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Choke Job?

  • The Dodger were 69-58 with James Loney and Juan Rivera at 1B.
  • The Dodgers are 9-15 with Adrian Gonzalez at 1B.

I’m just sayin…

The Giants lost their best hitter who just happened to be leading the  N.L. in hitting at about the same time and they just got better.  The Dodgers tried to get better and got worse.  It’s a choke job no matter how you spin it.

If the Dodgers don’t make the playoffs, this will be one of the most epic choke jobs of all time.  They were a game out of first place when Gonzalez was acquired, now they are 10 games out.  There’s no other way to tell this tale: it is a choke job.  I want to be clear that it’s not just by A-Gon – it’s a team effort!

I have a feeling Clayton Kershaw may pitch Sunday. 

I have mixed emotions about that.  It’s kind of like seeing your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Mercedes.

AJ Ellis is who we thought he was!

There’s still time to make the playoffs, but they are going to have to hit their way in – that’s a novel idea.

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32 Responses to “Choke Job?”

  1. ken says:

    AJ Ellis is a catcher who should only catch 105-110 games a year in order to maximize his talents and the niggardly dodgers should have signed a real backup catcher who could catch the remainder of the games.

    Ellis is exhausted and Donnie D’oh!/Torre Jr. should be playing Mr. May and Fed-Ex.

    Choking ever since Father’s Day (42-25), through July 15 (48-42). Must be some emotional problem involving their Daddys. :)

    7/26 (53-48) played well for awhile until 8/19 (67-55)
    then major choke started again, before big trade on 8/25

  2. Bobbie17 says:

    It is organizational. Period.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Choking”. There’s an overused term.

    This is a bad stretch, for whatever reason(s). No doubt there has been some added pressure, but there are other factors as well. Calling it “choking”, is, if anything, an oversimplification.

    A-Gon hit a HR in his first Dodger AB. Didn’t look too choked up then. Kemp’s been hurt. Hanley’s had good moments and bad ones. A-Gon seems just a bit out of sync. Choking?????? Why can’t it be just a plain old slump that happened at the wrong time. And let’s not forget the injuries to the pitching staff. A lot of factors have contributed to this debacle, and choking is probably the least of them. Going undefeated to close out the rest of the season is in the realm of possibility, although probably not likely. But whatever happens, I think that what has transpired is simply a case of a team suffering from a combination of injuries, and players unused to both each other and their surroundings, all of which has contributed to a team just a bit out of synch. And all it takes to upset the apple cart is to be just a “bit” out of synch. It may get cured rather suddenly, or it may take a winter of reflection and dedication by the players, some changes to the roster, a return to health of key personnel, and a chance for everyone to get used to each other next year in spring training.

    Call it choking if you will. I just think of it as something else.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Losers Make Excuses… Winners Make Adjustments.

      It\’s as simple as that.

      The Giants made adjustments.

      The Dodgers made excuses and you are buying into that.

      When anyone walks into my office, the first thing you see is a sign that says \”Excuse Limit – Zero.\”

      I don\’t want excuses when people make mistakes (myself included). I want adjustments.

      This team has simply not adjusted … yet!

      • Badger says:


        Good call.

        Hard to know what is going on with this bunch. Underachieving for sure.

        Still on the road here and am in California for another 6 days or so. Just checking in from a friends MacBook.

        Hang in with these guys. They are still in it.

        Easy to see what the gints are doing. They believe. And they are playing team ball. It’s fun for me to see it when it happens, except when it is your rivals you are watching doing it.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    So, I am looking at the NL Wild Card standings.

    And for those who know me in the past, I like to dream of the season where the entire league/s are tied at the end of the season, 81 and 81 and have the Commissioner’s Office going crazy with play-offs.

    Well, there could be a two, or three, or four or maybe even five team tie for the final spot. Dodgers, Milwaukee both are tied behind the Cardinals. Then fall Milwaukee one more back and the Phillies two more back.

