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The Mule is Dead!

If you were on a team that continually rolled out Loney, Cruz, Kennedy, Uribe and Treanor, do you think it might affect your performance?

Just knowing that most of them couldn’t jump out of a boat and hit water?

Isn’t that a morale killer?


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36 Responses to “The Mule is Dead!”

  1. DodgerDude says:

    Would the Dodgers be any worse off if you replaced the 5 players above with Castellanos, FedEx, Sands, Van Slyke and Fields?

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Sell and bring up the youngsters as Dude says. Play for the future of this team and don’t give away the few good players that we have on the farm. We just don’t have the roster to win in 2012.

  3. Rob says:

    Everyone wants to win now but the reality is we are a couple of years away from being real contenders, as long as the new ownership spends on the top players

  4. the truth hurts says:

    where all the optimists?

  5. Badger says:

    “where all the optimists?”

    Right here truth.

    I am optimistic that the Dodgers will do the right thing at the deadline.

    How’s that?

    • the truth hurts says:

      that works for me, badger.

      there is reason for optimism!

      prediction, 4-8, 0-1 so far

      don’t get me wrong, i would love to be proved completely inaccurate though!

  6. Bobby says:

    This team wasn’t good enough to have the best record in baseball thru mid June, and this team isn’t bad enough to have a 6-19 record since (or whatever it is).

    We’ll wake up. Just hopefully some help comes soon.

  7. Bball says:

    People r saying sell. Didn’t kasten really put his foot in his mouth. When he was saying he’d bring back pride and excellence. I took that as he would bring it back this year. Still time, just wish he would hurry up. I think he said that cause they were in first and looking good. come on kasten were all counting on u

  8. Gionfriddo says:

    Donnie Baseball at it again.. Ethier gets a “breather” today with Lee on the mound.. Gwynn and his .240 avg gets Clifford… really, Don?? this team is circling the drain and u sit your cleanup hitter ….” day game after a night game”, “Ethier struggles vs lefties” are arguments that don’t hold water when your team is imploding.. what a farce

  9. Gionfriddo says:

    Optimism?? every game is magnified when a team is in a prolonged dive, plus throw in the fact the Dodgers are losing ground to its biggest rival. Of course u WANT to look at the positives.. But, sitting your #1 RBI bat and your cleanup hitter is indefensible to me at a time like this..

  10. Gonzo says:

    Kasten also said that the talent on the MLB team wasn’t that good compared to MLB standards. I’ve been saying sell for a while now. I took what Kasten said about restoring pride and excellence as a big picture type comment. If someone actually expected the team to realistically be a WS contender was wearing blue colored glasses. As a fan, of course I want my team to win, but reality is reality.


  11. ken says:

    What interesting and new way will the Dodgers lose today?
    Looks like the sky fell on the mule! :)

    • Snowy Noey says:

      Tell me about it, its sad to see the team with their heads down every time they make an out. I mean they are only 3 games out, where is that fire they had the first 2 1/2 months of the season. Snowy Noey 23.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    The only real question out there today is Dwight Howard coming to L.A. ?

  13. Snowy Noey says:

    Scosia would be disappointed :-( Did u see how A.J. Ellis Let Victorino walk in to score on Kemps perfect throw today? How do u not block the plate on that play. Grow some freakin balls, you r bigger than little victorino. Be the wall! Its already bad enough he dropped 50 batting points over the last couple of weeks. Its only the sixth inning, maybe he will do better in the later innings, maybe not. Snowy Noey 23.

  14. Bobbie17 says:

    Play this out for another month. When they are 15 games out, bring up the young guys and let them play. I want to see some of their minor league pitchers, too. If Ethier or Kemp can’t play every day, they should still be on the DL. The team, now, is
    as bad as I thought they would be after seeing them in Spring Training. It kills me that the Giants are getting better. It’s quality pitching vs. quantity pitching. Quality will win every time.

    • Snowy Noey says:

      Yeah, I guess we are not as good as I thought. That’s why I canceled my yesterday. I mean I will check the team out anytime they are on national t.v. But I will not go out of my way to watch them every day, anymore. Its just frustrating, I will miss listening to Scully. I am from L.A, now living in northern California. I’m always fighting of those pesky Giants fans up here. I do my part representing my team up here in giant nation, I just wish that we can get some players that can hit. And have some heart. Maybe it will turn around for us, but with these players we have know, it looks questionable. Dodgers, go get Cole Hammels, go get Victorino, go get Encarnacion from Toronto, go get Headly from SD. We need a 3rd baseman, 1st baseman, 2 Starting pitchers (Dempster, Garza, Cueto). Do something, cause these bench players are not stepping it up.(Loney, Kennedy, uribe, a.j. Ellis, tony Gwyn, Cruz, I mean I could keep going). Plus I hate the Giants, I would love to beat them. Aarrrrrrrggggghhh!!!!!

