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What’s Wrong With Clayton Kershaw?

Clayton’s WHIP is higher than it was last year at the All-Star Break, but his ERA is lower than it was at the same juncture last year.  However, if you have been watching Clayton Kershaw as long as I have been watching him, you know that something is wrong and I am going to give you my opinion of what it is:

Plantar fasciitis

According to Wikipedia, plantar fasciitis is “ a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the sole (bottom surface) of the foot. It is often caused by overuse of the plantar fascia or arch tendon of the foot. It is a very common condition and can be difficult to treat if not looked after properly.“  I had it about 15 years ago and it lingered for many months.   Not only was it painful, but I remember at the end of the day how weak my foot felt.  Pain makes cowards of us all… including our muscles.  In Clayton’s case, it’s his left foot that is in question.  Having the malady once myself, I can see that his pitch selection my be affected by how he can push off on his left foot.  Yeah, I know that he says it’s not affecting him.  Do you really expect him to say:  “I can’t pitch as well with my foot the way it is, so hitters should be on alert that my slider and curve are affected and I will be throwing my fastball more often.”  I mean, we can see that is what is happening.  He’s not going to say it and the Dodgers aren’t going to say it, but that’s what is happening.

The good news is that I doubt it will hurt his arm.  His mechanics appear to be the same.  Some may suggest putting him on the shelf for a while, but plantar fasciitis can linger for a long time – rest is not necessarily a cure.  At any rate, 75% of Clayton Kershaw is better than 100% of most other pitchers.  In my case, one day I woke up and it was gone… never to return.

For the record, Vin Scully may make a slip up now and then, but you have to remember he works a one-man booth and I frequently listen to other teams feeds and he has a long way to slip before he’s no longer NUMBER ONE!  Lay off the man – he’s still better than anyone else.  He’s just not as good as he used to be.  Kind of like 75% of Kershaw is better than 100% of someone else.

Dodger News

  • Peter O’Malley, Padres Owner – Walter is churning in his grave.  Peter is a Heretic!
  • James Loney was a “soft” 2-5 last night.  I give him NO credit.
  • Adam Kennedy is doing just enough to keep his roster spot.
  • Bobby Abreu has been nothing but a pro.  His catch in LF last night saved 2 runs and his 3 hits led the team,   He’s the perfect pinch hitter.  Rivera and Abreu make a great L/R pinch hitting duo… unfortunately they are currently starters.
  • Josh Fields has a batting average 38 points (.340) above FedEx, but has fewer RBI than FedEx even though he generally hits 4th and FedEx 6th.  Make of it what you will.
  • Jerry Sands is starting to heat up and is playing 1B almost exclusively.
  • Aaron Miller is still teasing us.  He pitched 6 innings last night and allowed 6 hits and 3 Runs.  He only walked one and his ERA sits at 4.31.  Still a prospect….   You know what they say about lefties.
  • Joc Pederson was 3-4 last night at Rancho Cucamonga and is hitting .292.  He could move to AA before the end of the season.  He is on a fast track…
  • Matt Kemp was 1-3 and is headed to AAA to play today and Sunday.  He says his leg feels like “The same old leg.”
  • Andre Ethier will start has rehab at Rancho the middle of next week, barring setback.
  • James Baldwin (.205) is a 5-tool player who can’t get on base.
  • Cory Seager started at SS for Ogden last night and went 1-3 with a walk, and participated in one double play.
  • Jesmuel Valentin (who is one level below Seager) went -3 with 2 BB and scored two runs while also playing SS.
  • Joey Curletta was 2-5 with and RBI also for the AZL Dodgers.
  • It’s a crapshoot today – Chad Billingsley is pitching tonight.  Who knows?
  • Two games before the All-Star break – by next weekend this could be the lineup:
  1. Hairston  3B
  2. Ellis  2B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Ethier RF
  5. Ellis  C
  6. Abreu/Rivera  LF
  7. Loney/Van Slyke  1B
  8. Cruz  SS


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29 Responses to “What’s Wrong With Clayton Kershaw?”