    Without looking at all the final games, who is playing who, what if there is a tie or multi-tie. GREAT.

    All for what, 1 final game . . . and it starts today on the shoulders of Stephen Fife on the mound.

    To former Dodgers playing for the Reds today.

  5. Badger says:

    If this or that happens?

    If’s are interesting, but I am not ready to talk about a choke job. Let’s just see how this plays out. I still like this lineup a lot better than what we had before. Loney had more than enough opportunity to succeed here, but he just slept through it. And we know there is an adjustment to hitting in L.A.. I don’t believe for a moment that AGon has forgotten how to hit.

    Agree with ken about AJ.

    And I agree with what Brooklyn just said.

    Also, playing the two best teams in the entire league on their field, while the midgets are at home against the two worst teams in the Division, makes this stretch even more difficult.

    I say again, I like what the Dodgers are doing. The future looks a lot brighter now that Mark’s favorite homie McCheeseball is long gone. We will be fine.

  6. Michael says:

    Looks like we’re going to be someones whipping boy for the second time in 3 nights as we get to watch the Redlegs clinch their division.

    It’s all over but the fat lady singing.I’m rooting for a Nationals versus Oriole World Series now.

    Ineptitude is running rampant[1].
    1. In full sway; prevailing; unbridled

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Losers Make Excuses… Winners Make Adjustments.

    It\’s as simple as that.”

    Except that life is not so simple. You can buy into all the homespun wisdom (ignorance) you like, I just don’t. Adjustments don’t necessarily occur on a timetable. And there are no sure fire simple solutions (formulas) for success. For the most part I believe the Dodgers have high character players, who for time being aren’t playing very well. And I believe adjustments will be made, but probably not in time for this season (but if you remember last year’s Cardinals, anything is possible). In fact, if anything, they’re probably trying too hard (call that “choking” if that’s what you think it is–I just beg to differ). All they may need is time away to reflect, and realize everything they did wrong, and correct it. But that will take putting some distance between what’s happening in the heat of the current race, and the calm that will follow after the season ends.

    Dodger character will be tested on how the players approach the offseason. If these guys work their collective behinds off between the end of this season, and into and through spring training, then that will tell me more about their character than a prolonged bad stretch since the trade. Unless A-Gon has suddenly lost his skills, I believe he will be back to the A-Gon we remember with the Padres, and the same A-Gon that hit .338 with 27 bombs and over 100 ribbies with the Red Sox last year. And the same guy who was putting up good numbers with the Red Sox this year at the time of the trade. Did Matt Kemp just lose his character after he got hurt, or has his miserable showing been the result of injuries. He’s not using that as an excuse, but anyone with half a brain understands that physical limitations do affect performance, no matter how stellar your character.

    And finally, the true test of character may not be reflected in how the Dodgers are dealing with adversity now, as much as it will be tested in how they respond to adversity in the long run. Here’s a little homespun wisdom for you. “If a first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Maybe like the 1962 Dodgers who blew a lead down the stretch, these Dodgers will bounce back, and like the 1963 Dodgers, they’ll sweep the Yankees in 4 straight next year.

  8. Ken says:

    Will watching 2 teams celebrate in 1 week create more sophomoric stubbornness or humility resulting in change of approach? We will certainly see over the next 10 days.

    Maybe every dodger player making over $10 million per year should hire their own performance coach! You know a little applied psychology and neuroscience jsut might might cure these chokers.

  9. Gionfriddo says:

    Choke job? Adrian Gonzalez? Mark, you made it about A Gone with your first 2 lines so it does no good to say it’s not about him– quit tip toeing around that subject and just put it out there.