  15. Bobbie17 says:

    Another thought: Why even have Triple A? Dodgers 3A’rs are great in the minors, but it has been a long time since any of them have become productive major leaguers. Is
    it the coaches, scouts, what?????? I’m stuck with having to read about the Giants. But look at its lineup and you see home grown talent—-real talent, not just someone to fill out a uniform. I’m getting tired of seeing the great minor leaguers totally outmatched in the Bigs. What’s the reason?

  16. Michael says:

    I certainly haven’t given up, the team hasn’t so I don’t understand all the doom and gloom in the fan base.
    We aren’t that team that started out with a bang and we aren’t the one we have seen of late. Sometimes the bounces go your way and sometimes they don’t.
    Have faith and Think Blue.

  17. Rob says:

    Snowy wishful thinking with all of the players you want. I live in Sacramento surrounded by midget fans and hate it. I just want uribe gone, that’s it, nothing else. Send a message to the non performers!

    • Snowy Noey says:

      What’s up Rob, this is Snowy Noey. I’m from Stockton, CA. Near you. Happy to hear Dodger fans up here in North Cali. I couldn’t agree with u about uribe, that fool is always hacking like if the ball was a freakin pinata. No discipline, no skills. We need to gift wrap him and send his ass back to the bay area. I mean, I don’t mind these guys as utility players but don’t start them. Please, mattingly don’t. Lol!

  18. the truth hurts says:

    when i look at the angels, i want to cry

  19. Rob says:

    The strike zone just went to crap

  20. Gonzo says:

    Bobbie, ABQ is a terrible place to play at; high altitude. Besides, the real talent in the minors is in AA. AAA is basically a reserve for journeymen and mid to low tier prospects.

  21. Bball says:

    Wow. I think I’m gonna pull an Elvis and shoot my tv. This is so disappointing

  22. Snowy Noey says:

    Loney, Loney, striking out with bases loaded. Couldn’t give us something to cheer about. What about those umpires, they freakin suck. Well, hopefully they do better on the road. Mattingly, all I see you do now is scratch your head. I know, I know what can you do with below average talent. But, somebody is got to take the blame. Bochy, SF manager, has below average talent players too but he finds a way to get them all playing hard and good more consistently. We lose again. Peace out fellow dodger fans, hopefully we do better next game. Lets root for Atlanta tonite. Lol!

  23. Bball says:

    In all seriousness y haven’t the dodgers dfa’d urib. If I’m mattingly there’s no way he ever plays again in my lineup. There comes a time where enough is enough. And that time has come and gone.

  24. Bball says:

    Somebody needs to man the f up and takeover this team

  25. Badger says:

    Busy in here today. Just got back from Flagstaff. Beautiful up there.

    Where you from Snowy? I lived in Redding, Chico, Napa, Eureka, Petaluma….Anderson, Cottonwood…….. Paradise…. probably a few other towns I done forgot. Yeah, surrounded by midget fans, that’s for sure.

    Looks like an exciting game going on. Kemp ties it in the 10th. The mule ain’t dead, but, he needs some resuscitation. Mouth to mouth might work. I nominate Dixon for that job.

    • Snowy Noey says:

      What’s up Badger? This is Snowy Noey! I’m having a better day today knowing that the Dodgers pulled a freakin comeback out of their hats. Lovely! Yeah, I’m from Stockton, close to sacramento. Moved out here in 1990. born and raised in Venice, ca. There is so many freak in Midget fans up here that I have to fend of. I need backup, lol! But, when I heard that u called them midgets I laughed my ass off. First time I heard that. I’m new to these blogs. I wish there were a blog where the team leaders could here us, just so they can see a different point of view. Maybe we could help, if they looked at the team from our eyes. Maybe, they can pick up some advise. But happy dodgers beat them phillies. Snowy Noey 23

  26. Bball says:

    Maybe that can jump start something

  27. Roger Dodger says:

    What have I kept telling you . . . this is the year. These Dodgers keep coming back. They are making a statement. Kemp is the man.

    No doubts here.

  28. ken says:

    Losing a series to a last place team will get things going?

    Kemp hitting a walk-off might take the pressure of one or two of the weenies.

    5 runs = Easy Button!

  29. RogerCraig says:

    The Phil’s are in last place because they have been without Doc, Howard and Utleybmost of the year. Last I checked, all three are back.

  30. Badger says:

    Dixon must have got the message and gone mouth to mouth with that mule. atta boy Mike. Face to face with an ass. That’s taking one for the team.

    Kick start. #1 of a win streak.

    And of course, it’s Matt Kemp that gets the job done.


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