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Sandman to the Rescue?


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today designated outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. for assignment and recalled outfielder/first baseman Jerry Sands from Triple-A Albuquerque. Gwynn was batting .232 with a team-leading four triples and 17 RBI in 103 games with Los Angeles.

Sands, 24, has hit safely in his last 10 games with Triple-A Albuquerque, batting .476 (20-for-42) with six home runs and 21 RBI since July 27. Since the All-Star break, Sands leads the Pacific Coast League with nine home runs, a .733 slugging percentage and 28 RBI (T-1st) and ranks ninth with a .372 batting average in 23 games. He was selected as the league’s Player of the Week for the period of July 23-29 after becoming just the fifth player in PCL history to hit two grand slams in a game, doing so in the second game of Albuquerque’s doubleheader on July 29 at Nashville. Overall, the North Carolina resident is batting .286 with 21 homers and 82 RBI in 95 games with the Isotopes, including a .318 batting average with runners in scoring position. Sands will be making his second appearance with the Dodgers this season after hitting .200 with two doubles and an RBI in eight games during his first call-up in May and has a .248 batting average with four homers and 27 RBI in 69 career Major League games.

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61 Responses to “Sandman to the Rescue?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who is the LH pinch hitter coming off the bench?

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    I think Sands will be given every opportunity to play everyday at 1B.

  3. Bobby says:

    I hope you’re right Mark.

    We know what to expect the next 10 games from the Loney/Rivera combo: a .250 avg, 0 HR, and 3rbi

    I’m gona guess Sands can eclipse those numbers if given 10 games to play!

  4. Bill Russell says:

    I was hoping Uribe was finally gone but Gwynn is kind of useless also. The Dodgers keep making moves to improve the team but Uribe is like a frecken cockroach that can’t be killed. Glad to see Sands given a chance.

  5. Gonzo says:

    I’m with bobby, give sands the opportunity to win 1B. Anything he produces will be better than what Loney has this year. From what I recall he’s also very smooth with the glove, so what does Donnie have to lose?

    Like they say on TV “Like SANDS through the hourglass so are the Days of our Lives.” see ya loney. I was a big supporter since he was in the minors, but apparently he doesn’t put in the time in the off season and if a hated dodger rival just traded to the team calls you out for not being early, you don’t deserve to play.

    Based on MLB standards loney sucks and he acts like he’s Albert, Kemp or Trout. Like Mark has said before, C’mon man.

  6. DRomo says:

    Enter Sandman?

    With Victorino on board Gwynn becomes redundant. We don’t need his glove late innings any longer. I really liked Gwynn I’m a little bummed to see him go.

    2 springs ago I saw Sands play 1st at Camelback and I really liked what I saw. I (of course) am an idiot but maybe I am right. He might be our short term answer there.

    We do have an issue of LH bat off the bench. I think there is something else going to happen. With the waiver wire activity plus guys like De La Rosa getting ready to come back I expect more changes to come. Adam Kennedy will likely be DFA once he comes off the DL. Hairston is our utility man. Also Sellers will be available soon.

    “Oh the times they are a changin’….”

  7. the truth hurts says:

    “Sands will be making his second appearance with the Dodgers this season after hitting .200 with two doubles and an RBI in eight games during his first call-up in May and has a .248 batting average with four homers and 27 RBI in 69 career Major League games.”

    uhhhhh…….yippee i guess

  8. DRomo says:

    he was sent down and has been killing it at AAA. Why not bring him up?

  9. Ken says:

    Still 45 guys on the 40 man roster and only 2? will be on the 60-day on Sept 1st? That would mean at least 3 more guys will be released.

    Coffey and Hawksworth probably remain on the 60-Day for the rest of the year.

    In the past there were not enough infielders and now there are too many.

    Say goodbye to 3-4 of your least favorite guys.

    Move Silverio to the 60-Day (must activate first :( )

  10. Rob says:

    I would like to see Castellanos and Herrera given another shot. Herrera can switch hit and play everywhere. Castellanos was a little big eyed when he was first called up but with the additions on the roster the pressure will be a lot lower.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Sands may have sucked in his first callup this season, but for whatever reason, he was sucking in ST and at ALBQ to begin the season. Maybe he’s got his mojo back. Maybe, maybe, maybe. We’ll see soon enough. As I noted in a post yesterday, Anthony Rizzo is doing great with the Cubs after his horrendous time with the Padres last season. And let’s not forget what Sands did last September. By no means is he a sure thing, but we already know what we have in Loney. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    “The Dodgers keep making moves to improve the team but Uribe is like a frecken cockroach that can’t be killed.” Bill, I couldn’t have put it better. But something tells me that his days are numbered with the blue. Maybe on their next road trip the Dodgers book accomodations at the “Roach Motel”.

