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The Three Stooges Have To Go

I want you to answer each of these three questions realistically and honestly (no matter how much you hate the player):

  • James Loney projects to hit .245 with 3 HR and 44 RBI this season while his seasonal averages are 10 HR/63 RBI and a .284 BA.  Do you expect him to keep hitting as bad as he is?  In other words, is James through?
  • Juan Uribe projects at .187 with 2 HR and 23 RBI.  Is that the best he can do, since his average season is 13 HR/53 RBI and a .251 BA?  Is he finished?
  • Is Adam Kennedy capable of hitting .289 with a .348 OB% like he did in 2009 or is he toast?

I am not being sarcastic here, but my opinion is that the above three players have lost their mojo and it is not likely to come back … in my lifetime.  That being said, the Dodgers should move and move swiftly.

The three answers are:  Alex Castallanos, Scott Van Slyke, Josh Fields.

Does anyone here think it’s possible that those three players could put up 4 HR and 51 RBI’s(because that’s all that Kenedy, Uribe and Loney have done in over half a season)?  1B and 3B are power positions.  Not for the Dodgers!  Most teams have 25-30 HR and over 100 RBI from those combined positions.

Nearly two-thirds of the season is gone.  I will ask three more questions:

  • If James Loney and Juan Uribe weren’t being paid nearly $14 million, would they be on the team?
  • Kennedy is not being paid that much,  why is he on the team?
  • Would the Dodgers be worse with this lineup?
  1. Castellanos  LF
  2. Ellis  2B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Ethier  RF
  5. Rivera/Van Slyke  1B
  6. Fields  3B
  7. Cruz  SS
  8. Ellis  C

While they are at it, put Ellis at #8 and tell him to just do what he did earlier in the season to get on base.    Now, I know that Casty and Vanny were not impressive when they were up… BUT NEITHER ARE LONEY AND URIBE!   Fields deserves a look and Kennedy is not ever close to “below average.”

Josh Fields  really does deserve a shot.  Kennedy, Uribe and Loney deserve pink slips.  Ned should swallow his pride and dump them.  Even Ray Charles can see they have no value.  Play the kids – it can’t hurt.  In fact – it might help!  The Dodgers need some new blood.  Bring it on!

Maybe they will fall flat on their faces, but Loney, Uribe and Kennedy’s faces are flatter than a pancake!

What is the holdup, Ned?  I don’t hate any of those players (OK- I hate Uribe a little), but it’s time to move on.  Past Time!

I know this is a difficult trade market, because teams want a bonanza for their players (I get that), and I still  believe the Dodgers will make a good trade or two – especially if Stan fires Ned right about now.

P.S. I’ll probably post once a week until someone steps up.

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47 Responses to “The Three Stooges Have To Go”

  1. Gionfriddo says:

    Mark, a big amen to EVERYTHING you just said..

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    But Mark, that would be like Kemp and Ethier simply went to AAA for a game and played there.

  3. Bball says:

    Maybe they r waiting for the trade deadline to pass before they dfa people. Y bring up kids if there looking to upgrade at those positions. But everything said was spot on. Please Ned get rid of those pieces of shit. Start the new era of dodger baseball ball now.

  4. Bball says:

    Send a message that failure won’t cut no matter how much u get paid. If u underperform u will be sent to the unemployment line

  5. Gionfriddo says:

    Won’t happen now, but the GM needs to follow the aforementioned players out the door as soon as the last pitch of the WS is thrown.. Time to let a baseball guy have the reins.. let Logan White have the position or coax Pat Gillick out of retirement to help his hometown team.

  6. Badger says:

    As was said early in the year… by me and others….. THIS is your 2012 Los Angeles Dodgers. Good luck.

    If we are still in this thing in two weeks, and I am going to assume we are, then there will be a push to win the West. Why not? You see anyone else running away with it?

