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To Lee or Not to Lee… That is the Question…

Whether tis nobler to sit pat and hope that Bills and Blanton can flash the necessary form to win or whether to pull the trigger and give up the prospects Philly is demanding.  We should know today.  Stay tuned…

I think last night’s lineup is the best Donnie can do.  I like that lineup a lot.  Could Hanley stay at SS and could Dee become a trade chip.  Everyone in baseball is high on Dee Gordon.  Just a thought….

Two lefties struggling with the bat (Loney and Ethier).  One would think a lefty hitting coach should be able to help better than anyone.  It’s late in the season, but maybe there needs to be a new voice….

I like the Blanton deal a lot.  He will be a big help this year and could be re-signed….

Minor League Notes:

  • RDLR pitched 2 hitless innings last night with 4 strikeouts and would have pitched more but was pulled when there was a long delay in the game.  I would expect to see him in LA within 2 weeks, probably in relief…
  • Jerry Sands remains on fire with his 21st HR after going 4-5 last night (.288).
  • IDJ2 is a sub at AAA – look for him on another roster next year.  He’s hitting .260.
  • Jake Lemmerman has 7 hits in his last two games and has raised his BA to .239 (he as really sucking before).
  • Aaron Miller got lit up last night.  I think he’ll be in the pen next year.
  • Corey Seager who was struggling with Ogden was 3-6 with his first HR.
  • Yasiel Puig was 2-5 with 2 HR and 3 RBI.  He obviously needs to move to AA.

If you are interested in who is involved and how trades come down, read The LA Times story by Lanec Pugmire.

Job Blanton goes today…  Kept on Rollin…

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27 Responses to “To Lee or Not to Lee… That is the Question…”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Hanley stays at short and Gordon is traded, the Dodgers still need a third baseman. Maybe the deal with Dee gets that third baseman, maybe not. If Ramirez eventually moves over to short (not something I think, is necessary), then Ken’s idea of moving Dee to 2nd makes sense. It’s something I’ve thought of before in the event Dee continued to have defensive problems at short. I’m not 100% sold on Mark Ellis, and for certain, he’s not the long term answer at 2nd. Of course, if Dee moves to 2nd and Hanley to short, then we still need a new occupant at 3B.

    In the short term (this year and next) the Dodgers, I think, are just fine with Hanley at 3B, Dee at short, and Ellis at 2nd. We need, most urgently, a consistent run producer at 1B. And after this season is over we’ll see what transpires over the winter when our owners have more flexibility to maneuver. And longterm I see no reason why Hanley can’t remain at 3B, and Dee at short. Ramirez seems happy to be in LA, and I get the impression that he’s getting more comfortable at 3B, and likes being with the Dodgers. I suspect that whatever problems he had in Miami are history, and perhaps he’s better for the experience of this past year. Maturity comes to some people later than others. Hopefully, a little adversity has contributed positively to Hanley’s growth. Only time will tell.

  2. Badger says:

    I too thought of Gordon as a trade chip. Then I decided against it. If he ever figures out how to achieve a .350 OBP, he will become the best lead-off hitter in the game. 2B? yeah, ok by me. I agree with Brooklyn about Ellis.

    friddo and I just figured out our 1B option. Bring Long Beach Poly and USC product Chase Utley back home. He could play 130 games there for the next 4 years until our hot hitting first base prospect, the one we don’t have yet, is ready.

    As you know, I have my doubts about this Lee thing. If it happens great. I just don’t think it will.

    I still think Ethier belongs in Boston. I still say he could win a batting title in that park in that lineup.

    We can beat the Cubs of the league. And, the way we handled the gnats last time suggests we can beat the best in the west when we put our minds to it. Then there was that sweep at home the snakes laid on us. This team obviously ain’t there yet.

    Jerry Sands? Where is he gonna play? Philadelphia maybe? Those guys seemed to know how to get the best out of other young Dodger outfielders. Or….. maybe he plays 1B?

    I too like the Blanton deal. He was a guy I thought we should have gone after a couple years ago. He pounds the strike zone and should pitch well in Dodger Stadium. Maybe he can show Bills how to throw strikes consistently.

  3. SpokaneBob says:

    If Sands can do it on a consistant basis and we don’t rsign Victorino, he could be our left fielder next year or 1b.

    I vote to keep Gordon where ever he plays.

    I also like Blanton….all he has to do is pitch like he does aginst us.

    I wonder if Ethier signing the big contract has anything to do with his decline in output. He WAS playing for a new contract.

    I like Andre, but thinking along with Badger, how about Ethier and some pitching to Boston for Adrian Gonzales?

  4. Badger says:

    Phillies targeting Ellsbury, Bourn or Span for next year.

    Guess maybe they won’t be asking Victorino back.