    Wonder if Sands will get the full-time job at 1B, or if we see a platoon between him and Loney. Whatever the case, I can’t see the Dodgers calling up Sands to just have him sitting around. And with Victorino, LF is pretty much out the of the question.

    Lefthanded bat off the bench? Romo is probably right. More moves are likely on the burner. The times, they are a truly changin’. Even Juan Rivera could ultimately be in danger, although he probably sticks around for the time being as a righthanded bat off the bench. Come to think of it, maybe Uribe is DFA’d and replaced by a lefthanded or switch hitting bat.

    Things are definitely different than what we’ve become used to.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Other stuff is probably in the works, but I’d definitely rather see the switch hitting Herrera coming off the Dodgers bench than Uribe. Heck, if I had my druthers, Vin Scully would be preferable to Uribe. Sorry Vin, no insult intended.

  13. Badger says:

    Well, we keep churning the roster hoping the changes will inspire. No great loss with Gwynn gone. I agree with those who say Sands will play 1B. Where else you gonna put him? The outfield is set, and those guys out there aren’t going to be given many days off the rest of the way. All the games from here on out are too important.

    Sooner or later the name leaving town has to be Uribe.

  14. Michael says:

    I certainly hope Sands is starting tonight versus a LHP.

    Has Caps hit the wall? In his last 3 starts his line is 17.1 IP, 25 hits while giving up 14 ER. Yikes

  15. Bill Russell says:

    Could Barney Fife be better then Caps?

  16. Michael says:

    Sands is playing RF tonight. All RH batters except for thee pitcher.

  17. Joe says:

    I too liked Gwynn but he hasn’t been hitting since early this season and there isn’t a need for a 5th outfielder anymore with Victorino. He may be getting a look to see how well he does to replace Rivera, he has not been the run producer like he was last year when he came over although we still can’t get rid of Uribe. Another possibility is Sands is getting a look to improve his trade value. I hope he stays hot, it would be nice to finally have another home grown offensive player do well. Sounds like Zack Lee is having a good game in AA tonight – shutout through 6. Of course the minute I post this he will get roped.

  18. Dave says:

    I just returned from my annual camping trip to the Sequoias. BTW, you can hear Dodger games on 1340 AM radio just fine from Grants Grove/Crystal Springs campground. I didn’t expect to hear that Gwynn is gone but Uribe remains. I thought new ownership could afford to absorb big contracts (I know, I know , in trade scenarios). Here’s a “trade scenario” Stan and Ned, trade your thinking next time you let a lower paid player go in favor of keeping an extremely overpaid, overweight, dud. Add me to the list of fans who think the best money to absorb is the rest of Uribe’s contract.

  19. Ken says:

    Is it true that Donnie Baseball has finally realized how many platoon players there are on this team and that he finally has the ba… to sit those that are not performing?


    If no team invites Gwynn to spring training I would like the Dodgers to invite him. He is useful in many ways for the right team.

    Currently Pierre is better than Victorino!

  20. Corey says:

    Pierre is not better than Victorino. He can’t catch or throw and Victorino will start hitting soon.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Everybody loves Pierre.

  22. Rob says:

    Just because victorino is in a small slump don’t count him out. He has the spirit of a winner and can do way more then pierre. Victorino just put out that he wants to sign with the dodgers after the season because of his family in las Vegas and Hawaii. Sign him up please.

    • Ken says:

      Rumors are that he wants 5 years. When will Puig arrive?

    • Dave says:

      GREAT – he showed his hand. He wants to play here because he’ll be closer to family. Resign him at a hometown discount. He can play until Puig is ready. I still can’t believe Gywnn was DFAd! In about three weeks, rosters expand. Why risk losing the ability to bring him in as a pinch runner or defensive replacement? Maybe Stan and Ned talked to him and he wanted out? Maybe he didn’t want a further diminished role?

  23. Ken says:

    Cappy has the BEARD!