    With that in mind, Donnie ain’t gonna want rookies in the lineup for a pennant race. He is going to want guys who have been there before. These guys have all been there before. As bad as they are, and they have been, collectively, skunk cabbage bad, the fact they are veterans speaks volumes. OK, maybe not LOUD volumes, but.. you get the idea.

    Loney can have one good month and be right back on track for .275. ‘emember his night in Colorado about a hundred years ago? 4 for 5 with 9 RBI’s. It’s in there somewhere. He is our best option, platooning with Rivera, at first base. Uribe needs a vacation. A long, quiet vacation on the home island. But in the mean time, if he keeps swinging, he has to connect accidentally sooner or later and it could come in a pivotal game against the gints. Kennedy is what he is, a utility player there to give a starter a needed rest in the long hot summer.

    This team needs a legit 3rd baseman and a stud LFer. Where they are going to come from? Hell, iontkno, but this is what GM’s are paid to do. Get creative Jed, bring in three teams if you have to, but get some new sticks in that dugout. Kemp is going to wear himself out carrying this team to the finish line.

  7. ken says:

    Which one (or more) of these Crazy Gugggenheim investors looks like one of the three stooges? :)

  8. ken says:

    Only 3 – I count 14 Stooges

    Last 30 Days

    Treanor .000 17 AB
    Uribe .049 41 AB
    Abreu .159 63 AB
    Gwynn .186 70 AB
    Loney .186 59 AB
    Ellis AJ .209 67 AB

    IDJ .000 4 AB
    SVS .130 23 AB
    Herrera .141 64 AB
    Gordon .203 59 AB

    Guerra 5.40
    Bills 6.26
    Lindblom 6.52
    Eovaldi 6.59

    10 of the current team does not currently belong in the Major Leagues

    • Snowy Noey says:

      Ken, I c u did your homework. Nice! We do need some help, I really like encarnacion from Toronto. And my Xmas present would be Cole hamels and victorino from the phills in a two man trade. Dodgers, make it happen. Snowy Noey 23

  9. Dusto says:

    This is not a team that we expected to contend in 2012. There is some hope that Loney can bounce back and maybe we can get something, anything for him. And as much as I hate juan uribe with a bat, he is still a rock solid defender. Kennedy is useful at home, though i’d much rather see someone else take his roster spot.

    The team has played BAD. Almost as bad as they played good to start the season. Its not like we didn’t expect this. Fields would be a nice upgrade. On a low expectation team, unless we are getting long term, permanent upgrades, were just wasting our time with band aids that won’t do much more than the crap that if trotted out there nightly in place of actual major leaguers.

  10. Idahoal says:

    I agree with Mark, but it will not happen until August 1. I would bring up Josh Fields now. Send Uribe packing. He has no value. I would try and see if someone is interested in Looney. If not, I would ask him to try pitching. I know he is older, but who knows. Maybe in a year, he could be back as a pitcher. He is left handed. I do not like Kennedy, but as least he is a bench player and not a starter.

    I do not like the GM. However, I would give him a little more slack. He certainly was hand cuffed by Mr. McCheap.

    I am concerned that the new owners are going to be so anxious to do something by August 1, that they may be willing to give away the farm. Rebuilding the farm is going to take some time. We do need a left fielder and a third baseman.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    But . . . but . . . Ned knows that Uribe will start hitting any day now. Any day.

  12. DRomo says:

    Let’s wait and see what they look like after the July 31st deadline. I hope the team stays afloat that long!!! But after that date if our needs aren’t met I agree whol;e heartedly we need to look at Fields, Casty, & DFA Kennedy &/or Uribe! I keep Loney on the team as a late inning defensive replacment for the playoffs (if we are so lucky!)

    Trade market is slim pickings as I predicted. The free agent market may be similar this winter!!!

  13. Badger says:

    What Dusto started his post with.

    And let’s not forget the magic of the August waiver wire. Who knows who might be put through that process and what may come of it. Some really good players are waived late in the year, most only to be pulled off when someone actually claims them, but you never know, some player with a large contract may slip through to our position in that order.

    al I am fairly certain Jed knows exactly who might be interested in Loney. My guess would be – not many, but you never know. I still say Houston would be a good team to look at.

