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One Mis Step for Melky, One Giant Step for the Dodgers

Losing Melky Cabrera to a 50-game suspension for being as big of a cheater as Manny Ramirez and Barry Bonds does not automatically hand the NL West title to the Dodgers… but it doesn’t hurt.  He is arguably their best player this year.  When are these guys going to learn they will get caught if they cheat and make no mistake about it, Ryan Braun is also a cheater – he just beat it on a technical error? He was guilty.  No question.

Many Dodger fans were ready to throw in the towel and were lamenting how bad the team was a week ago.  My oh my, how things change!  A week ago, I said:

The Dodgers are fully capable of running off a big winning streak – they have proven that, especially with their solid pitching (2nd in baseball).  A team with good pitching will always be dangerous.  They have also proven that they can be as inept as anyone when it comes to scoring runs.  Ramirez and Victorino have been pressing – of that I am sure, but they are both too good to have that happen long-term.  Up until last night, the team has underperformed with the bats for a while.  If they can step-up, it could be all over.

The D-Back are 1 game over .500 – I believe they are what they are – a .500 team.  The race will be with the Giants who seem to have a better Tim Lincecum.  I have no clue what will happen.  The Giants are challenged offensively too.  The Dodgers could go 30-20 and win 90 games and the division or they could go 20-30.  Here we go….

The Snakes are fading fast and are 6.5 games in back of the Dodgers and 1 game below .500 – they are who I thought they were!  The Dodgers are also who I thought they were! If the Dodgers just go .500 the rest of the way, they will win 87 games.  I still predict 90-92 wins!

How bad is James Loney?  Glad you asked.  Luis Cruz has 22 RBI in 115 AB’s while James Loney has driven in just 8 more runs (30) in 200 more at bats.  That is Juan Uribe Ugly.  How ugly is that?  It’s below Mendoza Ugly.  Uribe is the worst 3B in baseball and Loney many be the worst 1B.  What would it hurt to DFA both?  Get real!

Listen up, morons in the Dodger Front Office (and you are morons is you don’t call SANDS up),  Jerry Sands was 3-5 last night with his 24th HR and 2 more RBI’s.  He has 92 RBI’s and is now hitting .299.  HELLO!  Get rid of Uribe and/or Loney.  Give Jerry a try – what do you have to lose?  It’s no wonder fans talk bad about you…

Sands is red-hot and his confidence is soaring.  Why not try him at 1B?  What do you have to lose?  Hurry up and do it.  While you are at it, just dump Loney and Uribe and also call up Elbert – he’s ready.  I know, I know, you have 14 million reasons to keep Uribe.  You are paying him to do nothing if he’s on the team or not.  You are paying Sands.  At least, with Uribe off the team, you might get some production out of his spot.  I mean, for crying out loud, Clayton Kershaw is hitting better than Uribe.  Clayton “Freaking” Kershaw.

Where is Dee Gordon?  Any sightings?

Yasiel Puig was 2-4 in his second game at Ranch with a Stolen Base.  Let him play at Rancho for a week and move him to AA if he keeps hitting.  Challenge him!

Someone asked about Puig and Seager yesterday.  Here’s my take – I haven’t seen either of them live and I have little film to go by, but it appears to me so far, that they are both the real deal.  Seager has a lot of errors, but that’s typical of a 18 year-old kid.  They are playing him at SS, but he’ll probably end up at 3B soon.  He’s a power bat you could see in two years.  Puig is less of a mystery – he obviously can hit.  I think he’ll get a taste of AA pitching this season and could play over the winter.  He could be ready by next season (although I don’t have a lot to base this on).  That could result in Puig playing RF for the Dodgers and a trade of Andre Ethier or moving him to 1B.

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41 Responses to “One Mis Step for Melky, One Giant Step for the Dodgers”

  1. Reggie says:

    It couldn’t have happened to a better team and Timmy Lincecum got shelled again. The Giants have big issues, including the Panda’s weight. He is a DL waiting to happen.

