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Give it up for the Gugs

Even if this deal fizzles, I still tip my cap.

 MLB teams and fans across the country are realizing this is a new era in Dodger baseball.

 *As a fan, they have won me back*-to bad I live in FloridaHopefully Dodger fans return to the park knowing their money is not going to support McScum and that new ownership really does want to restore this franchise.

 Obviously Beckett and Crawford have trade clauses, so we’ll see.

 Tonight, the bums played like a team ready to welcome one of the best first baseman in baseball to their lineup-Adrian Gonzalez.  I will say it again- ADRIAN FRICKEN GONZALEZ.  A team ready to give Carl Crawford a second chance like we did for Hanley and Manny.  A team ready to welcome postseason stud – Josh Beckett to the rotation.

I understand the RISK!!!! But I’m focusing on the REWARD!!!!

  • Remember, our problem is hitting! Not pitching!
  • We still have Zach Lee and an overcrowded rotation as is.  Put Blanton in the pen.
  • Kershaw/Bills/Caps/Harang/Beckett/Blanton/Lilly/Ely, make it work Don

Essentially this trade is AGon/Crawford/Beckett for Rubby/Webster/$$$.  Three former All-Stars vs. two young “potential” studs.  You be the judge, I respect and understand both sides here.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but hopefully before 7:30am Sunday EST-72 hours from the waiver claims.

The Hanley move looks pretty good after tonight’s game doesn’t it?  Eovaldi got hit hard tonight.  Marlin commentators said they saw more focus, motivation, attentiveness out of Hanley tonight then they saw all the last two years-and a shorter swing.

You don’t think the blockbuster rumor has the team a little excited?    We did something we hadn’t done in over 3 months- hit back to back homers at home.  Rivera homered, Hanley homered…..Ethier even homered- and went 4-4 tonight.

  •  Pray for Bills who left in the 4th inning due to “soreness in his right arm”-if he goes down, we have some serious playoff match up problems.  Kershaw is not enough to make it through the dance.
  • Sad if Loney goes, I really pulled for this guy throughout the years.  I will always remember him for the grand slam inChicago.  I bought his jersey over Kemps five years ago.  That obviously was a bad call but at that time I was convinced he would become something special.  Sad story, I wish him the best if the trade goes through.
  • Braves, beat the Giants already

Baseball is a funny game:

Our opening day line-up:                               August 26th line-up?

Gordon                                                            Victorino

Ellis                                                                   Ethier

Kemp                                                                Kemp

Ethier                                                               Gonzalez

Rivera                                                              Ramirez

Loney                                                               Cruz

Uribe                                                                Ellis

Ellis                                                                   Ellis

Isn’t new ownership with deep pockets just great!

 Now, let’s figure out 2nd base!

This post is as scattered as my brain is……

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  1. Gonzo says:

    Nice to see Ethier play with some urgency. aybe he just realized that he will eventually be the odd man out in a year or two. If the Dodgers don’t win it all this year, I won’t fret too much. These guys are also setting themselves for short and long term.

    I hope Bills is ok. Any news on his injury?

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Thank you Carlos Lee for not coming to LA. Or maybe this deal would have happened anyway. But maybe not.

    Maybe even Beckett finds himself. After all, he’s only 32, and went 13-7, 2.93 last year. And that was pitching half his games in Boston, and in the DH American League. Don’t know what his problems are this year, but maybe all he needs is a change of scenery. And a healthy Crawford next year just might find some of the magic he had in Tampa. But Beckett and Crawford aside, just the addition of Gonzalez fills a gaping hole in the Dodgers lineup. And he’s every bit as good as Loney was defensively. And here’s something novel on the Dodgers, a lefthanded bat that can actually hit lefthanders. Ethier used to do it. Maybe he can find a way to do it again.