    You’re right Roger. Both Uribe and Loney could start hitting any day now. A streak right before the trade deadline would be nice. Starting tomorrow.

    ken….. you are depressing me with all those stat postings.

    I see Mike Morse and B.J. Upton are in the Rumor news. I would take either of those guys.

  14. Gdubss says:

    I would rather start/play sands, fields, van slyke and caste llanos over Fat Uribe, BLOwney and AK! It’s frustrating seeing them in te lineup! Give the kids a chance, they can’t do any worse right? I’m at the point where there aren’t any moves to make unless we can somehow get a hamels, Hanley, wright or Headley. If we can’t then let the kids play.

    • Snowy Noey says:

      U have a point there gdubss, I liked Van slyke, Herrera, sands over our present bench players. I would have to disagree with castallanos. But we need Dee Gordon back, looking forward to that Frisco series in a couple of weeks.

      • Badger says:

        I like ‘em too.

        But I ain’t the manager. And since it’s his job on the line, I suspect he will play the vets. That is why these old veteran guys were signed. They will likely play until we are so far out of it, it don’t matter anymore.

  15. Dusto says:

    So far Cruz has been better than Dee (small sample size warning). Then again, Jeter is a better defensive SS than Gordon, so having someone that isn’t terrible and calling them better than Gordon isn’t saying much. Do we really need, nay, WANT Gordon back? I don’t. For all the hate Uribe and Loney have received, Gordon has received none and he has been arguably worse than both of the corner schlubs.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would want Josh Fields called up. Just because Uribe stinks doesn’t mean that we replace him with another White Sox reject. Fields is just the type of fringe player that this team doesn’t need. Little fixes here and there (and I don’t consider Field a “fix” of any kind) aren’t what this team needs. And doesn’t anyone understand how ALBQ. in particular and the PCL in general, inflates offensive stats.

    I don’t know what the Dodgers will do, but I’m guessing that they will do something. Will it be enough. Who knows?

    The Dodgers are currently 4 games out in the loss column, but they also have 12 games left against the Giants, including the last three of the season. So anything can happen. But it won’t if they think they can rely on the Josh Fields’ of the world.

    And put me in the category of those who have very little faith that Scott Van Slyke will ever pan out as a successful big league player. I still like Sands, but even he is becoming questionable. Maybe the Dodgers will make some major moves in the next couple of weeks, maybe not. Whatever the case, I believe they are serious about spending, and will do so this winter if they’re limited in what can be done now. The free agent market isn’t deep, but it does contain some very good players. And the Dodgers will have the ability to assume contracts that other teams may want to dump.

    Also, I believe it will be November when the Dodgers are able to begin seeking a new TV deal, or the establishment of their own regional network. They know that spending to put together a championship caliber team is essential if they expect to lay the groundwork for serious sponsorship money. And that’s why I am confident that they will spend. They know that they have to spend money to make money. And Walter and company overpaid for this team because they recognized the potential huge media dollars that it should be able to generate given the establishment of a perennial contender.

    And stop worrying about surrendering prospects. This team is now beginning to spend big in the international market. I expect to see the farm system replenished in a big way in the next several years. And while those kids are developing, I am confident that the current ownership will plug the holes with established players acquired via trade and/or free agency. The McScrooge era is over, so expect changes. It may take some time, but I believe the Dodgers are back, and will be big players when it comes to the acquisition of talent.

    • RogerCraig says:

      I’ll tell you why the Dodgers should try Fields: .187. It’s likely he can do better than that. Shoot, at 66, I could do better than that! Also, Uribe’s defense isn’t what’s used to be. Fields in no long-term answer, but there’s an excellent chance he’s better than the Doughboy we have there.