  2. Badger says:

    You got that right. This is huge for the other teams in the West. So is the fact Lincecum don’t look right. The team that puts together the win streak is going to win this thing. Right now, it sure looks like the Dodgers. So far, they have sent a message to the Pirates, and the NL West teams. Sure hope they keep it up.

    Agree about Seager and was about to say so this morning. He is a big kid and will grow into a 3rd baseman. Also agree about the morons in the front office. Puig needs to see some real pitching, even if it’s for a few weeks, so he knows what he is up against. Our 42 million dollar man can hit A pitching. Hell, he’d better be able to hit it. What we need to know is can he hit real pitching. Let’s see. And Sands at this point is a no-brainer. Loney just isn’t having his typical rebound summer. Maybe it’s because Donnie doesn’t believe in him and if so, can’t blame him. Time for James to think about where else he might want to live. Uribe? Just leave him at the hotel every morning.

  3. gionfriddo says:

    Gotta keep it going today and get the lead up to 1.5 games.. Great time to be a Dodger fan– middle of August, in 1st place, and the farm system is looking better by the day.. I see Puig staying in Rancho for 2 reasons– 1. the Quakes are battling for a wild card in the 2nd half of Cal League play and they want Puig to help their push (plus for him to get comfortable after just moving up & 2. they just promoted OF Bobby Coyle (yes, another Fresno St Bulldog) to Chattanooga after he it up the Cal League to the tune of a .378,8 HR, 32 RBI line.. Paco Rodriguez got his 3rd hold in Chattanooga last nite and is 1-0 there with a 1.35 era, 2 hits allowed, 10 K’s in 6.2 inn (say goodbye to Choate because this is our lefty who will join Elbert in pen in ’13)…also, someone who is overlooked is RH reliever Steven Ames in Chatt– 16 saves, 1.65 era, 59 K’s in 54 inn (saw him in Cal league last year and he throws gas).. One final thought Mark, have you heard anything at all about our 3rd rd pick this year, Onelki Garcia.. we still have not signed the Cuban left hander and that’s seems odd to me (unless he has Boras as an agent?)..

  4. Voldomer says:

    Are Guggs & Co. so committed to winning it all this year despite the cost that they would acquire Soriano just to block the Giants (if Soriano doesn’t do that himself)? Would he accept a deal to LA knowing that he wouldn’t play every day? Could he (a former right-side infielder) or Ethier move to 1B on the fly?

  5. Badger says:

    Good question about Garcia. Not much news out there about him. This is all I found that said we did sign him:

    A lot of other blogs say he remains unsigned. Wonder what up.

  6. Ken says:

    Mark – Do you understand all of the aspects of Murphy’s Law. When you get impatient, even sometimes when you pretend!, then the thing that you were impatient about actually happens. Being impatient about the Dodgers has turned then around. Thank you Murphy :)

    There is something to be said about keeping free agents and players on the opening day roster for the entire season. This helps in continuity and in signing free agents in subsequent years. BUT, sometimes the Dodgers wait toooo long before DFAing or trading a player. The Dodgers will have to DFA some players if they want to have any of the players on the 60 Day DL be called up on 9/1. Why are the Dodgers waiting for 9/1 to call up Sands? NED’S STUBBORN PRIDE?

    Hopefully Dee Dee will go to AZL and learn how to play 2B. Ellis is a PLATOON player. Dee Dee would do well to learn the required batting approach of a person who bats second in the order before being placed in the leadoff spot again.

    • Badger says:

      Interesting points Ken.

      I would still prefer Victorino in the two hole and Gordon leading off. The kid just needs to learn how to steal first base. It can be done with discipline and technique. He doesn’t need to be Rickey Henderson or Dummy Hoy. When Maury Wills stole 104 and scored 130 his OBP was .347. Dee can learn how to get on base at that rate, but it might take some time to learn how to do it. Perhaps hitting lower in the order will give him time to learn. Like I have said, I didn’t figure the Dodgers to be in this thing in September so I assumed this was his OJT year and was willing to put up with the obvious learning curve. But here we are in first place, and he should be back soon. This injury was really bad timing for the kid, setting him back a few months in class. I sure hope that he is doing his homework while sidelined. I know he has been fielding grounders, I hope he has been studying the lead-off hitters manual.

