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Wake me up when September ends

OK, you can wake me up on September 1st, which is when we should see four players who could play pivotal roles for the Dodgers in 2013 and beyond – maybe even down the stretch:

  • FedEx (I call him FedEx because I can’t spell Tim Federowicz)
  • John Ely
  • Alex Castellanos
  • Jerry Sands

I would like to see John Ely in long relief, FedEx behind the plate and Jerry Sands at 1B.  Castellanos can fill in at 3B and 2B, but the Dodgers need to determine if these players have a future with the team.  Jerry Sands needs to demonstrate that he can be an everyday first-baseman… if he is.  If it looks like Sands can handle the position and hit 20 HR with a .250 BA, then the Dodgers will have a direction for next year.  If it looks like he can’t, they will need to acquire a 1B.

Minor League Report

  • Jerry Sands was 5-6 with 4 RBI”s last night and is hitting .306 with 98 RBI’s.  Albuquerque got beat 20-10 and Josh Field pitched the final inning.  Of course Tony Gwynn, Jr. was 3-5 and is hitting .467 and he can’t hit, so maybe it means nothing.  Nah, it means something…
  • Yasiel Puig was 1-4 and is only hitting .360 at RC
  • Aaron Miller pitched 6 outstanding innings for Chattanooga last night.  It’s his best outing of the year.  He gave up 6 hits and no earned runs while striking out 6, but what is most significant, is that he did not walk anyone.
  • Corey Seager was 2-3 with 2 RBI, a HR and 2 walks.  He is OPS’ing .878.

Happy Hanley

A happy Hanley Ramirez is very good for the Dodgers.  He’s happiest when he is playing SS.  He can still play it and he has a good arm and excellent speed, so I think that maybe the Dodgers should trade Dee Gordon so Hanley can stay at SS – whatever he lacks in defense will be more than made up by his offense.  Maybe Ethier and Gordon are packaged for someone like Adrian Gonzalez or David Wright.  That may have to be a three-way deal.  In fact, I think the Dodgers could get Gonzalez AND Wright, but it would be costly.  It would really hurt the farm, as 4 or 5 prospects will have to be included and I am talking Zach Lee and others.  Would you do that?

Will Victorino settle for a 3-4 year deal at a reasonable rate?  That’s the only way he stays in my opinion.  4 years/$38 million.  Someone will offer him more…

Free agents I would like:  Mike Napoli – that’s about it!

How about this lineup next year:

  1. Victorino  LF
  2. Ramirez  SS
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Wright  3B
  6. Sands  RF
  7. Ellis  2B
  8. Ellis  C

Oh, there was a game last night?  Yeah, not a good outcome.  Clayton did his part.  The Dodger bats were again silent  and Kemp and Ethier, who should be leading this team were O-Fer and Aw-Ful.  Clayton Kershaw got two hits and is hitting. 244.    I know that Bumgarner was good last night, but the Dodger hitters make lots of pitchers look good.  I question their mindset and approach which leads back to the coaches.  I’m just sayin’…

TJ Simers of THE LA TIMES has a good article about Tommy Lasorda today.  On of the funniest things you can ever see is TJ and Tommy throwing barbs at each other.  They are friends but love to jab one another.  It’s hilarious!  Here’s the best Tommy quote:

“Maybe it doesn’t always sound sincere to some but I want to see another championship banner flying in center field,” he says. “And even though I’ll still be cheering for them in heaven, they better do it before the big Dodger in the sky calls me. I don’t want to go without knowing we have another world championship.

“I’ve already told my wife that when I do go I want our home schedule attached to my tombstone. I want people who are in the cemetery visiting their loved ones to say, ‘Let’s go to Lasorda’s grave and see if the Dodgers are playing home or away.’

“Hey, I love this organization so much I want to be working for it even after I’m dead.”