  17. Michael says:

    What a bunch of Negative Nellies.
    Pitching and defense win championships so until we have suitable replacements at the corners DON’T hit the eject button.
    I wouldn’t be susprised at all with a new SS, possibly even Hanley.
    A little positive thinking would go a long way. If your mind is full of negative thoughts what do you think the outcome will be?

    Peace Man

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If memory serves, I believe that Josh Fields doesn’t have a strong reputation for defense. Of course, my memory doesn’t always serve. And yes, almost anyone is better than Uribe, which means that there have to be alternatives other than Josh Fields.

    Hanley for shortstop at the present time would be nice. And when Dee gets back, just slide Hanley over to 3B.

    • Badger says:

      How about Jimmy Rollins? He may be more available. At 33 he is a long way from his MVP season (age 28) but he might have a couple of years left. I am sure the Phils would love to dump his contract. In fact, let’s take a few of those contracts on…. Lee, Hamels, Utley, Rollins… what the hell. We can afford it.

  19. gionfriddo says:

    Fields does not have a reputation for a strong glove? true, very true.. However, Uribe and Kennedy have a reputation of NOT putting the ball in play, let alone a gap or THE SEATS!!!!

  20. ken says:

    What? No trade yet? What does Ned do all day?

    • Badger says:

      He’s catching up on his reading and putting the finishing touches on the deal for Dempster. Afterall, when your team only scores 64 runs in 27 games, the thing to do is to get somebody on the mound that will keep the other team from scoring. Nothing draws people to the park like a 3-2 ballgame. Add to this the fact that a couple of those runs are unearned and you got yourself a 50,000 BIS barn burner.

      They should hand out 5 Hour Energy drinks at every Dodger game.

  21. ken says:

    Players ranked by improvement or “Stoogitis”

    Apr/May Jun/Jul Change Rank

    Kennedy 0.216 0.267 0.050 1

    Rivera 0.247 0.263 0.016 2

    Gordon 0.226 0.234 0.008 3

    Kemp 0.355 0.348 (0.008) 4

    Loney 0.250 0.238 (0.012) 5

    Ellis M 0.273 0.257 (0.016) 6

    Abreu 0.289 0.216 (0.072) 7

    Ethier 0.324 0.243 (0.081) 8

    Gwynn 0.279 0.195 (0.084) 9

    Ellis AJ 0.316 0.223 (0.093) 10

    Herrera 0.314 0.212 (0.102) 11

    Hairston 0.373 0.237 (0.136) 12

  22. Bobbie17 says:

    Why no talk about pitchers? Just because the Giants have them all doesn’t mean that there might be someone out there in the organization who can win at this level. Harang’s best is done. Lilly’s best is probably done. Eovaldi doesn’t miss enough bats. Kershaw pitches like his best is behind him. Let’s talk pitching.

  23. RogerCraig says:

    Kershaws best is behind him?

    On what planet do you reside?

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Let me get this clear. I think Uribe is worthless, and Kennedy probably not much better. But that does not mean I want to replace my currently worthless players with another worthless player. Namely Josh Fields. The whole idea is to acquire a productive bat with, hopefully, a good glove. Getting rid of Uribe and replacing him with something a little better (in Fields’ case, not much better, if better at all) is not the objective. Replacing worthless production with solid production is the objective. Nothing less.

    These are Josh Fields’ stats:

    Not much since hitting 23 HR in 2007. And even then he hit only .244 and struck out 125 times. Doesn’t get on base much either. Maybe a slightly better (maybe not even that) version of Uribe.

    And look at the minor league section. He had a great year last year in ALBQ-like Colorado Springs. Then he went off to Japan and hit .202 for the Yomiuri Giants. Not much else in that minor league section to recommend him.

    Sorry, but Josh Fields is not what I expect of our new ownership. They inherited Uribe. No need to replace him with a near carbon copy. And I think they recognize that as well.

    • Jae says:

      Why the hate for Fields? If Uribe and Kennedy are worthless, how could it hurt to try Fields?

