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Thinking About the Future – Focused on the Now!

The Now

It’s going to be a rough ride, folks.  You had better fasten your seat belts and pour yourself a stiff drink.  There’s a little over a month left in the season and the Dodgers are faced with this:

  • Their #2 starter is on the DL;
  • Their closer is on the shelf with heart problems;
  • One of their LH specalists is on the DL;
  • Their #3 starter is not likely to return from the DL;
  • Their speedy shortstop has lost his job when he returns from the DL and will be a bench player;
  • Their #4 starter seems to be running out of gas;
  • Their MVP CenterFielder tried to run through a fence and is out for a time;
  • Their recently traded for LF may have a bad attitude because they traded for a better LF who is on the DL;
  • Their super sub is on the DL and ready for hip surgery; and
  • Their backup catcher could jump out of a boat and not hit water.

I guess it’s all over with right?  Not so fast!  These may be Destiny’s Dodgers.  Let me give you Eleven Reasons why:

  1. Adrian Gonzalez (the bat the Dodgers were lacking)
  2. Matt Kemp (last years’ REAL MVP will tear up September)
  3. Hanley Ramirez  (the Dodgers’ SS for the next 5 years)
  4. Andre Ethier (he’s awesome at #6)
  5. Clayton Kershaw (Best Pitcher in baseball?)
  6. Joe Blanton (watch him surge in September)
  7. Josh Beckett (resurrected!)
  8. Shane Victorino (pissed and playing for a new deal in Philly)
  9. Ronald Belisario (his time to shine as closer)
  10. Chad Billingsley (he’ll make 2 or 3 critical starts down the stretch)
  11. A.J. Ellis (the sucker is hitting .283 with a .386 OB% – amazing!)

It has taken a few games for the new crew to get their “sea legs” but they are rounding into form.  Look out.  These are Destiny’s Dodgers!

TJ Simers of The LA Times writes a very good article on Luis Cruz “never quit” attitude.

The Future

  • Yasiel Puig, Eric Eadington, Red Patterson, Steven Rodriguez, Gorman Erickson, Rafael Ynoa and  Joc Pederson are headed to the AFL this fall.  It should be fun.  There will be one more pitcher added (Steve Ames?).
  • Dee Gordon will be traded and Hanley Ramirez will be the Dodgers Short Stop.  Get over it already!  Gordon could net a closer or David Wright.  Dee will see very little action the rest of this season.  He was 0-4 last night and is hitting .091 at AAA.
  • OK, how about Dee Gordon and Yasiel Puig for David Wright?  The Dodgers outfield is set until the 22nd Century so, Puig is the odd man out… and he’s a good one.

Next Year’s Lineup:

  1. Crawford  LF
  2. Wright  3B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Ramirez  SS
  6. Ethier  RF
  7. Ellis/Cruz 2B
  8. Ellis  C

That would be awesome.  I mean AWESOME!

Dodger Top 10 Prospects

Someone asked me to list my Top 10 Prospects, so here it is… in order this time:

  1. Joc Pederson
  2. Yasiel Puig
  3. Zach Lee
  4. Cory Seager
  5. Alex Castellanos
  6. Tim Federowicz
  7. Chris Reed
  8. Matt Magill
  9. Angel Sanchez
  10. Alfredio Silverio
  11. Steve Ames (I had to throw him in)

Feel free to disagree…


Chris Capuano – I have been mocked for saying that he would win 20 games.  OK , that was wrong.  What did you predict?  That the D-Backs would be tough?  That the Giants would win again?  That the RedSox would be the best team in baseball?   That was Very Wrong!  Maybe VERY, VERY WRONG!

Let me address one thing:  Chris Capuano has a 2.69 ERA in Dodger Stadium.  He has a 7.94 ERA in Coors because he is a curveball pitcher, morons!   He can’t pitch there.   Clayton Kershaw has a 6.14 ERA at Coors.  So, it was no surprise that Capuano  got shelled at Coors.  Is he out of gas?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Watch and see.  It’s true that he falls off in the second half in the past.  So far, his ERA is higher post-All-Star break in 2012. The Dodgers need for him to step up.


