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The Quick and the Dead

Special Trade Deadline Edition

Ned has already made a deadline deal (Hanley Ramirez) and he did it on the quick.  Quick Ned, make another or the Dodgers might be dead!

It’s just my opinion, but I think the Dodgers will get Ryan Dempster AND Alfonzo Soriano.  Look, it’s no secret that Ryan Dempster wants to be a Dodger, but it’s also no secret that the Dodgers aren’t going to give up the farm for a rent-a-player, and even if Dempster wants to re-sign with the Dodgers (which, considering his age, is not a good deal in my mind).  The Cubs GM has held out for Zach Lee or Allen Webster, so in order to save face, the only way he can accept less than that is for the Dodgers to take on some of Soriano’s salary.  How much remains to be seen, but I predict that by the trade deadline, Ryan Dempster and Alfonzo Soriano will be Dodgers.

Just say NO to Shane Victorino – I think he is on the downhill slide.  I like what he used to be, but I think he’s Aaron Rowand all over again.  Hunter Pence would be nice, but he’s too costly.  The Dodgers should be able to get Soriano and Dempster for Gould and Miller or Reed, if the Dodgers take on at least half of his salary.  It’s worth the risk, even if they have to cut him in 2014.

Let Soriano hit 6th, remembering what Don Mattingley said yesterday.  Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times wrote about the impact Ramirez has made on the Dodgers’ lineup:

Ramirez has altered the Dodgers’ previously non-threatening offense, providing it with a third dangerous bat in the middle of the order to complement Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

The 3-4-5 spots in the lineup — or 2-3-4, depending on how Manager Don Mattingly decides to align his three All-Star-caliber hitters — has become an understandable source of concern for opposing pitchers. Mattingly believes the stress of facing Kemp, Ethier and Ramirez in succession results in a wavering of concentration when pitching to the players behind them.

“When you have to really, really work to get through those guys, you have to concentrate more,” Mattingly said. “It’s just natural you let down a little bit. You can only make so many good pitches. So the guys that are down benefit.”

Players such as Luis Cruz and James Loney.

Players like Alfonzo Soriano.  Never underestimate the value of another big bat.

Dempster AND Soriano.  That’s my final answer.  Justin Morneau is an outside shot!

History in the Making

The Los Angeles Dodgers shut out the San Francisco Giants in back-to-back games for the first time EVER.

No, it wasn’t Koufax and Drysdale – It was Billingsley and Kershaw.

That’s what I’m talking about! 

Clayton summed it up best:

“We understand this is our year!”

Dodger Memories

What follows is complements of Dodger Fan, Bob Jackson (“Bobby”).  Thanks Bob!

It didn’t matter to me that the Dodgers would finish 8th in 1958. I was busy playing in a citywide grade school summer softball league. Our team at Buchanan Elementary did well enough to qualify for the post season tournament but were eliminated by a talented team from the inner city. I had completed the 6th grade that spring and had learned during a lunch period that the Dodgers were coming to Los Angeles. I had started collecting Baseball cards by that time and I fancied myself a Yankee fan based on Mickey Mantle’s 1958 Topps allstar card. My major life change came when the school district took all the teams to a Dodger game at the Coliseum against the Cubs that August.  I will never forget walking out of the tunnel and seeing the vast expanse of green grass and the Dodger players in their home whites and Royal Blue trim. That day Don Drysdale beat the Cubs 8 to 3 and Duke Snider hit a 415 foot home run to right field and became my childhood hero. I have been a lifelong Dodger fan ever since.

There have been many amazing memories since that time and this weekends sweep of the Giants reminded me of one of my favorites. In September of 1959 the Dodgers were in a heated pennant race with the Giants and Braves. If memory serves and like Brooklyn I must admit that without looking it up, I am not positive, but I seem to recall that the Giants had a slight lead and the Dodgers were going into Seal Stadium for a 3 game series. I know that Roger Craig was one of the starters who shut the Giants down to sweep the series. As far as the Giants go the Dodgers never looked back. But when the end of the season came they were tied with the Braves and had to go though a 3 game playoff to see who would play the Chicago White Sox in the World Series.