      If you want to cite his stats you should also know that he was trying to play whe injured the last 2-1/2 seasons. He’s completely healthy now. What could it hurt to try him when the other two options clearly aren’t working. Sometimes guys figure it out later…

      I fail to understand what is the harm

  25. Kevin says:

    I thought you were done posting mark

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No hate for Fields. He might be a wonderful human being. He’s just not a very good baseball player. At least he’s not big league caliber. A good 4A guy.

    The need the Dodgers have a 3B is for a proven run producer, not just somebody that is better, or might be better than Uribe/Kennedy. Fringe players like Fields are not the answer for this team. Maybe he would be OK for a second division team, but not a team in the thick of a pennant race. It’s a tough trade market, and maybe the Dodgers will not be able to get what they need. But what they don’t need is Josh Fields. And I submit, that if Uribe was playing everyday at ALBQ he too might have Josh Fields like stats this year. But that’s my opinion, and everybody is entitled to their own. I’ve been wrong before, and it will likely happen again. But as things stand now, I can’t stand seeing Uribe/Kennedy at 3B, and it’s likely I’ll feel the same about Fields.

    • Badger says:

      Uribe could double his average at Albuquerque.

      It would seem to me that just leaving Hairston at 3b for now is the smart move. Looks like his error cost another 2 unearned, but, he is the best offensive 3b option. Platoon Rivera and Loney at 1b, rotate Gwynn, Abreu and Rivera in LF and when Ethier needs a break and Kennedy spells the infielders. Uribe can play late innings in blow outs, which with this team should keep him off the field entirely.

  27. Gionfriddo says:

    Fields is hitting .346 @ Alb.. Yes, he flopped miserably after his successful ’07 rookie season when he hit 23 HR (to go with 125 K’s).. However, there’s NO WAY on god’s green earth Uribe would hit .346 @ Alb if the two traded places RIGHT now.. Uribe is what he is– a dead pull hitter who only looks for balls middle in..One small Problem though,ALL the MLB pitchers know this, thus the breaking balls away every damn AB to that overpaid fool.. Bottom line, Uribe is around for one reason and one reason only– he’s owed 7 mill next yr due to the Ned.. Brooklyn, would everyone like a Wright, Aramis Ramirez, or Headley , hell yes!! but that’s not happening.. I’m not saying Fields is an upgrade at this point, but we are at rock bottom with Uribe and anybody will be more productive from here on out.

  28. Gionfriddo says:

    Allen Websters’ line tonite in Chattanooga– 6 inn, 5 hits, 1 ER, 10 K’s for his 4th win. After a dreadful start he’s lowered his era to 4.06.. Who knows, maybe Epstein is holding out for We ster instead of Withrow … Ethan Martin, Webster, Matt Magill, Chris Reed, Aaron Miller, Withrow, Lee…. That chattanooga staff is loaded with arms.. Problem is, how many of those guys will we lose before the 31st?? Don’t have a problem if they bring a quality bat & arm but I don’t want a James McDonald 4 Dotel deal that haunts us down the road..

  29. Badger says:

    I just don’t trust ANY Albuquerque numbers Gio.

    .419 in Albuqerque?

    Having said that, I agree with everything you said about Uribe. I just don’t see how it’s possible ANYONE from Albuquerque could do any worse than he has done. I suppose Mattingly just keeps putting him in there because he knows the guy could walk into one on any at bat. And, just for the sake of argument, I think any guy with Uribe’s experience could hit over .300 in Albuquerque. That team hits over .300 in that park.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s not that Uribe is a dead pull hitter who looks for pitches middle, in. Uribe’s problem is that he tries to mash everything, and in the process pulls off of pitches and steps in the bucket everytime. At ALBQ. the breaking balls away would be of much lower quality than what he’s seeing now, because the light air that abounds in the PCL is not conducive to throwing quality breaking pitches. And of course, the pitchers in the PCL, with some rare exceptions, are not as adept at exploiting a hitters weaknesses. Badger has it about right when he says Uribe would double his average at ALBQ. And just look at the difference in Fields’ numbers last year between high altitude Colorado Springs and Yomiuri.

