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Today was a good day…..

The biggest news of the day is that Vin Scully is going to be back in the booth next year.  For me personally, the news erased the loss from today and turned it into one gigantic win for all of us.  It is easy to forget how much we take Vin for granted.  Vin was calling games for the Brooklyn Dodgers, think about that.  We have the best that ever was! Once he is gone, I am not sure if anyone can ever come close to taking his place.  Ask Cubs (or Cardinal) fans how listening to their broadcasts changed after the passing of iconic Harry Caray.  I will write a post on Vin one of these days unless Mark beats me to it!  Let’s get a championship for this guy!  Win for Vin!

After the memorable roller coaster ride Friday and going into Saturday, the hangover got the best of us Sunday.  It just wasn’t our day…

Caught up in the moment, we left 34 runners on base and just like Kemp was in a slump, it is now Hanley.  We had multiple opportunities to score a ton of runs but just couldn’t capitalize.  With this line-up, don’t expect that to happen often.  Treanor does not help either with his complete lack of hitting followed by the pitcher’s spot.

I am not going to analyze this to much because I feel we are all a little exhausted.  I am positive the team is as well.

We should put this one behind us and look to the week ahead.  Two games behind the Giants with the media frenzy slowing; I think we have a big week in store.  I don’t see the Giants giving up much ground until we meet in San Francisco. Hopefully I am wrong!  Whatever happens, we can not afford to lose ground!

Next two weeks:

Giants                         Dodgers

3@Astros                    3@Colorado

3@Cubs                      4vsDbacks

3vsDbacks                   3vsPadres

3vsDodgers                 3@Giants

If we can hold steady over the next three series, a statement series in San Fran awaits in less than 2 weeks.  I say we need to go 9-4 or better.  What do you think?

I am sure we are all holding our breath to see how Mr. Beckett performs in Colorado tomorrow night.  We could use a nice start after the bullpen explosion this afternoon.  He could be a bigger piece to this years puzzle then we think!

Colorado, watch out, the Big Blue Wrecking Crew is coming after you!

*Loney was 1 for 5 with a single and an RBI in his debut with the Red Sox*

  • The single was a dribbler up the middle, ;)

59 Responses to “Today was a good day…..”

  1. Rob says:

    Time for this team to gel again on the road. With new pieces this team needs the road to get them all in one space together. The schedule does not favor the dodgers but if they can come back and win the west they will win the world series!

  2. gionfriddo says:

    All the pieces are there– I see a hot streak coming on where they rip off 8 of 10 or 10 of 14 (I’m hoping) and take control of this division…

    Update on Yasiel Puig– after sitting out 3 games with a bruised heel, Puig went 4-4 with 2 doubles, 2 rbi, and a walk.. He’s up to .361 with an OBP% of .465 in Rancho… This kid will continue to get better and better.. I look for him to open up beside Pederson in the OF in Chattanooga next year..

    Here’s to Beckett showing up tomorrow in Colorado and looking like the Beckett of old while giving us 6 to 7 strong innings…

  3. RogerCraig says:

    I see Dee Gordon played at AAA yesterday 0-3. He will probably play 2-3 more games and return. It’s possible they wait until the rosters expand on Sept. 1st…

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Looks like the D-Backs have thrown in the towel by trading Joe Saunders. They are who I thought they were (a .500 team). They have some issues.

    I’m anxious to see what Josh Beckett does in Coors. No, not beer in the clubhouse…

  5. Gonzo says:

    I heard Beckett was a Budweiser man Mark. This time of the year is when the stupid losses will take effect on the final standings. I am hoping for a run from the crew and like was saida statement series vs SF. Winning the division a la Steve Finley would be nice.

  6. DRomo says:

    Haha Mark! If the Dodgers has a sense of humor at all they should have had Roscoes chicken and waffle for the post game spread after the first game. Maybe a couple of cold beers to welcome the new fellas too?

    I think Beckett has a little left. Coors is a tough place to open up and his performance today may not be indicative of what we should expect from him the rest of the way. I hope I am wrong.

    I love the “outrage” that the Didgers took on $250 MM+ of contracts. Ken Rosenthal points out the 8-10 yr contracts Prince Fielder and Alber Pujols received. Pujols got $250 for himself. The Dodgers did well to get a top 1B and I think Crawford is a steal. Forget the money this guy is good. He makes his living with his legs and they will be well rested. He will be a fan favorite soon (2013 & beyond).