The 1959 Braves were a powerhouse. Their lineup included Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Joe Adcock and Wes Covington. Their pitching staff had Warren Spahn, Lou Burdett (who had beaten the Yankees in the previous series) and Bob Buhl a consistent Dodger killer. The first two games were played in L. A. and the Dodgers won the first game. I was in the 7th grade and my first year in junior high school. When the school day was over I found that the Dodgers and Braves were looked in an extra inning battle. I got home as soon as I could and the game was still on. Burned in my memory is Vin Scully’s voice calling the play. “It’s a high bouncer over the mound, past second base, Mantia has it, throws low and wild, Hodges scores, we go to Chicago!

There have been many great Dodger moments over the years including Kirk Gibson’s game winner. I would like to know what your best Dodger memories are?


The Dodgers traded Josh Lindblom, Ethan Martin and a PTBNL or cash to the Phillies for Shane Victorino, which makes me believe the Dempster deal is dead, since the Cubs were insisting on the Dodgers taking Soriano be included.   I am not crazy about including Ethan Martin in the deal, but time will tell.  I was not crazy about Victorino, because his stats indicate a decline in his skills, but you never know what a new start will bring.  He could absolutely light it up as a leadoff hitter … or not!  Again, time will tell, but it would not surprise me if he is a rent-a-player and signs somewhere else next year.  Ethan Martin was a large price to pay!

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112 Responses to “The Quick and the Dead”

  1. DRomo says:

    Gould, Fife , or someone else for Dempster and Soriano and we take half the salary.

    Billingsley , Lee and/or Webster for cliff Lee? Am I dreaming?

    That would be an outrageous price however, That would make us SERIOUS contenders for the world series this year.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    I am not sure Lee is the pitcher he was a couple of years ago. That won\’t happen in my opinion. No way Kasten takes on that contract.

  3. Bobby says:

    For us to get Cliff Lee, Philly would have to pay a part of it, and then we could give them a good pitching prospect, etc.

    $90+ mil due to him the next 3 yrs, including 1 year where he gets like $30mil or something

  4. Bball says:

    I’m ok with that move. Me being only 25. My favorite dodgers moment would have to be the four home runs in a row. I was falling asleep having to get up at 4:30 to go to work. I fortunately kept it on. The first ok the second ok. The third I woke up my girlfriend(wife now). We both couldn’t believe our eyes when the fourth went out. And then nomar came up and the rest was history. One more thing. I love vin scully like he’s my favorite grandpa. Every game he calls I tell my 3 year old daughter hurry up Vinny is gonna come on. We turn the tv as loud as my wife lets and we both yell “it’s time for dodger baseball”. Baseball and especially the dodgers are more then just a game in my household. It’s unites my hole family. My son vin is a month and a half old and will be attending his first game this Saturday. I thank the dodgers for everything they do for me and my family

  5. Badger says:

    If Victorino is on his downhill slide at 31, what is Soriano at 36?

    I’ll take either one at this point, but I still think Victorino is a better fit on this particular team.

    Dempster wants to be in L.A. so I think it should happen. Again, I don’t want to be held hostage regarding this Soriano thing. Is anyone else bidding for his services? If the Cubs pick up half that contract, then fine, let’s do it. But it they want us to just take on Soriano and his dump truck of money for the privilege of getting someone who wants to come here, then forget it. Or they get NOBODY in return for Dempster. That’s how I would play it.

  6. DRomo says:

    You guys are probably right. I think this trade deadline has me punch drunk already. Hurry deadline hurry!!

  7. Michael says:

    If Don insists on playing Gordon when he’s all better, we may have to play Cruz in LF. The dude can rake.
    Say ALOHA Shane.

  8. Michael says:

    With it being relatively quiet today, tomorrow be a real head spinner.
    Article in Times today talking about Loney hitting again. Yeah but do you notice that with runners on he’ll K or GiDP, when they’re empty James will lace a bullet off the wall. Enjoy your last 2 months in LA, James.

  9. ken says:

    Choo (CLE) for Gwynn, Pederson (#3), Casty (#11), & Wall (#15)

    Dempster (CHI) for Webster (#2)

    Morneu (MIN) for Loney (DFA) and Lee (#1) & Rodriquez(#10)

    1. Choo LF

    2. Ellis 2B

    3. Kemp CF

    4. Ethier RF

    5. Rameriz 3B

    6. Morneau 1B

    7. Cruz SS

    8. Ellis C

    1. Kershaw

    2. Dempster

    3. Capuano

    4. Bills

    5. Harang/Lilly

    Trade Logan’s miserable farm and Go ALL IN!