      As for second base….. not sure about that one. This team, to me, lines up with him at short and Hanley at third. Ellis has earned his starting spot on this team. But it isn’t my call.

  7. Kevin says:

    You guys who think Hanley is going to be playing SS next year are crazy. Gordon is the SS of the future like it or not…..and Ellis WILL be the starting 2B next year.

  8. Bobby says:

    Loney and River both had RBI yesterday. Who cares, both still suck.

    Give Sands 1b for 3 weeks and watch him blow away any numbers Rivera/Loney could put up.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Ken, I suggested the other day that Dee Gordon move to 2nd base, displacing Ellis ——– and bunches of folks yelled and screamed at he. That Ellis does the small things, that Ellis is great, that Ellis is a great vet on the field and in the clubhouse.

    Getting this team ready for next season, they find a new first baseman or just place Sands there. Move and ready Gordon at 2b, keep Hanley at SS, and get a new 3b.

    That is a dream team. Let Loney and Uribe are still on the roster with Cruz in the wings.

    • Kevin says:

      You want to replace a guy with a .360 OBP who plays a flawless 2B with a young guy who has never played the position and was hitting .229 with a .280 OBP at the time of his injury? mmmm okay.

  10. Bobbie17 says:

    Poor baby, Giants. Their spic’n span team, with their spic ‘n span front office, with their spic ‘n span stadium, and their spic ‘n span white uniforms, and their perfect fans are a little tarnished today. Cabrera will get whitewashed from the organization the same way Bonds was. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group. But, Blue still has to play to its potential. The Giants team is still the best one on paper, assuming that Sandoval plays. The Braves series is big–and then the Giants at home.

    • Bobby says:

      Sorry, the Giants team is not the best on paper. No chance

      • Kevin says:

        Not so sure about that Bobby. There 1-3 starters are better than ours and their lineup is at least as good on paper(even without Cabrera). We have a better bullpen and back end of the rotation but that’s about it.

        • Bobby says:

          sorry, no lineup that has Pagan, Theriot, Belt, Crawford, Gregor Blanco is better than our lineup.

          Even with Melky and Sandoval, out lineup is better than theirs!

          Who is their #3 starter? vogelsong? I wouldnt trust him just yet after only 1 useful year. Lincecum has proven every game (except vs. us) that he’s done. Zito is garbage.

          Kemp/Ethier/Hanley is a lot better than Melky/Posey/Sandoval, when both teams are at full strength

          • Kevin says:

            Sorry but Vogelsong is a stud. Prior to that last game he’s been pretty much unhittable. He’s certainly better than Capuano.

            Pagan – pretty much same #’s as Victorino

            Belt – much better than Loney and hitting .470 his last 10 games

            If our offense is so much better why are they scoring so many more runs than we are? hmmmm

  11. gionfriddo says:

    Well, Donnie has done it again today!!! I know I’m a broken record on this subject but Kennedy gets the start today over Cruz vs. Burnett??? wtf… Cruz this series is 5-11 with 4 RBI.. I will NEVER understand this mode of thinking—yes, I know the lefty vs RH pitcher garbage and playing the %’s but this is terrible on Mattingly’s part.. Plus, on top of that, Cruz is far superior defensively to Kennedy @ 3rd… Oh well, Go Blue, let’s get the sweep and head to Atlanta….

  12. jerry says:

    i dont know what some of you have been watching ..but victorino has been getting on base a lot..been walking alot and has been scoring..

  13. Rob says:

    Blanton is looking bad early

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Umpires. They have too much power. Sometimes they become the factor of wins and losses and very big mistakes and thus, outcomes of games.

    I am one who feels that baseball needs to get into the 21st century like football and basketball have.

    On close plays, on important plays, where the cameras have more information than some of the umpire/s – they need to confer quickly and make the decision FOR the game. Face it, sometimes, umpires are out of position, blocked out of the best view of a play.

