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In it for the long haul

The Good

As the trade deadline has come to a close, I think that we are all in agreement that our offensive line-up has been significantly upgraded with the additions of Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino.  Some think we paid to steep of a price for Victorino and we might have; only time will tell.  A thumper to compliment Hanley would have been nice, but I guess we will make due with the Loney/Rivera platoon the rest of the way.  The Loney/Rivera platoon is clearly the glaring hole in this lineup that makes me want to pull my hair out.

I respectfully disliked Victorino until today because he has always been public enemy number 1 to me after the NLCS.  You want to know why?  It’s because he was the player I was most scared of during the entire series-the gnat that would never go away.  Now he is a Dodger and I could not be happier.  I bet his debut tomorrow will involve some type of fireworks and most importantly, a  WIN.

Victorino Notes

  • .357 lifetime hitter at Dodger Stadium- I’ll take it!
  • Batting .385 in his last 14 games

The Bad

Pitching wins Championships and I really wanted Dempster, I wanted him BAD.  I don’t know if we have the firepower to compete in a playoff series.  Kershaw/Dempster would have been a tough one/two.  The Billingsley behind door number 1 erases the need for Dempster.  The Billingsley behind door number 2 is another story.  Harang could have been a force out of the pen.  To compete with the gints and snakes, we needed an innings eater for the long haul.  Maybe I’m wrong, we shall see.  As Mark points out all of the time, you can never have too much pitching.

The Ugly

Andre Ethier had 1 HR in June and 1 HR in July


Offense has slowed; let’s switch it up a little-

1. Victorino

2. Ramirez

3. Ethier

4. Kemp

5. Mark Ellis

6. Loney/Rivera

7. Cruz

8. A.J. Ellis


*How exciting is it to be a Dodger fan right now?  You have to love the initiative of Gugs to restore this franchise* 






72 Responses to “In it for the long haul”

  1. Rob says:

    Arizona is making a strong push for the west, they have the pitching and the bats

  2. Badger says:

    Agree about Arizona. They were the group most picked to win the Division. They are a complete team. The only reason they are not in front now is because Upton hasn’t hit like he can. They also lost Hudson but looks like they found a replacement.

    Bummer about Dempster, but Jed must have figured Webster was better for the organization. Maybe it’s a three year goal, who knows.

    Ethier needs to hit. Ramirez needs to hit. They do, we have a shot. They don’t……. then I think the dbacks are the team to beat. At least I hope so. Anyone but the gints.

  3. Jae says:

    I see Webster went 7 and allowed 1 ER last night while striking out 7. His ERA is now 3.76. We could see him if Lilly doesn’t come around.

  4. Mike Dixon says:

    I said in the beginning of the year that Arizona was underrated and here they are….I also really wanted Dempster but not for Webster…Ned would have had to trade most of our top prospects to patch all the holes the Dodgers have…hottest team at the end of the year usually makes a deep run..hope its the Dodgers…

  5. Badger says:

    Well Mike, you would be the only one who underrated the dbacks because they were the Divsion winner last year, by quite a margin, and actually got better. Most experts picked them to win.

    And you are right about the holes we have. Victorino should help, as we haven’t really had a lead-off hitter all year. I would rather he hit second, (.288 .352 .441) but, he knows how to hit at the top of the order and that is what counts.

    We do need to point out how lethargic Ethier has been since coming back. He needs to pick it up and the sooner the gooder. Ramirez only hitting .240 since he got here, but he does have 8 ribbies in 7 games, so, that’s producing. Sure would like to the middle of this lineup get hot at the same time.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Kinda got beat in the first inning of the last two games with HRs — and could not come back either time.

    Two months and counting — that is the drag or the haul in front of the Dodgers right now.

    No step up — then they step down and out.

    I think that two of our pitchers just might have tired themselves out — and not be as effective the second half. Hope I am wrong.

    In a few days, looks like maybe a 3 way tie for the West.

  7. Mike Dixon says:

    Mark posted the D-Backs stats from last year and said I was crazy to think they had a shot at the division…and If I can recall a couple of other posters said the same…

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    I still doubt Arizona. Aaron Hill and Kubel have helped immensely, but Upton will always be erratic and Young will always be what he is.

    Willie Freakin\’ Bloomquist is playing out his rear-end.