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36 Responses to “Thinking About the Future – Focused on the Now!”

  1. Bobby says:

    Stan Kasten fears Bills might be done for the season

    God I hope he’s wrong :(

  2. Rob says:

    It’s funny how everyone is a bills fan now. Everyone including myself wanted bills traded which I still want. He is a nice guy but he needs a change of scenery. I would be more thenn willing to see a trade for wright using Gordon. With this line up you can’t wait for him to blossom.

  3. Badger says:

    Mark, you set yourself up by predicting Capuano would win 20. As for the dbacks being tough…. what’s the Dodgers record against them so far this year? Just askin’.

    I was wrong about A.J. Ellis. He has not faded the way I thought he would. Thank goodness the Dodgers have him. I had him at .260 with no better than a .360 OBP, which I thought was damn good.

    I predicted the over on 85 wins. I predicted the Yankees. And yes I predicted dbacks would win the West and the midgets would come in second. It ain’t over yet, but with the recent moves by the Dodgers, that may have changed. It also ight not. It’s such a long season, and stuff ALWAYS happens. But it’s usually the best team and the best organization that is there at the end. The Dodgers were neither at the beginning of the year. Things have changed.

    Most of us have talked “Good Bills” “Bad Bills” all year Rob. You just never knew who was going to show up. When he is good, he is damn good. When he is bad, he is awful. Now it looks like he might be done. Bad Bills. Not his fault maybe, but, he isn’t gonna be any help for a while.

    Howz Kemp?

    There are a lot of fractures now showing in the Dodger ball club. The pen has been bad, and now Donnie is talking about League as closer? How scary is that?

    I cannot explain what has happened to the dbacks, but it’s a good thing they have not realized their potential. Team slump. They happen. But nobody is hurt so they could take off at any moment. And you just wait on all that young pitching they have over there.

    I asked this already, but I will again… did any of you see Stan Kasten on PTI? What he said there was VERY revealing. They are trying to build this team, and this organization, for the FUTURE. They intend for the Dodgers to be relevant in the play-off chase EVERY YEAR. It is NOT about this year.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hanley Ramirez will be our SS for the next 5 years? Kind of like Cap will win 20 games? NOT.

  5. voldomer says:

    I hope LA walks (or for efficiency, safely plunks) Goldschmidt every time he bats this series. I’m tired of him shelling the Dodgers. WIth three homers and a .400 BA against LA, he gets the Brad “Dodger Killer” Hawpe Award for 2012 hands-down. Vin just makes it worse every time he mentions that Goldschmidt was drafted by the Dodgers but chose to go to college instead. No offense to his college choice intended, but the Dodgers couldn’t persuade him to sign over going to Texas State?

    • Badger says:

      49th round? I don’t blame him for playing a little college ball.

      They had another shot at him. He wasn’t drafted by the dbacks until the 8th round. He tore up the minors, and, here he is, in a dbacks uni.

      I sure hope the dbacks don’t wake up now.

    • Max says:

      Goldie is good but I’d rather have Adrian Gonzalez.

  6. Kevin says:

    Kenley done for the year maybe….ouch! Sure wish we had RDLR right now….

  7. DRomo says:

    I know Mark wants David Wright, he is very good….but I say if we trade Dee for anything it should be an arm. Pitching is our big issue!

    Harrang should be moved to the pen. Lilly is a 5th start at best and I think he is done anyway. Bills is likely done for the year. Cap is a solid #4 arm. Beckett can be a #2 I am convinced of that. He has something left I just know it. This years rotation is a mystery going forward, I think IF we make the playoffs that will be our downfall.

    I would like tto see Fife and/or Ely get another shot this season. Fife looked pretty good up here and Ely has been unbelievable in Albuquerque (a launching pad) he even had a near perfect game this week!

    Next years rotation looks like this to me:
    1. Kershaw
    2. Beckett
    3. Bills
    4. Capuano
    5. ?

    Slide everyone down one if we sign a Zach Grienke (I’m not really sure about that guy).

    • Kevin says:

      Beckett is done. 4-5 starter at best.