    The game should be about the game, and not umpire mistakes. The classic one was the almost perfect game with the Tigers pitcher, Galarraga when umpire Jim Joyce made the wrong call, admitted it, but the call was not overturned.

    IF THEY WOULD HAVE ZIPPED TO THE CAMERAS – they would have seen the hitter was out, and thus the game would have won over a missed call of the umpire.

  15. Bill Russell says:

    This game today has taken some wicked turns. First Blanton looks like crap in the 1st inning and gives up a three run bomb. Next Kemp and Mattingly get rejected in the 2nd inning for arguing balls and strikes. Next James Loney hits a dinger, Yes James Loney went yard. Blanton starts looking better and getting outs. The Dodgers scores a run on a bunt single by Herrera which took Kemps place in the lineup. Hanley hits a 2 run bomb to go ahead 4-3. And now Barajas scores from 1st to tie the game. I believe elephants will fly before the end of this game.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, the Giants are seeking some outfield help. Got your spikes? Oil your glove? Stretch those hammy’s out !!! Ready for the Halloween colors . . .

    • Badger says:

      I’m done. Gave my A2000 and my cleats to my son, who is thumping home runs in A League Slow Pitch. I couldn’t crack anyone’s lineup these days…. ‘cept maybe the Sedona Police Department’s.

  17. Kevin says:

    Anyone else still think we should sign Blanton next year? THIS GUY SUCKS!!

  18. gionfriddo says:

    Angel Csmpos has been horrific and that’s being kind to that sawed off runt.. that being said, Kemp can’t let that happen.. 2nd inning, pennant race—- let it go, bite your tongue and keep battling with your teammates..

  19. Ken says:

    Roger – I have been saying for weeks that Dee Dee should platoon with Ellis for the rest of 2012 if he comes back, begin 2013 as the platoon with Ellis at 2nd until he regains his form of 2011, then make a decision in 2013 regarding who would be the best 3rd baseman. I hope Dee Dee gets better but the more that he understands the other positions the better he will be at SS.

    Blaton broke the Easy button.

    When will Lilly and RDLR be back?

  20. Ken says:


    Start 1 – 2 runs

    Start 2 – 4 runs

    Start 3 – 8 runs

    Start 4 – 16 runs ???? :)

  21. jerry says:

    i believe that donny boy..leave,s his pitcher in to long ..even though tray was running the show..he was struggling the whole game…that is where they try to give him 5 innings..there has been atleast 10 games that we should win..its about winning the game…not giving the pitcher the 5 innings..

  22. HawkeyeDodger says:

    Mark, you’ve been so inconsistent on your opinion of Loney all season. If he gets a 3 hit game, you’ll be back to just let him play it out. I understand the frustration with him. I’m frustrated too because the guy should have been more, but he bring something to the table at least defensively. If we want Sands up then get rid of Rivera or Uribe or Kennedy, but we know that won’t happen. The Dodgers will wait until September 1st and bring will then give him a couple of spot starts against lefties in either RF or 1B.

  23. Badger says:

    James has a negative dWAR this year… if you buy such stats.

    I don’t know. He just seems like instead of taking 5 hour energy before games, he takes Zoloft. Maybe he should be called James Lonesta. He looks half asleep most of the time. Disappointing to say the least. Still, he is a .284 lifetime hitter with a .763 OPS. Not great, but it beats Uribe by a considerable margin. I would say Sands gets Uribe’s spot on this roster. Who cares what we are paying him. He’s had his chance and he blew it. Dump him.

  24. RogerCraig says:


    I think that earlier in the season Mark was giving James some rope, but he hung himself and I feel the same way Mark does – Good Luck James, but I want you gone!

  25. Badger says:

    Loney hit .318 in July and he has the rest of August and September to prove his worth to somebody, then I suspect he will be gone. We just need more consistency at that position. Don’t be surprised if they blow up that Boston team and a guy like A Gonzalez becomes available. His name has been mentioned in that Valentine mess.


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