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I am Pavlov’s Dog

I am conditioned to watch the Dodgers every night no matter how bad they are…. and I will be watching tonight.  I just keep going back and back and back.  Vin says “It’s time for Dodger baseball” and I start salivating.

I can’t help it.

It’s a curse I tell you.

I have a few observations:

  1. Stan Kasten is not a baseball guy, per se – he is a front office executive who knows how to manage a team.  He may have some input, but if he hires Ned back, Ned will be totally in charge of the baseball side of the business.  Stan is in charge of the business side of the team, which is where Ned has to answer.  Stan has always has a strong G.M.
  2. The plan has always been to win now… and later.  The Dodgers would not have traded for Victorino and Blanton had that not been the case.
  3. Both Victorino and Blanton will be gone next year.  Victorino may end up back in Philly, but for a lot less than he wants.  I’m thinking he’ll be lucky to get 3 years/$15 million.
  4. By the way, does anyone think Victorino left his heart in Philly and pines to be in the hunt with them?
  5. Juan Uribe will be on the roster at the start of spring training.
  6. The Dodgers are now 5-11 since the BIG TRADE and have averaged 2.68 runs a game in that span.  I’m no genius, but I don’t think you win too many games scoring just 2.68 runs a game.
  7. Make no mistake, the farm WAS gutted this year.  That may not be bad – we will find out and I do believe they will re-stock it soon, but the pitching is very thin.  RLDR, Webster, Martin and Eovaldi all have great potential.  History says most won’t make it.  That will determine the value of THE TRADE.
  8. Dave Ames, Steves’ dad, reads this blog daily and had a few nice things to say about it in an e-mail to me.  Good Luck Steve!  Dave’s a proud Dad of two sons in baseball.
  9. It’s possible that most of the Top Payroll teams will not make the playoffs this year.  Does that give you pause?  It does me.
  10. Right here, right now, this version of the 2012 LA Dodgers is one of the worst teams I have ever watched.
  11. Go Dodgers!

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39 Responses to “I am Pavlov’s Dog”

  1. Michael says:

    I have to come clean. In all reality I’m crying in my beer, but it’s not over until Rosie O’Donnell sings.
    I always thought that Stan would bring in his own man and was stunned when I seen that blip last week about extension talks. Intially I thought it was a smokescreen to low-ball Ned and make him walk and nothing since my immediate reaction has changed my feelings. I can hope anyway.
    At least Donnie D…F… switched it up a little tonight. Seems like Dre hits .480 or so in front of Matt.

  2. the truth hurts says:

    kemp double play ball….


  3. Bobby says:

    Did anyone else predict that Hanley would take strike 3 there too??


  4. Bobby says:

    Wow, and he takes another strike 3 called.

    This guy is mentally done.

  5. Glass Is Half Full says:

    This team is dead!

  6. Donnie D'oh! says:

    “If he’s good, we’ll probably roll with him,”

    “I think we should let him see the doctor tonight and see where he’s at with it all,”

    “Teddy’s been trying to push through and get ready, but he starts to weigh the options of what’s worth it.”

    “(Victorino) has been struggling against the righties. We’ll flip it back with the lefties.”

  7. mica says:

    Hey everyone,
    This isn’t a team in a slump. This is a team that is fractured. This is a team that is paralyzed and suffocated by its own dysfunction. Something has happened/is happening behind the scenes that is f’ing with chemistry. Sadly, we won’t find out until the thing really implodes in a week or so. Remember in ’05 when Kent and Bradley hated each other? We didn’t find out the true story until the last few weeks of the season.

  8. JOSEPH OLIVAS says:

    im so damn pissed this team together is a piece of sh*t! they cant hit and give up runs in most important times of the game! wow it stings but next year we will be dangerous with carl happy 2 be a dodger

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    What happened to Kemp? I don’t have the definitive answer, but only some observations.

    First of all, his hamstring injury appears to have been mismanaged. In an attempt to get him back early, he was put back in action too early (always a mistake), reinjured himself, and had to be out longer. And when he came back the second time, I’m not sure he was completely ready. Seemed it took him a while to get back into the flow of things. And of course, just when he might have been getting the feeling back, he banged into the center field wall a couple of times. And maybe that shoulder injury is a bit worse than we’re being told. Fraying of the labrum doesn’t sound good to me.