    You’re right Mark. We still need to figure out 2B. But Mark Ellis isn’t awful, so maybe we have enough to get through this season with him. And this is just the beginning. Gugs and company still haven’t had the luxury of an off-season. And anyone who is worried about depleting the farm system should just stop worrying. We still have some good arms on the farm, and with an ownership that has already demonstrated that it’s willing to spend on amateur talent, the talent pipeline will be re-built. This isn’t an ownership that is hell bent on spending big in free agency to build this team. They inherited a team with major holes at the big league level, and a farm system short on offensive talent. This gets them going on the next few years, and gives them time to revitalize the farm system that was laid to waste by McCourt. I’m sure they will spend in free agency when it makes sense, but will also rely on their own talent pipeline once it’s rebuilt, and the younger players begin to come of age.

    • the truth hurts says:

      your right Brooklyn and good post, Ellis should work for the rest of this season, off-season project….

  3. Corey says:

    I like it….I think. I just really hate giving up rdlr and webster together.

  4. the truth hurts says:

    I think its a done deal!

  5. Bball says:

    Yes sir. Big props to gugs they are sure stepping up. I don’t think any of us would have thought it would be like this so soon. You no what I say congrats everyone. From mcstank to this. Congrats great to be a dodgers fan. Hell ya. I wonder if AGON will be in the lineup tonight.

  6. Badger says:

    Heyman says it is a done deal. Crawford and Beckett signed off on their clauses.

    Very cool.

    We now have the horses to make the charge. Somebody tell the gints they can stop winning now.

    We used 6 pitchers last night. That’s not good. What happened to our “long relief”? 5 outs? We need at least 9 out of him. Wright ain’t right for that job. Hope Bills is ok. He finally gets it going, and now this?

    I am as excited about the idea of both Crawford and Gordon in our lineup as I am about Gonzalez. I love speed. I love how it changes games. Speed at the top, power in the middle and OBP at the bottom. If Crawford heals up ok, no reason to believe he won’t, the Dodgers have it all.

    Kasten knows what he is doing. Colletti now has the ante to be at the Final Table. This is very cool.

    • Voldomer says:

      I hope Crawford will bounce back too, but if I were Ned I wouldn’t take it for granted. Since money is no longer an issue, I’d resign Victorino (if he would agree to it, which certainly is not a given) for a platoon in LF. Historically Crawford excels against RH pitching and Victorino does the same again lefties (though as a switch hitter his splits weren’t as extreme as Crawford’s in the seasons I checked). That would provide insurance against LF becoming a rotating problems as it has been recently, and Kemp and Ethier could be rested occasionally without the lineup being depleted.

      As for Gordon, unfortunately I don’t see a place for him if Cruz keeps hitting (and yes, he could just be going through his Herrera phase too). I think Ellis–while not flashy–does too much too well and is a necessary piece alongside the stars. I’m surprised Gordon wasn’t in this Boston trade. While I agree that he still has much potential and is certainly electric when things are clicking, I would have preferred that he be in this deal rather than RDLR.

      Team pitching stats aside, I’m still not comfortable with the options for a playoff rotation past Kershaw. The recent (pre-last night) Bills has certainly been encouraging, but who knows what will happen with him. Can LA count on Capuano in a key game? I don’t know. While Ned did what he could in the off season, Kuroda sure would be nice to have down the stretch. I wonder if Cliff Lee has any regrets?

  7. Bball says:

    Badger ditto on Gordon Crawford. I was preying Gordon wasn’t involved. He gonna be special

  8. Badger says:

    It’s done.

    Note to Dee Gordon….. your job is to stay on the field and get on at 35%. You do that and you will steal 75 and score 125 runs.

    Beckett was scheduled to start today. Wonder when he will step into the Dodgers rotation? Bills spot?

    • the truth hurts says:

      Badger, one more request for Gordon….please put on minimum, 10 pounds in the offseason…15 maybe!

      • Badger says:

        Might slow him down.