    And I’m not looking to replace Uribe with Wright, Ramirez or even Headley. In fact, I wouldn’t want Ramirez, simply because he has a difficult contract going forward. Even though the Dodgers now have money to spend, I don’t think it would be wise to BURN money on bad contracts. And if something better doesn’t materialize, then Hairston at 3B for the rest of the season is better than Uribe/Kennedy. It’s not the answer going into next season, but it might have to do for now. Based on the following, Stan Kasten intends to only do deals that make sense for the Dodgers in the long term, a philosophy that I wholeheartedly agree with, and have endorsed in the past.,0,7469788.story

    From that Dylan Hernandez article is this:

    “The Dodgers would take on a multiyear contract for the right player. The problem is, such players are rarely available.”

    If such a player(s) is not available, then I expect that the Dodgers will attempt to upgrade where possible, but be patient, and wait for better opportunities in the offseason, either via free agency or the trade market, which w/o a second wildcard race, will be a lot more flexible than it is now.

    And if the right opportunities present themselves now, rest assured that Kasten/Colletti will pull the trigger. But I don’t think they’re just going to deal for the sake of dealing. They also know that succumbing to panic mode will only put them at a disadvantage when dealing with other teams going forward. Kasten and Colletti both have enough experience to stay cool, and wait for the deals to come to them (definitely Kasten, and probably Colletti).

    I want the Dodgers to win this year. But I also want them to build for the years going forward. The last thing I want is for them to be hamstrung with deals that satisfy a need for instant gratification, but which make no long term sense. It may well be that the new ownership, which wasn’t around for the offseason last year, will have to wait for a new cycle to begin after this season ends.

    And by the way, if the Dodgers bring up Josh Fields to play 3B for the remainder of this year, I don’t really have a problem. He’s probably no worse than Uribe, and maybe he’s better. But it won’t solve the Dodgers’ current problem at 3B, and would at best be a band-aid. And yes, in the category of deja vu, Fields could come up and get hot, and could perhaps be Jay Gibbons all over again. After all, he doesn’t cost anything, and can be discarded after the season.
    I’m just no holding my breath.

  31. Badger says:

    “If such a player(s) is not available, then I expect that the Dodgers will attempt to upgrade where possible, but be patient, and wait for better opportunities in the offseason, either via free agency or the trade market, which w/o a second wildcard race, will be a lot more flexible than it is now.” – Brooklyn

    That pretty much sums it up as far as I am concerned. I have no real idea what our current crop of young arms could fetch in trade, but I suspect not much – certainly not if Zach Lee is not included. And I see no reason to push it this year. This team doesn’t really have the look of a post-season winner, so why throw what few prospects we have toward a middle of the road ML talent when so much more is needed for a real challenge?

    Having said that, something will happen at the deadline. The blockbuster we are looking for probably won’t. The Dodgers aren’t the Lakers. Not yet anyway.

  32. jon says:

    Loney hit into another double play in the 9th inning failing to get any insurance runs and then proceeded to bobble a ball allowing the Mets to score the tying run. I’m telling you guys, Loney is killing us. Uribe at least has a little upside with his power and 3rd base being a more important position to have a good arm. Why does Mattingly feel obligated to sub in Loney after Rivera? Why can’t we just get rid of Lonely altogether? He’s a cancer who is literally causing us to lose games.

  33. jon says:

    Why does Mattingly feel obligated to sub in Loney for Rivera? Loney hit into a double play killing another rally for an insurance run in the 9th inning then proceeded to bobble a ball allowing the Mets to score the tying run. The hit Loney got in the 12th was weak and lucky Ramon Ramirez wasn’t used to pitching more than 1 inning. So they shouldn’t allow that to affect their judgment that Loney needs to go.


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