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Do Something, Even if it is Wrong!

You can do nothing… and maybe that’s the right thing to do.

Or, you can do something… and maybe that’s the right thing to do.

Sure, you can say it’s not the hitting coaches fault, because the players have to actually hit the ball.  The coach can’t hit it for them.  You can say that it won’t help to fire the hitting coach.  You can say that the fault lies with the players.  You can say that it’s too late.  You can say all of that…. and more.  You can say it’s not the managers fault.  They players play, he doesn’t.  You can say it ovber and over if you like.

It doesn’t mean you are right.  It may mean that you just don’t have experience in managing people or organizations.  I can tell you this – When the superintendent of schools is fired and a new one comes in, all the teachers and principals step-up their games,  When the Army Captain is replaced, the troops and other officers step-up their games.   When your boss is fired and a new one takes his place, you bring your A-Game to work.

It may not mean that whatever problems the team/organization was having are his, but it is just human nature that when a change is made at the top, the troops step-up if nothing more than to cover their a$$.  If you don’t think a change of hitting coach will make a difference, you have never had experience in running an organization or team.  Now, I did not say, that the change would be good.  It might not be.  The team or organization could do worse.  The things is:  I’M NOT AFRAID OF WORSE IN THIS CASE because the Dodger hitters can’t do any worse.

While I am at it, I am going to point out that what has happened recently to the Dodger hitters has been something that has plagued the team during the Torre – Mattingly era.  Maybe it’s time for some home cooking.  I like Don Mattingly, but he’s no more a Dodger than Joe Torre was.  He’s a mercenary!  I like the way he stands up for his players.  He’s from Indiana – I like that!  But, this team has had some real strange hitting problems since he was hitting coach and now the Manager.

This is a low blow – But He Couldn’t Even Teach his Some to Hit!  The Yankees never won a World Series with his as hitting coach or bench coach and of course, the Dodgers haven’t either.  I don’t like throwing him under the bus, but the pattern is troubling.

Matt Kemp, AJ Ellis and Luis Cruz were the only players thriving under Mattingly/Hansen and now Kemp isn’t.  Ramirez is driving in runs and hitting some home runs, but his average is still low.  Look at this:

  • Ethier – Trending Down
  • Gonzalez – Trending Down
  • Uribe – Trending Down
  • Loney – Trending Down
  • Gordon – Trending Down
  • Gwynn – Trending Down
  • Ellis – Trending Down
  • Victorino – Trending Down
  • Rivera – Trending Down

Nearly every hitter is well below their seasonal averages.  Not Hansen’s or Mattingly’s fault?  Maybe!  But a change couldn’t hurt.  Yeah, the Dodgers won last night, but they still can’t hit.  The ship is sinking.  Maybe the right move is to do nothing.  Maybe a move needs to be made to just shake things up.  Just my opinion…

I noticed Mickey Hatcher in the Dugout during the game.  He’s not listed as a coach.  What’s with that?  He was bringing some energy – I’ll say that.  How long has he been in the Dodger Dugout?

The Shane Victorino/Yasiel Puig Problem

Of course, there’s a problem.  Shane Victorino always wanted to play in LA, which may be part of the reason he was so antagonistic when he played the Dodgers as a Phillie.  He lives in Las Vegas and so it was a dream come true when he was traded to LA and he was looking for a deal that would keep him as a Dodger for several years.  Now that Carl Crawford is in the equation, everything has changed and Victorino, while a professional, has to be hurt and that can (and probably is) affecting his play.

There’s a good article in THE LA TIMES by Bill Shaikin about Yasiel Puig and Logan White’s decision to sign him.  There’s no room for him either, even if he is a year away.  Maybe he’s going to learn 3B.  He has the arm and certainly the speed.  I have no clue if his glove plays there or not but that would appear to be a possible place for him to play.  He’s not going to 1B.

I believe that Shane Victorino is a leader and the team senses his disappointment.  “If it happens to him, it can happen to me” some might think.”  At any rate, it is messing with their heads.  They just need to know that we are here, right now and we have a chance to win it all.  Forget the future – let’s win now!  Easy for me to say.  Hard for them to do.  You say “but they are professionals.”  I say “but they are humans.”

The Future

OK,  I’ll cut to the chase.  I had suggested that Andre Ethier might be traded to Boston and be united with his best friend, Dustin Pedroia.   Why not go the other way since Guggs and Company has shown they are not afraid to spend whatever it takes, and bring the Southern Cal boy home?