        He will probably add a few pounds as he ages. Don’t we all? In the mean time, he is 5’11″ 160 pounds of fast twitch muscle. He is a triple waiting to happen. In fact, he can turn a single into a triple then score on an infield out. Heck, he can also prolly hit as many home runs as James Loney, but, who needs that kind of power out of a lead off man?

        Just get on base kid. I don’t care how you do it. Wear a loose fitting uni, crowd the plate and let that inside pitch spin off your jersey. Others have done that successfully. Bunt at least once a game. Move those infielders. Also, a man with your speed can do the old butcher block swing from the left side and be on first before the ball comes down. 3.79 to first. Speed. What a gift.

  9. Gonzo says:

    While reading about this trade throughout the day yesterday and read that the Dodgers were on Crawford’s no trade list I chuckled as I realized how far this franchise has come. When Crawford signed his deal, who was the owner? Yup you know. As most of the postres that I go back with to the LA TImes board used to say for years, “LA is not a place where a FA tells his agent to inquire about playing there.” Although not verbatim, I couldn’t help feeling happy and it actually made my day better knowing that my favorite team is relevant again.

    Now with Walter, Kasten and Magic however small his role may be. This is a place where players want to be. Does it suck to lose potential top of the rotation starters? Sure but this isn’t a Pedro for Deshields trade either.

    As for Beckett, yeah he has the rep of being a jerk, but from seeing him these past few year off and on I still believe h can be very good, he just stopped working. He looks as if he gained a little bit of weight and is a little too soft in the belly. I believe that with his ego, he will want to stick it to BOS and begin doing things the right way in between starts.

  10. SpokaneBob says:

    Dear Giants Fans,

    I know you might feel it is a little unfair of us to use our money to improve our team like this. I only have one thing to say to you………………………


  11. JOSEPH OLIVAS says:

    happiest day of my life

  12. Ken says:

    Good Post! All great analysis centers on balancing risk and reward!

    I am not surprised at all about Bills’ elbow. For at least 4 years I have been wondering why Bills frequently is trying to extend (or pop) his right arm to a 180 degree position. Is it a nervous tick, does he have bone chips, does he like to “crack” his elbow, etc. If he is cracking his elbow then he will have the same result as any person who cracks their fingers. Swelling and slowly developing arthritis.

    Carlos Lee is at home and he knows it. However, there may be a piece of him that now wishes that he came to LA.

    Last night was the perfect scenerio to use the “Long Reliever” that the Dodgers signed in the off season. Yet J. Wright has not pitched 3 innings in a single came during 2012. Does Donnie Tee-Ball have a clue what a long reliever is?

    The correct method of adding 10 pounds, up to 155 :), will not slow down Dee Dee. I can tell him how to do it because I did when I was his age and it made me faster. You simply build fast twitch muscle fiber on top of slow twitch muscle fiber by doing a lot of aeorbic exercising, run 5 miles every other day, sprint training on the alternative day, while lifting weights after the aerobic workout. Combine middle distance training with weight lifting.

    1. Crawford (L) LF
    2. Ellis (R)/Gordon (L) 2B/SS
    3. Kemp (R) CF
    4. Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Rameriz (R) SS/3B
    6. Ethier (L) RF
    7. Cruz (R) 3B
    8. Ellis (R) C

    Rameriz should be told that he is the SS until pitchers figure out Cruz and until the Dodgers will be better off with Rameriz at 3B and Dee Dee at SS. Until Cruz fails Dee Dee should be the platoon 2B with Ellis (Who CAN NOT hit RHP)

    1. Kershaw
    2. Bills (He needs something (1) Minor surgery or (2) Major anti-
    imflamation drugs)
    3. Capuano or Lily (Trade one of them)
    4. Harang or Blanton (Trade one of them)
    5. Beckett
    6. So glad the Dodgers still have Lee and especially Reed

    • the truth hurts says:

      completely agree Ken, Cruz has to stay in the line-up, he is one of my favorite hitters to watch right now…

      And its 2 verse 1 for 10 pounds to Gordon

      Badger, come join the darkside! ;)

  13. Badger says:

    Anybody have an opinion on a 6 man rotation?