    Whatever the case, Kemp has never seemed to be able to get back into his normal mechanics. When Kemp is hitting, he’s getting hits from the middle of the field to right field. Seems to me that he’s attempting to pull too much, and rolling over the top of the ball. I think he needs the winter to both heal and to reflect on his approach at the plate. And hopefully the left shoulder isn’t worse than we know. It’s possible he might even need to have the shoulder scoped.

    No, I don’t think Victorino’s heart is in Philly. He was having a sub-par year with them, and just carried it over to LA. Not playing half his games in the Philly bandbox probably hasn’t helped. Whatever the case, unless he’s willing to be a 4th outfielder, he won’t be returning. As for Uribe, maybe he’ll be around in spring training. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he’s let go over the winter. A lot will probably depend on what player moves are made during the winter, and on the resulting available roster space. But I seriously doubt if his remaining $8 million will be an impediment to letting him go. Maybe there’s a team out there willing to pick up a small piece of his contract. But I seriously doubt that.

  10. Donnie D'oh! says:

    The dodgers are quickly transforming themselves from the Trolley dodgers to the Win dodgers.

    Maybe even the Padres will catch them.

  11. Bobbie17 says:

    Good Stuff, mica. You Optimists/Dodger technicians are making this too complicated. The only decent team in years was when Manny carried everyone. Then, they weren’t THAT good. New ownership has to keep changing things until it gets it right. It begins and ends in the farm system: we need good talent evaluators, which, if I understand some of you, has produced one blue chip prospect out of the entire system. Pathetic. To be good, you can’t miss on your #1. Lee and Reed are definitely in the missable category. Why? In 3-4 years your #1 should be a productive major league player. Neither of those guys is anywhere close. Now there are huge contracts to deal with for years to come. Another complication, and the opposite of bringing up guys through the farm. What a mess. Now on top of everything else, the organization has no direction. Money does that.

  12. ken says:

    Remembering the good old days – May 2012

    Hairston .457
    Treanor .438
    Ethier .366
    DeJesus .353
    Ellis AJ .333
    Abreu .318
    Herrera .314
    Ellis AJ .309
    Gwynn .291

    Loney .264
    Kennedy .263
    Gordon .244
    Rivera .227
    Sellers .222
    Kemp .216

    Sands .200
    Uribe .200
    SVS .154
    Casty .000

  13. Kevin says:

    Will somebody please tell Donnie Ballgame to get Hanley off of SS!? If he and Cruz were comparable defenders I would get it but that’s not the case. I just don’t get making our defense worse by putting a below average fielder with no range at the most important defensive position! Everything he does out there looks like it’s in slow motion. That ball hit up the middle last night has to be converted into an out. That eventually turned into a run. The same type of thing happened in AZ and I belive we lost that game by 1 run. It just seems to me that since we aren’t hitting we should have our best defense out there everyday to give our pitching a fighting chance. Meanwhile Cruz makes every play, has soft hands, and makes good accurate throws, and he’s comfortable at SS. I also thought Hanley looked pretty good at 3rd when he was playing there. Hanley playing SS probably won’t be the thing that costs us the playoffs but it does make us an inferior defense.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    I went to the game last night and couldn’t believe my eyes. The guys are dead. I thought maybe Kemps great catch would spark the team but it didn’t. I noticed Beckett using the slow curve way too much and we were lucky to get thur 5.1 with him. I noticed Mark Ellis playing up the middle to much leaving a huge hole between first and second. I also noticed Donnies calm demeanor which is hard to understand with this team losing so many games over the last few weeks. I wonder why the batting coach isn’t at least fired? Something needs to change. I also have come to realize that this team is going nowhere this year. I good hitting team would have spanked Beckett early last night, but the Cards are currently in the same slump as the Dodgers but the only difference is that they found a way to win. The Dodgers don’t know how to win and it appears that they really don’t care. What the hell has happened to the heart of this team since the beginning of the season? Well, it appears that we brought in other teams problems. I was on board with the trades at the time but man I don’t know about them now. I guess I’ll join Michael with some tears in my beer. Peace

  15. Note says:

    We need base hits. The ” gutted” farm consisted of guys that had plenty of chances and never got it right. As far as rdlr surgery and was okay in the mound but most likely will be mediocre now at best. And Webster meh i for one won’t miss him we should mix lineup installing Cruz in between the hackers, maybe go Ellis eithier gonzo C
    Hanley Cruz kemp aj victorino.

  16. Kevin says:

    I don’t know why we are keeping Cruz in the 7 hole. Since he is the only one hitting the ball with authority why not hit him clean up for a game or 2? Can’t hurt.