Let me set this up:  Don Mattingly has already said that he’s not going to put Dee Gordon back into the starting lineup when he comes back.  I’ll go a step farther:  Don knows that Hanley has to play SS, if he is to be the “Good Hanley” and not sulk.    If he moves him to 3B, it gets in his head.  Hanley needs to stay at SS for the foreseeable future, which means that Dee Gordon has no future in LA.

Tom “Flash” Gordon (Dee’s Father) was a relief pitcher in Boston for four years and maybe his son would put some butts in seats.  Boston would need a 2B if Pedroia was traded so a one-year rental (Mark Ellis) would go to Boston.  The trade would then be Dustin Pedroia to Los Angeles for Dee Gordon, Mark Ellis, Chris Reed and Shawn Tolleson.

The Dodgers have already given away half the farm.  They might as well give the rest of it away.

How would you like this lineup next year:

  1. Crawford  LF (I think he will have a monster year – players whisper that he wasn’t happy Boston)
  2. Pedroia  2B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Ramirez  SS
  6. Ethier  RF
  7. Cruz/Punto  3B
  8. Ellis  C

Dare you say I am a dreamer?  I think not…

Dodger Notes:

  • That bum, Josh Beckett didn’t do too bad last night with 6.2 IP and 9 K’s.  His ERA as a Dodger is 2.92 and his key is to throw strikes.
  • Adrian Gonzales appears to be pressing.  Un-lax, Doc!
  • Let’s see how Caps pitches today.  He has a 2.65 ERA at Dodger Stadium.
  • Brandon didn’t pitch out of his League last night.  He’s the Dodgers’ best option after Jensen.  It appears he has fixed his mechanical flaw.
  • Here’s all you need to know:  The Dodgers are 5th in ERA is all of baseball (they can easily be #3 as they are .04 within the #3 spot).  They are 15th in fielding and they are 18th in batting average wile being 25th in runs scored.
  • If the Dodgers don’t win this year, at the very least the hitting coach is gone… maybe the manager.


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43 Responses to “Do Something, Even if it is Wrong!”

  1. Bball says:

    Mark I’ll tell u what everyone told me when I mentioned Dustin p to the dodgers. Your dreaming.

  2. DodgerDude says:

    Crawford, Gonzalez and Beckett were also a dream. ;)

  3. hoagiebum says:

    I like the idea of having someone who actually represents dodger blue as manager. seems the last time the team won a world series that was the case. As far as the hitting goes, I am totally puzzled. There is something going on with Matt Kemp that goes well beyond Don Mattingly. Kemp has been a shell of his former self since coming back after the all star break. He has, what, 3 home runs in a month and a half. Maybe he never fully recovered from the injury, maybe there is something more sinister. He is obviously not the same guy though. Conversely, Hanley since joining the dodgers has displayed tremendous power. Go figure.

  4. Bball says:

    Dodgerdude I agree I’m just saying I mentioned that a couple days ago and everyone thought I was dreaming. I thought and still do think that it’s a very plausible thing. And I also mentioned how victorino is pissed. And on the coaches. I guess I agree mark. I say I guess cause I don’t care who the coaches are but if they would play better if they got fired then fire them

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Totally disagree with your assessment of Hanley that playing 3B gets in his head. I agree that Gordon shouldn’t just be put in the lineup this year after returning from a long absence. But next year is whole different animal. I’m confident that as Badger puts it, this year was on the job training for Dee, and that next year we’re going to see a vastly refined player. He needs to be the Dodger shortstop next year with Hanley at 3B, where I feel he’s probably better suited to play at this stage of his career. Hanley didn’t have a problem playing 3B when he first got to the Dodgers this year, and I doubt it would be a problem next year. In fact, it wasn’t the problem in with Miami. Hanley had a bad year in 2011 BEFORE the arrival of Jose Reyes. His problems in Florida/Miami were more than just where he was playing. If he has the kind of attitude I want to see in Dodger players, then where he plays should make no difference. As long as he’s an integral part of the lineup everyday, I’m guessing that he will be a happy/smiling camper.

    As for Gordon, I expect big things. He’s has game changing speed and off the charts defensive range. The errors on routine plays will begin to dwindle as he gains experience and matures. It happens all the time with young, inexperienced shortstops. And I’m very confident that bunting will cease to be a problem going forward. Having Gordon and a healthy Carl Crawford at the top of the Dodgers lineup has awesome possibilities, especially with them rattling pitchers with Kemp, Gonzalez, Ramirez and Ethier hitting behind them. And if Cruz proves that this year is no mirage, I see no reason why he can’t move over to 2B.