    “The correct method of adding 10 pounds, up to 155 :) , will not slow down Dee Dee. I can tell him how to do it because I did when I was his age and it made me faster.”

    YOU are going to tell the fastest guy in the league how to get faster?

    Dee will weigh what he is supposed to weigh. I really do not care if he is 140 or 160. Weight has nothing to do with his game. His game is speed. He has enough fast twitch muscle now to hit a HR once in a while (5 in the minors, 1 so far in the Majors) but his contribution will be on the bases. This is a guy who can steal 70 bases, turning an infield single (or a walk) into a double. He just needs to learn how to steal first base. We have people in this organization (Lopes and Wills) that can help him learn. The kid is only 24 with 525 ML at bats. Patience. He’ll come around.

    Risk and reward. True. And it looks like the Guggenhymens are willing to throw it out there. “Risking” money on an organization that can put 50,000 BIS and has access to their own cable network really isn’t that much of a risk now is it?

  14. Gonzo says:

    Derrick Goold had an interesting take on this trade.
    Spending on Elite 1B this past year in millions:
    (28)Fielder: 214
    (32?)Pujols: 240+ incentives
    (28)Votto: 251.5

    So basically the Dodgrs are paying 260 million for Gonzalez who is 30.

    • Badger says:

      The Dodgers also get Beckett, Crawford and Punto for that $260 million Gonzo. I think all of them have the potential to contribute, don’t you?

      • Gonzo says:

        Yes they do! that’s why it’s a good trade for the Dodgers. Gonzalez has to be included in the top three 1B and to get Crawford and Beckett as well for what the California Angels are paying Pujols. Just wait a few years when Trout and Trumbo have to get paid.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Remember that RDLR was once 145 lbs., and then matured up to 170. The same will happen with Gordon. And if there’s a way for him to put on weight and maintain his speed, I’m sure the Dodgers’ trainers know about it. And, if memory serves, I believe that Jose Reyes wasn’t much heavier than Gordon when he first came up. Since then he’s put on weight, added some power, and is still one of the fastest players in the game.

    This deal was about getting Gonzalez. If Beckett and Crawford return to form, all the better. By the way, thinking about next year when Crawford returns, I wonder if he and Dee will be 1-2 in the order, since they’re both lefthanded hitters. And if they are, I prefer Dee at 1 and Crawford at 2. Crawford has more extra base potential to move Dee around the bases. Just the thought of having Gordon and Crawford on base with Kemp at the plate, Gonzalez on deck and Ramirez in the hole makes me smile. With the pitchers attention divided between the baserunners and Kemp, wonderful things can happen. Can’t pitch around Kemp in that situation, and he knows it. I can visualize lots of first inning runs.

    If Cruz continues to hit, why not consider him for 2B. Maybe he’s the next late blooming Jose Bautista (just not quite the same power). Well, I can dream, can’t I? Maybe he’s Jose Bautista lite. And if the Dodgers try him at 2B next year, and he reverts back to what he used to be, there’s always Alex Castellanos, or another in-season deal. Even Jerry Hairston could man 2B for a while until a replacement is found, or Mark Ellis is kept around. Something tells me that between now and next year, 2B will be figured out.

  16. Bball says:

    On Gordon anyone no when he’s supposed to be back

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If this deal gets done today, could it be that by tonight or maybe tomorrow, Uribe will be gone? It would seem that the switch hitting Punto could easily slide in as his replacement. Without having looked it up, I assume he can fill in at 3B. Probably can do so around the infield.

    If Uribe is DFA’d, that’s addition by subtraction. Even I would be an improvement over Uribe (well, not really).

