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Matt Kemp gets tossed by Michael Scot

Hello Dodger faithful.  My name is Justin Gunsaulus and I have been a constant reader on Mark’s site for over two years now and approached Mark to become a writer. On the website I have commented a few times here and there as NedSucks. You’re probably wondering how someone from across the nation becomes a Dodger fan? Its simple, Jacksonville is my home and the home of the Jacksonville Suns. The Suns were the affiliates of the Dodgers from 2001-2008 and I suddenly became a Dodger fan over night when my former Suns were playing on the big stage. Billingsley, Broxton, Loney, Martin, Kemp, Dewitt, Kershaw, and Mcdonald all went through the Suns organization.  I became a Dodger, watching every game on and waiting for Mr. Timmons to post something to read and think about. I am really looking forward to contributing to this website.

Now on to more important matters.

As anybody could see that strike zone was as wide as Chad Ocho Cinco’s or Chad the head butting champ Johnson’s ego and the reason that Matt Kemp got tossed was because of some umpire’s ego! Angel Campos had a problem with someone who is questioning his call. Yesterday he wasn’t going to have it. So he tossed Matt Kemp in the second inning during a playoff run. So today I ask that Mr. Campos get demoted to the minor leagues. Mr. Campos did not issue a warning to Kemp. He threw him out in the second inning and Matt wasn’t even in the umpires face!!!!!!!!! Now to Don being tossed. Don got tossed for asking the home plate umpire why Matt got tossed. The home plate umpire to whom Don was asking the question too didn’t even toss Don!!!! He was tossed by the crew chief. I felt like I was watching an episode of The Office where Steve Carrell was parading around like a jackwagon in an umpire uniform. The umpires should be fined, not Don or Matt. Too many times this year umpires have jumped the gun with tossing players and managers. I am fully behind the league with demoting umpires. When players don’t produce they get demoted or released. Umpires should do the same. Whether it’s missing a call on a no hitter or tossing a team’s MVP in the second inning an umpire’s performance should be reviewed and evaluated. Action should be taken after the evaluation, just like every other business.

Tonight I will be attending the Dodgers game in Atlanta. Nothing short of a sweep is acceptable, as long as we have Kemp in center and Don in the dugout.

  • Puig is the reason we’re not going to resign Victorino
  • I fear Chad’s Beard before Brian Wilsons
  • Let’s face it, Ethier is a platoon player at best
  • James Poney hit a home run yay! He now has 4

Lets go Blue!!!!!!!!

Thanks for giving me a look!!


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44 Responses to “Matt Kemp gets tossed by Michael Scot”

  1. Dusto says:

    I can see a situation where Ethier is at first and Puig is in right and Victorino in left. I will admit that Ethier has been really bad against lefties.

  2. Bobby says:

    If Puig proves he’s ready really really soon, Andre to Boston in an Adrian Gonzales deal?

  3. Mark_Timmons says:

    I\’ve thought about that but there are 2 problems:

    1. The Dodgers would have to throw in a stud pitching prospect (Zach Lee); and

    2. Gonzo doesn\’t want to come to LA (he says).

  4. Gonzo says:

    Mark, I haven’t heard about Gonzo not wanting to play in LA, with the Latino community there he’d be one of the most popular guys right away. I mentioned it a few months ago before the trade deadline that LA should kick the tires on Gonzo, well they did and BOS was not interested. I hope that Sands is given a shot because I think he will be a servicable player. Very doubtful though. No superstar, but an Erik Karros 2.0.

    One guy people have forgotten about and I think will be our 1B next year is…..Victor Martinez. Think about it, switch hitter with a good bat. Plug him between Kemp and Hanley. Ethier could then either bat 2nd or 6th to have a balanced lineup. Or trade Ethier for top prospects in the offseason and package them with a few of ours and make a run at King Felix.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    Here\’s where he says he wants to stay in Boston:

  6. Kevin says:

    Wanting to stay in Boston is not the same thing as NOT wanting to come to L.A.

  7. Kevin says:

    I’d give up Ethier and our best pitching prospect for Gonzalez in a heartbeat.

    • Badger says:

      Me too Kevin.