    • Kris says:


      - Too much for Choo.
      - Webster is too expensive for a 2 month rental. One of the few times I agree with Nedster.
      - Crazy way too much for Morneau, would agree with Loney & Gould/Withrow.

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    I have two players who are pretty untouchable: Webster and Pederson. I am fine with the rest. Pederson has a good chance of being a very good corner outfielder. Webster’s upside is as a #2 and he hasn’t been pitching long. I like him a lot.

    2014 Rotation:

    1. Kershaw

    2. Webster

    3. RDLR

    4. Ethan Martin

    5. Reed

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    Grow your pitchers – buy your hitters.

    • ken says:

      The Dodgers need a better player development program. I predict Eovaldi will get a lot better than he was with the Dodgers when he has a better coach and is allowed a better pitch selection.

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    Oh, C-Bill is the closer.

  13. ken says:

    Braun (MIL) for Gwynn, Abreu, Lee (#1), Reed (#4), Sanchez (#5)Casty (#11), & SVS (#16) :)

  14. the truth hurts says:

    Mark Ellis
    AJ Ellis

    yes please!

  15. Gonzo says:

    That would be nice Ken. I’m cool with Soriano if CHI throws in some $$$$. What’s the worse that can happen. If the team were to get him, and the FO doesn’t see him as a part of the future, spin him off to an AL team.

    I hope that after this season regardless of the outcome the FO asseses Billingsly’s future with the club. I don’t think that he has the moxy to be a closer. If he pitches decently for the rest of the season, the team could sell him high.

    If the California Angels don’t sign Greinke before the season is over, HE is the #2 the team needs and money shouldn’t be an object. Only thing is that Claton’s going to need to be taken care of.

    When Ramirez was aquired I said it over and over to leave Cruz at SS. This kid has paid his dues and has played a very very decent SS. So when Dee is healthy, what is Donnie boy going to do? I play him.

  16. Badger says:

    Dee plays. Cruz can have Uribe’s spot as far as I am concerned.

    Dbacks are getting ready for a move. They just released Overbay.

    Soriano should do fine in L.A. for a while. He is what he is, an incredibly overpaid 1 WAR player. He is worth about $5 mil a year, anything over that is just throwing money away. And he ain’t getting younger. Having said that, he is an improvement for us in LF. That deal, if it goes down, is about Dempster. They can waive Rivera after the 31st and see what happens. Keep Abreu as a LH PH.

  17. Gonzo says:

    I’d release kennedy instead of Rivera.

  18. ken says:

    Ned – Time to blink. Harang just raised the price for Dempster.

    Remeber it is not our money :)

  19. Badger says:

    Harang missing his spots badly, and this is a good hitting dbacks team.

    It’s still true…. if Kemp and Ethier don’t do it, it likely won’t get done. Hanley is a good addition, but after him?….. there are still a lot outs at the bottom of the Dodger order.

    Yeah, Kennedy would be a good choice to release too. I think Rivera would actually be a good trade piece, that is why I would waiver him, just to see what happened. That is only if we get Soriano. It’s either Rivera, Gwynn, or Abreu. We sure don’t need 6 outfielders. Rivera plays 1b, so….. I guess for now we keep him. He doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

    Any time Jed.

    • ken says:

      Rarely does a good manager bat a pull hitter 2nd in the lineup. Rivera should bat 6th.

      Any time!

      • RogerCraig says:

        Over the past few games, I have seen Rivera go to the opposite field several times, at least once for a double. I think I will look at his hit chart, because I don’t see him as a dead pull hitter.

  20. WIn for Vin says:

    Soriano is a liability in the field…much like Abreu. Victorino at least can field. Rivera is nothing better than a bench player, or platoon a few days a week…he seems better with some time off. Pence isn’t worth the money even if the Dodgers have it to blow (and that inlcudes Cliff Lee). If I had my wish, it would be for a new catcher…I don’t dislike AJ, but he just doesn’t do it for me.

    I enjoyed the Dodger Memories story from Bob. My favorite memories are Dusty Baker signing an autograph for me and telling me my pen wasn’t working…he went into the bullpen clubhouse and brought out a better pen (phew). I was also at the 1980 all star game…I sent in one post card and was picked! Two questions from that: why Dodger Stadium has never played host again (with Anaheim already having two since then), and why Diamond Vision was never upgraded? Still looks the same as when it was un-veiled for the All Star Game.