    I’ll make you a deal, ok— I’ll listen to your ill conceived diatribe on choking and it coinciding with the trade of A Gone if you will explain to me what happened from May 27 to July 14.. now you say what the hell happened in those 41 Dodger games that should concern any of us Blue fans?? Well, on May 27 LA was 7.5 games up in the NL West and on July 14 we fell behind for the 1st time. Now here is where your A Gone and choke banter falls apart so follow along:

    From May 27 to July 13 this is the production we received from Loney and Rivera–
    Loney- 0 (that’s ZERO HR) and 10 RBI
    Rivera- 1 HR and 16 RBI

    What would you propose happened to the two of these studs during this 41 game stretch? I for one would not blame the entire 7.5 game lead evaporation on just these 2 inept hitting sluggers any more than I would throw it @ at A Gone on Sep 22 because of a prolonged team slump, coupled with injuries–that caused us to go from 1 back prior to the BoSox trade to 10 back as of today. However, this fact is fairly certain, had James Loney or Juan Rivera pulled their weight from late May thru July there’s a good chance we would never be talking about A Gone OR THE LOSS OF a 7.5 game lead to the Giants…These are not excuses, these are FACTS.. The Giants did not make adjustments, you are dead wrong– they got HOT… look it up– Posey has been on fire and is the ’12 NL MVP in my opinion; Scutaro has been the hottest hitter in baseball (2nd in hits in MLB since the deadline trade); Pagan has been unbelievably clutch and leads MLB w/15 triples; Lincecum has 6 wins in that span, etc,etc…. this in conjunction with the Dodger offensive meltdown is the reason we are where we are today–on the outside looking in. If you choose to call it a choke job to feel better about it, be my guest, but you’re way off base.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      OK, what the hell are you saying? We traded Loney. He sucked. Now Adrian sucks. Rivera sucks. Always has.

      The Giants got hot because they made adjustments.

      Quit making excuses.

      Excuses are for losers!

      Losers always have excuses.

      Every time.

      • Gionfriddo says:

        What the hell am I saying? I said it poignantly and pretty damn clear– if u have trouble with it, that’s on you…

        Your excuses mantra don’t cut it with me– it might with some others in here but this game has way too many intricate details to broad brush with it some sophomoric cliche that is easy to plug in when something goes amiss..

      • Gonzo says:

        Mark weren’t you the one telling us in here that you preferred Loney over Pujols at the beginning of the season. That how their stats lined up to each other the Dodgers were getting more bang for the buck while many if not all posters told you you were hallucinating you stuck with it. That was an excuse from your part trying to justify Loney’s production at that time. And yet you are knocking the organization for making an adjustment by getting a far superior player and if it has panned out its excuses?

        To quote you C’mon Man!

        • Mark_Timmons says:


          You are taking that WAY out of context. Only a moron wouldn\’t take Pujols over Loney. The context was whether you would take Pujols over Loney for $252 million and I said no. That is a bad contract. PERIOD! I would not do that. Gonzalez\’ contract is much better and he should be productive throughout it.

  10. Kelly Ritchie says:

    They are basically done. There is no excuse to suck this bad for almost a whole month. No excuses whatsoever. I disagree with Kevin on the radio who doesn’t think people should be sat down because they make a lot of money. B.S.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Agree. Amen. Ditto.

    For some people there is only “choke” and “clutch”. Nothing in between. Black and white, no shades of grey. If only reality was so cut-and-dried.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Playing skills. Chocking. Overpaid players. Cannot play as a team . . .

    These are other themes will be talked about from Sept to the middle of March next season. We call that the Hot Stove time for baseball.

    What also hurts, the top three Dodger starters were and are out. That also hurts. And number 4 & 5 and the AAA guys just do not cut it.

    Ownership and Ned will most likely make some adjustments to the starting 5. Most of the pen looks fine, most of the time. Not sure about Wright.

    Gee, on one of the most important games, today, of the season, facing an old enemy from S.D. — they guys, Murder’s Row, could not even score a run.

  13. Mark_Timmons says:

    Spin it however you want.

    A-Gone did choke. There it is. I said it.