    As for Yasiel Puig. If Hanley is at 3B, he can stay in the outfield. And I cannot understand anybody that’s upset that we might have an over-abundance of outfielders. That’s usually a good thing. And besides, we don’t know when Puig will actually be ready for the show, and when he is, how good he’ll actually be. I’m all for having an over-abundance of talent.

    • Jae says:

      I have a good friend who’s father is in a pretty prominent position with a major league team. He says that Hanley Ramirez is a guy who thinks he is one of the best shortstops in the game and will be trouble for the team if he plays anywhere other than 3B. He told me he thought the Dodgers would trade Gordon, but that he is not valued as high as many think.

      He also said that if Hanley plays shortstop and has people like Manny Mota around him, he could win the MVP. As I write this, I just saw Hanley make a great play. I think Dee Gordon will never be the starting SS for the Dodgers. That’s my opinion.

  6. Badger says:

    This reminds me of another set of circumstances, more national than regional, involving a certain…. management team… that took 8 long years to create a fiasco of historical proportions. Then when that management team mercifully left town, the expectations of the next management team were high and extremely immediate – fix it NOW!!! And when it isn’t…. fixed NOW!!!!… the new management team is blamed and held accountable.

    It took a while for the Dodgers to become as badly managed, throughout the organization, as they were when McCourt finally disappeared. People, it is going to take more than a few months to get this carrier headed in the right direction. I see no need to panic here. Moves have been made. Risks have been taken. I say we all calm down and get focused here. The Dodgers are WAY better than they were at the beginning of the year. When Gordon and Crawford are in the game at the same time, this team will become a Ferrari at the top, and with Kemp, Ethier, Gonzalez and Ramirez in the middle of the order, we got horsepower under the hood.

    What the Dodgers need is a little time to come together. If it doesn’t happen this month, I am not going to start disassembling the car. All we need is a tune up.

    You want Pedroia in the lineup, I have no problem with that. But I ain’t giving Boston Gordon. We have already done them enough favors. They can have a couple of minor leaguers and one of those PTBNL chips.

    What I want now is more better starting pitching. I look at what the dbacks have done in that area and I want some of that. The Dodgers have always been about pitching. Let’s keep the other team from scoring and turn this offense loose on the league.

    Just like that situation I mentioned at the top of this post, we needed more better management and we got it. Kasten is a smart guy. He knows what needs to be done. Let’s give him more than a few months to assemble a winning team.

  7. Bball says:

    Agree badger. There aren’t many players I’d give up Gordon for. I love this kid and think he’s going to be great. Sometimes blowing up a team can take a while for the players to mesh. That being said I want it this year but if it doesn’t happen i feel new management has put together a team that’s going to compete for a long time and I’m happy

  8. the truth hurts says:

    You say “but they are professionals.” I say “but they are humans.”

    great point

    Victorino is completely checked out

  9. Bobby says:

    Victorino is too old to whine about next year. He should know the crappier he plays down the stretch the crappier his next contract will be.

    Go rock it in Sept and Oct, and get yourself paid my man!!!

    • Badger says:

      Agreed. Victorino has, in his contract year, an opportunity that remaining in Philadelphia would not have given him. He can play a pivotal role in a play-off drive. He needs to get jiggy with it and it needs to start now. He got on base last year at .355. This year, it’s way down, especially with us(.307). On this team, if he gets on base, he will score a lot of runs. And that is what will get him a new, noteworthy contract. Paniolo up Shane.

      What did you guys think of Skaggs? The NL West has a plethora of good, young left handed pitching, led by Kershaw of course, but some of these guys, Bumgarner, Miley, Skaggs, are going to give hitters fits for a long time.

      from MLB Rumors re: Puig………

      “If he proves worthy of starting, it may be hard for the Dodgers to find a spot for him as they have Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford under contract through at least 2017.”

      If he proves worthy of starting, doesn’t that mean he is better than who we have out there? For me, that probably means Ethier is gone – maybe for pitching. I hope that is what it means. I don’t want Puig to replace Crawford, because that would mean Carl isn’t stealing the 45 bases an scoring the 100 runs I expect him to.

  10. Note says:

    Trending down? Everyone is? You are in paniC mode! Just because you say it doesn’t make it a fact.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      OK, fair enough. Just because I say it doesn\’t make it a fact… so tell me who is trending up. Tell me who is having a better year than their career average years?

      Feel free to disagree, but back it up with some facts. You are on the clock.