    Pitching is a problem. They don\’t have an ace. Kennedy sure isn\’t. Miley is close, but he\’s really more of a #2. Saunders isn\’t. Cahill isn\’t.

    JJ Putz isn\’t a great closer and their pen is suspect. Their hitting has been better than I thought, but the Dodgers have Kershaw and more arms in the pen. The D-Backs have been at .500 16 times this season. I think they are a .500 team. Just my opinion.

  9. Mark_Timmons says:

    Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes that the Dodgers didn\’t wind up with Ryan Dempster because of the pitchers that they were unwilling to part with. GM Ned Colletti\’s four untouchables in talks for Dempster were right-handers Zach Lee, Allen Webster, and Rubby De La Rosa, and left-hander Chris Reed.

  10. Badger says:

    I picked the dbacks to win this Division, and if forced to pick a winner, I still would. You go through that lineup, and they are better than anyone else in the division. With Miley looking like Kershaw, their staff looks good enough. And if Upton does get his head out of his ass, he has Kemplike potential.

    And Mike, you might recall Mark also posted that Capuano would win 20. He says a lot of crazy stuff. He bleeds blue, so, you gotta take that into consideration when he makes predictions. The dbacks won 94 last year, then picked up Cahill and Kubel. With Upton a year older, a 20 game winner in Kennedy, a 16 game winner in Hudson…. Parra, Goldschmidt, Monterro, Hill, and now Johnson – you would kinda have to have your head in the sand not to pick them. Kennedy started slow and they lost Hudson, Upton just hasn’t got it going yet. If it all comes together for these guys, with Gibson leading them… I wouldn’t bet against them.

    Having said that, I like our chances if our guys get going. You just never know with Harang and Capuano. We will need those guys. If they don’t give us several quality starts the rest of the way…..

    this team needs everybody to have a shot. Will Mattingly get it out of them? Stay tuned.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Caps should have 13 wins now, but he hasn\’t looked good lately. You have ebbs and flows in the season, but 20 is out of reach now. I just hope he can put up 15 or 16 wins now.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    I think we may see Webster and RDLR soon.

    • Badger says:

      RDLR might help with a few innings. But… Webster? Really? In a pennant race?

      This team needs it’s current starting rotation to step it up.

      And I think you are wrong about the dbacks pen. Hernandez and Putz have been very good. And, if those guys start hitting like they are capable of hitting, their pitching is plenty good enough. You are right, they have been a .500 team most of the year. Let’s hope they finish like that.

    • gionfriddo says:

      Capuano= 1-4 4.66 era last 6 starts.. we need him to get it together.. Harang as well or the next 2 months are going to be brutal..

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Well yesterday left me scratching my head. Ned didn’t appear to have a backup plan in place once Dempster was lost. Why rent Victorino if the pitching staff can’t carry us late into the playoffs? I hope I’m wrong but after Kershaw, the top of the staff is kinda thin. We don’t have a true #2 on the team. I feel like a spoiled kid at Christmas wanting more after all that Ned did, however why waste Ethan Martin if you aren’t going all in. I understand that Webster was too steep of a price to pay for Dempster, but I’m sure he could of gotten the deal done a week ago if it wasn’t for his hard ball tactics with Theo. Theo simply out smarted Nedster in the end.

  13. Badger says:

    “however why waste Ethan Martin if you aren’t going all in.”

    Very good question Bill. If the best pitchers we have in the minors are off the table for a Major League starter with a current ERA+ of 178, a guy that ASKED TO COME HERE….then why bother with Victorino? Why not wait until the off season and build the team you want for next year?

    Curious move.

  14. Bobby says:

    Amazing how people are upset we didn’t get a guy who’s career ERA is HIGHER than Aaron Harang!!

    He’s not a dominant #2 behind Kersh and never would have been. His career suggests he’d be a flip of the coin in a pressure game 2, the same as Bills, Cap, Harang, and Lilly.

    Also, if we’re going by past predictions, I said in March that I’d rather have Kuroda for his 1 yr $12mil, and Eovaldi over the combo of Cap/Harang for their 2 yrs $20+ mil. Now we’re seeing the real Cap and Harang come out, just when we need them the most.