    May the force of the BEARD be with him :)

  24. the truth hurts says:

    Morneau-3-5 tonight with 2 bombs, 4 rbi’s

    cant wait til we have a first baseman that can do that!

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Chris Capuano:

    2011 – 1st half = 4.12 ERA, 8-8 W-L

    2nd half = 5.08 ERA, 3-4 W-L

    2010 – 1st half = 4.10 ERA, 3-1 W-L (only 37 innings)

    2nd half = 3.77 ERA, 1-3 W-L (only 29 innings)

    Nothing for 2008-09 – Guessing those are the years he was out

    2007 – 1st half = 4.78 ERA, 5-6 W-L

    2nd half = 5.45 ERA, 0-6 W-L

    2006 – 1st half = 3.21 ERA, 10-4 W-L

    2nd half = 5.17 ERA, 1-8 W-L

    Based on his history, we probably can’t expect much from Capuano going forward.

    • Dave says:

      I agree.

      Mark, you looked like a genius a month and a half ago when Capuano looked like he was on target to your prediction. 162 games is a long season – Thus the reason don’t make such predictions. Maybe a new way to shake up the team is to have Capuano come out the pen as a situational lefty. He looks spent as a starter. We need another lefty in the bullpen. Hell, the midgets have three after adding another one today (or was it yesterday?). . .I was camping after all and not in touch.

  26. Rob says:

    If eithier is one of your corner pieces and your top RBI guy why sit him tonight against a lefty even though his numbers are in the low 200′s against them. I don’t like the idea of eithier platooning in right field based on who is pitching. Case in point, first inning two hits no outs and no runs.

  27. Dave says:

    Thus the reason I (and I repeat I) don’t make such predictions….

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      You don’t make predictions because you are afraid of the critics. Most people are. I am not afraid to act and make a prediction. I am sometimes wrong… sometimes right.

      I don’t care what people think… especially critics!

      A critic is a man created to praise greater men than himself, but he is never able to find them. Any fool can criticize, and many of them do.

      See, I don’t care.

      Maybe I look stupid because I said Capuano would win 20 games (he could still win several more), but at least I stepped out and made a prediction.

      I am not like the critics Teddy Roosevelt wrote about:

      “:It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

      Critics are bitches!


      • Badger says:

        Many of us have made predictions Mark, but most look at history and the laws of probability before doing so. You know from our past that I have made numerous predictions, going all the way back to 2003 (and you know what I am talking about) and all I got for doing so, and being right, was crap from a whole group of people, including you. So yeah, you’re right about one thing, critics will be there whether you are right or wrong.

        I was wrong about LaRoche and Hee Sop. Other than that………. just kidding…….

        as for a guy like Capuano wining 20 on this team at his age….. come on. As you like to say….. that thing about Ray Charles.

        Making predictions is what you do. When you are about to be wrong, and we can all see it, we are kinda obliged to call you on it. Critcs aren’t “bitches”. When people say you are about to be wrong, aren’t they also making a prediction?

  28. Dave says:

    Glad to say I am not anyone’s b$tch. Anyone who would want to say that to my face would be humiliated. Trust me on that. I am neither your critic or your “yes” man. You would like me if you met me. Unless you took a swing at me. I’m sure of that Mark. It just seems obvious that Capuano is spent. I think the Dodgers could use him in the pen.

    Toshindo (google it)

  29. Mark_Timmons says:


    Don’t take what I said the wrong way.

    I was not calling you a critic, but there are lots of people who are.

  30. Mark_Timmons says:

    I know all about Toshindo. My son-in-law is into Brazilian Jujitsu and I studied Aikido for a long time.

    BTW, I have never taken the first swing at anyone… a few of the last ones I have.

  31. Mark_Timmons says:


    I like your quiet confidence.

    a lot!


    • Dave says:

      What can I say, I’m a Ninja – no really! You should see my ten year old daughter! She’s now incorporating free running into her ninjutsu. She will be incredible! I feel sorry for any guy who tries to have his unwanted way with her! For an incredible woman martial artist, check out Tori Eldridge on youtube (toshindo ninjutsu).

      Sorry guys – back to the Dodgers.