  21. Rob says:

    Dodgers just stole league from the midgets

  22. Bobby says:

    Does getting Brandon League means Lindblom goes to Philly for Victorino?

  23. ken says:

    To make this trade work
    1. Gordon is going on the 60 day
    2. Somebody is getting DFAd, or
    3. Another trade is happening soon!

    Too much of Logan’s talented guys for League unless anotehr reliever is part of a trade.

  24. Jae says:

    The Dodgers got League for two reasons:

    1. They plan to trade Lindblom (probably to the Cubs – he lives close to Chicage BTW); and

    2. They wanted to keep him from the Giants.

    Nice move!

    Bring on Dempster and Soriano!

  25. Corey says:

    CBS now reporting that the Dodgers are in “heavy dicussions” for Victorino. I would prefer Victorino over Soriano. He still has almost as much pop in the bat, but plays much better defense. Then we can tell the Cubbies, here is what you get for Dempster, or let him accept your 12.5 million offer for next year.

  26. DRomo says:

    I think it’s Victorino. I was ready for Soriano but Lindblom was the target for Philly I have heard. Very interesting.

    But I now wonder if there is more. The reason is we are gonna have to juggle our 40 man roster to fit all these pieces. Someone or some people are going out. Who on the major league roster is leaving?

    All the rumor mills have the DBacks doing “Something big” That has me super curious as well.

    Damn! Why am I at work today?

  27. Bball says:

    We’re not bottom feeders anymore. This is a great feeling.

  28. DRomo says:

    I am OK with Victorino. We will have a leadoff man. But Where is the arm we need? Is Dempster a sure thing? Is there someone we don’t know about yet? Hmmmmmm?

  29. Bball says:

    From I. I think the diamondbacks blockbuster will include upton for lee. In my opinion that is a blockbuster failure. No way I get rid of upton he’s way to good

  30. Bill Russell says:

    I think Ned must have something up his sleeve for a SP. If the Rangers and Yankees are now in on Dempster then Ned may be looking at Shields, C Lee or King Felix. I hope he can pull a rabbit out of his A$$ today.

  31. SpokaneBob says:

    Victorino is a much better fit. Can hit leadoff or not, plays good defense and is only 31 years old. He helps us more than any other piece including another starter.

    Deadline 4:00pm eastern. Go crazy Ned.

    Win for Vin,

    The thing I remember most about Dusty is that the fans would throw packs of gum to him before the game.

  32. DRomo says:

    Can Victorino be in the lineup tonight? It would be nice.

  33. Bball says:

    I mentioned this the other day. Say the dodgers get victorino and they still want dempster but cubs won’t let us get him unless we take soriano any chance we try soriano at first. He might struggle on defense a little but that’s a pretty good lineup. I’d try it

  34. the truth hurts says:


    Is this line-up gonna take us to the promise land?

  35. Bball says:

    I can say that but it does look pretty good. I see the marlins r trying to get rid of fat Carlos lee. Ned really dodged a bullet with that one

  36. Rob says:

    Victorino is a dodger!!!!

  37. ken says:

    Victorino – Is he needed because Gordon is actually done for the year?

    Dempster – Do not kill this deal. The real price is higher than Ned thinks.

  38. ken says:

    Fife for Dempster?

    Victorino a Dodger. Ned gave up toooooo much. Blinked for the wrong guy.

  39. ken says:

    Would Torrealba be an upgrade over Treanor?

  40. Corey says:

    Lindblom and Martin is pretty steep for Victorino, but he is really going to help the offense. Adds another dangerous hitter with good speed. He should see some good pitches in front of our 3-4-5 hitters.

  41. Rob says:

    The midgets just countered with trading for pence

    • ken says:

      They probably can not afford Pence in 2013. How can they compete with the $$$ of the Dodgers?

      Unfortunately Gwynn is now redundant. Include him in a trade to the Cubs, who just traded Reed Johnson.

  42. DRomo says:

    Ken Rosenthal (for what its worth) reported the Dodgers were working on two HUGE deals last night. Now they look less likely but not dead. Ned was told ” money be damned, improve the team ” say Rosenthal

    What the hell does that mean? Maybe he’s full of it but maybe Ned has something up his sleeve? I wish he would/could spin Gwynn, Loney and or Rivera for prospects and re-stock what he is trading out.

  43. Rob says:

    I don’t like adding Martin in the trade for victorino but I like victorino way better then pence. Pence is only two years younger and his salary will hurt the midgets in resigning Cabrera. Gwynn needs to be traded in a package to Chicago.