    Hopefully Webster or RDLR or even Lilly give us some starter help until Ned can go bold by Aug 31 and get us Cliff Lee

  15. Bill Russell says:

    Well Bobby if Ned is going to land us Cliff Lee, then I’m clearly wrong about him being out smarted by Theo yesterday. I stand corrected.
    Dempster would clearly be the second best pitcher on this team dispite what he’s done in the playoffs in the past. He’s looked pretty good this year. Dodger Stadium would have also been a better place to pitch when you compare what he’s done in the windy city.

  16. Bobby says:

    The windy city doesn’t only help hitters. The wind changes there more than Mitt changes his opinions (or Kerry changed his opinions and i’ve just covered all sides :)

    If the wind is blowing out, anyone would get rocked. When the wind is blowing in, all shots become regular fly balls.

    Dempster’s track record is that he is a #3 type starter at best. Why judge on 3 months this year when we have about 11 years worth of results to judge by?

  17. Badger says:

    I agree with Bill. If it’s about this year, and most of us thought it WAS, then the guy who is hot right now, and wanted to come here, looked like the best bet. The message we sent to him was, we prefer a AA pitcher and what he MIGHT do in two years than you dude. Frankly, I hope he does well in Texas. Not well enough to bring them a championship, because, afterall…. it is TEXAS.

    Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. We’ll see how smart Jed is when all the dust settles. Should be interesting.

    I think what upsets me more than anything is the fact we lost the guy with the best name in the organization – Leon Landry. I think he is the next Victorino. In fact, I am gonna pull a Mark here and make an outrageous prediction – Landry will not only make it the Major League level, he will steal 50 bases and score 100 runs for somebody.

  18. the truth hurts says:

    every pitcher is due a bad game and Harang had his on Monday. His four previous starts:
    July 4 vs CIN- 7inn 3 hits 1 er, got the win
    July 14 vs SD- 7inn 4 hits 3 er, no decision
    July 20 vs NY- 5inn 4 hits 1 er, got the win
    July 25 vs St.- 7inn 2 hits 2 er, no decision

    we need to give him a pass…

    Capuano on the other hand,
    4 losses in his last 5 starts, 19 ER, 39 hits

  19. Kevin says:

    Have to point out that the Ethier contract is not looking that good right now. He’s not hitting lefties at all again and where did his power go?

    • the truth hurts says:

      completely agree, Kevin..

      somehow Ethier has slipped under the radar but it has become very apparent that his power has vanished and that my friend, is VERY scary….

      I know Kemp was out for an extended period of time but come on…..

  20. Gonzo says:

    “Landry will not only make it the Major League level, he will steal 50 bases and score 100 runs for somebody.” You forgot the “or may not”

  21. Bobbie17 says:

    The trading deadline put more lipstick on the pig. This is still a mediocre/bad team with too many holes in the starting pitching. The .500 pitchers are now getting their
    records where they historically belong. In the end, it will be about pitching, and the
    Dodgers gave up a whole bunch in the last few days.

  22. Mark_Timmons says:

    I have seen Landry a few times. He might make the majors, but I am not high on him. He doesn\’t make my jaw drop.

    If Cliff Lee is healthy, I think it\’s likely he ends up in LA in the next couple of weeks.

    At some point I have to wonder if Dave Hansen is the answer. I also don\’t think Mattingly is a good batting coach. Just my opinion…

    • ken says:

      The Dodger approach to hitting currently stinks. Some of the traveling scouts stink. A legalistic approach to hitting does not allow for flexibility when the opposing pitchers change their approach to pitching to the Dodger batters.

  23. ken says:

    The Dodger pitchers allowed 5 or more runs 12 times in July. Starting pitching should have been a higher priority for the Dodgers than the trade results indicated.

    Truth – Please compare the prospects that the Rangers gave up for Dempster to equivalent dodger prospects if any exist.

  24. gionfriddo says:

    James Shields– for those people who said that he has a high era, bad whip, so-so #’s if u throw out last year etc— last nite vs a hot Oakland club= CG 3 hitter with 11 K’s.. that is the 2 we needed behind CK.. not Bills, not Dempster.. he is from the area (Newhall), grew up a Dodger fan and would have made us the team to beat in the NL.. I would have given up Lee AND Webster for him..