      • Mark_Timmons says:


        Maybe you know about this:

        Gracie jujitsu is what my son-in-law practices. My daughter asked me to help her get an anniversary present for their 12th anniversary and what it was for the all of the Gracies to sign a poster of him in a match. It was cool…

        He tells may daughter that \”Your dad\’s a freakin\’ ninja.\”

        Yeah, I\’m a 58 year-old ninja with an artificial hip. ;)

        • Dave says:

          What can I say, I’m a Ninja – no really! You should see my ten year old daughter! She’s now incorporating free running into her ninjutsu. She will be incredible! I feel sorry for any guy who tries to have his unwanted way with her! For an incredible woman martial artist, check out Tori Eldridge on youtube (toshindo ninjutsu).

          Sorry guys – back to the Dodgers.

          Yah – I respect the Gracies BIG TIME. When I came back from Japan in 1991, after doing stand up fighting in Seidokaikan Karate which led the way to K-1 fighting (I trained with some of the world’s best stand up fighters) I was surprised where sport fighting had gone…to the ground. I’m all about self defense now (fighting dirty as needed to defend my loved ones and myself to make sure we get home).

  32. Rob says:

    I guess every pitcher the dodgers face look like Cy Young winners. When is this line up going to explode?

  33. Mark_Timmons says:

    Can you say Hitting Coach?

  34. Rob says:

    We need to pry McGuire away from the cardinal to teach our guys how to hit

  35. Win for Vin says:

    Sad to see Gwynn sent down…he’s a good clubhouse guy…and now the chemistry is starting to change. The Dodgers need good chemistry…I thought this team was close-knit…closer than in other years-when there were a lot of “cancers” in the clubhouse. I just think enough’s enough…make BIG changes in the off season. I would have (my opinion) kept Abreau and Gwynn and let go Uribe (of course) and I don’t know…Jamie Wright is a good “mop-up” guy…keep him. Also, although I’m not a big fan of Colletti…I’m sure (and I think Mark has said this)Kasten is more or less making the moves…or at least telling Ned what to do…anyway, my two I can bleed blue.

  36. Reggie says:

    I think Kasten is in on everything. Ned’s fate is to be decided.

    Just for your information, I met Mark a couple of years ago in Spring Training. The dude just about broke my hand when he shook it. If there’s a war, I’m on his team.

  37. the truth hurts says:

    Caps is pitching well enough to win this ballgame, thats for sure!…

    Come on bats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe we need some Toshindo in the dugout to get this offense going….

    Dave, what you charge hourly?

  38. Mark_Timmons says:

    It’s 12:30 in Indy. I’ll watch the rest in the AM.

    Peace out!

  39. Ken says:

    5 hits and 10 KOs against these bums?

    Forget about hiring someone to revitalize the stadium. Hire someone to revitalize the players.

    Rameriz – Another one of Ned’s flops? Another Andruw Jones?

  40. Ken says:

    By far the worst pitching staff in MLB shuts out the lowly Dodgers.


  41. Rob says:


  42. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Haven’t done this in a while. Stayed up to watch the game tonight. It’s now almost 2 am here in NY. Serves me right. Should have gone to bed. Just glanced over at MSTI. Had forgotten that Gwynn signed a two year deal. Just checked Cots. Gwynn is signed for $1.15 million next year. Actually encouraging that this ownership is willing to eat the rest of this years contract and all of next year.

    By the way, watching Luis Cruz strike out against Belisle reminds me of why I don’t think he has any staying power. Once he begins to see a steady diet of breaking pitches, Luis Cruz is going to revert to what he’s always been, a light hitting infielder who is probably marginal big league at best. He’s never really hit much in the minors, nor has he hit much in his previous big league trials. He’s down to .248, and I suspect that will continue to drop. I don’t know if Dee Gordon will contribute much this year, since I think it may be difficult for him to return this late in the season from that dislocated thumb. By the time he gets his act together, the season might be over. But long term I expect him to be a big time contributor at the top of the lineup. Kid started playing baseball late, but he works hard, and despite what a few people on this site may think, he’s got a great attitude and works his tail off. And I don’t worry about the errors. Some of the best shortstops started their careers making lots of errors. Hard work and maturity usually takes care of that.

  43. jerry says:

    caps , didnt give up that many run.s. only 2 .and that should win the ball gave..but we have to get 5 hits in one inning to score a run.two bad they did go out a get a power hitter.we cant even get a scoring fly ball..we had men at third at least twice..


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