  18. jerry says:

    i am from the old scool..weight training is the problem with all the arm injury..we never did that in my time..and i am 67. then you watch this guy warm.up ..instead of warming up slowly ..then spin there arm in a circle going as fast as they long tosse ..that two different throws…that why we can t get out of the first inning.just my my thoughts..

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Just looked it up. This year Punto played 5 games at 1B, 15 games at 2B, 26 games at 3B, and 6 games at SS. He’s even played some outfield in his career.

    Don’t know exactly when Gordon is returning, but it would be nice to be able to get him some rehab time before the minor league season ends, which I believe is at the end of this month. Guess he could get in some playing time in the instructional league. But even there, I’m not sure if they begin playing games right away.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Looks like it’s official.,0,2697354.story

    Gonzalez, Beckett and Punto expected to arrive in LA late Saturday. Maybe Gonzalez could be in the lineup tonight. Maybe, as I speculated above, we could have seen the last of Juan Uribe. Hope so.

  21. Bobbie17 says:

    I am a Nor Cal Giants hater. But I don’t think they are shaking in their boots right now. They still have the best starters and a bona fide star in Posey, who can carry any team. Plus a sold cast around him. My guess is they are all laughing. A gentlemen’s
    bet: At the end of the season, the Giants will be more than 3 games ahead of the Dodgers.

  22. Bball says:

    Bobbie17. Is there a sfgiantstalk. If so that’s where u need to be writing. They’d like you

  23. Rob says:

    Bobbie I live up near the bay area and most midget fans are happy to be in first but know their ability to run the west is coming to an end. They all seem to be frustrated with Brian sabean but he has made that Scutaro trade look really good. Pence has not worked out but the rest of the line up has stepped up since melky was busted. This line up is going to be hard to pitch to no matter what pitcher the midgets throw.

  24. Badger says:

    The gints are playing like a team. It’s yet to be seen how the new Dodgers will fit in, but I suspect it won’t take long. On paper, we are now the best in the West. They have a 36 game schedule to play and are 3 games out. I wouldn’t wait too long to put a streak together.

    Why the fixation on weight people? Are you guys all antorexic? Gordon is fine just the way is and should be back any minute. He was out for 6 weeks 7 weeks ago.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Dodgers are 3 games behind the midgets, and play them 6 more times. They’re also 1.5 games behind the Cardinals for the second wildcard spot, and play them another 4 times. I don’t know if it will take a while for this team to gel, and I don’t think that they have anything wrapped up my any means. But compared to yesterday, I believe the Dodgers chances are vastly improved. Not only have they added Gonzalez, but Matt Kemp is about due to break out of his slump. He had a couple of hits last night, and maybe it’s a sign. I also expect that he’s going to start hitting for power again. And his chances of breaking out are only improved by the presence of Gonzalez, Ramirez and Ethier hitting behind him. I expect him to show more patience as he begins to realize that he doesn’t have to do it all by himself. He’s got protection, and so does everybody else.

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    This seems like a double edges trade. The the Dodgers it is a now 2012/2013 trade to win in the present, even if it means more money spent on salaries.

    For the Red Sox it is cleaning out salary, some clubhouse cleaning, and try to re-focus for the future. Only Loney will be on the major league team now. The others are prospects only.

    This is a big deal for the Dodgers, energy all over the place, but could back fire, not in the players lost in the trade, but if the new ones do not put the club over the hump and win.

    AG helps the team from the get-go. Beckett could be big pickup. But you never know. He is a not a risk, but can he win again?

    I like the trade. The Dodgers do not have to wait another 2 or 3 years for prospects to develop. They want and have to win now. That is what ownership and fans want.

  27. Badger says:

    Good point on Kemp Brooklyn. All he has to do is only swing at balls over the plate and he is back. Take the walk, you will score a lot of runs that way.

    You are right, it is a big deal for the Dodgers Anew. Yeah, they gave up more than anyone should have given up for assuming that much salary, but they got it done quickly and everybody seems to be happy. I sure hope the players coming here are ready to help the push to the finish. All of them can play a key role in making it to the play-offs.