  1. Badger says:

    Didn’t you just do a post that said nothing was wrong with him? Maybe I read that somewhere else.

    He had one really bad inning. And that team has hitters on it, so, they can square up mistakes. He made a bunch of them that inning. If it is plantar fasciitis, he may need to be shut down. “In general, plantar fasciitis is a self-limiting condition. Unfortunately, the time until resolution is often six to 18 months.”

    Peter is a heretic? Really? I think he is a man that wants another shot at running a team. He got outbid for the Dodgers. So, he moves down the road. San Diego is a great area. If I could afford to live there, I just might.

    There is no soft 2-5. Sometimes you hit line drives and go 0-5. Sometimes they fall in. Loney deserves to get a break now and then. I give him credit.

    I agree about Abreu. I also think he is about 15 pounds overweight and should be a bench player.

    Aaron Miller? I dint even know he was still around. First round pick, age 24, yeah, it’s time for him to get better than a 1.5 WHIP at AA. He needs to put ‘em away at that level.

    Sands needs to pull a Loney and hit about .380 down there. He needs to force the team to make a move with him. He still doesn’t hit RH pitching very well. His splits were horrible when he was up, and he is only hitting .245 against RHP there.

    That lineup is better… but still not 5 rpg good. Hopefully Kemp and Ethier will be 100%. No guarantees on that. I still say it will be pitching that gets us there.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Chad, Chad, Chad, chad, c.h.a.d. —

    Right now is 4 & 8 for the season, in 17 games as a starter.

    That is like 1 win in April, 1 win in May, 1 win in June, and 1 win in July.

    Another way to look at it — in the games he started, the FINAL results for the team make him: 8 – 9 the the 17 starts he made.

    C.H.A.D is making $9 million for the season. Next season it is to be $11 million, then $12 million, then $14 million (or buyout at $3 million).

    So no more ragging him — let’s bring this guy along and get him at his best.

    • Badger says:

      Last year he was a 0 WAR pitcher, so far this year his averaging less than 6 innings per start and is a negative WAR pitcher.

      Something is wrong. I have no idea what it is, but he has really regressed, starting last year.

  3. ken says:

    LAD starting to hit again. 6 starters, 1 now on DL, hitting above .300 in last 7 gaems, including the new 1B that we traded for Looney at .421, and the new 2B that we traded for Marky Mark at .375.

    Can’t wait until the next two trades next week when the Dodgers pick up Kempo Man and Ether Man.

    July ERA .238!
    July BA up to .253 and 4.0 runs per game!!

    Dodger’s Mr. Softee (No Relative Power) Contest
    Compare the Dodgers BA ranking by position to their OPS ranking by position

    LF -11 Mr. Softee Award
    1B -8 Total Softee
    2B -2 Kinda Soft
    SS -2
    3B -1
    RF -1
    C 0
    PH 0
    CF +2 Beast Mode

    Dodger position BAs are above average at
    C 2B LF CF & RF

    Dodger position OPS are above average only at
    C 2B and CF

  4. ken says:

    AJ Ellis should bat 8th for the rest of the year or at least until he admits that his hitch ain’t working.

    Last 30 days his BA is .209 and his SLG is .224

  5. Broxton's Bunny Soul says:

    A really great article by Jon Weisman

  6. Badger says:

    “July BA up to .253 and 4.0 runs per game!!”

    Yeah, .253 stinks and only 2.5 of those runs per game have been earned.

    We are offensively challenged. And, I told you AJ would start wearing down. I hope he can keep his OBP up around .360 for the year. It’s dropping like a rock.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I know a lot of Dodger fans are excited about AJ Ellis and his better performance this season.

    But he is all the Dodgers have and the league has now caught up to him. Yes, he is still learning his trade — BUT HE IS 31 years old. No spring chicken.

    Yes, he just might be a late bloomer and pick it up the rest of the season, and even more next year — but with this new ownership, I expect more from the catcher position. He would work if next season there is a new outfielder, new 3b, and 1B, and Gordon figures himself out.

    But they cannot bat Gordon and Ellis in the 8th slot every game. The umps would not like it.