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31 Responses to “Wake me up when September ends”

  1. Badger says:

    Yeah, Bumgarner was good last night. But it wasn’t just last night. He has more wins, a better ERA, a better BAA, and a better WHIP (league leader) than last year’s Cy Young winner. Kershaw got out pitched by a younger left handed pitcher that is having a better year than he is.

    Give up on Gordon? Well… ok in the right deal and not to anyone in the NL. That would be a trade that could come back to haunt us. He is going to make a lot of All Star teams eventually. I still think Hanley should play 3rd. If our middle of the order guys were all hitting, we could put Gordon at the bottom of the lineup while he learns how to steal first base. I like this kid and I love what he brings to a lineup.

    I liked Ethier and and Lee to Boston for Gonzalez. That could be all we need if Victorino is re-signed. Well, that and another stud starter.

    “which is when we should see four players who could play pivotal roles for the Dodgers in 2013 and beyond”

    I wonder how? If Victorino re-signs, and we make one of those trades you talk about, maybe Sands can play RF next year. Maybe Ely can earn a starting role…. but I kinda doubt it. Ellis looks like he will remain the starting C so FedX? Good trade bait. I say we go with another guy like Soto or Barajas as back-up. Castellanos might win the 2b spot, but it would not surprise me if the team asks Gordon to play 2b for a couple of years. I wouldn’t do it, but, they might.

    Crawford is having TJ surgery. He will be back in May of next year. Anyone interested?

    I’ll say it again… when Kemp and Ethier don’t hit, this team looks pedestrian. Something is in Kemp’s head. He is again swinging at pitches that aren’t close. He is refusing to take the walk. That’s nuts. And Ethier often looks lost against good lh pitchers. He needs to take them to left and it appears he no longer knows how to do that.

    OK, just another off night offensively against a top pitcher. Tee it up again today and get first place back.

  2. Gionfriddo says:

    Badger, you are spot on about the Mad Bum/Kershaw matchup– they just have to tip their cap and get ready to tee it up tonite vs the Dopesmoker with the 5.60 era..

    Han Ram has been on an absolute tear since moving back to SS, so I say he’s most comfortable there.. @ this point he obviously stays & for ’13 he has to stay as well.. Will Gordon come back to haunt us?? Who knows.. Will Gordon ever be a legit all around SS who gets on base @ a .340-.350 clip with under 10 errors a season?? That, I highly doubt IMO..

    As far as laying out the plans for ’13 there’s far too many moving parts to even start to speculate.. However, IF A Gone IS available and it costs Ethier and Lee/or Dee the brass has to pull the trigger .. Gonzalez behind Kemp & in front of Hanley would be lethal & bordering on unfair for the simple fact that gonzalez does what Ethier fails to do– he hammers lefties as well as RH..

  3. Mark_Timmons says:

    It would not surprise me if the Dodgers were to try and do a waiver deal for Gonzalez. He is due $109 mil so not many teams behind the Dodgers would claim him. Zach Lee, Dee Gordon and a PTBNL (Ethier) would be a fair deal.

  4. DRomo says:

    Why would the Dodgers give up on Ethier just months after giving him a big deal? They could’ve let him walk at the end of the year or traded him this summer if that was even an option. I think its time we move away from that idea if we are having serious discussions. Ethier will not be part of a trade conversation for at least a year maybe two.

    Gonzalez is a target. No doubt about it. However I don’t know if it’s going to happen (Boston won’t let him go) until the winter.

  5. Rob says:

    I went to the game last night and it seems like the players play better on the road because there is less pressure. It just appeared like every at bat someone was trying to hit it out of the park and getting under the ball. My prediction, uribe will be DFA after he hits his next homerun so that means he will never be DFA.

  6. Badger says:

    Hope you are right mover. Gonzalez in this lineup would be cool. Though I think including Gordon in that deal is unnecessary. Lee and Ethier, we take on that inflated contract, and a PTBNL (A+ pitcher maybe) should be enough.