  44. ken says:

    Dodgers have 47 guys on the 40 man roster. Must solve completely before 9/1 or no RDLA etc gets called up on 9/1.

    Pitchers – 21 (Need to get to 20)
    MLB 12
    Minors 3
    15 Day 1
    60 day 5 (Drop Coffey after season is over)

    Position Players – 27 (Need to get to 20)
    MLB 14 – Trade Gwynn to get to 13
    Minors 9 – DFA Angle; 60 Day Silverio; DFA Herrera;
    15 Day 2 – Move Gordon to 60 day; DFA Kennedy
    60 Day 1 – Leave Sellers on 60 Day

    1. Victorino
    2. Ellis
    3. Kemp
    4. Ethier
    5. Rameriz
    6. Loney/Rivera
    7. Cruz
    8. Ellis


  45. Bobby says:

    I hope Ned goes big for a starter. Dempster isn’t big.

    Isn’t he the guy Loney hit the grand slam off of in Game 1 of the NLDS in 2008 or 2009?

  46. SpokaneBob says:

    Why the rush to get rid of Gwynn? He is way more valuable as a 4th outfielder, pinch runner/hitter than Uribe or Kennedy….git rid of them.

  47. Bobby says:

    There is zero reason for Uribe to be on this team now.

    Dump him, dump AK, etc

  48. SpokaneBob says:

    We now have Hairston in the position he is best suited for….utility off the bench. Bobby is now our best left handed pinch hitter and unless there is another move for a 1b, Rivera will platoon with James.

  49. ken says:

    Ned blinked and overpaid for Victorino. Now he refuses to pay the appropriate (established today by NED) price for Dempster.

    Typical NED.

  50. Badger says:

    I like the move. Martin and Lindblom can both be replaced. We needed a presence like Victorino at the top of this lineup.

    Pence is this year’s Cabrera. He will help that team a lot.

    Where is the Dempster deal? Get it done Jed.

  51. Gonzo says:

    Right again Ken. I thought Lindblom and a low level prospect for Victorino. Although I don’t think that Martin will be a superstar, he could have been a piece in a better deal. It is what it is.

    Like someone mentioned earlier it sure is fun not being bottom feeders. Walter is walking the walk. About damn time.

  52. Bobby says:

    Dumpster said he’d approve a trade to the yanks. Good, let him go.

    Let’s get a guy we can count on for a game 2.

  53. Mark_Timmons says:

    New update above!

  54. Badger says:

    Ethan Martin is a 23 year old AA pitcher whose BB/9 is all the way down to 4.7 from 6.5. At ML level, 4.7 translates to about 6.5 because the strike zone in the show is about the size of a box of corn flakes. Maybe he will get it figured out somewhere else, but he wasn’t in the Dodgers plans anyway so, we got the much needed lead-off hitter for a B prospect and a reliever. This move is about THIS year Mark. The Dodgers are going for it. And they had better complete the Dempster deal, or have a plan for a waiver wire pick-up if they are really serious about taking the NL pennant.

    At this point, I am giving Jed, who may become Ned again soon, a B+. The only reason he doesn’t get an A in my book is because it’s obviously a risk. Victorino was an All Star with 130 OPS+ just last year. He is 31 now and in a few months you figure he has lost it Mark? I figure he is worth the investment. He is on a contender now, light it up Shane and Jed becomes Ned with an A.

  55. Bobby says:

    Since the break, Victorino has been on fire.

    .357 avg, .400obp, 989 ops, and 5 sb. i dont think he’s lost anything, and i think he’ll be excited to be part of the pennant race.

    i initially thought “overpaid for him”, as well. But Lindblom types can easily be replaced (I think Tolleson will be much better anyway), and E-Mart may or not make it with his crazy walk rate.

    I still pray we don’t get Dempster, I dont trust him in a Game 2

  56. ken says:

    Left Field guy splits

    Name LHP RHP
    Victorino .316 .242
    Hairston .317 .275 = First sub/platoon
    Rivera .272 .254 = 1B Platoon with Looney
    Abreu .267 .242 = PH

  57. Mark_Timmons says:

    J-Brox to Cincinnati.

  58. Kevin says:

    According to Dylan Hernandez of LA Times we’re out on Dempster.