    They are far from done. Any team that draws over 3.6 million every year, and has a payroll of $172MM are hardly “done”. They are a last place club leading the Majors in home attendance. Cool. Maybe we can pick up who it is they don’t land next year.

  5. RogerCraig says:

    I don’t think there’s a baseball person who would move Dee Gordon to 2B. He covers way too much ground and is too young in his development. Maybe in 2 years if he doesn’t improve, but no way they move him anytime soon. That’s silly to even think that. His blue is as a SS, not a 2B. He has no value at 2B.

  6. Bobby says:

    Man people here are quick to move people around the field.

    Leave Dee at SS and let him play. Remember how good his Sept was last year. He likely pressed early this year with being the opening day SS and tried too hard to impress (wow, no kid has ever done that before!)

    You don’t moved that talent to other positions, or to other teams, unless you panic. Thank God Ned and Logan and Stan and the rest haven’t panicked.

    Hanley looked just fine to me at 3b since he got here. I really don’t get why play him at 3b, then move him to SS for a while, then plan on moving him back to 3b in 3 weeks when Dee is ready. Keep the guy at 3b and let him grow. Ridiculous!

  7. Ken says:

    Gordon should be the backup SS and the LH 2B platoon for 2012 if he returns from the DL.

    Ellis is platoon player and nothing more. Gordon should platoon with Ellis so that he can raise his BA and his confidence against RHP during 2013. If Gordon’s BA takes off, then he can move back to SS, Rameriz can move back to 3B and another left handed hitter can platoon with Ellis during 2013. Gordon will do this becasue he does not have an attitude problem. :)

    Ethier’s dad was a great hitting coach when all he did was pitch LH to Andre. The Ddgers need a new LHP for batting practice and Ethier and Loney should be required to hit against that new pitcher every day and twice on Sunday.

    When RDLR comes back will the Dodgers finally DFA Uribe?

    Hopefully Sands will personally hire whoever has helped him get his swing back and keep all of the film from the last week.

    I still wish that the Dodgers would go after Span. Better than Victorino.

  8. Badger says:

    Players change positions all the time. Why think it couldn’t be done with Gordon? What, second baseman don’t cover a lot of ground? You should watch Aaron Hill steal base hits up the middle some time. Joe Morgan stole 60 bases a year while playing second base, won 5 Gold Gloves there and was on some pretty good teams.

    Having said that, I would rather Gordon play SS for the Dodgers. I would rather see Hanley move to second base and get a young stud third baseman, or a guy in his prime like David Wright over there. But in the mean time, let’s remain open minded about what is best for the team.

    Ken I think the Dodgers will go after Span. Only if Victorino lights it up down the stretch will they consider re-upping him. He is a rental in my mind. The Phillies are said to be going after Bourn, Ellsbury and Span. Why wouldn’t we go after all of them too?

  9. Bill Russell says:

    Several different views of the world in here today. I’ll just wait and see what happens. With the Dodgers shifting Hanley to SS, I was also thinking that meant Dee was becoming a trade chip for a big bat or Ace pitcher. Anyone know when the deadline for Lee is? I heard it was today but not sure when……………..

  10. jerry says:

    i think gordon is highly over rated.he has his head in the clouds. yes send him down or trade bate.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    I think the deadline is 11:00 am pacific coast time. Tee minus 5 minutes. Get R Done…………….

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Well Cliff Lee has given up 3 runs in 1 inning pitched. I guess he’s staying put. D Backs up 3-0

  13. DRomo says:

    James Loney just got to Dodgers clubhouse. Victorino says, “You MFers better start showing up earlier around here” -Arash Markasi ESPN

    I wasn’t sure about Victorino, now I love him!
    Leadership. Get some.

    The Cliff Lee thing aint happening. At least until winter. I think Philly wants to weigh all options. But know they know Ned & Co isn’t messing around.

    I read Ned made a push for Adrian Gonzales. That is something to watch for this winter too. I wonder if he has been put on waivers too? No doubt Ned is not done shopping THIS season. If there is a big name on the waiver wire with a contract the smaller markets or stretched out budget teams can’t take, we will take him.

    I hope people are starting to see that Ned isn’t as horrible as many made him out to be. He may not be the best ever but he kept this team close with the BS budget McCourt gave him. Let’s see what he does when he has money to spend. So far I like it. He is holding on to the farm and making good deals. He poker faced Theo and the Cubs for Dempster. Picked up Blanton for nothing. Nevermind the numbers this season, over the las few seasons Blanton has been an innings eater much the same as Dempster. Dempster is having a career year and shows signs over his last few starts and his first in Texas that he is coming back to earth. If he loves LA so much, let’s see him earn a spot here over the next few months. Maybe we will talk over the winter. Blanton will put up the same numbers down the stretch I would bet. He isn’t quite a #2 but a solid 3 or so. I’ll take it! Especially until the magic in Billingsley’s beard runs out.

