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Another hanging Chad

It seems whenever Chad Beardingsley finally figures out how to pitch something always happens.  Whether it be, him losing his confidence in the playoffs, breaking his leg, or now maybe needing Tommy John surgery, it always brings him back down to earth. I feel sorry for you Chad get better soon we need you.

The Dodgers slim pitching just became as slim as are chances to make the playoffs (slim to none.) Our 4th (Capuano) and 5th (Harang) pitchers now just became our number 2 and 3 pitchers.

Hello first round exit of the playoffs!

This team was not ready this year to make the playoffs. We overachieved the first half and now were playing like I thought we would. Kemp is jealous and hurt. When I say hurt I don’t mean his feeling I think his hammy is still bothering him. #BringBackBeastmode

This next series is the most important of the season. Today is going to be the tale of former Cy Young winners with an ERA over 5. All I want for Christmas is to have the Josh Beckett that played on the World Series Champion Marlins team for two months. Is that asking too much?

Aj Ellis has solidified himself has our catcher next with his play. I see Fedex becoming our backup next year and eventually taking the role away from Ellis down the road.

SpeeDEE Gordon please hurry back. This team needs some youth with a smile and to show these guys how to have fun. Last year Dee gave the Dodgers that spark to start winning again. Yeah he had a bad start and yeah Luis is looking good but if we trade this kid away because of Hanley’s ego I think we need to call for Ned to resign. This kid is what we need and we need him back now. (Plus my fantasy baseball team needs some more steals)

I see no leadership in the dugout. Where is Jamey Carroll?

I have so many questions with this ball club moving forward. For some reason I just can’t get pass that we have 3 former MVP candidates and we still can’t hit or even score runs.

How do you make this team win?

Offseason thought


Texas Rangers receive

  • Andre Either (Replace Josh Hamilton Void)
  • Chris Withrow
  • Alex Castellanos (Provides depth for the Rangers)
  • Shawn Tolleson

Dodgers Receive

  • Derek Holland  (Becomes a by product once they stretch Feliz out)
  •  Elvis Andrus (Profor makes a case for not keeping him)

*Provides needed pitching depth, and a SS that has proven he can produce. Tell Dee to learn Secondbase.

Starting Lineup

  1. Dee 2b
  2. Crawford RF
  3. A Gon 1b
  4. Kemp Cf
  5. Hanley 3B
  6. Flying Hawaiian / Puig LF
  7. Elvis SS
  8. AJ C


  1. Kershaw
  2. Beardingsley
  3. Capauno
  4. Holland
  5. Lilly


Top 20 in Payroll for 2013

•               Dodgers, $193.8MM

•               Phillies, $133.1MM

•               Yankees, $119.1MM

•               Cardinals, $92.8MM

•               Angels, $92.3MM

•               Tigers, $90.2MM

•               Rangers, $84.4MM

•               White Sox, $83.3MM

•               Giants, $81.0MM

•               Reds, $74.1MM

•               Twins, $68.3MM

•               Marlins, $67.5MM

•               Blue Jays, $61.3MM

•               Nationals, $58.6MM

•               Diamondbacks, $55.0MM

•               Mets, $54.5MM

•               Orioles, $53.2MM

•               Brewers, $52.4MM

•               Rockies, $46.5MM

•               Red Sox, $45.6MM



Let have a good series against the Giants!!!!!!!!!

Nedsucks singing off.

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52 Responses to “Another hanging Chad”

  1. Ken says:

    Very interesting! Need to think about that trade for a while. Bills to have surgery, Beckett around for another year.

    Ned to be extended with an actual demotion as Stan takes over his important duties. As part of the new contract Ned must wear a pencil protector.

  2. Badger says:

    Pencil protector. Good idea. A nice set of thick black rim glasses would go well with that. Then put him on a bus with a one way ticket to anywhere. I want Kasten to bring in his own GM. Having said that, Dilbeck gives a strong argument as to why he should be extended.

    Good read on Kasten in MLB Rumors. I really do like this guy.

    Yankees at $119MM. I doubt it.

    Interesting trade idea. We already have 2 shortstops and this will add another. I’ll bet Ethier would put up some numbers down there in the Texas. I like Andrus. Who doesn’t. He is not a home run hitter, so his numbers may not fall that much in L.A.. Holland huh. I assume because he is only 25 you believe his best years are in front of him. You are probably right.

    Leadership SHOULD be coming from Kemp and Ethier. Neither look much like leaders to me.

    You don’t think Beckett can win a spot in the rotation next year? At $15+MM, I hope he can do something for us.

    “Slightly torn ulnar collateral ligament”. I would not expect Bills back next year. $11MM down the crapper. If we were the Rays, that would be HUGE problem.