  59. Kevin says:

    Rangers got Dempster.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Pence is a great fit for sf. That park is a lot bigger than philadelphia. Pence’s defense has been pretty questionable, especially this year. He’s going to have to cover a lot more ground in SF. I think we are good even without another SP. Our lineup looks SO MUCH BETTER than it did last week. I think it’s good enough to win the west and maybe get to the series.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I would have loved to see Morneau take over at 1B though.

  62. Bobby says:

    So happy we didn’t get Dempster!!!

    If need be, Ned will get us a big time starter (Cliff Lee) by the Aug31 deadline

  63. Mark_Timmons says:

    The Rangers must have coughed up a top prospect!

    All that\’s left is Lee on Waivers. Nobody would claim him…

  64. Badger says:

    He’s still Jed.

    The Reds look like the team to beat to me.

    Webster better be worth it.

  65. ken says:

    Ned trades Eovaldi thinking that it will be easy to get Dempster or Lilly will be great when he comes off the DL.

    Then Ned overpays for victorino, thus raising the price for Dempster.

    Ned does not get the additional starting pitcher.

    Back to what I said many times during Spring Training – The key to the season is Bills!

    Here is hoping that Bills has finnally figured out how to pitch.

  66. Badger says:

    And here’s hoping Lilly comes back strong.

    This team is still short. Competitive, but short.

    Cliff Lee? I don’t know… he has given up a lot of earned runs the last two months. He will be 34 in a few weeks. $25 million for the next three years? I think the Phillies should be forced to swallow that choad.

    Dempster was the guy. He wanted to come here, and Jed couldn’t get it done, so now the Rangers might just get another shot at a title.

    I am at this moment disappointed, but we shall see what the next 30 days brings. There’s still time.

  67. Bill Russell says:

    Would have liked to get a starting pitcher but Hanley, Choate, League and Victorino isn’t all that bad.

  68. ken says:

    The next big news is which scrub gets DFAd tommorrow :)

  69. Bobby says:

    Aaron Harang has a lower career ERA than Dempster. The guy is having a career year; watch him get shelled when it matters most (like in Game 1 vs the Dodgers in 2008)

    Some of you are acting like we let Pedro Martinez slip thru our fingers.

  70. Mark_Timmons says:

    Realistically, Lee could be had on the waiver wire, but it would take AT LEAST Zach Lee, Chris Withrow, Shawn Tolleson and maybe Webster… at which point I would say NO.

    So, we wait and see what Bills does and how Tedd Lilly is and RDLR who will be back next month.

    We may not need Lee or Dempster, or we may!

  71. RogerCraig says:

    I have watched Dempster a lot this year. He would be a true #2 behind Kershaw. I hope Webster is all they think he is because Dempster would have helped us a lot.

  72. Bobby says:

    Since 2006, Dempster’s ERA:


    This year is a fluke.

    • DodgerDude says:

      You may be right!

      Here’s the lineup I hope to see soon:

      1. Victorino CF
      2. Ellis 2B
      3. Kemp LF
      4. Ethier RF
      5. Ramirez 3B
      6. Loney/Rivera 1B
      7. Ellis C (whoever thinks C is a problem isn’t paying attention)
      8. Gorodon/Cruz SS


      Uribe (yuk)


      1. Kershaw
      2. Capuano
      3. Billingsley
      4. Harang
      5. Lilly
      6. League
      7. Choate
      8. Belisario
      9. Guerra
      10. Wright
      11. Jansen

      That leaves RDLR and Elbert and Tolleson and Kennedy

  73. Jae says:

    Screw Dempster – Bring it!

  74. Win for Vin says:

    Love the Victorino move…but disappointed about Dempster, if the Dodgers are looking to win this year…which should be the goal…not next year. Hope Lilly can come back and help. What happened with “big game” Shields?

    The Dodgers did let Pedro Martinez slip through their hands…for Delino DeSheilds…memba?

  75. Reggie says:

    I wanted Dempster too. Maybe this year is a fluke, but you have to realize that he pitches in Wrigley where a bunt might be a HR! ;)

  76. Badger says:

    “This year is a fluke.”

    1988 was a fluke.

    But it happened.

    The Rangers thought enough of him to make the move. Let’s see who is right about that one. Maybe Lilly comes back to his early season form. If he does, we may be all right. But the midgets just added a major stick and the back end of the Reds bullpen looks pretty damn good. Am I the only one looking at the Reds and thinking they look pretty damn good for a run at this thing? Then of course, there are the Nats and….. two other teams in the West think they have enough to take the division.