  14. Badger says:

    Watching Lee. He don’t look like all that to me. 3 HR’s and 4 earned in 6 innings. We already have guys that can do that.

    Yeah Romey, I think it’s fine to give Jed a real chance at putting together the right team. Having money should help, but, geez, the Dodgers had payrolls over $110 million while McDope was here. We came close a couple of times, but, you remember who it was that stopped us. And our payroll was $10MM more than theirs at the time.

    Show us what you got Jed.

  15. Ken says:

    Loney should become a pitcher before the 2013 season starts. He will probably hit an innings limit around the 2013 All-Star break and then he could go back to being a first baseman which is the same time each year that he starts to hit.

  16. Bill Russell says:

    When will this team start hitting? They act like every pitcher they face is Matt Cain. Blanton looks good and appears to be a better pitcher then Dempster. So my depression is almost gone.
    Mark is right, Ned knew more then I do.

  17. Bball says:

    Ethier sucks big ass balls. Upton for ethier make it happen ned

  18. Badger says:

    Tie the game without putting the ball in play.

    Dodger baseball at it’s finest.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Dodgers don’t need Soriano; just tell the Cubs to stop playing him against the Dodgers.

    The pen today just does not have it. League and Choate along with Guerra could not hold the Cubs.

    Now it is step up time for Dodger bats.

  20. Badger says:

    Where is everybody?

    League and Choate give up 3 earned, but they did get one out each so… they got that going for them.

    Anybody seen Shane Victorino? I think he is now 1 for 16 leading off for the Dodgers. Uribe could do that.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, see, Mr. Softy, he could only hit a double. Darn him. We expected more.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I’m not worried about Victorino, and I suspect you aren’t either. He’s not having a good year by his standards, but he’s certainly better than what we’ve had out there, if only defensively. And his bat will likely come alive sooner or later (hopefully sooner). Kemp is starting to show signs of life, and although he’s no Kemp, I think the same will happen with Victorino.

    Anthony Rizzo is a case in point for the Gordon doubters, and maybe even the Sands doubters. Compare last year in San Diego to this year in Chicago.

    Sometimes it just takes a little while for young players. Most of us who have been watching this game for years understand that sometimes it just takes a while.

    If it was me, I would have put Hanley on to get to Rivera. Glad they didn’t.

    Nice hit by Ethier off the lefthander. I remember Ethier hitting lefthanders well his first couple of years with the Dodgers. For the most part I think he just has to try to hit the ball up the middle, and take it to left more often. And if he gets a fat pitch, he’ll get around on it like he did today. But if the right deal can be struck over the winter, he is definitely a player I would consider trading.

  23. Gionfriddo says:

    As was stated at beginning of the post, Corey Seager hit his first HR as a pro yesterday– not satisfied with that, today he went out and went 4-4 with 2 jacks and 5 rbi’s… Going to be nice to watch Seager, Pederson, and Puig rise through the system the next few years…

  24. Badger says:

    Eh, I wouldn’t say I was worried about Victorino Brooklyn, I just hope he comes around. 1 for 16? Yoiks. We do need him to get on better than the .324 he has going on this year. His career OBP is .342. Sure would like to see that.

    We beat the Cubs…. and that’s a good thing. We are 6-4 in our last 10, and that too is a good thing. I’ll worry about beating the good teams when we are actually playing the good teams – which doesn’t happen for a few more days. Maybe they will have this whole chemistry thing worked out by then.

    Agree about Ethier. When I saw him in ST a couple years ago, he was working on going the opposite way against a LH pitcher. He was actually doing a damn good job of it too, gapping one after another. But, it was batting practice. If he is ever going to hit .300 consistently, he has to handle LH pitching a lot better than he has so far. He hit 31 HR’s a few years ago, but hasn’t done it since. I always thought he would be a .300+ hitter with 20 HR’s and 100 RBI’s every year. Hit LHer’s better and he’ll do that.

  25. Bobby says:

    If Victorino is 1-16 and we’re 3-1 with him, thats great! Wait till he wakes up!

    Ethier’s hit was more than a game changer; it could be a month changer for Mr. Streaky. It’s a nice 3/4/5

    Wow on both Puig and Saeger. There’s also a guy I heard about in AZ league named Jonathan Martinez who has electric stuff.

    On a more serious note, please pray for the victims and families of the Sikh Temple shootings in Milwaukee. It’s extremely sad that anyone of any faith in any place of worship can’t feel safe or secure.

  26. jerry says:

    he is 2 for 16 he had a single…then the next day he had a double


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