    • Nedsucks says:

      I see Texas having a crowded starting rotation next year and if Profor continues playing well I think Andrus is an afterthought. I like Holland cause he can have those games where he looks like an Ace then in other games he looks like a kid fresh outta high school. Andrus is just stability for the team at SS. Everyone is doubting Dee so if he can play second I think we would have one of the most atethletic infields in baseball.

      I just don’t trust Beckett at all. I don’t want the clubhouse to implode.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, read this and listen to the video. It says what many of us have been saying about the long term plans of new ownership.

    Scouting and player development are at the heart of the plan. But it also takes into account current needs for this year and the next few that follow. The new ownership group understands that a commitment to player development alone will take five years or so to kick in with real results. So, because they have the economic power, they’ve decided to add impact players now, and develop the minor league system, BOTH at the same time. They’ve taken the Dodgers from LAST in international signings, to a point where they are now committed to spending the max allowed under the current new system. And that’s a lot more than McCourt spent when there was no cap on spending. They even snuck in under the wire and signed Yasiel Puig for $42 million.

    Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford are in mid-career. They look to have several more productive years ahead of them. Even Josh Beckett is, I believe, only 31. If everything doesn’t click this year, the Dodgers are at least positioned to contend for the next several years, at which point some of the amateur talent signed this year will be on the doorstep looking to come on board. And yes, they will likely be active this winter acquiring additional talent, be it via free agency, trades, or even a signing or two of a Japanese free agent or posted player.

    If anything you should be ecstatic that your team now has the means to acquire top of the line talent, both amateur and professional.

  4. DRomo says:

    I am still laughing from the trade idea.

    Texas makes it to 2 Wold Series and is walking away with the division again. So now they would trade their franchise SS and one of their best pitchers for Ethier & prospects? Huh?

    With a handle like “NedSucks” that makes it even funnier.

    I don’t have the answers either, so I am am not playing know-it-all here, but lets be realistic. This ownership group will be a player in free agency. I guarantee it. Pitching will be the focus. If we make trades it will be trading extra parts for minor leaguers and hopefully a decent one or two.

    I wish some of you would stop with the payroll complaints and comparing ourselves to the Rays. The difference between us and them is they have had superior scouting and development for the last 5-6 yrs. They have to. The Dodgers need time to get that back. It will be back….soon. But to go on and on and lament the talent we let get away…GET REAL!

    When one of them pan out let me know. For years we have missed out on trades because the rest of the league doesn’t buy what we are selling them, that some of our kids are all that we crack them up to be. Carlos Santana has come back to earth, Josh Bell never panned out at 2 different spots, James McDonald is having a decent year, do I miss him? No. Precious Andy LaRoche anyone? Now its Josh Lindblom, YAWN!
    Ruby DeLaRosa has a great (rebuilt) arm. I like him a lot. But even Boston views him as a bullpen guy or back of the rotation starter. Who thought of Webster as a unmovable piece before the Cubs wanted him? And now we may know why Ned didn’t move him for a rental like Dempster, because he was in the discussion with Boston since July!

    So let’s calm down folks. It’s not fantasy baseball. It is business as well. The new owners are shaping the team and franchise the way they want it to be. I am not ready to panic after 5 months, even if they do miss the playoffs this year. We are in good hands.

  5. Max says:

    Dee Gordon was one of the worst players in baseball when he had his shot this year. Per Fan Graphs Gordon amassed -1.2 WAR which puts him near dead last. The only players in baseball with worse WAR are Ryan Rayburn, Joe Mather, Michael Young, and Jeff Francoeur, that’s it! As far as his fielding is concerned he was also one of the worst in baseball. Per Fan Graphs, his UZR was -13.3 which ranks him second to last only ahead of Derek Jeter. Gordon doesn’t pass the eye test in my book either. I watched play and he sucked, not to say that he doesn’t have any potential. He could be good at some point after he heals from destroying a ligament in his hand but he wasn’t ready when he was healthy, why would he be ready now? Hanley Ramirez on the other hand has only done this, WAR: 1.5 he’s hit 278/343/532 OPS of 875 and and adjusted OPS of 138 all with 10HR and 37 RBI in 40 games. HANLEY IS 1,000,000 times better than Gordon, there is no comparison between the two players. The only thing Gordon is better at is stealing bases and that’s debatable.

    Jamey Carroll is a sub that can’t hit, 258/338/306 the only value he brings to the table is his glove. If leadership was such a big deal why are the Twins 56-81?

