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3 Out of 4 on the Road

… and rolling.   One at a time.  Just win the series.  Smell the rare air of the penthouse.

As I predicted over a week ago, Yasiel Puig is going to Rancho.  They play tonight. Let’s see how he handles their final 21 games.

Nice win last night, Shane Victorino paid dividends.  Kemp remains hot, Ethier and Loney not!

Aaron Harang has been a quiet nice addition to this team.

Jansen is a stud!

HELLO NED, Jerry Sands went 2-3 with 2 more BB last night.  He’s now at .295!  Get on the phone, dude!

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39 Responses to “3 Out of 4 on the Road”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Nice win last night.

    I look at the calendar and just shake my head.

    The middle of August – so the guys have played: April, May, June, July and 1/2 of August – that is by my adding: 4 and 1/2 month.

    AND – Chad Billingsley has started 22 games and lost one more than he has won, at 8-9 — and this is a first place team. On paper – How can that be???? And his ERA is just under 4.

    What is wrong with this League guy. He has pitched 5 times as a Dodger, 2.2 innings and given up 7 hits. ERA is 16.87. Is there not a AAA or AA Dodger that can beat that!!

    Jansen is looking good again. 81 Ks in only 53.2 innings. ERA 1.84. Unbelievable.

    Some of us have been ragging on M. Ellis, and last night, 2 errors. I know some fans like him for being the “I came to play” approach. Hitting behind the runner guy. But heck, How about a few base hits, the hitting behind the runner is nice if this was the Yankees . . . with a complete lineup.

    M. Ellis is hitting below .260 with a total of 18 RBIs. And what is interesting is —- he has struck out MORE TIMES than James Loney and Uribe and Kennedy and Hairston and Rivera.

    I want a different 2nd baseman next season. Even though he has a contract.

    Wow, did the Giants stink up the place last night. But those things happen.

  2. RogerCraig says:

    Supposedly they are working on Leagues’ mechanics.

  3. gionfriddo says:

    I guess you missed the 8 pitch AB by Ellis in the 3rd where he worked a walk with 2 outs.. This allowed Kemp to get to the dish and get his base hit to make it 2-0.. These are the little things that win ballgames–Yes, his 2nd error was troubling and uncharacteristic, but Ellis has a .360 OBP% and is as solid a defensive 2B as there is(lifetime fielding % of .991 is 2nd best in MLB HISTORY for 2B).. Would I like to have a young 2B like Kipnis or Altuve to plug in for ’13, of course, but we have much bigger problems to solve–like finding a decent 1B and a legit 3B.. Ellis is the least of our problems for ’13…

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    RC, this is past the middle of the season. You do that in the minor leagues. What was Ned thinking?, “I trade for this guy, have the staff work on his delivery, and if we are lucky, he will be a great addition.”

    The Dodgers need every reliever on this team to be lights out. And not get lit up.

  5. Bobbie17 says:

    Ellis is not a long-term answer, but don’t worry about him. When the season is over he will have his historic stats, which are decent. And you can’t put a number on clubhouse leadership. In his case, lead by example. He is the least of Blue’s worries.

  6. Ken says:

    So there is more than one reason why Victorino wants to be in LA. Sign him to no more than 2 years.


    LONEY/RIVERA are Done. Time is running out to start the Sands 2012 experiment.

    Ethier is the only Dodger with enough plate apperance to qualify for the batting title. Everyone else plays for this little league team!

    NO WAY Harang weighs only 260.

    Honeybutt working on someone’s mechanics. That will take another month.

  7. Rob says:

    You cant really get on eithier for his play yesterday, he hit the ball hard and was robbed of a double with two RBI’s. The bats will heat up with each player taking their turn at being the clutch guy. We just don’t need those guys to be pressing which causes bad at bats like the series at home with the Rockies. Bellasario is worrying me with giving up runs late in the game and the two new guys in the pen as well. On another note I am sure glad we didn’t give up any prospects for dempster because he has been stinking up the joint.

  8. Bobby says:

    Ya this is Aug 14 and Mark Ellis is the one we need to complain about?? come on now!

    Loney/Rivera are garbage, despite Rivera’s clutch hit yesterday. There is NO CHANCE Sands won’t eclipse those two’s numbers if given 2 weeks of consistent play.

    We need out #2 to show up big tonight!!!

  9. Kevin says:

    Mark Ellis is doing just fine. Sure he made two errors yesterday but I can guarantee you won’t ever see that happen again. It’s not his fault he is forced to hit second because we don’t have any one better to put in that slot. Saying he is a platoon player is a joke Roger.

  10. Rob says:

    Ellis is not the future but he is the best we have right now. Don’t under estimate his role as a veteran in the clubhouse. Alot of teams would love to have him right now as their second basemen for that playoff push. Intagetables are not look at as much with all of the stats flying around.