    Sure is a lot happening in L.A. sports these days. The Kings, the Lakers, the Dodgers, USC – it’s good to be a Southern Cal sports fan.

  28. Badger says:

    You guys heard about the Reds Billy Hamilton? Many of you wouldn’t like him because he is 6’1″ but only weighs 160 pounds, so obviously he is too scrawny for you – but the kid has stolen 148 bases in the minors this year. He only has 2 home runs (what a skinny ass weakling) but has scored 105 runs in 123 games. Rumor has it, he is so fast he once got hit by a line drive rounding second on a ball that he hit.

    Too bad he is so damn malnourished.

  29. the truth hurts says:

    gonzalez in the line-up boys!!!!!


    HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES

  30. Gonzo says:

    Its funny how anonymous rival execs are saying that the Dodgers got the bad end of the deal because of the cash they are taking over and the prospects that were sent to BOS. The way I see it it was need vs want. LA needed Agon and did what it had to do in order to get him. All these negative comments from the haters just makes the Dodgers look like high rollers in vegas, willing to lose millions because they know they have billions in their checking account.

    Good day to be a Dodger fan.

    • Badger says:

      Indeed Gonzo.

      Just watched the last couple of innings of the Braves handing the midgets their ass. Love it.

      Did anyone see the LL World Series games today? Petaluma, my old stomping grounds, gave it a go, but ran out of pitchers. Both teams did actually. Don’t know it will matter going against Japan tomorrow. Those guys are good, and are deep in pitching.

      OK. Meet the new Dogs. Not the same as the old Dogs. Sell out tonight?

  31. Bball says:

    Giants lose. It’s time to show what r money is made of. Prediction. Dodgers take over first on a game I will be at thursday(vin scully bobble head night) and never look back

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m wondering.

    Given his TJ surgery this week, Crawford is said to be out 6-9 months, and I’ve even read up to 10 months. That brings him back anywhere between the beginning of the season through as late as June. So who plays LF while he’s out? It won’t be Sands, it could be Castellanos if he has a good spring, maybe Rivera comes back, or maybe, just maybe, we’re wrong, and the Dodgers do the unexpected, and sign Victorino.

    Not sure what kind of contract Victorino can command, but it probably isn’t huge, and probably isn’t for more than two or three years. I’m sure he wants to play everyday, but maybe if he can’t command more than a few million per year, he would be willing to sign on in LA again with the likelihood that he’d spend the majority of his time as the 4th outfielder on a championship caliber team. Given their deep pockets, the Dodgers’ brass just might think it’s worth it to sign on a 4th outfielder who can hold his own in the starting lineup.

    Just a thought, and probably not likely. But maybe possible, especially given the fact that Crawford may not be ready for several months into the 2013 season. It might be the kind of insurance that the Dodgers can afford, and something that Victorino would be willing to accept were he not able to find something demonstrably better elsewhere.

  33. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “…just makes the Dodgers look like high rollers in vegas, willing to lose millions because they know they have billions in their checking account.” That’s about right Gonzo. This is a long term investment. We have owners that are able to suffer short term loss as a means of setting themselves up for long term gain. They’re thinking of putting more fannies in the seats this year, next, and beyond, greater merchandise and concession sales, and a humongous TV deal that will be worth untold millions in sponsorship money beginning in 2014. And they understand that all that only becomes possible if they build a winner. It’s the old story that you have to spend money to make money.

    As for the rival execs, that’s just all spin. In reality, they’re scared sh_ _. They’re also scared that to keep up, they’re going to have to spend a lot more than they anticipated, or can even afford. We’ve heard that nonsense with respect to the Yankees. It’s now our turn, thank goodness. It’s about time.