    Beckett is now our #2. He’s better than Harrang and Capuano put together. Ok, he’s had a poor year and his performance over the years has been volatile yet he is only one year removed from arguably his best season. I still think he has a lot left and he seems happy to be out of Boston or with LA either way you want to look at it.

    The Dodgers are in a better position to win now than they were earlier in the season. It just isn’t working, it will eventually come together. This team was put together in it’s current state two weeks ago. There is a good reason the season is 162 games long. I too will be disappointed if the men in blue don’t make the post season. Hell, as a die hard fan living in SF I will be crushed if they don’t win tonight! However the logical part of my brain fully understands that we are in a better position now and especially in the future than we were to start the season.

    • Kevin says:

      Nobody’s arguing that Dee Gordon is better than Hanley Ramirez. Some of us happen to think that our team would be better with Hanley at 3rd and Dee at SS. I happen to be one of those people.

      • Max says:

        I do not think that Gordon is better than Cruz. Maybe Hanley at 3B and Cruz at SS makes more sense? Gordon is not healthy and from what I gather has not played well in his limited rehab stint. Maybe next season Gordon improves on offense and defense and becomes more than a replacement player.

  6. Badger says:

    I think there are only two in here who don’t understand the process.

    They’ll come around.

    • Max says:

      And they are the writers for this site.

      I feel everything they are publishing it’s just not rational.

      • Badger says:

        Well, everybody has their own pov Max. I agree with yours, but I have a question…..

        I read what you said about Gordon, and there is no denying he did not adjust well to the pressure of leading off. However, with 42 PA’s in the 8 hole, he hit .308 with a .341 OBP. That tells me something. His numbers in the field don’t concern me in the least. He will get better out there, and nobody can get to what he can get to. If they move him to second, so be it, he will cover the ground over there too. So we hit him 8th. Hell, hit him 9th. You only hit lead-off once a game (which by the way, he is .255 .339, why the drop off after that? who knows) After the game has a few innings, you are just part of the order and hitting 9th he would come up before Victorino, whoever, Kemp and AGon. Since our pitchers only go six, they are going to be pinch hit for after that anyway, so they will only get 2 at bats. Might work.

        • Max says:

          In 134 games Dee Gordon is 235/284/288 and has amassed a WAR of

          -1.3 according to Fan Graphs and -.7 per Baseball Reference. Neither website values his defense positively. His only discernible skill is his speed. Over that time frame he has stolen 54 bases in 69 attempts, with a 78% success rate I like his speed but has room to improve.

          Dee Gordon has plus speed, maybe the fastest person in baseball today. However, you can’t steal first base. He is not a major league ready player. Maybe next year he improves, he will be entering his age 25 season. He’s not old by any stretch of the imagination but he’s not a kid anymore either, this is the time most players are entering their prime. I want him to succeed I just haven’t seen enough from him to say that he will.

          What are the Dodgers options? Mark Ellis has put together a nice little season, far better than anything Gordon has done. We have him next year with a team option for 2014. He’s on the wrong side of 30 but still as productive as most 2B in baseball. Luis Cruz isn’t bad either. This is the first time he as ever been given a legitimate shot and here is what he’s done with 206 plate appearances, 306/341/446 good for an OPS of 787 and a WAR of 2.1 and both Baseball Reference and Fan Graphs like his D. He too is better than Gordon. Let’s not forget that his dad is a legend in the Mexican Baseball league :)

          So what do I think the best play for the Dodgers is going forward. Keep Ellis as the primary second baseman with Cruz at third and Gordon in the minors. If he makes improvements bring him up. Hanley is our SS Mattingly is not going to change that and I think he makes up for his D with his bat so we’re not losing much. The free agent class sucks at third base next season and I would David Wright but we would have to give up the world for him.

          A lineup of (and this is how I would construct it):

          1. Crawford LF (I’m aware that he will not return until May at the earliest)

          2. Ethier RF

          3. Kemp CF

          4. Gonzalez 1B

          5. Ramirez SS

          6. A. Ellis C

          7. Cruz 3B

          8. M. Ellis 2B

          Looks good to me. This lineup will score runs. We need to focus on pitching. There are some intriguing names in the Free Agent class of 2013:

          Brandon McCarthy (Hopefully he healthy)

          Francisco Liriano

          Zack Grienke (Who doesn’t want him?)

          Edwin Jackson

          Let us not forget that Zach Lee has pitched very well in AA as of late and could potentially be ready next season for a June call up. The 2013 Dodgers need pitchers not Dee Gordon.

      • Nedsucks says:

        We all have our opinion. I publish mine so people can voice their opinion.

  7. the truth hurts says:

    Whoa max!

    Don’t throw me in the fire!

