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The Magic Is Gone

No, I’m not talking about the team.  I’m talking about Magic Johnson.  In the beginning, Magic said he was going to be “hands on” and there in his office everyday.  He doesn’t have an office and he’s NEVER there.  My only question is why did Guggs and Company feel they had to use Magic Johnson as a frontman?  I’m fine with what is happening with the team, but overpaying by $500 million and then lying about McCourts’ ownership of the parking lots and finally the lie about Magic Johnson being involved.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Just tell us the truth.  We can handle it, but we don’t forget the lies.  Address the issue, say that Magic is no longer involved – NEVER REALLY WAS is actually the truth.  Another “I told you so.”  Steve Dilbeck of THE LA TIMES also addresses the issue.

OK, I’m done with that rant!

Dodger News:

  • Chad Billingsley looked quite accomplished for the first five innings, before he gave up 3 runs in the sixth.  He actually pitched pretty well – just not as good as we expect.  When you only score two runs, the odds of winning are pretty sliml, anyway.    Last night’s loss wasn’t on Bills.  Coffey and Wright haven’t pitched much lately and it showed and they gave up 5 runs.
  • Don Mattingley was unimpressed with James Loney’s 2 for 3 last night as he said: “He got a couple of hits tonight, we’ll leave it there. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  I’ve been through this for three or four years with James.”  James is getting dissed big time by his manager.  WOW.  It’s about time.    Tony Jackson writes about this very thing today.  On the other hand, if Loney starts hitting, it will be a big boost!
  • Dee Gordon is still the starting SS.  Period!
  • Frequently, I am blacked out of MLB Games, so last night I went to and bought their service.  They give you an IP Address wherever you select.  I am evidently too close to Cincinnati, even though I don’t get Cincy TV, so MLB blacked me out.  I went on Hide My Ass and selected my IP Address as being in Dallas, Texas and Presto, I had the game.  Take that MLB!
  • IDJ2 gets sent down and goes 3-6 – Good For him!
  • Logan White will probably look a lot better with all the international signings by the Dodgers – It is a numbers game and the bigger the number, the better the results.
  • Juan Uribe’s career is over – it just hasn’t been announced.  He doesn’t even know…
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report -7-2-12
  • Here’s a photo I took of Bill Russell and DRomo lounging by the pool.  Nice!


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28 Responses to “The Magic Is Gone”

  1. Badger says:

    You tell us the Dodgers are lying to us then you tell us you lied to MLB. Karma dude.

    Your point about Magic is a good one. Not exactly a great way to start your time here Guggenshyster’s. That move sounds like something McCon would do.

    5000 million sounds like a lot of money.

    Agree about Gordon. Just keep giving the kid hugs and let him know he IS the shortstop. It will pay off.

    I don’t even care what happens at AAA anymore. Means nothing. As long as we have a team in Albumakwerky the numbers those players put up can’t be valued.

    Agree about Bills. He gave up 3 earned in 6 with 8 K’s an no walks. That’s decent, not great. Wouldn’t have mattered if he completed the game with only giving up 3 runs. You score 2 you don’t deserve to win. Especially in a game you give up 3 unearned.

    It would appear that every team in the league is signing handfuls of international players. How can we get excited about a bus load of 16 year old kids? I just hope it works out.

    “Here’s a photo I took of Bill Russell and DRomo lounging by the pool. Nice!”

    Now that’s funny. Well played Timmons.

    A winning streak before the break would be nice. Anyone expect it?

  2. DRomo says:

    Nice Mark! HAHA
    I’m a little worried that you are peaking over my fence though…..

    I am telling you guys this is gonna be brutal until we put the team back together. I think it is hard to access where we go from here and assess our needs until we see how we do with the full squad.

    Interesting thought I heard yesterday. Phillies may make Victorino available. Why not take a shot at him? Play him in CF, Move Ethier to LF (he’s been there before) Kemp to RF (less stress on hammy). Rivera and Loney platoon. Also if Gordon struggles Victorino can lead off. Victorino has a LITTLE pop and can be disturbing on the bases which seems to be Donnies style of ball player. Anyway, it would be interesting.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Last night I heard that over (over) 100 major league pitchers are on the DL right now. Even though we are talking about 30 teams — that is still a high number.

    How many Dodger fans on are the fan DL right now? Millions I would guess.

  4. Badger says:

    I would take Victorino over what we have now, that’s for sure. But he isn’t exactly having a typical year for him and he turns 32 next year. Not exactly the long term solution. And he is in a contract year, so, I guess it depends on what the Phils want.

    I just read Bourn, who is an impending FA, with no extension talks going on, wants 15M a year in his next deal. He is in his peak years right now – will be 30 next year. Is he worth 15 million? Maybe. He sure brings what this team needs – a top of the order CFer. Right now, he is the guy I would go after in the off season if Atlanta doesn’t extend him.

    Who is the next David Wright? Josh Hamilton? It would be nice to build this thing from the ground up, putting 26 year olds on the field together, with guys like Abreu and Rivera off the bench in PH roles.

    Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence, B.J. Upton – all free agents. The list also includes Melky Cabrera, Josh Hamilton and Curtis Granderson, but those guys will surely be extended.