  8. Gonzo says:

    I’ve seen a chiropraacter for the past three years to help control my migranes. Anyway I went to see him about two weeks ago and told him of pain I was experiencing on my left foot after asking me certain questions he told that more than likely it was plantar fascitis. He also said that PF really stems from a back issue. After he twisted and cracked my back my pain was gone and has been gone.

    Believe me if you haven’t experienced this pain it makes you compensate at times by shifting your weight to the healthy foot.

    I have no problem with O’Malley buying the Padres. He will run a first class organization, but again will he have the $$$$ to compete against Guggs? I don’t think so.

    I really believe there will be a change in the GM position, and everything will start falling into place.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Gonzo, I too think there will be a GM change. But not, “thank you Ned . . . for all you have done . . .” And then interview 20 folks for the job.

    I think it will be, “We are making a change to someone we want to direct this team for the future . . . I would like to introduce . . . ” In other words, a done deal.

  10. Gonzo says:

    I’d like to see billy beane running things.

    • RogerCraig says:

      Billy Beane is the most overrated GM in baseball. What has Billy Beane ever won? Name just one thing…

      The Dodgers swindled Billy Beane on Ethier to name just one deal he messed up.

      He’s always re-building, never winning.

      I am sick of hearing about Moneyball. It failed. It’s dead. Don’t dig it up.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Billy Beane had a big set of balls 10 years ago for doing what he did. He’s never won because of the small market budget but seems to always field a competitive team for never having money to work with. I have respect for him but don’t think he will ever GM a big market team. Anyway, we already tried it with Paul Depodesta didn’t we. Looking for Good Bills and Vin tonight…….

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Here is some out of the box thinking . . .

    The other day, it was suggested that one reason Carlos Lee went to Florida rather than California – was because of taxes. Lets say there is some truth in that.

    Several states have no tax, like Texas and Florida. Neither does Alaska , Nevada, Washington, and Wyoming.

    Maybe professional sports ought to be regulated by Congress – and have all players, managers, coaching, and professional staff – pay a tax rate into a special fund – and then each state that has a team – gets a percentage of those funds.

    One reason, they might play for a team in one state, but their family lives in another state, and they play all over the country which takes county, city, state funds to run certain things. In other words, they are a moving spending person/family that is not local.

    Example: For instance, say future Hall of Fame “Badger Timmons” is a Free Agent and is looking to sign with a new team.

    And Badger Timmons is considering: Yankees, Rangers, Dodgers, D-Backs, and Tampa Bay.

    Salary – $10,000,000

    Using a tax table from the web I see —–

    New York state: over $1 million, 8.82% = $882,000 in tax.

    Texas State: NONE

    California: over $1 million, 10.3% = $1,030,000 in tax.

    Arizona: over $150,000, 4.45% = $454,000 in tax.

    Florida: NONE

    Now, it does not take a rocket scientist to see the problem. There is over $1 million difference in that contract between Fl. And Calif.

    Soooooo, what if Congress set a figure of some percentage – and each of the states were to receive a share for each player and staff under team control. Let us try 4.5% no matter what state you live in. Your team would take that money and pay it to the state your contract is in. That way, all states receive something, and no player would not consider going to a state over another state because of tax rates and no tax at all. (Yes, even the states that normally do not tax; that makes it even.)

    Thoughts . . .

  13. Gonzo says:

    Roger it wouldn’t work it makes too much sense.

    RC to me BB it’s not what he has won but how he’s done it. He has changed how teams operate the front office. Like Mark has mentioned before PD is an asset as an assistant to the GM.

    The Bradley – Ethier trade looks bad after hindsight, but at that time Bradley was a pretty good player at the MLB level while Ethier was unproven. Moneyball is a way for poor teams to compensate for their financial shortcomings. If used properly with an organization that has money it would work e.g. Boston and wait a year or two and see Chicago have success.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Someone mentioned the other day, that there was probably a pretty good roster of former Dodgers (and Dodger property = minors) and were on major league rosters today. For fun, I just went through the 40 man rosters of the other 29 teams and found 40 players (plus one drafted, but not signed) that have been former Dodgers or Dodger farm hands.