  8. Note says:

    You do realize we signed eithier to a five year deal,

  9. Bobbie17 says:

    Response to the Optimists: If the Dodger farm system were that good, these guys would not take 5 years to make it to the Big Leagues, and when they got there, they would stick. Mattingly said to the press that if there was help in the farm, they would be there now. These guys don’t know how to scout or develop. By now Zack Lee should be lights out in AA. The Stanford grad should be on the verge of of breaking out of AA. Instead these guys need to build up arm strength for 3-4 years, and even then, most of them are Tommy John waiting to happen. The big team has given up on the higher levels of the farm, and it is a shame. Of course, tossing big bucks at the problem will make it better. How about people who know what they are doing?
    I’ve witnessed a Dodger AAA team, where a runner on 3rd didn’t tag up on a 420′ fly ball, with the manager coaching third base. Unbelievable!

  10. Anonymous says:

    If Dee could catch,throw and hit he would be awesome because he can run. As it is he’s a one tool player.
    His Dad tried to make him a baseball player but Dee has no baseball sense. Case in point; earlier this season he tried to bunt and did so but bunted to the LHPs glove side, not a good choice, easy out. Had he bunted to the 1B side he could’ve walked to first. With this guys speed the only way he’s going to make it is with learning when and where to bunt.
    Let’s stay on Cruz control.

  11. Badger says:

    Max makes a solid argument.

    Age is relative. Yeah, you would hope by 25, the player would be stepping up and producing. But I say again, the kid only has 500 ML at bats. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Sammy Sosa didn’t have an OPS over .790 until he had over 2,000 at bats, at age 24. There are many other examples of this. It takes time. Many of us figured this would be an OJT year for Dee. Most of us knew he was probably going to have learn how to become a Major League lead-off hitter. I submit, you cannot learn this job by leading off in the minor leagues. You need to do it here. His training got cut a half season, or 300 at bats, short. Now, he is expected to step in and be all he can be as what amounts to a sophomore? Maybe just a tad unrealistic.

    If the Dodgers have no plans for him to grow into the job, then he should be traded to a team that has the patience to allow him to grow naturally. I doubt they do that, but, I have been wrong about what their intent is before.

    • Max says:


      If my Grandma had a dick she’d be my grandpa.

      • Badger says:

        Your grandma having a dick says as much about your grandpa as it does about your grandma. And today, they could actually be married in several states.

        Just read over there ———————-> that if the Angels fire Scioscia the Red Sox are going after him. Scioscia might be available? Hell, give the Red Sox Donnie and WE take Scioscia!

  12. Kevin says:

    Dee ain’t goin anywhere you HATERS!!

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, I still don’t think you get it. Us “optimists” realize that a 16 year old signed out of the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, etc. is not likely to make it to the big leagues for at least 4-5 years. And five years is an estimate of how long it will take to get a steady flow of talent to the big leagues. Some players will do it in less, some in more. And really, it’s just an arbitrary number. POINT IS THAT THE DODGERS ARE INVESTING BOTH IN EXPENSIVE PROVEN TALENT AND IN YOUNGER UNPROVEN TALENT. WHAT’S WRONG WITH DOING BOTH?

    I liked Jerry Sands, loved RDLR, and thought that Webster was probably over-hyped. But I also love Gonzalez, and will love Crawford if he comes back healthy (of which there is no guarantee, just as there is no guarantee that RDLR will either). And Beckett appears as if he may become an important piece in a currently dwindling rotation. And I expect more over the winter. Teams rarely win when they call up young players en masse.

    By the way, if the Dodgers (w/o McCourt as there owner, of course) drafted where the Rays did, they too might have a few more top tier young players. Same comparison can be made with the Nationals, who are now reaping the benefits of all those losing years. And keep in mind, that at the head of the Nationals braintrust was our own Stan Kasten.

    As for Gordon. Well, I like him. However, I have no argument with anyone who doesn’t. We just have different opinions. I see great athletic talent (more than just speed), and the work ethic to put it to use. I believe that this is the first time that Dee Gordon has ever faced athletic adversity. I think he has it within him to use that adversity to make himself a far better player than we’ve seen. I see character and a strong work ethic where others see just the opposite. But then again, I never bought into the negativity that Matt Kemp used to engender in some people. Always seemed to me that he was a nice guy, with the best of intentions.

    As for Cruz, maybe this is his breakout year. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s his career year. I wouldn’t get too excited at this point. Next year he’ll be treated a lot differently by pitchers than he was this year. Does he make the necessary adjustments? Maybe. Maybe not. Only time will tell.