    Rumor has it the Dodgers are looking at offers from Time Warner and Fox Sports for upwards of $4 billion. With an ownership stake in the network. There wi be a Spanish language network as well. Just like the Lakers are starting w/ Time Warner.With The addition of Gonzo (don’t call him A-Gon) the have a Mexican star too. $$$$ is not an issue any longer. Oh how times have changed.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Punto is better then I was expecting. The dive up the middle to save a run and reaching base the first 4 times as a Dodger. Impressive. I agree with what my Dodger buddy DRomo says above except I’m not as sold on Crawford. I hope he develops back into the TB player and not the lost sole that he was in Boston. The LA spot light can be just as brutal as Boston and not as carefree as TB. He’s making a ton of money over the next 5 years and that alone can cause pressure to perform. I see a winning streak coming. What is the plan for Puig with a full outfield in 2013? Trade bait or can he play 2nd or 3rd?

  8. Badger says:

    “Looks like the D-Backs have thrown in the towel by trading Joe Saunders.”

    I think you missed the point. They traded a 6-10 pitcher with a 4.22 ERA to make room for Tyler Skaggs. They also got a hard throwing reliever who has held opponents to a .200 avg. Since you don’t know either Skaggs or Lindstrom, we’ll let you decide what you think of them when the Dodgers play them.

    “They are who I thought they were (a .500 team).”

    You keep saying that. Trying to convince yourself?

    Bill I think the plan for Puig in 2013 is AA. Then 2014 is AAA. He is one of the most expensive Single A players, probably in the history of baseball. Sure hope he is worth it.

    Rosenthal finally sees why this might be a good deal for the Dodgers. Geez…. why is this guy getting paid to report baseball “news”.

    There is already a Gonzo Romey. Two if you count the one that posts here. His name is Luis and he got the winning hit in the 2001 World Series. Adrian might be stuck with AGon.

  9. Ken says:

    The Dodgers are just Jekyll and Hyde.

    The Rockies pitching staff has a 4.75 ERA in August and a 2.25 ERA in the last week. Of course they swept 4 games with the Mets while allowing only 5 earned runs.

    Treanor .000 2 AB (An Angel next year?)
    Casty .000 1 AB
    Rameriz .174 (Next Jekyll/Hyde)
    Loney .200 (Bye Bye)
    Rivera .214 (To the Bench!)
    Victorino .238 (Gone in 6 weeks)
    Uribe .250 (Served up a fat pitch by his friend on Sunday)

    RDLR 27.00 (Bye Bye)
    Capuano 10.80 (A #5)
    Bills 8.10 (Another #5)
    Blanton 6.35 (And another #5)
    Harang 5.06 (Yet another #5)

    One more Year!

    Dodgers need a good #4 OF next year so that Kemp, Ethier, and Crawford can obtain sufficient rest.

    • Badger says:

      A back-up outfielder should be easy to find. Heck, I’ll bet Punto could do it. He has played CF before.

      Those are some bad numbers Ken. But, from now on, it isn’t what you did. It’s what you need to do. One game at a time.

      So…. Loney has a one game hitting streak with his new team. Doesn’t that match his season high?

    • Kevin says:

      We have a backup OF. His name is Tony Gwynn and he’s signed for next year.

  10. DRomo says:

    Anyone else see this Channel 5 reporter tell Vinny to get his sh*t together? Whoa! I wonder where she is working next week! Memo to news girl: let comedians be funny. You are not!

    • Badger says:

      I couldn’t access it. Looks like the Tribune may have shut it down.

      I read she was trying to be funny, but wasn’t.

      The fact is, Vin is 84 and has not been on top of his game in years. Those of us who have listened to him since the 50′s know it. Doesn’t excuse jokes being made about him, but, soon he must step down.

      There is a guy that could take over for him that you guys would like. His name is Daron Sutton, and he might be available. Nobody can ever replace what is is that Vin has done over the years, but somebody must step in eventually.

  11. DRomo says:

    No doubt she was trying to be funny. And I actually get the joke. BUT…. Total fail in the delivery. I honestly would be shocked if she keeps her job without a suspension.