  11. Badger says:

    Sure is a lot of Ellis talk in here. I see him as a role player. It would be nice if he were a platoon player, but on this team he is not. .360 OBP is better than I thought he would do, so I don’t look at him as a “problem”, but I do wish we had a speedy LH hitter for the two hole. I think Victorino is the guy for that role, but, on this team, he has to lead off. Ellis at .360 in the 8 hole looks damn good to me.

    This team would look pretty damn good with a mature Gordon leading off, Victorino, Kemp, Ethier, Ramirez, somebody other than Rivera/Loney, Ellis and Ellis. It would be better of course if Gordon was already two years into his apprenticeship… but…. he is where he is.

  12. Kevin says:

    Would I like to have Robinson Cano manning 2B instead of Mark Ellis? Sure who wouldn’t and I agree with Badger that hitting him 7th would be ideal if we had someone else to plug into the 2 hole but we don’t. AJ Ellis maybe? Not sure that’s a huge upgrade IMO.

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Kevin, please read . . ..

    I did not say that Ellis was a platoon player – Ken did.

    Say, what is Jeff Kent doing these days ?????

  14. DRomo says:

    Ellis is solid at 2B. In fact the little things he does otfen go unnoticed. I stick with him. He is not our problem.

    Kemp continues to come up with base hits with no one on base. Then strikeout with runners in scoring position. Am I the only one that notices that?

    Anyone else still wishing we had gotten Ryan Dempster? Holy cow talk about a gas can. Blanton is outperforming Dempster even with the melt down last outing for Blanton. I’m sure you were all about to type up a congrats letter to Ned.

    This is where we need to make our move in the stadings. Obviously. If we come home with a lead in the division and can win the series against SF at home. We are set. I think.

    • Badger says:

      Most of his splits say he is very good in nearly every situation. Maybe you just saw a couple of chokes in a row. He has a 220 sOPS+ WRISP, and that is outstanding.

      Being even with the midgets and ahead of the dbacks, we are in a good position for a run at this thing. We have games against the division, most notably the dbacks and the gints, this month, next month, and end with 3 at home against the midgets. It’s going to be games against our division rivals that settle this and that is how it should be. In the meant time, stay where we are so we can settle it mono y mono.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    . . . translated . . . in your face, Giants.

  16. DRomo says:

    I don’t think this is a “softie” label to throw on Kemp, this is just to say that lately he has been anything but clutch. His statswill show he is 3-4 or 2-3 any given night but this past week he has not been showing up in the situations we could REALLY need him. I think he is tired. He needs a day off but this stretch is critical. Maybe move Victorino to CF for 1 day. You know he can handle it, give Kemp a breather?

  17. Kevin says:

    Kemp is fine people. This is baseball where if you are a great hitter it means you suceed 3-4 times out of 10. This is just the way it goes sometimes. I personally don’t think Kemp is tired. This past week or so he’s actually looked pretty spry to me but hey what do I know.

  18. Joe says:

    One of Ellis errors was on a scorcher hit by Marte that could have been scored a hit, I’m sure if McCutchen hit it they would have been. Monday was pointing out on the radio broadcast that Loney may have caused Ellis to throw wild by being too close to him on the cut off. He is human but still good defensively. I disagree moving Ellis out of the 2nd spot in the lineup. He is a classic 2 hole batter and makes the lineup functional by the little things he does. He won’t put up big #’s nor should we expect him too, he is used as a set up guy in the lineup like Bill Russell was for us in the 70′s.

    • Badger says:

      Not to sound argumentative here Joe, but the classic 2 hole hitter is a lh line drive hitter with speed. There are baseball reasons for this that most coaches fully understand. Mark Ellis career 2 hole numbers are 216 games, .252 with a .326 OBP and 20 steals. He is also now 35 years old. Compare those to Victorino’s 2 hole numbers – 441 games .288 & .352 with 94 SB’s. And he is 31.

      When Gordon comes back, don’t be too surprised if Ellis is dropped in the order.

      • Anonymous says:

        The argument is not the #’s Badger, it is what he does that doesn’t show up in the box score. He is asked to take pitches to give the leadoff guy a chance to read the pitcher and steal so he may be hitting with 2 strikes a lot, plus hitting behind the runner if they are on 2nd or giving himself up for the team. He isn’t super fast since he is older but it isn’t like he is running in quicksand – is 5-5 in stolen bases. I agree that Victorino can bring more in the 2 hole but unless Gordon can back on fire and get on base more than his current .280 ops I would have to believe Ellis is staying in the 2 hole behind Victorino and Gordon batting 8th the rest of the year.

        • Joe says:

          Sorry Badger that previous post was me. Not trying to hide, I am having computer issues. I don’t mind debating in the end it is all for the Dodgers to win.