    Gordon may never get on base at a .350 clip, and as nice as that would be, he doesn’t really need to to be a great addition to a lineup. Like I mentioned before, Maury Wills won an MVP and stole 104 bases with an OBP less than that. (ok, it was .347) Gordon has a career minor league OBP of .355, so we know he can do it. If he can get on at .333 he could be extremely valuable to somebody. If I know that, Major League coaches must know it. What he needs to do is be confident enough to go deeper in counts. His K/BB ratio is way too high. He is 24 with 525 ML at bats. That isn’t even the equivalent of one year in the Majors. With that number of at bats, and an OBP of .299, he has managed to score 70 runs. Think about that for a minute. With an improvement to .333, and 600+ at bats, he would be scoring over 100 runs. How many guys do the Dodgers have that score 100 runs a year?

    Again, I keep this guy around if I can. And if somebody is interested in him, a guy that can easily score 100 runs a year, and steal over 60 bases, is going to cost them.

  7. gionfriddo says:

    Ethier will be part of the trade conversation once the ’12 season ends due to 2 reasons– 2 guys named Puig and Pederson.. those 2 continued development will eventually make Ethier expendable or in this case an extremely nice trade chip.. A Gone is sitting @ .305 this year vs lefties while Ethier is @ .215 vs LH.. The chances of LA getting Gonzalez next yr are likely remote at best, but if Boston opens the door Kasten and co need to act..

    • Badger says:

      If the door is opened, big IF, then there will be a number of teams that look into it. I agree that getting AGon for Ethier this time of year is not likely, unless like mover said Andre is the PTBNL that is agreed upon now. We are having a serious discussion Romey, and I don’t know why Ethier cannot be included in that. It’s not like, after signing that new deal, he has pounded the ball. I believe Boston would be interested in him because they know he could improve his numbers in that park. For them, his contract is easy. And, if the Dodgers offer Zach Lee, Dee Gordon AND Ethier, well, I doubt anyone would be offering more than that. That’s too much in my book, but, you want to make sure you don’t get outbid, that would do it.

      It could very well be that what you see is what we finish with. Gordon comes back in a couple of weeks, we will have an expanded roster, the job is to get into the play-offs. Once there anything can happen. I don’t think this is a championship team, but, who knows.

  8. Kevin says:

    Bumgarner having a better year? Hmmm not so sure about that. He did get the better of Kershaw last night but besides having more wins they are pretty much identical statistically. Kershaw has a better BAA and their ERA’s and WHIP’s are pretty much identical. You just happened to pick the one time of the year where a few of Bumgarner’s stats happened to be slightly better. I suspect at the end of the year we won’t even be having this conversation. Can’t blaim Kershaw if our hitters shit the bed.

    2 2 178.2 175 1.00 .213 2.87

    2 1 171.2 160 0.99 .218 2.83

    • Badger says:

      Yeah. Similar. Who would have thought they would be this close in stats, and that Bumgarner would have a lower WHIP, lower ERA, a higher sOPS+ and a better record? Not me, that’s for sure. Of course I would rather have Kershaw, but, there is another stud LHer in our division who is younger than Kershaw.

  9. Ken says:

    One of the best articles that Mark has ever written!

    He has recognized the real issues and is addressing them creatively.

    He makes valid points and intelligent recommendations.

    All of us have ideas but none of us know what will actually happen.

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    If Blue is going to the playoffs in 2012, it won’t be on the back of September callups.
    They can fill in, but that’s about it. Some experience is nice, but don’t toss away the season experimenting with these guys. The time for that was months ago, not now.
    3A is a waste of time, except for pitchers. If you can pitch there, with control of the strike zone, you can pitch in the show. I’m in favor of Ely having a role in September.
    He as MLB experience, and has pitched well in the minors before with the White Sox and Dodgers. Maybe try Blanton in the pen for a start. Blanton has more of a bullpen
    personality, I think.

  11. Kevin says:

    I agree with Mark about bringing up Fedex. Let’s dump Treanor and give the kid a chance. He can’t be any worse with the bat and from what I’ve heard he’s great defensively.