  25. Bill Russell says:

    If Ned would have gotten it done a week ago, then Texas wouldn’t even have been in play for Dempster. Ethan Martin could of landed Dempster I bet. All the analysis’s at MLB Network pretty much thought the same thing as Badger and I yesterday. They all liked the Dodgers offensive and bullpen better however they all said that their starting pitching wasn’t strong enough. Cliff Lee would be nice, however he doesn’t look healthly and I’m not convinced that the Dodgers would be willing to take on that back loaded contract. Dempster may or may not of been the answer but we will never know now.

  26. gionfriddo says:

    Cliff Lee last nite— 7 inn, 7 K’s, 0 ER, Win…. he is healthy..

  27. Mark_Timmons says:

    Here’s the scouting report on the players Texas gave up for Dempster:

    Christian Villanueva: Third Baseman

    Villanueva spends the majority of his time at third base, but is capable of playing both second and shortstop if need be. The 21-year-old was rated the No. 100 overall prospect in all of baseball by Baseball America before the 2012 season.

    After an impressive 2011 campaign in which he slugged 17 homers, drove in 84 runs and stole 30 bases for the Rangers’ Single-A affiliate, the Guadalajara native has tailed off this season in High-A ball.

    He has upped his batting average and on-base percentage in 2012, but has seen a drop in virtually every other category. He’s 5’11″ and just 160 pounds, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see his numbers increase when he fills out more.

    Age-wise, this is a good acquisition for the Cubs. Villanueva is old enough to possibly have an impact on the team two or three years down the row, but not too old as to have to rush him to the bigs.

    His great instincts and solid glove are going to do wonders for him at the major league level. Villanueva is likely to end up with average speed and power, so an above-average glove will have him on the cusp of making the major league roster in about three seasons.

    Kyle Hendricks:

    Hendricks figures to be the better of the two players who were sent to the Windy City for Dempster’s services. Despite the fact that he hasn’t been touted like Villanueva, the 22-year-old righty has shown some quality stuff this year.

    In High-A ball, Hendricks has accumulated a 2.82 ERA, a staggering 1.06 WHIP and 112 strikeouts in 130.2 innings. The most notable of all his statistics is his ridiculous K/BB ratio of 7.47 (no pitcher in the majors is close to that).

    He doesn’t bring the heat, sporting a fastball in the high-80s most of the time, but he has exceptional command of all five of his pitches.

    Hendricks was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels out of high school in 2008 but chose to play college ball at Dartmouth. He was drafted by the Rangers in the eighth round of the 2011 draft.

    At 6’2″, he has a decent frame for a starting pitcher, but needs to bulk up a bit before he can become the workhorse that the Cubs surely hope he can be. Hendricks pitched well through all levels of the Rangers organization, compiling a sub-two ERA in Low-A ball last season in 32.2 innings.

    Don’t sleep on this guy, Cubs fans. You might be looking back on this trade in five years with a smile on your face, wondering why the Rangers traded this stud for a 35-year-old starting pitching better than he ever was in his career.

  28. gionfriddo says:

    I was never sold on giving up Webster, Lee, or even Reed for the 35 yr old Dempster.. I’ve watched several of Dempsters’ starts and he is pitching great this year, but remember he has a career 4.30 era and 1.43 whip.. we will never know if he could have helped us down the stretch.. let’s see how he fares in Arlington

  29. Mark_Timmons says:

    To blame Ned for not getting the deal done is silly. You guys have no clue how the discussions went. I can tell you this: Ned assembled all his advisors (there are about a dozen) and the consensus was that Webster, Lee, Reed and De La Rosa were untouchable. Everyone else was in play. I guarantee you Stan Kasten was in on that meeting too.

    The Dodgers could have had Dempster if they gave Lee or took Soriano. They were unwilling to do either. I get that. Dempster is having a career year and may not keep it up. It\’s a risk. The Rangers gave up a TOP 100 prospect, but thet have two third basemen ahead of him.

    Next, the Dodgers will look at Cliff Lee. They will have to take most (if not all) of his salary and give up Zach Lee. I say do it!

    • gionfriddo says:

      I agree Mark, and I have went off repeatedly on Ned in here.. however, I have to give it to Ned and the entire staff (I believe Kasten had a BIG role too) for not flinching when it came to Dempster and unloading any of the 3 young arms..