  19. gionfriddo says:

    Anybody complaining about Kemp hitting with RISP needs to wake up.. He is hitting a paltry .347 w/RISP–add to that when only a runner is on first base he is @.429 with 7 HR, 16 RBI in 56 AB’s.. Don’t take a couple of failures by Kemp in the last 7-10 days and make a ridiculous statement.. He was the best player in the game before the hammy injury and he has picked up right where he left off since coming back… Tired?? are you serious?? He has been back a month today after missing over 50 games– Plus, the guy played in 399 straight games before he went on the DL the first time on May 14… I’m pretty sure he is ok…

  20. Badger says:

    “HELLO NED, Jerry Sands went 2-3 with 2 more BB last night. He’s now at .295! Get on the phone, dude.”

    I can find no logical explanation as to why Sands is not on this team right now. We carry dead weight like Uribe and a guy like Sands is right there ready to step in and prove himself. Ludicrous.

    • gionfriddo says:

      Agreed Badger… actually, there is no plausible reason why Sands AND Castellanos are not up right now— which would allow Ned to jettison Kennedy and Uribe.. IMO, Castellanos has nothing left to prove in AAA– .361 with 16 HR.. I know he will be up when the rosters expand Sep 1, just like Sands…

      • Bobby says:

        I would bet anyone my Laker season tix for this year (playoffs included) that Sands would ourperform Loney/Rivera if he was given the 1b job for 2-3 weeks.

        I mean, if Sands was worse than Loney/Rivera, how much worse would he really be????? These guys and Uribe provide very little value. Sands would easily surpass their “production”, and Castallenos would easily outperform Uribe

        • Bill Russell says:

          I would bet that you wouldn’t give up your Laker season tix for any bet. Not this year. If you ever want to sell off a few that you can’t make, let me know.

  21. Rob says:

    How the hell is uribe batting second in todays line up? Is Donny smoking crack?

    • Badger says:

      Simple explanation for this move Rob.

      Donnie is using the theory of probability method of lineup design. There are assumed properties that remain true features of that limited context, but may not be general or precise properties of all the physical situations allowed by fundamental quantum physics, though on the surface, Uribe appears to defy all logical lineup construct assumptions. In brief, lineup design contains `excess baggage’ that must be qualified, discarded, or otherwise reformed to give a clear account in the context of fundamental physics of even the everyday phenomena that the lineups evolved to describe. The surest route to clarity in lineup fundamentals is to express the constructions of said lineups in the language of fundamental physical theory, not the other way around. These ideas are illustrated by an analysis of the verb `to happen’ and the word `reality’ in special relativity and the modern quantum mechanics of closed systems. Something good is bound to happen with Uribe eventually. We don’t share this sunny optimism, and want show our readers that unfortunately there are several problems with Uribe, lineup design and quantum physics. We want to do this from several perspectives: first, as a fan, critique of the language of lineup design as carrier and shaper of the ideology of domination; secondly, as modernist/postmodernist L.A. Dodger fan dialogue: quantum physics is both heir to the modernist tradition of Newton and Descartes, who, by the way, were excellent lineup designers, as well as kin the the postmodernist Zeitgeist of the present; we, as knowledgeable fans, should also explore the difficulties relating to the Mattingly/Uribe translation which comes into the discourse of baseball physics, both among the practitioners as well as between physicists and the fan public at large. Finally, we want to point to the obvious restrictions which stem from limitations of the very name URIBE. Godel’s theorem tells us that there will true statements which will not be verifiable by Mattingly’s rationalist methods, hence our rationalist approach to physics will yield only some of the truths of this theory.

      With that, we can safely predict an 0fer.

      • Bobby says:

        I hurt my head reading that.

        I also saw somewhere that Uribe is hitting like .470 vs. this starter.

        But yes, having said all that, he’ll go o-fer

  22. gionfriddo says:

    Badger, u meant to say the blind squirrel theory is in effect per Donnie Baseball…………

  23. Rob says:

    Holy crap badger that was deep, I think.

  24. Bobby says:

    Good lord who is this #58 guy Ned traded for???? He’s the perfect #2 we’ve been looking for!!!!!

  25. Rob says:

    Ok maybe this was uribes last try, 0-4 as the #2 batter. See ya fat boy bring up casty or sands please.

  26. Ken says:

    A manager should start thinking about platooning a player before their BA split is .100 points.

    Mark Ellis
    LHP .375
    RHP .202

  27. Badger says:

    I was high when I wrote that.

    But, I was right. 11 runs scored and Uribe, without a hit, actually scored one of them.

    The middle of that lineup can actually look pretty damn good can’t they. If they can do that 6 out of 10 games the rest of the way, we can win this thing.

    gints also winning. dbacks drop another one. Gonna be a good race. I look forward to it.


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