  17. ken says:

    Since paying players based upon current year performance is a violation of the CBA why now show the bums up by writing out a batting order based upon performance during the last 7 days.

    1. Ellis M .261
    2. Eliis AJ .250
    3. Cruz .222
    4. Victorino .190
    5. Gonzo .174
    6. Ethier .158
    7. Kemp .133
    8. Rameriz .130

    As you can see this team full of choke artists is TERRIBLE

    I no longer believe that Donnie D’oh has the brains or balls to deal with these players.

  18. ken says:

    Ok. I relent. Start Gordon at SS tonight.

  19. jerry says:

    i agree with kevin , plus seem like all the player are taking to many one has been agressive,,hanley looks like he is not trying ..three night in a row he take.s strike 3.and most are down the middle.donny is a boring manger,, something need to happen..but i do belive this shot.

    • Kevin says:

      I hear ya Jerry. I almost threw my remote through my TV when Hanley struck out for the second time looking at a pitch right down the middle. I think it’s time we give HamRam a night off.

  20. Rob says:

    Ok, going to the game tonight so the tides are going to turn. The bats are going off tonight for the first time in a long time! Can’t I dream?

  21. ken says:

    The Season is over. Shut down all of the injured stars like Kershaw (Hip again) and Kemp. Play the kids and the bench players to see who should be on the 25 man roster next year.

    Wait until next year.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    We just returned from our North Atlantic cruise . . . battling the storms but had a great time.

    I go out of the country for 17 days and you guys cannot get the Dodgers to play any better than: 5 wins and 11 losses while I am gone!

    You all better go spend some quiet time in the corner for awhile and have some thinking time about this.

    I do not know who to blame for this: Dodger fans? or Dodger players? or Donnie?

    One day on the ship I was wearing my Dodger hat and this guy on the ship comes up to me and says: “I see you are a Dodger fan, and that you could use some help with a better catcher. I have a guy you should get!”

    “Who is that,” I asked.

    “Mitt, Mitt Romey. Get it MITT.”

    I quickly responded, “Ah, he would make too many errors.” And the guy laughed.

    Will finish reading your posts tomorrow and Sunday. Have to unpack and go to Austin all day tomorrow.

    So, I am back home and declare that the Dodgers will win tonight.

  23. Bobby says:

    This is how boring we are to watch right now:

    I’d rather watch a football game between UNLV and Washington St than the Dodgers in mid-September. God help me

  24. Bball says:

    Man this game can sure be cruel to you. I swear this teams bad playing has me so irritable. I’m snapping at my wife for no reason. Beer and dodgers. Not a good mix right now

  25. Bball says:

    Is will be the night when we score 7. But give up 8

  26. ken says:

    “On Friday, Gordon practiced extensively at second base before batting practice, one day after working on double-play situations from second.”

    Looks like Gordon decided to do this on his own. Good for him.

    Lilly to have surgery.

    Capuano goes 4.1 innings? Do not need to go 5 innings if the season is over.

  27. Bball says:

    Ya good for Gordon. And on capuano. You can go both ways, season is over or we are still trying to compete and can’t afford to leave in someone who obviously isn’t on his game. The thing is all of us in here want to act hard and say can’t stand this team, this team is done, and talk all the mess we can think of but the fact is we all still believe until there is no more belief left. So to ken and me and everyone else. We fight till there is no more fight left. That’s what makes us fans. You have to believe no matter how bad things look. Go blue

  28. mica says:

    Matt Kemp has turned into Manny post suspension. Weak groundouts to short. WTF is wrong with this dude?

  29. Bobby says:

    Bat Cruz 3rd; hit Kemp 6/7 now till he’s back

  30. mica says:

    Vin says kemp hasn’t been the same since the crash into the wall in Denver. I’m calling bs. Kemp hasn’t been the same since his first stint on the DL for his hamstring. He appears lifeless and emotionless. He isn’t even showing his frustration. The fans would understand if smashed a cooler or went old school and broke the bat over his knee. I think he’s missing his juice.

  31. ken says:

    Gordon is better than Punto.

    Cruz is the dodger MVP for 2012

  32. Rob says:

    My dream came true, the bats came alive minus kemp.

  33. Note says:

    Negative negative negative. Wake up naysayers we got the wildcats this year enjoy the moment!

  34. Roger Dodger says:

    I told you folks above that the Dodgers would win last night.

    They are on a roll now. One in a row.

  35. Bobby says:

    Amazing. We win tonight and we’re tied for the wild card.

    The big Dodger in the sky still looking down on us (probably with a snicker though)


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