  12. DRomo says:

    Found it here on YouTube. I’m not into phony outrage, I just think this is hilarious because she probably rehearsed this line all night wait for the funny. Joke’s on you news lady.

  13. Bball says:

    Badger like mark stated in an earlier post. 75% of vin is still the better then 100 % of other teams announcers. Eventually he will of course have to step down. But I hope he’s along for the ride a couple more years. Ya that reporters probably gone or suspended.

  14. DRomo says:

    Thursday night Vin Scully bobblehead night. I will be there who’s with me?

  15. Kevin says:

    Anyone else REALLY worried about our rotation? Losing Bills is HUGE.

    After Kershaw we basically have four #3-5 pitchers (Cap, Blanton, Harang, Beckett).

    I have a hard time seeing us in the playoffs with that rotation.

    • Badger says:

      It’s a legit concern. Especially when you look at the rotations of other NL West contenders.

      But we have the best lineup. We need to outscore teams now. And we won’t do it going 2 for 17 WRISP.

      Bball, do you really believe that at age 84 Vinnie will be at 70%? Hope you are right. How many games will he do? 70%?

    • Anonymous says:

      Per MLBTR the Dodgers are loking for another starter.

      • Kevin says:

        We should only get another starter if they are an actual difference maker. We don’t need another back of the rotation guy IMO.

  16. DRomo says:

    I agree. Having another 4th or 5th starter like Harang or Blanton doesn’t change anything and honestly I’d like to hold off from trading away anymore prospects. I can live with what’s been traded away. It’s justifiable to me. But I’m weary about what could be available vs what we’d have to give up.

  17. Michael says:

    These new owners aren’t messing around and are going for it THIS YEAR and every year in the foreseeable future.
    Nothing short of a deal for King Felix would surprise me now with what happened Saturday.
    Hope when the smoke clears we still have Zach.

  18. Bball says:

    Badger I personally think he calls a game above 75%. And yes dromo I can’t wait for that night. Sec 6 row f. Agree no more 3 4 5 starters needed. Impact pitcher or just stick with what we got until the offseason. Can’t wait to see what Beckett has tonight

  19. Michael says:

    Vin makes a mistake or two now but if you’re watching you should know whats going on but it might get a little confusing if you were just listening.
    Badger I like Sutton also but never heard what the reason for his hiatus from the booth was. Did he screw someones wife? Like Gracie too, sure beats the shit out of Lyons.
    I also think we have enough arms with Lilly coming back any day now and still believe Blanton is a whole lot better than he has shown so far.
    Go Blue

  20. Bill Russell says:

    I’m hoping Beckett can step into the #2 role. His stats will improve in the NL and maybe getting away from Boston must be what he needs. Then if Bills can return for the playoffs we should have a decent rotation. I think Lilly and Caps are the same guy. Blanton appears to be a gas can.

  21. Bball says:

    Aint it funny how baseball is. Up until billingleys first DL stint I and a lot of others were wishing him a new team. Now look at the situation. Hoping he’s back in time for playoffs. Gotta love it

  22. Ken says:

    If anyone said in Spring training that Cruz would be batting behind Ethier for more than 50 games, would you have been concerned about the Dodgers winning half of their games?

    GM must be fun when there is no debt, allegedly, and Bud just has to sit there and watch you make deals with his hands in his pockets and his mouth shut.

    Too bad about Bills, as I have said since spring training he is the key to the season. And as I have said for several days, starting pitching is now the main problem.

    The Dodgers really need a 6th and 7th starter. DFA Angle and add Ely to the 40 man roster, then call up Ely on Saturday, along with Fife.

    Sometimes teams do not call up very many minor league players when they are in the pennant race but I would like to see at least 10 players called up this weekend.

    DFA Uribe and bring up Gwynn.

    • Badger says:

      Ely, Lilly and Fife are the most immediate answers. We just have to recognize that from here on out, likely the only guaranteed minimal run pitcher is Kershaw. Get those sticks warmed up and start scoring some runs. You have to score with ‘em to play with ‘em.

      Both Sutton and Grace are in trouble down here. I heard yesterday Grace got another DUI (second in 15 months). All I know about Sutton was he kept breaking an on air dress code. I don’t care much for Grace, but Sutton is very good. And, obviously he has a connection with the Dodgers. He’s known Vin Scully since he was a kid and is a former minor league pitcher – he really knows the game. The timing might be right for this move. God Bless Vin, we are all so lucky to have had him for so many years, but he cannot do it forever. He’s 84 for crying out loud.

