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LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today reinstated left-handed reliever Scott Elbert from the disabled list and optioned infielder/outfielder Elian Herrera to Triple-A Albuquerque. Herrera appeared in just two games during his six-day recall, going 1-for-3 at the plate.

Elbert had been on the disabled list since July 26 with left elbow inflammation and made three rehab appearances with Double-A Chattanooga, striking out all six batters he faced in 2.0 innings. Prior to going on the DL, Elbert had made nine consecutive scoreless appearances (8.0 IP) and overall was 1-1 with a 2.45 ERA in 39 games.

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  1. Mark_Timmons says:

    Who would rather have Herrera than Uribe?

    I vote for Herrera.


  2. Bobby says:

    This from today’s LA Times, regarding Melky and the nonsense he’s trying to pull regarding his suspension:

    But it should also be noted that on July 27, when confronted by reporter Andrew Baggarly about the possibility of a failed test, Cabrera vehemently denied the rumor, even suggesting that Dodgers fans may have made it up as a distraction.

    A league official confirmed to Baggarly on Wednesday that Cabrera “absolutely knew” at the time he had failed a drug test and was going through the appeals process.

  3. Badger says:


    I’d rather have Vanessa Herrera out there than Uribe.

    Somebody suggested (on ESPN I think) that once a player tests positive – he knows it, the team knows it, the league knows it – why is this guys still playing? He wants to appeal? fine, let him appeal. Pending appeal, which should take no more than 72 hours, he sits. All those games he played in that the gints won… when he knew, the team knew and the league knew he was dirty…. should be counted as losses. Of course that will never fly, but it would immediately put an end to teams starting players that are using PED’s. Bonds takes the midgets to a World Series when everybody on the planet knew he was using, and now Cabrera and his b.s. shenanigans. Making up his own fake website to try to fool the league. What a weasel. Infuriating.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, ah Basil Rathbone (the actor) -

    From 1921 (when he was 29 years old) through 1968 he appeared in 123 movies. He lived to be 75.

    One great role was as Levasseur, the sometimes partner of CAPTAIN BLOOD, that starred Errol Flynn in 1935. They have a great sword fight on the beach where Peter Blood kills him . . .

    But his most famous role began in 1939 as Sherlock Holmes. He made 14 Sherlock Holmes films in all from 1939-1946.

    Do not over look The Court Jester with Danny Kaye as he played Sir Ravenhurst. He is considered the greatest swordsman in Holljywood history and his last major film, The Court Jester, is considered his best.

    Here is some trivia: Basil was the favorite choice of Gone with the Wind (1939) author Margaret Mitchell to play the part of Rhett Butler.

    He was 6 feet, 1 1/2 inches — and lean body build. I believe he might have made a great first baseman for Brooklyn.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    No matter the outcome of this game — we must give some credit to Honey for helping to improve Billingsley. Honeycutt and his staff must have seen something and finally gotten through to Chad.

  6. Badger says:

    We can learn a lot in here can’t we.

    I kinda figured the Roger’s would follow that geriatric wandering. Anew took it even further. Atta boy Roger.

  7. Ken says:

    I have heard that the appeals process takes 3 weeks. If true that would mean that the Giants knew that Melky would probably be suspended before they went and got Pence, who is hitting .217 for the Giants.

    3-0 For Herrera

    Go Sherlock!

    Weird series. Nice to see some out of the ordinary games.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Yeah, even Sherlock Holmes could have seen that Giant move . . .

  9. El_Che says:

    Jk would rather hav guerra sent down r league phantom dl for elbert

  10. Rob says:

    4-1, fat boy sucks

  11. Gionfriddo says:

    Whats the count for Herrera?? 25? 30? Put me down for him.. Go Padres, up 6-1, can u clowns hold on to this one? We should be up 1.5 with SF coming to town.. I’ll take the 1/2 game lead…

  12. Bobbie17 says:

    Great win today. I can’t believe Billingsley. I was/am a big doubter. Maybe taking time off during the season for no real reason will become the norm. If it works, the six man rotation is not far behind. Very interesting. Lot’s of momentum going into another important series. I hope Kershaw is on his game. You never know. Right now ,he is not the best Blue starter. The Orange team is always dangerous, and our home team advantage hasn’t been one lately. There should be minimal changes in the lineup for these 3 games.

  13. Badger says:

    Az with a 4 game win streak. We take care of our business agin the midgets, we can maybe put them in third place by mid week. Like the sounds of that.

    Great road trip. Three tough series against three good teams (hey, Miami would be .500 at home if not for us) and we win all three series. I am impressed.

    Good Bills. Hey, wait a minute. What happened to bad Bills? Anybody seen him? ….. all of a sudden he is unhittable. You don’t think?…….. nevermind.

    It’s all good. Long live the Bathbone.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Eating dinner (CST) and had the Pitts / Cardinal game on MLB Network. 19th inning. Alvarez came to bat, I said, looking to the TV, “Alvarez will hit a HR right here.”

    A few seconds later, HR time.

    A person having dinner with us asked, “How did you know?”

    Well, when you are good, you are good. When you feel these things, you know.

    A few years ago, the Dodgers were in a wild game, I think with the Phillies, but not sure. Dodgers loosing like, 6 to 9. Or 4 to 9. And I said on the Dodger board at that time — the Dodgers would win the game 11-10 (or whatever I said). And much later — the Dodgers won by that score.

    I remember, Wrecks (remember him) posted: “Gee, Anew predicted the score, how did you know!”

    When your are good, you are good.

    Maybe I should project how the Dodgers will do this season . . . but my feeling is not there yet. For the past several weeks, I do not like how Donnie is managing the team. Lineups, pitching, situations, etc. Maybe he is managing with Ned or ownership over his desk. But Uribe has to sit, Sands needs to be called up. League needs to work out his control issues in the pen and practice.

  15. Joe says:

    That’s a no brainer, Herrera over Uribe in a heartbeat. 100-1. Seen something today you rarely see… Uribe taking a walk!!! Maybe they are holding on to him till Gordon comes back. It is hard to believe Gordon gets the starting job back the way Cruz is playing. He still is useful on the bench as a pinch runner late in games he doesn’t play. Or maybe they will platoon Gordon and Cruz in the lineup and have Ramirez play 3rd when Gordon is in. Way out of the box thinking there as I doubt they want to keep flipping Ramirez position night to night.

  16. Badger says:

    Any pitcher that walks Uribe should be fined.

    They might ease Gordon back into the lineup. Pinch run here, late inning replacement there, occasional PH. As long as the team is winning with Cruz, why change the chemistry?

    Oh, and please tell me Uribe will be dumped when Gordon is activated. The 6 weeks Dee was scheduled to be out is now up. Anyone know when he is to be back on the field?


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