  11. Note says:

    Victorino just plowed a catcher over last night if that’s ” checked out” I still take him over Crawford who is having tommy johns and is no garuntee

  12. RogerCraig says:

    I don’t think Victorino has checked out, but it has to affect him. His future just became clouded.

    • Badger says:

      Not a great start to this game. Top of our order goes down easy, two pop-ups and a K.

      mover, so far the on field performance of the new Dodgers is trending sideways, I’ll give you that. But, those are much better players out there than we had. And one of them we got won’t even be on the field until next Spring, another not on the ML roster until probably 2014. I like the new look. I think we had a good draft, our international signings are up, fans are back in the seats…… things ARE trending up. All you need do is squeeze some progressive thinking into your frames. I know, I know, not easy for an old conservative like yourself. Progress can be painful. But, the McCourt ways are gone. Dodger baseball is going to be fun again. It might take some time, but things ARE looking up.

      • Mark_Timmons says:


        While not progressive in the political sense, I am one of the most \”progressive\” thinkers you will find. As a team, the Dodgers are trending up because of ownership, but on almost every team, you have a few players who hit below their career averages, a lot of players who hit their career averages and a few who have career years (over their career averages). With the Dodgers, hardly anyone is having a career year – most are trending down. That\’s a fact.

        One only has to look to Europe right about now to see that being politically progressive is not the panacea some say.

        • Badger says:

          While I agree some of the numbers are not career numbers, I submit to you that offensive players do not come to Los Angeles and have career years. It just doesn’t happen. The only guy I can recall who had a career year in Los Angeles was Shawn Green. I am sure there could be other examples, but the point is it’s very rare.

          The idea is to play to win. You do that, obviously, by outscoring the opponent. Other teams have just as much trouble hitting in L.A. so it doesn’t matter that you don’t hit as well here as you did in…. wherever. What matters is, as a team, we all pull on the same end of the rope and get this done. Get on base, move over, score the run. Pitch well, and, this is one I coached feverishly – don’t give them more than 27 outs. In fact, steal an out now and then with a great play and give them LESS than 27 outs.

          It happened today. It will happen again tomorrow and many times in the future.

          “One only has to look to Europe right about now to see that being politically progressive is not the panacea some say.”

          Europe? Why you looking at Europe? All you have to do is look across the street in every city in the United States and see that without a middle class, this country is going down the shitter. Whose idea was it to eliminate the middle class? Do you really want to have this conversation here?

  13. Note says:

    They have lost the ability to be patient at the dish, like they have been in the past

  14. Ken says:

    Well thought out article – Agree with most.

    Badger – Please stop your half truths straight out of the Democratic party spin points. The middle class down turn started with the free trade agreements signed into law by Clinton resulting in increased risk for business owners, required increased rewards (profits), resulting lower wages for middle class employees, increased cheap imports, and decreasing number of US jobs. The world economic failture started with Democrates including Barney and his boyfriend ruined FANNY mae and GNMA. The way that you get housing for all is not to give loans to every one but rather to appraise homes at a maximum of 120% of the investment value based upon the income approach utilized by investors in real estate. The insanely risky under collateralized loans pushed by the Democratic party was the fact that created the opportunity for Wall Street greed. Both parties are to blame just like both the coaches and players are to blame.

    The Dodgers should hire a new manager the day after the LA Angels hire a new manager.

    Rameriz will play the position that he knows is both best for him and the Dodgers. There is no need for him to change positions until Gordon is able to hit .300 against both RHP and LHP.

    Where have all the hitters gone? – 7 day averages

    Ellis .174 (How is this experiment working out?)
    Victorino .286
    Gonzalez .179 (Looks to be the shape of Michelin Man)
    Kemp .200
    Rameriz .192
    Ethier .308 (Ready to bat 3rd)
    Cruz .250
    Treanot .000 (Waiting for Fed-Ex to play)

    • Badger says:

      A recent line from Newsroom talking of the Tea Party:

      fatuous, mean spirited bigots

      I would add self righteous prevaricating hypocrites.

      And, Ken, not surprisingly, you are wrong about my political affiliation. And I could talk more about LBO’s, the housing market, hedge funds, Glass-Steagall and Citizens’ United, but, not here.

      I do agree with you about NAFTA. Bad idea.

      7 day averages? Waste of time.

  15. Bill Russell says:

    Why did the Dodgers only call up 3 players? Where is Dee Gordon?

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    I can say this:


    I think he will be a good player, but the Dodgers want to win now.

    But what do I know? I said that Capuano would win 20 games this year.

    He\’s pitching batting practice right now.

