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Calm before the Storm, Part 2

Miss me guys? …..Didn’t think so.

First and foremost- 3 out of 4 in Pittsburgh, 2 out of 3 in Atlanta- impressive, the dogs are for real.  Whatever Bills is doing with that beard, keep it going.  I am trying so hard to believe in Bills…like that girl that has already cheated on you but SWEARS she won’t do it THIS time…..I’m trying to erase the cheating Bills but its SO hard.

I just returned to Florida after a week off with family vacationing on Hilton Head Island,SC.  For those who have not been there, I recommend it.  Great place to get away with family.  Hilton Head is a very peaceful and quiet island on the coast of southern South Carolina which is surrounded by Spanish moss trees and all sorts of wildlife.  We have plenty of gators in Florida but they seem to be all over this place.  On our way home we experienced a dead car battery stopping at a Peach stand in very rural Georgia-if you have seen the move “Deliverance” you would get the idea.  Fun trip  and great memories!

Here is my take on the Melky situation and PED’s in baseball.  I have been a personal trainer for ten years and have seen every kind of PED possible in and out of the gyms that I have lifted and worked in.

  •  I wonder when Major League Baseball will stop patting themselves on the back and realize lots of players are still using performance enhancing substances/steroids. At this point, it is pure ignorance to not realize intelligent players (or their advisors) can manipulate hormones in a way to USUALLY never get caught. Science will always be a step or two ahead of testing. 
  • Cleaner, yes! Clean, Hah!

So, off my PED rant, I am going to do it again….I am going to call this the “Calm before the Storm, Part 2”……The last time I predicted this, Stephen Fife took the mound against Matt Cain in game 1 in San Fran, so could I be any more of a lunatic? If I was a billionaire in Vegas, I’d  be broke.

So without further ado….

“There’s a storm a brewin, and I think we all know where it will touch down.  It is time to man up, roll up the sleeves, and take off the training wheels.

I think the boys in blue go home and sweep the Giants.  Yes, I said it. It’s time for Kemp, Ethier, and HanRam to make a statement in this division. “

“Matt Kemp is due-I say he goes yard tomorrow”-Remember this???

Well, he is due and yes, Matt Kemp goes yard tomorrow…

Do you believe?



Justin Gunsaulus was at the game yesterday – here’s his report:

Game 3

Another day, another game without Don, another win. On the day I debut my beard, Billingsley “rolls with it.”

Chad Beardingsley was as solid as you can get. 7.0 innings / 101-63 pitches / 3 hits / 4 strikeouts / 0 earned runs

Beardingsley is sticking with the beard, I unfortunately must shave mine for work but I will roll with the mustache until we get to the World Series.


Belisario held people in check in the 8th  with 2 strikeouts.

Welcome back Scott Elbert with a cool 9th inning to secure the win. Scott had 1 strikeout / no walks / no hits.


Luis Cruz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another home run. I am campaigning for this kid to be our first baseman when SpeeDEE Gordon comes back. All he does is get on base and hit. It will be an upgrade at the sixth hole where Poney resides (yeah that’s right bases loaded and it was all setup for you My Little James Poney. It was your time to shine! Swing for the fence! GRANDSLAM!!!!! Nope, line out to Freddie Freeman. Poney it is.) After a couple of errors by the say Hey-Hey kid’s glasses, the Dodgers blew up the scoreboard. Today’s story was the 7th and 8th hitters carried the team. Luis Cruz went 2-4 with a solo shot. AJ Ellis went 3-4 with a run. The 3 and 4 hole hitters combined for 0-10 with a total of 8 men left on base. Can’t have that. Dodgers took 2 out of 3, let’s keep that going moving forward!!!!


The Dodger baseballs blocked out the sun for Jason Heyward (not so top ten nominee)

DFA Kennedy and bring up Sands already.

Uribe drew a walk. I saw a pig fly.

Everyday RDLR gets closer is one more day I will never have to see Joe Blanton in a blue uniform.

I head back to Jacksonville today. It’s been fun recapping these three games I went to. It’s been a pleasure writing these and I thank Mark for letting me do it. If Mark will have me I’ll be coming to y’all every Friday! It’s been real. See ya soon.