      • Badger says:

        I’ll take a #4 starter. We need that. Arizona’s #4 is Patrick Corbin. I would love to see his numbers out of our #4. 3.93 with a 1.256 WHIP and a 1.0 WAR.

        Personally I don’t think he is done. I think he will pitch better in the NL West than he did in the AL East. May be wishful thinking, but, that is what I am hoping for. I’ll even go out on a limb and PREDICT it.

        • Kevin says:

          He will pitch better but he will never be a #2 again. Hey I hope I’m wrong and I’ll happily come back and eat crow if I am but I think 5-6 innings and around 3-5 runs given up a game is what we will see from him.

  8. Badger says:

    What Romey just said……..

    and I’m not sure about that guy either.

    It’s a bummer about Bills and Jansen. But you must deal with it with what you have on hand. We have our minor league system there for this reason. Time to see what the young arms can do.

  9. Gonzo says:

    Beckett is what he is for one simple reason. He stopped doing the thing a successful pitcher does. Running running and more running. Yeah he does what is asked but he doesn’t give that extra 10%. If you see him now compared to 4-5 years ago you can see he grew a little soft in the belly.

    If he were to resume working hard with a chip on his shoulder, he’d surprise many people. I’ll take Beckett today over Harang and Capuano hands down.

    I agree that if Dee is shipped off somewhere it has to be for an arm. By the looks of things the Dodgers may very well back the truck up for Greinkie this offseason. Liriano will be available too.

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    Many of the prospects are in the low minors and are 3-4 years away. The catcher is a defensive player. There is no hope from the minors, now, for at least 3 years. This is what the deals have done. Even before, if the farm system were set up to actually
    DEVELOP players, rather than just let them play, there might be some help there now.
    But the minor league coaching and the development system in place are no good, and should be replaced from top to bottom. There is no reason why a .350AAA hitter is only good for .240 in the majors. Something is wrong somewhere. When the remaining callups come up next week, I will be interested in how they perform, if they are given the chance to. Ely should get a chance to pitch. Fife too. We shall see. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

  11. Kevin says:

    How good would Kuroda look in blue right now?

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17 you continue to demonstrate that you just don’t get it.

    “There is no hope from the minors, now, for at least 3 years. This is what the deals have done.” OK there is no hope from the minors. So before the trade there was hope. Nobody liked RDLR more than I, and he definitely would have provided some hope. But, of course, by your reasoning, Adrian Gonzalez doesn’t provide any hope at all. And neither does Carl Crawford next year.

    In criticizing the Dodgers’ coaching and development system you state the following: “There is no reason why a .350AAA hitter is only good for .240 in the majors.” REALLY!!!!! Clearly an expert on the Dodgers coaching and development system must know that ALBQ. offensive numbers in particular and PCL offensive numbers in general, are ALWAYS inflated. That’s the same place where James Loney hit .380. And I don’t remember his actual stats, but I do recall Greg Brock tearing it up down there years ago. How did that turn out?

    None of us who support the trade look lightly on the young talent surrendered. But that’s one of the functions of a minor league system. It not only supplies players for the big league team, but also provides the young talent that can be used in trades to acquire established big league talent when it is lacking at the big league level.

    And I’ll repeat again. Unlike McCourt, this new ownership is making significant investments in young talent, as evidenced by its efforts to return the Dodgers to the international market. That’s been missing for years in the Dodgers system, but is now being rebuilt. The new ownership isn’t anti-player development, they are, if anything, extremely bullish on the prospect of developing their own talent. But given the paucity of that talent at the top levels of the Dodgers organization, now is the time to use what we have to fortify the current team, while at the same time build a foundation of player development going forward.

    And on what authority do you base your comments that “the minor league coaching and the development system in place are no good, and should be replaced from top to bottom”? Or could it be that you base your opinion on the lack of talent ready for the Dodgers on inferior minor league coaching rather than a paucity of talent that is the outcome of years of neglect by Frank McCourt.

    • Bobby says:

      if Bobbie17 made rational, intelligent points that I disagreed with, I’d respect those points and make my counter-points, as I do with Mark.