    I like Dee at short and Hanley at 3B. But I would have no problem with Dee at 2B. No doubt at 2B he could cut off a lot of ground balls up middle. And a strong arm at 2B is an asset on plays up the middle and on the DP. And his ability to cover more ground to his left might make it possible for the lefthanded Gonzalez to cheat a little closer to the line, and cut-off extra base hits in that direction.

    And Max, that last remark was, well, tasteless. But that’s just me.

    • Nedsucks says:

      Whose b17?

    • Max says:

      Well put. I think we agree on a lot of fronts. Please excuse the vulgarity I was joking. It’s another way of saying you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. In the future I’ll keep it PG.

      I’m happy to have Dee he has value, just might not be a place for him. I just don’t see him as the answer to anything. He’s a piece of the puzzle, we know he’s been bad. Maybe he can turn it around.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I have no problems with Donnie, but I also like the idea of Scioscia back in a Dodger uniform. If the Angels fire him, can the Dodgers sign him for a song, with Angels still on the hook for his contract through 2018? So I’ll probably be happy with Donnie back, and just as happy (maybe more than just happy) with Scioscia back in the Dodger dugout. Donnie for Scioscia? OK with me. Maybe with Scioscia we see less sacrifice bunting, and more hit and run, or just more swinging away. I hate the bunt, except when pitchers do it, or speedy guys like Gordon and Crawford do it to get hits.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    B17 is Bobbie17. Was also a bomber in WW II.

    Like I said Max, “that’s just me.”

    And yes, Dee has been bad. But last year he was good. I tend to think that he’ll revert back to the good Dee. Or he could remain bad, or maybe progress to the point where he’s something in between. And even though his father was a pitcher, it does appear as if Dee has good genes, and a mentor to help him through the rough spots. Along those lines he also has Maury Wills and Davey Lopes. Something tells me that he’ll get through this, and be the stronger for it. And if he turns it around, I can’t help but think that his effervescent, positive personality will be welcome in the Dodgers clubhouse.

  16. the truth hurts says:

    where is jose cruz?!?!?!?!?

  17. Michael says:

    All for one and one for all. We are all Dodgers and bleed Dodger Blue.
    Lets kick their ass.
    Go Dodgers!

  18. Bball says:

    Well said Michael. This feels like a playoff game. Kick there gay orange asses

  19. Rob says:

    Cruz deserves to play everyday until he cools down. Not liking Donnie ball. Need to scramble the batting order a bit too. This lineup has proved to not work but I guess if it’s broke don’t fix it.

  20. Bball says:

    For all the flack Kennedy gets in here I think he’s been pretty damn solid. I agree play Cruz but Kennedy hits lincecum well so let’s see how it goes

  21. Gionfriddo says:

    To B17— “These guys don’t know how to scout or develop”.. by “guys” I assume you mean Logan White and his scouting staff.. Just as a point of reference let’s take a look at White’s 2003 draft by round:
    1. Billingsley
    4. X. Paul
    6. Kemp
    7. Wesley Wright
    18. AJ Ellis
    By my count that’s 5 MLB players (2 who have been all-stars).. the year prior White drafted Loney, Broxton, James McDonald, Stults, and Russell Martin.. that’s 10 MLB players in back to back drafts.. we can’t entirely quantify Whites’ entire body of work the last 5-6 years simply because McCourt had him handcuffed with a mickey mouse budget for bonuses..

    “By now Zach Lee should be lights out in AA”… Lee’s last 6 starts in Chattanooga he is 4-0 with a 1.50 era (36 IP, 27 K’s, 6 BB’s).. For a 21 yr old in AA I would venture to say that is damn near what you would term “lights out”…

    Bottom line, the man in charge of this operation (the baseball side that is), Stan Kasten, knows exactly what he is doing and I trust him and his baseball knowledge..

  22. Rob says:

    Lincecum is all over the place but we have yet to make him pay for it. Kemp needs to be dropped in the order because he is killing us. He took a fastball down the middle looking for strike three, not what an all star caliber player does.

  23. Bobby says:

    I can’t watch Gonzales and Kemp anymore. They look like pure trash up there.

  24. Bball says:

    How u like Kennedy baby. Ya

  25. Bball says:

    Rob he was prolly safe anyway. Pence is pretty quick

  26. Bobby says:

    Honestly, this is a $70 mil middle of the order??

    I’d rather go back and watch a 3-6 of Rivera, Uribe, Loney, Treanor

  27. mica says:

    This team is gutless

  28. Rob says:

    This game ruined my night. Giants are doing what a good ball team does with runners in scoring position. We have a bunch of guys who look just as bad as the guys we had when kemp and eithier were injured.

  29. Rob says:

    Better teach kemp how to bunt

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