  30. gionfriddo says:

    According to Ken Gurnick last week the Dodger brass considered Webster for fridays start vs Cain in SF but opted for Fife instead.. what are the chances we see Webster at some point in the next 2 months?? currently, Webster is NOT on the 40 man roster..

  31. gionfriddo says:

    Abreu DFA’ed and Uribe kept.. makes sense to me…

  32. Badger says:

    I don’t “blame” Jed. It seems clear enough to mm – the Dodgers decided Webster was too much for Dempster. According to everything I read, the Cubs were trying to appease Dempster and Webster would have got it done. The Dodgers went a different way. They MUST have a different plan. And, since money is not the object (the object is the object) and we all know counting on a couple of rookies in a pennant drive is fool’s play…… that tells me that Cliff Lee is the object.

    Makes perfect sense to me. Now, the Phillies have only a couple of weeks to get this done. Reading up on the waiver rules over there —>
    everyone below the Dodgers gets first shot, they’ll pass, then the Dodgers claim him and …. what will Philly want in return? They don’t have to want anything… they can just let him go just to dump the contract…..

    so…. fellow armchair GM’s, what’s the play?

  33. the truth hurts says:

    Victorino to wear #8



  34. gionfriddo says:

    Cliff Lee sounds great in theory, however, he has a no trade clause in his deal where he can only be dealt to 8 teams.. are we one of the 8???

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    We seem to have this difference of opinion here on: did the Dodgers need more hitting or more starting pitching by July 31???

    Point blank — the Dodgers needed both. Period.

    This is still a weak lineup. And I have posted and say again, the season just might have caught up with some of the starters. Four months down — and the season wears on the physical body.

    I think the brain trusts did about as good as they could have done trade wise given the lack of depth in the minors.

  36. Gonzo says:

    As an arm chair GM. I stand pat and hope that the pitching rotation catches fire again and pass on Lee and wait until the offseason to make a splash. Again, if the CA Angels allow Greinke to hit FA, I sign him and take care of Kershaw too since he will only get more expensive.

    Or, if Greinke resigns with the Angels I go all out and try to trade for King Felix. Lee, Webster, Reed and Peterson. Yes, the minors would be even more depleted, but the team would have a young core to allow Kasten and whoever the GM is to rebuild the farm.

  37. Rob says:

    Uribe is like a cockroach, you just can’t kill this guy. Why would you DFA abreu when his on base percentage destroys uribes? I know we have alot of outfielders but this is crazy!

  38. Badger says:

    Why go get Victorino if we aren’t making a run at it this year?

    “Why would you DFA abreu when his on base percentage destroys uribes?” – Rob

    because for $150 an hour they can send Uribe to hypnotist and possibly salvage some of the 12 million or so he is owed. Makes as much sense as anything else I reckon.

    friddo on Lee:

    “are we one of the 8???”

    I know the Rangers are, and I think it would be either us or them that would claim $87 million. They have been to the WS twice and everybody knows what happened. They may just be desperate enough to do something crazy like that. And, they have all those oil billionaires down there that might be in cahoots with getting this Championship thing back to Texas. If Dempster tubes his first couple of starts, or even if he doesn’t, claiming Lee would send a Texas size message to everybody.

  39. Gonzo says:

    Was it me or did Kemp give Victorino the cold shoulder after the first out?

  40. ken says:

    Abreu has been terrible ever since he hit that HR against the ANgels. He was a good “2 month rental”, much cheaper than the normal cost of a July 31st 2 month rental.

    Victorino wants a 5 year extension. Will the Dodgers do that after signing Puig? Is Victorino a costly 2 month rental?

    Ned said on the pregame show that if a two month rental starting pitcher would have negotiated an extension Ned would have traded ANY prospect. So was Dempster the real problem?

  41. jerry says:

    mark you mention about are hitting coach,s, what about are scouts.when the dodger use to be a good team..some of them scout are now mybe are scouts dont know what good talent is, just want to know your opinon on scout..

  42. ken says:

    Should have traded for more hitting :)

  43. Roger Dodger says:

    What is the proper word usage here???

    The Dodgers are getting their brains beat in ???

    Or –

    The Dodgers are getting their brains beat out ???

    Either way, the D-Backs are giving the Dodgers a schooling on baseball.