      And why wouldn’t Adrian want to play in L.A.? Is it because of stats? Of course they will be better in Boston, but he had pretty good numbers playing in the polo grounds of San Diego and he already has the inflated contract. Should be about winning the ring now, shouldn’t it?

      btw, thanks NedSucks. Off to a good start. Umpires are one of my sensitive spots, as I used to be one. I have told this story before but it’s on topic so I’ll tell it again. I drove all the way from Eureka to S.F. to see the Dodgers play the midgets and Raul Mondesi was the 5 tool rising star of the Dodger system and about two minutes into the game he gets tossed by an idiot home plate umpire, don’t even remember his name. Mondesi wasn’t even looking at him, he was staring out at the pitcher swinging his bat and the ump went nuts. Of course something must have been said, but hell man, nobody but the catcher and the ump heard it. What umps seem too forget is, not one person in that stadium paid money, and a lot of it, to see them umpire a baseball game and lose their cool doing it. Pisses me off. I have seen them make so many mistakes, (mostly position) it’s ridiculous. These guys are, in many cases, lazy, out of position out of shape hot heads and need to be disciplined by their own organization.

      I’m done. Carry on.

      • Kevin says:

        I did a little research Badger and Gonzalez only has the power to veto trades to two teams…..I seriously doubt the Dodgers are one of them. He’s from San Diego so playing up the road in L.A. wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

  8. Nedsucks says:

    Either at first will never work. Says MLB Radio host Kevin Kennedy.

    • El_Che says:

      What the hell does he kno ?!!

      • Nedsucks says:

        Kevin lives in LA and covers the Dodgers. He was slated to coach the Dodgers Before Grady Little was hired. I have faith in Kevin that he knows what he is talking about. I say trade Either in the offseason with Zach Lee and a ptbnl “Corey Seager” for Justin Upton. Somehow trade for Morales to be our first baseman.

  9. Gonzo says:

    Kevin, Yes and Yes.

    Even though Ethier’s contract may reach the 100 million mark, it is a mid tier contract in today’s game which can be tradeable. Eithier could bring back 2 top 10 prospects and a 20-30 prospect.

  10. Ken says:

    Any umpire who kicks out a player for cheering for a teammate should be fined and suspended. The umpires were the people who were initiating the physical contact with the Dodger players and coaches.

    Victorino for 1-2 years would be ok.

    Unfortunately Ethier is one of the many Dodgers who are platoon players. 100 point differrence should be an automatic platoon.

    • Nedsucks says:

      I doubt Shane will sign for anything less than 4 maybe 3 years at the least.

      Unfortunately the home plate umpire did tell Kemp to “lock it up.” Matt provoked him by cheering on Either so he got tossed. Campos is a fill in major league umpire, and a full time minor league umpire. He is a hot head and should no longer be allowed in the majors.

      • Kris says:

        Matt “provoked” Campos by cheering on Dre? No freaking way! Hopefully cooler heads in the league office will prevail and the whole incident – along with Campos – will go away.

  11. Bobby says:

    Am I the only one who’s really not impressed with Hanley’s D at SS? I thought he looked better at 3b honestly.

    I’d prefer Dee at SS and Hanley at 3b, but I’d also be happy with Dee being traded to SD for Chase Headley, and having that powerful left side of he infield as well.

    • Ken says:

      Yes, Hanley looks better at 3B but he looks happier at SS. If he gets more flexible, takes yoga, etc. than he should be given a chance to play SS in 2013. A little competition is good for Dee Dee. If reality is 20 errors at SS but hitting over .300 next year versus, 10 errors at 3B, unhappy and hitting .250 than should the Dodgers move Hanley back to 3B? Wait until next year!

      Good trade. The Padres big 3B prospect just might be ready to take over at 3B in spring training 2013.

    • Nedsucks says:

      I’m confident that Dee will straighten it out. He is a hard worker an has a lot of confidence. He just needs time.

  12. Ken says:

    Dodger Starter Splits (BA against Opposite Pitcher minus BA against Same Arm Pitcher) Greater than .100 = platoon

    Mark Ellis .179
    Kemp .130 :)
    Ethier .092
    Victorino (S) .079
    Cruz .050
    Loney .020 (Bad against both)
    Rameriz -.011 (better against RHP)
    AJ Ellis -.064 (better against RHP)

  13. Michael says:

    Money is no object. Josh Hamilton is coming to town.

    • Badger says:

      Hamilton? He’s a Southern boy. You think L.A. is the right town for him?

      Interesting stats Ken. Kemp’s numbers are deceptive as he is clobbering from both sides.

      Hanley at third base is really the only thing that makes sense to me. As long as we have Gordon, HE is the SS. If he is gone……

      I have said for two years that Ethier in RF for the Red Sox is a great fit. Heck, they had JD Drew when I first made the suggestion and I just KNOW Ethier in that division could put up better numbers than Cody Ross. Make it happen!