Nedsucks signing off


29 Responses to “Calm before the Storm, Part 2”

  1. Leroy says:

    The biggest problem at the moment is the pen. League, Wright, Belli, Tolleson… these guys need to step up, and Donnie really needs to learn how to use both lefties effectively.

  2. Mike Dixon says:

    The pen would be fine if they just called up RDLR….whats taking them so long….

  3. Badger says:

    Welcome back truth. My sister and her husband take their motor home to Hilton Head every couple of years. They live in Pennsylvania and love going down there.

    So you are a trainer. So is my son. Did you read my point about teams being punished for steroid users? I would think, considering the punishment, teams would have their own detection system in place. Also, can they protect their financial obligations to players with steroid clauses? If not, why not? Losing Cabrera could cost the midgets millions.

    MLB has been behind the the curve on this issue for years, and it would appear, at least in the beginning, they did so on purpose. I have to ask, these guys are all professional athletes, why not let them take certain, maybe moderate levels of PED’s so they can throw the ball 100 mph and hit the ball 480′? Who cares? It’s their body, they want to do something that will cause their nuts to fall off at age 40, why should anyone stop them? Let the pitchers wear flak jackets and helmets and goalie masks and let the batters do anything they want to their wooden bats. Cork is wood. A hollow bat is still wood. They have already shrunk the strike zone to the size of a dictionary, and the new parks are like phone booths, they did that for more offense (hardly anyone likes pitchers duels anymore) I say take the gloves off and let these men do what real men do – take drugs and strut around like the cocks they are.

    • the truth hurts says:

      lol, badger, the picture in my head of seeing Harang pitching in a flak jacket and helmet is comical to say the least…

      Can you re-post your point about teams being punished? I would like to read it.

      I agree about MLB purposely being behind the curve. I think they realized it when they had McGuire and Bonds who were the size of polar bears coming to the plate. Moderate levels of testosterone or HGH are what these guys are doing now. A moderate to low level still benefits these guys GREATLY. Most of these substances come from underground “labs” where all these guys do is play with dosages and come up with the new undetectable PED’s.

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Justin Gunsaulus was at the game yesterday – there is an UPDATE from him ABOVE!

  5. Badger says:

    Glad you two are posting. Keep up the good work. The more you guys post, the more time Mark has to go back to waterboarding his minimum wage employees.

    All I said about the teams truth was I heard a couple of ESPN guys saying tha schools are punished by the NCAA for what athletes and coaches do… so why not punish teams in MLB that do nothing about their employees breaking the law? Then another talking head said “don’t think using the NCAA as a model is really a good idea” – which makes sense. Anyway, I think part of management’s management responsibilities is to make sure their players don’t do stupid sh*t that gets them suspended. What Cabrera did, and is doing with that website nonsense, is an embarrassment to everybody – MLB and the S.F. Midgets. Geez, what are you hosers up there in Balcoville doing? Get a grip on your goons or we are going to take wins away from you. Send that message and the doping stops.

    Like I said…. never happen.

  6. Ken says:

    That is a good picture for Uribe. Let him walk the plank on or before 9/1!

    Current starters – 30 Days

    Victorino .260 (Improving)
    Ellis .253 (Still a platoon guy)
    Kemp .313 (Slumping/depressed about Donnie?)
    Ethier .241 (What’s up with this guy?)
    Rameriz .313 (Caliente)
    Loney/Riveria .292/.188 (Where is Sands?)
    Cruz .303 (Caliente)
    Ellis .288

    Kershaw 3.50 (Ho Hum)
    Bills 1.30 (Great movement on pitches)
    Capuano 4.31 (What I expected)
    Harang 4.35 (What I expected)
    Blanton 8.22 (Where is the 2 headed monster Lilly/RDLR?) Both can pitch in the same game and go 3-4 innings each.

    Looks like a team that can make it through one round of the playoffs before crashing.

    Certain players need to pick it up and they know who they are.

  7. Ken says:

    When MLB players are caught taking PEDs they should be reassigned to the cast of the Survivors where they will hopefully lose most of the muscle that they inappropriately gained.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    If Charlie Finely were still alive and kicking – he would probably start a league of six teams that only fielded players on “stuff.” But he died back in ’96.

  9. Bobby says:

    So far, Puig has zero home runs, but SIX steals, in Rancho.

    Is this guy Raul Mondesi part 2??