    And where in the hell is Jerry Sands?? I don’t understand how Donnie continues to put Rivera at 1b against lefties when he looks completely lost at the plate. Besides that HR last road trip has he been any better than Uribe?

  12. Matt says:

    Is it just me or is just ONE of the next 5 Dodgers games on Extra Innings for Direct TV……not good if your in NC…..

    • Matt says:

      Check that looks like it may be just tomorrow’s game which stinks in and of itself (guess ill have to listen on SiriusXM, but DTV didnt have the Marlins games listed….

  13. Bobby says:

    In order for us to trade Ethier before the Aug 31 deadline, we have to put him on waivers. That means every team in the NL gets a chance to claim him and then it goes to the AL. I seriously doubt he gets thru the NL, so he won’t be traded anytime this current season. I also don’t know how soon you have to wait to trade a guy after you sign him, or resign him, or extend him, or whatever…

    I’m sure Boston has or will put A-Gone on the waiver wire within the next week, once they realize they probably don’t have a wild card shot this year (Go Anaheim, beat them the next few days!)

    • Kevin says:

      I’m pretty sure he would get through the entire NL via the waiver wire. Nobody wants to touch that ridiculous contract we gave to what is essencially a platoon player.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      We don\’t have to put him on waivers. He can be a PTBNL.

  14. gionfriddo says:

    RDLR activated today and Guerra optioned back to Alb(he will be back up Sep 1 if not sooner)… Activating RDLR was a given but sending Guerra down is puzzling and that’s putting it mildly.. Guerra has pitched in 9 straight scoreless app, with 13 K’s and 4 BB’s in 11.1 innings in that span… tell me why we keep Wright over Guerra at this point?? I know we are talking roughly 9 days til the rosters expand but this is one more instance of Ned keeping the wrong guy…

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    There should be no question why Javy Guerra was optioned to AAA – He was the the only pitcher who had options.


    End of discussion.

    • Badger says:

      The discussion ends when WE say it ends………

      Can anybody tell me if Rubby has any options left? I am just wondering why a guy like Guerra was sent down when he is pitching so well.

      by the way, friddo is right, he will be back in a week. Maybe Wright was kept just in case a starter has an early inning meltdown.

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        Rubby has options left.

        He is better than Javy!

        Wright is cannon fodder.

        • Badger says:

          Didn’t Javy have a 11 1`/3 inning scoreless streak going? That’s pretty good. Rubby has nothing going this year.

          “Wright is cannon fodder.”

          Who else you got to long relieve?

          I guess our pen actually looks pretty good. That is IF Belisario stays focused and League gets his act together.

          Guerra will be back up and have some ops to show his stuff. May not make the post season roster but, oh well.

          ok… you can end the discussion now…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ah, I just turned on the TV, bases loaded, single, 2 in . . .

    If you are or were wondering if the Dodgers have what it takes to beat the Giant this season? Last night and the first inning are a heavy shadow over Dodger Stadium . . .

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, and Lincecum perfect through 3.

      Could be another long night if he is on. The Dodgers have handed him his ass lately, maybe they will wake up soon.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    The Dodger team I see playing tonight and last night . . . will not make the postseason.

    Cans of corn, pop-flies, wild throws, more high fly balls.

    In a series like this one – you cream the ball, you hit YOUR pitch not theirs.

    You wake up and gold for the gold.

    • Badger says:

      I just noticed that Kenneday and Victorino have the same batting average.

      I would have lost that trivia question.

      Still time. No need to panic. They’ll get to Lincecum next inning.

      Won’t argue with your point Roger. Looking at the league stats, our offense is way down the list in all the important categories. Too many games where they just don’t show up.

  18. DRomo says:

    Bases loaded for Kemp. MVP time? Sac fly time?

    • Badger says:

      Pretty weak ass performance by the Dodger offense.

      Ethier is disappearing and Kemp has temporarily lost his edge. If they don’t do it, it won’t get done. Ramirez cannot carry a team. The rest of those guys are banausic.


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