    • Nedsucks says:

      Then you have to resign Shane because Josh will be out half the year. I dont how he will fair with his vision and the amount of day games that the Dodgers play.

    • Kris says:

      I think the only way Josh is coming to town if he is playing Santa Claus. Someone else will be crazy enough to give him an A-Rod type of contract and will regret it in a couple of years as his skills regress and he starts breaking down regularly.

      I’m thinking the Dodgers retain Victorino for 2-3 years with a couple of option years in case Puig does not work out.

  14. Michael says:

    I don’t neccesarily think LA is the right town for Josh but money talks. The new owners after paying 2 bil for the team ain’t going to fool around. They throw the little ones like Shane back after letting them wriggle around awhile. The big catch this offseason is Hamilton and I fully expect he is numero uno on our list since a deal for Mike Trout seems unlikely and would no doubt cost Clayton.

    • Badger says:

      Well if he can stay on the field for 135+ games he is worth whatever he gets. I think his home runs go out of any park, and in the middle of our lineup he would definitely get some pitches to hit. It would be fun to see it happen…. he is going to be 32 next year, so, hopefully his irresponsible years are behind him. Still, Josh Hamilton and the distractions of Los Angeles…… he might be better off staying in Texas. OR,I hate to say it, but where he might fit best is in Arizona. This place is VERY conservative and he would mash in that lineup. As long as he has his papers with him at all times, he should be fine in Phoenix.

      Anybody get any more information on Garcia-Speck?

  15. Bball says:

    I’d sign Hamilton for no more then 4 years and no more then 100 mil. And he would have to play first. If that’s the case make it happen.

  16. Bball says:

    That being said I can see him relapsing over and over in LA. I think badgers right on this one

  17. Kevin says:

    I like Hanley at 3rd for no other reason than we’ve had a giant black hole there for awhile now. He also looks better at 3rd to me. He seems to hold on to the ball an awfully long time before he throws it and you can get away with that more at 3b since the balls are generally hit harder at you. Dee needs to be at SS with his range IMO if we are committed to the kid.

    • Bobby says:

      That holding on to the ball a long time thing is exactly what I’m noticing as well.

      It cost us a runner in the 1st yesterday, eventually leading to Garret Jones’ 1st 3run shot.

      So ya, perhaps it’s why Miami wanted him to go to 3b as well. Who knows; I doubt Jose Reyes was the ONLY reason Hanley was asked to move.

  18. Nedsucks says:

    How poetic is Chipper Jones on his bobble head night he hits two home runs. The night I attend the Dodgers Braves game he hits a home run at his first at bat. This is a John Elway moment. By the way everyone can thank James Poney for the Dodgers not scoring that run.

  19. Bobby says:

    One thing I really like about Capuano, besides this game he’s currently throwing, is how, even after striking out, he kind of runs back to the dugout like a little leaguer.

    You can tell he really likes playing baseball.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Well now, it is games like this that begin to show if the Dodgers have it this season. You WIN games like this one.

    You hold leads like you should have in this one.

    You get a key hit like Ethier should have in this one.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Well now, it is games like this that begin to show if the Dodgers have it this season. You WIN games like this one.

    You hold leads like you should have in this one.

    You get a key hit like Ethier should have in this one.

  22. Rob says:

    I am ready for FedEx!!!

  23. Rob says:

    Matt treanor sucks, we should have misti hitting for him. 0-5, couldn’t even get on to clear the pitchers spot. Uribe and treanor need to go, bring up FedEx and sands or casty. Don’t want to hang this on the bullpen, maybe Donnie should have left caps in to face two guys he dominated in the game but you never know.

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    No gold, no silver, no bronze for Treanor tonight.

    Games like this one – it seems if only the Giants andD-B-Backs do not want it – then the Dodgers will wander in as Division champs.

    Championship teams win games like this.

    And Championship teams that loose one like this, come back a win tomorrow.

    A starter cannot do any more than what was done tonight for the Dodgers

  25. jerry says:

    ronald b lost that game..seem like he cant get outs when we need them. i dont trust him like we did at the beginning of the yr.

  26. Rob says:

    Let’s go out and rough up sheets tomorrow!!!!

  27. Bobby says:

    Puig 3-5, 2 runs, sb tonight

    Pederson 3-5, 2 doubles, 2-run hr

  28. Bill Russell says:

    Welcome aboard Justin………………..


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