    Could you make a team here?

    Dana Eveland – Baltimore
    Vicente Padilla – Boston
    Hiroki Kuroda – Yankees
    Cory Wade – Yankees
    Derek Lowe – Indians
    Octavio Dotel – Tigers
    Jonathan Broxton – K.C.
    Luke Hochevar (drafted, but not signed) – K.C.
    Edwin Jackson – Nationals
    Randy Wolf – Breweers
    Joel Hanrahan – Pirates
    James McDonald – Pirates
    Takashi Saito – D-Backs
    Eric Stults – Padres
    Guillermo Mota – Giants
    Brad Penny – Giants

    Russell Martin – Yankees
    Carlos Santana – Indians
    David Ross – Braves
    Rod Barajas – Pirates
    Henry Blanco – D-Backs

    Wilson Betemit – Baltimore
    Orlando Hudson – White Sox
    Paul Konerko – White Sox
    Jamey Carroll – Twins
    Adrian Beltre – Texas
    Miguel Cairo – Reds
    Rafael Furcal – Cardinals
    Josh Bell – D-Backs
    Jim Thome – Baltimore
    Jesus Guzman – Padres
    Ryan Theriot – Giants

    Scott Podsednik – Boston
    Cody Ross – Boston
    Andruw Jones – Yankees
    Franklin Gutlerrez – Seattle
    Trayvon Robinson – Seattle
    Justin Ruggiano – Marlins
    Juan Pierre – Phillies
    Shane Victorino – Phillies
    Jayson Werth – Nationals

    (Sorry if I missed some other players)

  15. jerry says:

    about A J decline..before he was going up there looking for a he is trying to hit the ball..that is the big difference..he never could hit.

  16. nedsucks says:

    How does that James Mcdonald trade look now???? Always said ned gave up on him too quick.

  17. DodgerDude says:

    I thought McDonald would be pretty good, but he is better than I thought he would be. Who did we get for him?

  18. Gonzo says:

    Hey Badger, I am not going to go to the game tomorrow. My buddy’s mom had a heart attack today and he was driving, so I got on the horn with other people but ALL of my buddies had commitments or were on vacations. It’s a shame, they were great tickets right behind home plate next to the scouts.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    James McDonald along with Andrew Lambo — went to Pittsburgh for that great reliever Octavio Dotel.

    What a trade that was.

    Who made that trade — brother Ned. Wow, do we need a come to jesus meeting with Ned when he is trying to fill a hole.

    Dotel with the Dodgers (2010) was in 19 games, 1-1 record, ERA of 3.38

    In later in 2010 Dotel was traded to the Rockies for a player to be named later —- and that player to be named later was Anthony Jackson.

    Now, who in the heck is Anthony Jackson, and what has he done?

    In 2011, the next season, he was with 3 Dodger minor league teams: Ariz Rookie League for 3 games. Rancho Cucamonga for 35 games. Chattanooga for 20 games.

    This season, Chattanooga for 22 games and then Ariz Rookie League for 9 games.

    He is 28 years old now and in a total of 7 seasons is hitting .257 in 617 games with 20 HRs.

    Oh, he is 5’8″ and 175 lbs. 175 total stolen bases.

  20. Bball says:

    Quick question. Do the players that were voted in and then opted out of the all star game still get introduced as all stars.

  21. jerry says:

    Bills is a 4 inning pitcher..and he get fat like broxton and coffee. that is why he runs.out of gas.

  22. Badger says:

    Sure would be nice to see the Dodgers pound a team once in a while. The home runs are impressive, but weren’t they all solo shots? This team still looks easy to pitch to.

    And Bills blows up again. 4 earned in 6. Not good.

    I get to see Bauer tomorrow. A lot of chatter around these parts what a prima donna he might be. He just won’t do things the way his catchers, or the organization for that matter, want him to do them. If he’s a head case, he might be sent back down. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see him get knocked out early tomorrow.

    Still in first place, and, we might still be for the All Star break. Gotta admit, if anyone would have asked me early if I thought that would be the case, I would have said no way.


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