  10. jerry says:

    about drugs..i thing they have had ever warning about the use of me they should be kicked out of baseball.they make us small guy wish we had the chance to be a ball player..they are selfish rich son of b”’ who only care about the money and not baseball..

  11. DRomo says:

    Jerry, we all had the chance to be ballplayers. We just weren’t any good.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    My mother through I was terrific !!!!

  13. Bobby says:

    I got the game ball twice! (in 3 yrs of little league)

    • Badger says:

      I hit my last home run in the Redwood Empire Championship game in 1998. I was 50. Got the ball right here in my office, signed by the team. I was damn good dammit. But rather than play professional baseball, I joined the Marines and I was good at that too. Had to stop that communist menace you know. And we did. Notice that not one NVA soldier made it to the shores of California.

      ok, maybe not my smartest move……

      but I did that home run dammit.

  14. Ken says:

    Good pitching matchups with the Giants. Should be fun watching 3 close games.

  15. Joe says:

    Although I am sour on Loney now, he did square up the pitch batting with the bases juices. I wasn’t that mad about it, Loney hit a line drive it just was right at Freeman. It was a better at bat then his usual weak pop fly to left that we all come too familiar with.

  16. Ken says:

    My parents gave me a football for Christmas when I was 7 and it was the hardest football you ever saw in your life. So I threw it at our block wall about 50-100 times a day for 3 months, trying to make it softer, until Little League season began. I am of the theory that throwing a football is great for a young pitcher’s arm.

    I had the chance to pitch when I was 8 because the coach got mad when I kept throwing the ball over the backstop from right field during practice. Unfortunately, I had no control and although I struck out the side in the first, I hit 2 batters and they said I threw too hard and would not let me pitch again. I could not hit, so I went back to just being a Dodger fan.

    O well, I still had an arm when I played volleyball in college.

    So I guess that I did not make much of my chance.

  17. Ken says:

    I would be very happy if the Dodgers benched Rivera and called up Sands.

    However, I presume that except for Hairston coming back, and Herrerra being sent down, no other roster changes will happen until 9/1.

    The Dodgers have 45 players, with 3 expected to stay on the 60- Day list. So 2 moves will have to be made on or before 9/1.

    I would send down Herrera and then call up Silverio, with an immediate placing of Silverio on the 60-Day DL. If the Dodgers do not make this move they I may begin thinking that the Crazy Guugenhiems are acting like McCheap. Then immediately call up Hairston. DFA Angle and the Dodgers will be at 40 men on the active roster, thus being ready for the 9/1 call ups and Ned can save face and keep both Uribe and Kennedy.

    Of course if the Giants sweep the Dodgers then call up Sands immediately.

  18. Badger says:

    There is still time for all these moves. August 31st is the deadline for that, and even then a player can make the post-season if he is on the DL.

    But, I’ll bet the team already has a pretty good idea who they want to go into post-season. And that list won’t include many, if any, from AAA.

  19. Ken says:

    Hairston is available no sooner than the 27th, just 4 days before the roster expansion. We will see further insight into Ned and Donnie’s opinions regarding the 40 man roster if Hairston is ractivated before 9/1.

    Remember Hips are tricky joints.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Ok, back to yesterday and Basil Rathbone, the actor.

    I suggested his great sword-fight with his sometimes partner Errol Flynn, in the movie Captain Blood.

    If you are an Prime Member, right now it is free to watch:

    At the 1 hour and 23 minute mark, is the scene of the sword-fight, they talk first, then the sword-fight. About a minute later.

    Baseball, this is a rubber meets the road series. Can that great Giant pitching stop the Dodgers. Or, and the new great Dodger hitting rip those over-blown Giant pitchers.

  21. Ken says:

    Kershaw .244 everyone else hitting less than Clayton is a waste of money and should be EMBARRASSED.

    PS Gwynn .464 at AAA
    Sand now over .300

    Alba given up 5 HRs so far in 7 innings
    Pitchers who will not be called up on 9/1
    Nieve 7 runs in 2 innings
    Antonini 6 runs in 1.3 innings

  22. Badger says:

    Kershaw getting out pitched so far.

    Sure hope Matt Kemp returns from his fishing trip soon. The team could use him.

  23. Rob says:

    Kershaw looked good just no run support , at the game and the bats were quiet


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