  34. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Giants lose, and so do the Cardinals. The focus for the Dodgers needs to be on winning the division. But just in case, it’s not a bad thing to move up in the wild card as well. The Dodgers picked up some ground in both of those races today, and now just have to do their part by winning tonight, and again and again and again, ad infinitum.

  35. DRomo says:

    I hope Ned gets a little credit for all of this. Of course he can get the big names if he has the money to spend. If we have zero $$ we have to take flyers on Uribe, Pierre, etc.
    He has the $$ and he went all in! There is no much in the free agent market so we went for it now! I love it.
    You know who is the biggest winner in this deal? Kershaw! With a big payday lurking after next year, an ownership group flaunting its ridiculous willingness to spend, Clayton should aim HIGH for his next contract and the Dodgers would have a hard time saying no.

  36. Bball says:

    DRomo. Like I’ve said before. Give cashman the restrictions Ned had and see how he does. Ned from me gets a lot of credit. Job well done

  37. the truth hurts says:

    victorino scratched?

  38. the truth hurts says:

    bills 15 day DL

  39. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Worried about the Dodgers trading away too many prospects? Read this, and maybe your mind will be put to rest. Player development is the long term Dodger plan. What happened this weekend is just a means of plugging some holes to give us a winner while the longer term plan gets some time to take effect.

    As I’ve noted before. Under McCourt the Dodgers were last in MLB last year in the amount of money spent on international amateur talent. That’s already changed. But the fruits of that investment, and the signings that will occur going forward, will take several years to bear fruit. In the meantime, our deep pocketed owners are using they’re considerable resources to keep the ship afloat while the long term plan gets set in place.

    The Dodgers will supply their own talent in time, and use free agency to fill any holes that the farm system is unable to immediately plug. Because of the miserable shape McCourt left our farm system, especially with respect to offensive talent, the deal that was made this weekend was absolutely necessary. And maybe over the winter another hole or two will have to be filled via free agency. But as the farm system gets revitalized that will become less and less necessary over time.

  40. Badger says:

    Not sure exactly how much credit Jed deserves in this. Most folks think he got snookered by giving up too much. There isn’t an organization in all of baseball that could have or would have done what the Dodgers just did…. so I guess for that he gets SOME credit. He was sitting in the chair and Kasten said …… sure, go for it.

    The power that money has over people never ceases to amaze me.

    Of course I like it when it’s my team doing the overspending, but this, and what the Yankees do is the reason this game needs a hard cap.

    In the mean time, we have the Los Angeles Dodgkees. Let’s fire up the engine on this new machine and ride this Maybach to the finish line.

  41. Bball says:

    Holy shit. Goin crazy

  42. the truth hurts says:


  43. Rob says:

    Welcome to LA, HR his first at bat!!!!!!

  44. Ken says:

    Who are these guys?

    Glad to see Ethier hitting 6th!

    Punto got into the game before Uribe!

    Easy button.

  45. Bball says:

    Smiles. Just smiles.

  46. the truth hurts says:

    speechless…..if this is whats to come…..hang on!

    what an offensive explosion….this lineup is RIDICULOUS

    Ethier, holy cow……he must have read my blog!

    Kershawshank redemption!

  47. Rob says:

    Eithier just explained during his post game interview how donnie told him to shorten up his swing especially while he wore a wrap on his right hand for a blister, Donnie quickly fixed his swing and he is stroking!!!

  48. Ken says:

    DFA Angle
    Activate Gwynn or Abreu (DL?)to 40 man
    DFA Uribe
    Add an oufielder – ethier Gwynn or Areu.

  49. Bobby says:

    Great win. Everyone (except Bobbie17) must be happy!


  1. [...] Give it up for the Gugs Even if this deal fizzles, I still tip my cap.  MLB teams and fans across the country are realizing this is a new era in Dodger baseball.  *As a fan, they have won me back*-to bad I live in Florida…Hopefully Dodger fans return to the park knowing their money is not going to support McScum [...]… [...]

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