  17. Bobby says:

    I love when this board turns to political analogies to explain the pathetic Dodger team!!

    Right now I’d say Paul Ryan has a better chance of giving a speech without 80% of it being BS than this Dodger team does of getting to the playoffs.

    HOWEVER, StL lost, and Pit is about to lose. If we can somehow magically win this game, we’re half a game out of the 2nd wild card spot!! Insane September this will be I tell you!!

    I really don’t think 7 of our 8 main hitters (only AJ is trending up?) will continue to be trash all of September (ok maybe Hanley is doing well). Once they wake up, we should have an exciting end of the season.

    Mark, you did say Cap would win 20, and although we all wanted you to be right for the good of the team, we didn’t think it’d happen. Either way, who cares??!! Point is, we need him and others to step up the final 30 games.

  18. Rob says:

    We keep beating a dead horse over and over again. The pitching is doing its job now it’s time for this lineup to reward them. Cap gave up two HRs in five innings which isn’t horrible but was pitch hit because of the crappy run support. Caps could easily have 15 wins so far this season but the bats are not helping him.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    I’m surprised that Gwynn or Gordan didn’t get brought up to pinch run at the very least. I guess that’s a moot point since we can’t get base runners anymore.

  20. Bball says:

    I’m gonna bring positivness to here right now. If we get a wild card spot we will more then likely be facing the braves and with kershaw going against I’m guessing Hudson? I’m pretty positive. I believe who’s with me. We can do this

  21. Bobbie17 says:

    Coulda. Shoulda. That’s what the losers always say. 2 weeks ago this organization was set back 5 years. And it wasn’t that good before. Totally gave up on the farm system, now for years to come. No place to put anyone, except pitchers, and it gave the best of them away. It wouldn’t be so bad for me, except the Bay Area a….holes
    are still the team to beat. We could use a Scutaro somewhere, even in the outfield, if
    necessary. He wasn’t good enough for Blue. He wasn’t making enough.

  22. Rob says:

    Treanor needs to be the #3 catcher

  23. Bobby says:

    Hopefully that’s the start of something! (since we’ve set the organization back five years)

  24. Mark_Timmons says:

    I should talk bad about them more often. They are unbowed and unbeaten in September. Just win out baby!

  25. Rob says:

    That’s the spark this lineup needed. This lineup hopefully will explode after a great walk off victory!!!

  26. Bobby says:

    27 games to go. Half game behind StL for the final wild card spot. 4.5 behind SF and we go there for 3 this weekend.

    Wow. Time to stock up on blood pressure pills, gentlemen!!

  27. Rob says:

    We need a speedster (Gordon maybe Herrera) who can pitch run for batters that get on in late inning games. Ellis should have been pitch ran for but we have nobody to do that. I love the win but there are holes in this lineup. Watched the midgets game and in the 9th when kotsay got walked they replaced him with blanco which had marmol all screwed up. If we address that position and the big boy bats start to show we can win in bunches.

  28. jeff says:

    Hopefully today will be the start of a strong run to the finish line. The wild card is possible but so is the division if the lineup performs as they are capable of.

    As far as the team being set back five years perhaps that was managements plan. Kasten has a pretty good recrod of player development. It appears they put a team on the field that is competitive for the next five years while they develop players. If someone like Piug is ready to take over I can see this team eat a contract to get him in the lineup and get a prospect or two.

    We had a very strong draft with several players perfoming very well. Seager, Valentin, Rodriguez, Rathjen, Stripling, Sweney, Bird, Von Schamann, Horenecke and Smith have started well and some have jumped several levels already.

    Add in Puig, Pederson, Lee, Gould, McGill, Ames, Withrow, Castellanos, Fedex and others we are set to compete now and into the future.

    We will need solid free agent pitching signings and continued good drafts and our future will be bright. I have faith that Kasten knows more about building a winner than we do.

  29. Mark_Timmons says:

    Thanks Rob,

    Capuano is a smart guy with a good curve-ball and decent control. I thought that Honeycutt could help him and he did. I thought he would be in great shape – he is. I also thought that another year removed from arm surgery would make him ready to step up.

    He actually could have 16 wins if things had went right, but they haven’t and he’ll be lucky to win 14 at this rate. He won 18 once with Milwaukee and is a better pitcher now. He hasn’t disappointed me as much as these Dodger hitters have.

  30. Badger says:

    Capuano is having his best year since 2006. But his ERA has gone from 2.6 on July 3rd to 3.63 now. That’s quite a jump. He’s had some real bad outings of late.


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