    Mark, the Phillies might just take less to dump that ridiculous contract. No pitcher is worth that much money, especially one that will be 37 at the end of it. He had a great year in 2008 and another one in 2011. Two times in his career has he come close to earning $25 million. Does he have three more left in him at his age? I say probably not, but it ain’t my money. If the Phillies think they can get four top prospects while dumping that ludicrous salary, I say good f’n luck with that. Like I said, I think they should be stuck with that contract.

    Sure would have liked to have replaced Rambis with Dempster, but, what the heck, maybe the guy is the real deal and will win 6-7 games down the stretch.

  77. Joe says:

    I am always afraid of Ned giving up too much to get players, although HanRam trade is the exception. League basically takes the place of Linblom. I would have preferred Linblom straight up for Victorino since I believe Linblom established himself this year in the majors. So maybe an over reach but who know maybe the Giants were hot for him and took Pence after the Dodger went through. E. Martin had a nice season after a few dismal years. More of a wild card at this point with him. He may continue to develop and be a dominant pitcher is he can harness his stuff or just turn out to be a good arm with no command like in the past.

  78. Badger says:

    you know… and edit button in here would be pretty damn good…….

    I need a freakin’ proof reader…………

  79. Joe says:

    I just read the Marlins attempted to trade Carlos Lee. Who is running the show down there? Mickey Mouse? Do they think they are smarter than everybody else that they can get a better deal for him then what the Astros got from them. I don’t think they had a chance when they got him in the 1st place.

  80. Reggie says:

    The Marlins are Lunatics!

  81. Jae says:

    Carlos Lee is a Freakin’ Loser if he didn’t want to go to the Yankees where he might win a World Series Ring. No income tax is more important to the fat, arrogant bastard that winning.

    Memo: That’s why you are so fat and stupid… and ugly too! PUNK!



  82. Mike Dixon says:

    Jae you are gentleman and a scholar….

  83. Bobby says:

    Jae reminds me of that Friends episode where Ben Stiller was Rachel’s date and and he went off on everybody (including a duck) and called them “idiot and moron”

  84. Jae says:

    Are you a duck?

    I’m pissed!

  85. Anonymous says:

    So, the Dodgers have a leadoff hitter and a #5 hitter and another bullpen stud to go with a situational lefty.

    We are better.

    I could see them trading for Cliff Lee in a Waiver deal if Bills or Lilly don’t step up.

    There is plenty of time.

    I don’t think we need another hitter. 1-5 is strong and the platoon of Loney/Rivera is adequate at #6. Ellis is good at #7 and Cruz and Gordon will do it at #8.

    Let’s give it a chance!

  86. Jae says:

    Hairston, Kennedy, Uribe, Abreu, Gwynn are all bench players. Now they can do what tyhey do best – off the bench. Two will be gone soon….

  87. Bobby says:

    Cliff Lee today at Wash: 7ip, 5 hits 0 runs 1bb, 7k.

    Yeah, if Philly paid a part of his deal he’d be worth putting behind Kersh!!

  88. Roger Dodger says:

    Now in the second half of the season we will see if these two new pitchers: Capuano and Harang — as good as they have been — will continue or start to wilt.

    This is the time of the season when ware and tear on the body starts to kick in.

  89. Badger says:

    Dodger hitters still waving at crap no where near the strike zone.

    It’s a simple concept really, get a good pitch to hit. First rule of hitting, from Little League on up.

  90. Win for Vin says:

    Exactly…that’s why friggin Dave Hansen needs to be reassigned elsewhere in the organization. He was a good pinch hitter, but he can’t teach.

    Jeffrey Loria runs/owns the Marlins…he’s an art dealer and idolized Steinbrenner. He is an idiot. He got rid of Joe Girardi after Joe told him to shut the hell up and let me manage. I guess we can thank him for Hanley…who had previously been in his dog house.

  91. Badger says:

    Announced crowd of 52,000 but there are a lot of empty seats right behind home plate. Guess the Hollywood crowd had other plans tonight.

    Miley is good. And, he isn’t even the best prospect they have.

    Their new guy, Chris Johnson, has 6 rbi’s in 2 games. How many does our new guy have?

    Sure hope Victorino lights a fire under these guys. We have had too many games like these last two. A win tomorrow is needed.

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