  44. Bill Russell says:

    Boy Uribe looked great on that at bat. I feel sick to my stomach.
    It looks like the Dodgers are going up against Cy Young every game.

  45. the truth hurts says:

    that was awful at every level

  46. DRomo says:

    All they have to do is win….

    Compare how you felt Sunday night as opposed to today YIKES!!!

  47. Badger says:

    Our new third baseman – 0 for the series. Their new third baseman with a dozen hits or something – he was on base every time I looked up. I know he had as many RBI’s with one swing as the Dodgers got the whole series.

    How’s that Arizona bullpen look to you now Mark?

    Ethier looks kinda lost. Not Uribe lost, which is launched into outer space spinning in the Pleaziac quadrant somewhere, but just woke up with a “wahappin?” look on his face.

    OK, put this behind us and move forward.

    • Jae says:

      A junior high girls bullpen would look pretty good against these pathetic hitters.

      Maybe it is time to try anew hitting coach.

  48. Kevin says:

    That was ugly. Good thing we have the Cubs, Marlins, and Rockies coming up. We need some W’s!

  49. jerry says:

    they just dont want to eat uribe contract. they would rather have a bad hitter

  50. Reggie says:

    First we sweep the Giants and then get swept by the D-Backs. Go figure! This stuff happens. Give it time. It will pass. Count me as a supporter of getting a new hitting coach.

  51. Gonzo says:

    Yeah the Boys didn’t hit, but the snakes have three young studs. All three pitched great. They pounded the strike zone and pitched to contact. I still take Hanley over Johnson.

    Not making excuses, but I felt that the home lpate umpires’ zones were all over the place throughout the series. Snakes adjusted and the dodgers did not.

    I sure hope Lily is 100%. Lurch and capuano seem to have leveled off and I don’t expect much more from either. Like Badger would say, “they are who I thought they were.”

  52. Bill Russell says:

    Well it really doesn’t matter who our pitcher is if we aren’t gonna hit. Let’s just scratch the last three days off the books and forge ahead.

  53. DodgerDude says:

    Hansen has to go. Someone is responsible!

  54. DiamondBackStud says:

    Dodgers Suck!

    Dodger Fans Suck!

    LA Dodger Talk Sucks!

    Diamondbacks Rule!

    Screw all of you!

    • Badger says:

      Rodent eaters. This is what happens to your brain cells when you eat rats. It’s called Mad Rat disease and this guy Diamnond B.S. obviously has it.

      Moving on……… “I still take Hanley over Johnson.” Gonzo

      Me too. But this series most definitely goes to Johnson and his “those who live under the rocks” teammates. It was an ass whoopin’. But, we remain of them. Put this one behind us and fix what went wrong.

      We still have hitters who take fastballs down the middle and swing at balls out of the strike zone. As Gonzo just pointed out, the blue had yet another bad game, but, the savvy players adjust. What some of the Dodgers are swinging at has about a .100 success rate attached to them. Rule #1 in the hitting manual….get a good pitch to hit and square it up. You don’t do that then you forget any other rules. Your odds of squaring up a sinker at your ankles, or a curve 6″ outside, or even a fastball up around the letters, is less than 25%. That means if, as a team, you keep swinging at pitchers pitches you are going to have a bat crap team average. I don’t know who to blame but my guess is it’s just undisciplined hitters. Every guy in that lineup can take a page out A.J. Ellis’ book regarding that issue. There is a guy who KNOWS his strike zone and remains committed to it.

      jerry wrote: “they just dont want to eat uribe contract. they would rather have a bad hitter”

      It would appear to be Mattingly still has confidence in this guy. I don’t know why, but he must see something. I would say at this point, it’s a new season for Uribe. You have maybe 50 at bats to prove your worth. Better get after it because this new ownership doesn’t give a rat’s ass about paying you for your time on a golf course – or whatever it is you do with your time off.

  55. ken says:

    Truth – Are you a unicorn?

    Dodgers 4 games back in the wild card race with three teams ahead of them. WOW! Do not get caught be the D-Backs.

  56. Bobby says:

    Meanwhile, Yasiel Puig played DH today in the AZL.

    Struck out, lined out to left, and grounded out. So far in the 8th, he’s 0 for 3.

    Clear bust. Trade him now!!!


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