believe he is, and that the big spending on players like A-Gon, etc. represents the “strategic pieces”. In the long run, the Dodgers will build from within, but understand that the investment in player development will take several years to bear fruit. In the meantime, because they have the resources, the Dodgers will spend where necessary to build a winner now.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m Dodger fan, so I have to keep on hoping that they’ll put together a winning streak that will get them into the postseason. But if the Dodgers don’t suddenly get white hot, there could be some good that comes out of the current slide. Unless the Dodgers get tantalizingly close to a playoff spot, it is highly unlikely that they will be in the least bit tempted to use Kershaw. And if that’s the case, we don’t have to worry about Kershaw being used in the postseason. We’ll never know for sure, but it may be that the way the Dodgers are playing now will keep Kershaw out for sure, prevent an arm injury due to altered mechanics, and perhaps lead to his having early surgery to get this thing healed and rehabbed for the start of next season, when I expect the Dodgers to be a very different team in both performance, and to some degree, personnel.

    And let me add to what I wrote in my post above. While I believe that the Dodgers will in the long run depend heavily on a re-stocked farm system, I also believe that they will always use their resources to add “strategic pieces” whenever the farm system lacks a particular need. And I believe that on occasion the farm system may be used to supply talent needed to pull off trades to acquire experienced talent, when that talent warrants the investment.

  5. SpokaneBob says:

    I agree with you Brooklyn. Regardless of what happens this year we have alot to look forward to. When we were playing well in the first part of the year we didn’t have Hanley, Adrian or Carl Crawford. but we had a healthy Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon energising our offense. Luis Cruz has proven himself and found a home. He and Hairston give us depth and flexibility in the infield. I believe we need to have both Dee Gordon and Carl Crawford in the line up. Speed doesn’t slump. I think it gives us a tremendous combination of speed and power and our 2013 offense will be consistant and productive. The rotation is another story But I know much effort will be given to improving that situation of the winter.

    As for you Mark, you deserve to cut back if you need to, but I know you won’t stop…this is in your blood. And as crazy as some of your post are I look forward to reading them. Thank You

  6. Nedsucks says:

    Buster Olney just released a article saying David Price could be on the trade block this winter. The Rays might seek “up the middle” help. Cough Dee Gordon cough.

  7. ken says:

    No Clutch Batting woes
    Runs Scored – Record
    0 = 0-14
    1 = 0-14 Really – Not even 1 win?
    2 = 7-21
    3 = 8-12
    4 = 9-8
    5 = 15-2 Here is were the stress is off the Mr. Softees
    6 = 14-2
    7 = 6-0
    8 = 10-0
    9 = 3-0
    >=10 = 5-0
    In more than half (76 of 150) of their games the dodgers score 3 runs or less and are 15 – 61. The Bell curve hinges on 2 runs scored which has happenned 28 times. They do not have a .500 record until they score 4 runs a game and are 53-4 when they score 5 or more runs. You would think with the dodger team ERA that they would win more games when they score 3 or 4 runs.

    Pitching woes

    Runs allowed – Record
    0 = 8-0
    1 = 22-3
    2 = 12-8
    3 = 15-14 REALLY
    4 = 5-12 REALLY
    5 = 7-10
    6 = 5-5
    7 = 1-6
    8 = 2-9
    9 = 0-1
    >=10 = 0-5

    The dodger season was lost when the pitchers/fielders gave up 3 or 4 runs and the hitters choked (20-26) Teams must win more than 50% of their games when their opponents score 3 or 4 runs. They are 57-25 when their opponents score 0-3 runs. Come on. Too many Mr. Softee awards on this team. These numbers include all runs not just earned runs.

  8. ken says:

    Complete choke during the stretch run. Still have not won a series since 8/26/2012 against the lowly Marlins.

  9. gionfriddo says:

    Brooklyn, I agree with you on your assessments. We all keep hoping for that one final red hot streak but I think the hour glass is about to run out on the ’12 season for us. It has been a whirlwind ride to say the least and the stain of the McCourt years is finally getting smaller and smaller in our rear view mirrors. Guggenheim and Co. have shown that they are serious about making the Dodgers winners.

    Come this offseason the Blue will still have several question marks leading up to spring training: 1. the most important being the status of Kershaw’s hip and will the rest take care of the problem. 2. the elbow of Billingsley (he is starting a throwing program today)– I say TJ surgery is inevitable and he will return in ’14.. 3. will Crawford be ready by opening day?? 4. what to do with the SS position (do they move Ramirez to 3B and go with Dee there or do they keep the sensitive Ramirez there and let Cruz and Hairston share 3B, while using Gordon as a centerpiece to acquire a good SP… 5. Do they dare plan to go with a healthy Lilly (oxymoron, huh), Capuano, and Harang as their #3,4, and 5 ??

  10. Kevin says:

    We are going to lose this division by 10+ games and our record might not even be as good as it was last year! What a trainwreck.

  11. the truth hurts says:

    Do you know who I blame this train wreck on?

    Adrian Gonzalez.

    It was he who hit the home run on his first plate appearance as a Dodger and set the stage for the biggest offensive collapse and disappointment I have ever witnessed.

    If he would have grounded out/struck out/popped out, our thinking might be different. He really set the bar high for all of our hopes and dreams to come crashing down.

    A false sense of hope and excitement!

  12. Note says:

    Is kemp dating Rihanna again? I see a huge change in his attitude maybe he feels overshadowed by all the new players and he’s no longer the only star. What say you?

    • ken says:

      In August (2012), Rihanna confirmed that both she and Brown, who broke up in 2009 following a domestic assault incident, still love each other and maintain a close bond.

      “I still love him. We’re very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that’s it. We love each other and we probably always will,” Rihanna told renowned talk show host Oprah Winfrey. “I think he was the love of my life. He was the first love and I see that he loved me the same way.”

      Looks like Kemp might have just been her Rhonda who she USED to try (and failed) to get over Chris Brown.

  13. Anonymous says:

    you loser. why don’t you throw in the RBI stats? what a waste of time reading this post.

  14. ken says:

    Glad to read that Lilly had a successful surgery

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Today is the Day. Cards loose, if the Dodgers can score another run, and hold ‘em . . . news worthy.

    Hey, Broxton buddy, your looking good.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey, I set here in a hotel in north Texas waiting to attend a wedding tomorrow afternoon, after a 7 hour drive today — watching this game on my MacBook Pro on — and the guys still have some left in the tank.

    Great pitching tonight, and Kemp is the man.


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