    There are people who watch it happen.

    There are people who say \”what happened?\”

    There are people who make it happen.

    I respect the Giants a lot. They could have tanked when Melky got busted. They had all the excuses they needed, but they refused to quit.

    You can say the Giants Suck, but this year, the Dodgers suck!

    Gonzo choked, but he\’s not the only one and it\’s not all on him.

    From age 25 until age 36, Barry Bonds choked in the post-season (97 AB\’s), hitting .196.

    At age 37 until he retired, he hit .333 with more HR and RBI\’s.

    He choked, but fixed it.

    The Dodgers choked. I don\’t care how you tell the tale. They have choked. They chocked the past 3 years and they choked with Hanley and Shane and Adrian.


    This is not mamby pamby land. This is MLB.

    If you don\’t hit in the clutch REPEATEDLY, you have choked.

    Pure and simple.

    Anything less than a hit or a rin or a win is unacceptable.

    Quit making excuses.

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    In case you don\’t get it:

    Excuses are for losers.

    You do or you don\’t do.

    There are no excuses if you are a winner.

    One of the hardest things in sports is accepting a loss for what it is – you lost. The first temptation is to find a reason why you lost by blaming someone or something. Although I was ingrained with the concept of “Excuses are for Losers” at an early age, I will admit that the temptation to this is always there. It all comes down to this: your opponent was either smarter than you on the court, more skilled than you, or in better condition than you.

    Is that the case with the Dodgers?

    OK. Learn from it. Move on. Don\’t be a loser next year!

  15. Mark_Timmons says:






  16. Mark_Timmons says:


  17. Gionfriddo says:

    Come the first week of November the fall classic will be over and there will be 29 chokers who have a dumptruck load of excuses– AND THERE WILL BE ONE WINNER… this much is true..

  18. Mark_Timmons says:

    Not many will be there that have this payroll.

    More was expected…

  19. Mark_Timmons says:

    I can tolerate losing, but 2.5 freaking runs a game?

    That\’s a total choke job.

  20. Rob says:

    I remember the day the dodgers made the blockbuster trade with boston and they interviewed one of the midget players in which he stated, “those are the same guys who choked last season.” How right was he?

  21. the truth hurts says:

    i sense some frustration coming from Dodger fans across the country…

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark says “choked” others say, “they stunk up the place.”

    Ownership did their part. They spent the big bucks, bought the team, made a bunch of trades.

    But the chemistry was not there. Players underperformed. The team could not score, they forget how to hit.

    They are keeping Donnie Boy, maybe that is part of the problem. He is so nice, soft sell, and polite. Maybe these guys need …. something more.

  23. Badger says:

    It ain’t over yet.

    Never give up. 10 straight starting tomorrow.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I like your attitude. You’re clearly not a choker.

    And by the way, I haven’t heard any excuses from the Dodgers. What’s happening is a team-wide slump caused by any number of reasons. It’s no different than a slump in the middle of the season. But then it’s just a slump. At the end of the season it suddenly becomes “choking”. So no player should ever go into a slump at the end of the season. If they do, by Mark’s definition they’re choking.

    Let’s give the Giants credit for playing well. No question that they’re executing better than the Dodgers now. But amazingly, if the Dodgers were inexplicably to reel off a 10 game winning streak, get into the playoffs, and somehow beat the Giants in a series, suddenly the Giants would be chokers and the Dodgers would be making adjustments. Would that life were so simple.

  25. Rob says:

    Choking would be what Atlanta did last season. I guess you need to have a lead in order to choke. The word choke is used because of the expectation placed on this team due to the huge trades. Whether or not we make it into the playoffs we have a bright future to look forward to in LA. Go Dodgers!!!

  26. Ken says:

    Ned says that he is keeping Donnie D’oh!, but I will wait until the season is over, management has its meetigns, and a formal decision is made.

    Dodgers and Angels should trade their managers. :)


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