  23. Ken says:

    Ned will probably platoon Hairston and Punto in LF during April/May 2013, waiting for Crawford to get healthy, so that he can keep Uribe. :)

    Only 1 more year paying Manny and 2 more years paying “Not allowed to say”

    All of Logan’s “great” pitching prospects can now wait until 2014 and 2015 before arriving in the Bigs.

    9 players to make $10 mil or more next season. WOW!

  24. Badger says:

    Jason Vargas anyone?

  25. Bball says:

    Anything other then a sweep is not exceptable. You have to win these games. Lets go boys

  26. Bball says:

    I’ll throw something out there. A lot of people were saying send ethier to Boston to be with his buddy Dustin. Well y not bring Dustin to LA. If he and bobby v don’t get along and they decide to keep bobby v, maybe Dustin wants out. Can u see next years lineup next year with him in it. Thoughts. Well thats not the way u want to start your new dodger career ouch

  27. Bball says:

    With Dustin

    Ss. Gordon
    Lf. Crawford
    Cf. kemp
    1st. Gonzo or AGON
    3rd. Ramirez
    2nd. Dustin
    Rf. ethier
    C. Ellis/ fed x

    That has to be the best lineup in the bigs. Holy cow

    • Badger says:

      Pedroia is signed through ’14 with a club option for ’15. They would only let him go if he was screaming to get out. And imagine what that would take in prospects.

  28. Bball says:

    So what your saying badger is that’s enough prospects gone ok I can understand that

  29. Rob says:

    Ball your dreaming, you might as well just switch teams entirely.

  30. Bball says:

    Rob how is that dreaming. It’s only one more player

    • Badger says:

      It’s a good thought. Yeah, it’s dreaming, but, why not think of the possibilities?

      Where are those big sticks? 3 for 20 so far.

  31. Roger Dodger says:

    Not looked in much the past several days. We are packing for a trip to Europe in the morning, getting things done –

    Been watching out of the corner of my eye, the game tonight – Looks to me like the Dodgers need some MORE help to win games. Not enough stick that can hit when needed.

    Oh, will be out of touch most likely till about Sept 16. We are taking a cruise back from Amsterdam in the North Atlantic. I am taking my Andre Ethier jersey and will wear it on the ship,

  32. Bball says:

    On the dodgers homepage it has a column on Gordon and how Donnie isn’t giving him short back. Is Donnie trying not to ruffle hanleys feathers or is this the right move?

  33. Rob says:

    I guess we should get Lester too, it’s dreaming. The bats are quiet tonight, especially with runners on.

  34. the truth hurts says:

    Have a safe trip Rodger.

    Where is the Big Blue Wrecking Crew, come on guys….really?

  35. Rob says:

    Getting schooled by the crazy Rockies rotation!

  36. Ken says:

    People who violate the “Zone” usually do so with arrogance.

    I can not believe how dumb these guys are. How many discussions with the coaches does it take to convince the Dodgers that their approach against each pitcher needs to be different and appropriate. How many pitches does it take for a team to see that the current pitcher’s approach is different than their game plan and they must change their approach?

    Pulling pitches in one game does not mean that you can pull every pitch in the next game.

    No wonder they play like Jekyll and Hyde.

  37. Bball says:

    And AGON wasnt. Im just shooting it out there. Do I think it’s likely no but I didn’t think AGON was likely either. Anyway it don’t matter these bats r really making me mad

  38. Rob says:

    How is this new and improved line up getting shutout in the most homer friendly park in the league? To top it off it looks like kemp got injured on that play to center, crazy. Not our year maybe next year.

  39. Rob says:


  40. Rob says:

    The Rockies looks like the team that made the big deal, 10-zip

  41. Bball says:

    Past embarrasing

  42. Badger says:

    What the hell was that?

    I thought the new ownership was committed to winning?

    Some people around the country no doubt laughing their asses off. I think these guys will figure it out. Hope so anyway.

  43. Rob says:

    The ownership wants a winner I hope the players understand that. Just over 30 games left and every game means something. We could be 1 1/2 games back right now but you have to want it. This team is starting to resemble the red soxs and by the way they won tonight without a star studded line up.


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