      But I’ve not heard anything but negative rants over and over from B17. Any real Dodger fan knows why AAA players in Albq hit so well; it’s 7000 feet above sea level!!!! Every player we’ve ever had that comes from AAA has ridic video game numbers up there. Some pan out in LA. Many others, like Billy Ashley, Greg Brock, Franklin Stubbs, etc are average players in the bigs while they were hall of famers in AAA.

      Honestly not even worth responding to anymore.

  13. Badger says:

    Most Major League teams only promote maybe one or two players a year. Our rookie was Gordon. We also have had some young pitchers give us some good innings this year. RDLR was good, Javy Guerra is good, Fife pitched a couple good games. Eovaldi, Lindblom,Jansen – sure I am missing some, but it isn’t as if the Dodgers minor leauge system was bare the last couple of years. Yeah, we traded a few of the best young arms, but there are more coming through the pipe. How many do you expect to be there B17?

    Choate and League need to come through. I think Ely should get at least a couple of starts in September. Wall and Tolleson? Scary prospect, but, they might have to give us some innings down the stretch. Guerrier? He worked some rehab games about 10 days ago. Where is he? Guerra? I assume he will be around – right?

    Our veteran starters just have to do a better job of getting to the 8th inning. If they do, we got a real shot at this thing.

    • Dave says:

      Fife and Ely may just be what we need as the rosters expand to rest our better arms if we are going to have any chance in the playoffs, let alone making post season.

  14. Ken says:

    HaHa I said in spring training tha Bills was the key to the season.

    Try Gordon at 2B before trading him. With this lineup the weakest position is 2B.

    DFA Angle and call up ELY!

  15. Jae says:

    2B for Gordon?

    I think not!

    The Dude is a shortstop. That is a hair-brained idea that no one in baseball would even consider.

    That idea is just plain stupid!

    Stop it!

  16. DodgerDude says:

    League has some awesome stuff. Give him a chance…

    Fife has been really lucky. He is not a possibility.

    WTF? Why are the Dodgers being no hit?

  17. Rob says:

    Closer job is not going to matter if we can’t score.

  18. Rob says:

    League looked like Broxton in the 9th.

  19. the truth hurts says:


  20. Badger says:


    They may be a .500 club but they sure know how to beat the Dodgers. That is 7 in a row. Their ace beat our ace. Their bullpen shut us down.

    The Dodger hitters missed a lot of fastballs over the plate tonight. We pitch well enough to win and a shutout happens.

    Gints win again. Another down in the standings. Dammit.

  21. Rob says:

    Unfortunately time is running out and the roster is sputtering like an old engine. Scoring no runs is bad enough but to not get a guy to third until the 9th is unacceptable. Unless we pull off a historic run we can look forward to next season.

  22. mica says:

    Talking point: Kasten and company are growing tired of Donnie Baseball’s passive handling of the club (batting a 200 hitter leadoff in a pennant race). I know the players “”love” playing for him and all that bbut maybe they don’t need a “players mmanager.”. Maybe this team needs a TTom Couglin type (read: joe giraurdi). It seems that players love pplayers coaches for the same reason cchildren love grandparents and uncles: a modicum of authority but no rreal power or sting.


    • Badger says:

      I don’t think it’s Donnie’s fault these professional, veteran hitters aren’t hitting. Those guys all know what they need to do and just aren’t doing it. As for Punto in the lead-off spot, at the beginning of the game I was hopeful. You’re right, he is hitting .200 (.194 now) but, we don’t really have a lead-off hitter on this team. Victorino is the closest and he is a 2 hole hitter. Maybe we can bat AJ there and when he gets on, put in a special pinch runner like they do in Little League.

      This team is hot and cold, and that just can’t happen in a pennant race. They need to reel off 10 in a row. Can they do something like that?

  23. Ken says:

    Starting Punto at 2B is a joke, at least until he stops swinging at pitches above his eyes.

    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B
    GORDON should play 2B

    This team just has bad chemistry, or they are just really really SOFT.
    RISP 0-5
    LOB 18 – Rivera 5

    Keep Puig for another year as insurance for Crawford.


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