  5. Kevin says:

    It’s the same Billingsly. So what if he pitched “decently” we need more than that! He had a chance to get out of that 6th innning with the lead….he was one pitch away and had one of their worst hitters up at the plate and what does he do? He hangs a fricking breaking pitch. This guy CAN’T pick his teammates up and he folds under pressure. After he hit that dude in the head I could tell he wasn’t right. BE A PROFESSIONAL CHAD!!!!

    • Badger says:

      Can’t disagree Kevin. The Dodgers need everyone to be at their best. And who knows, maybe this IS Chad’s best. 90 pitches and 5 innings.

      I wonder if some team might need a closer? That is a lot of money for a closer. But, it’s also way too much money for a 5 inning 4. ERA starter.

      • ken says:

        Just another Bills melt down after 90 minutes. Maybe he should get some diet tips from the Tour de France trainers. Those guys go for 4 hours almost every day. When to eat, what to eat, when to drink, what to drink, when to drink, blood tests.

        Maybe we can send him to my friend at the US Doping Agency. :)

        Or maybe the problem is just in his head.

        Looney is just a career platoon player now.

        Gordon is just a platoon player. Maybe he will improve.

        Most of the current Dodgers are platoon plays.

        Wheres the Beef?

        Uribe should only start when all of the other infielders are very tired or have mono.

        • Badger says:

          Uribe is still owed $12 million. What a waste of resources.

          Yep, this current Dodger team is back-ups and platoon players. It is what it is until the starters get back and Jed pulls the trigger on a trade.

          Bills is also a “is what it is” player. He has become a 188 inning 4.2 ERA pitcher. That’s fine for a #5. There is nothing the Dodgers can do but keep sending him out there.

          And we will keep reading the Rumor sheets for 4 more weeks. Could be a long 28 days.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    But . . . if the Dodgers were scoring runs . . . Chad could have had another win last night.

    • Kevin says:

      Your right Roger but if he gets through that inning we win the game. They weren’t gonna score off of Belisario or Jansen.

      • Roger Dodger says:

        Gee, I almost forgot about Belisario and Jansen — they have only been needed about once over the past two or three weeks.

  7. jerry says:

    all this D L player is because of weight training..they didnt do that yrs ago.. and for the pitcher..when they warm up they do a long me it is two different throw..and it hurts you arm.

  8. Reggie says:

    I see X. Paul is available. Sign him, Ned!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Magic has been meaning to show up but he can’t find a paper bag big enough for his head.

  10. ken says:

    Kurodo is tearing up the AL now. Trade for him!

    Trade for all of the Dodgers that got away!

    How many former dodgers are All-Stars this year?

  11. ken says:

    Looks like unlimited number of votes allowed for the All-Star game. I voted for Broxton :)

  12. Mike Dixon says:

    Wow talk about beating a dead horse…..Dodgers are in a terrible funk and Mark is talking about Magic not occupying his office….so if Magic were at the ball park everyday the Dodgers would be winning?…..what a joke….Mark please tell us more about the iPads, and playing golf with Chinese big wigs, and flying cross country and how business is booming…even though its very low brow talking about ones wealth, it was at least somewhat interesting…..

    • Jae says:

      Wow. You are one weird dude! You add a whole lot between the lines and try twist what people say. You are one miserable person. Does your wife beat you or were you just born with a shitty outlook? If you left this board we might be more intelligent.

      • Reggie says:

        Jae, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Mike Dixon is what they call a troll. He criticizes everyone else because he can’t do anything himself. Ignore him and maybe he will go away.

      • Mike Dixon says:

        No offense Jae but you might the biggest tard on this board…Even Reggie is mocking you…..

  13. Bill Russell says:

    Ain’t nuttin like watchin TV while enjoying the pool. It’s safer then being on the Dodgers active roster.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Maybe this is the goofy time of the season.

    The Brewers were beating Miami 9 to 2 after 7 — and then lost the game 12 to 11 to Miami.

    Was watching the Nationals vs. Giants game. Boy those Nationals pounded the ball against LINCECUM. Score now 8 to 2 Washington. So far they have 4 doubles and a HR, all hard hit.


    And the Phillies keep loosing.

    Badger, I mentioned the hot Pirates the other day and you said you had not noticed. Here is a web site with info:

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Just a few days ago – the Dodgers had the best record in major league baseball. Then it was in the National League.

    Now the Dodgers are at 44-37 which is .543 baseball.

    Giants are 45-35 or .563
    Pirates are 44-36 or .550
    Reds are 44-35 or .557
    Mets are 44-37 or .543 (tied with the Dodgers)
    Nationals are45-32 or .584

    Rangers are 50-30 or .625
    Yankees are 48-32 or .600

    So after the Dodgers crash and burn the past couple of weeks — 6 teams have passed them.

    • Badger says:

      Remember when we were saying if the Dodgers play .500 the rest of the way they would win…… whatever it was – 90 something. Well, if they play .500 the rest of they way, they win 84. Think they can do that?

      Off to a great start so far tonight – 2 for 14. Both singles.


      • Badger says:

        But….. they wake up.

        Pitching. Helps this team a lot doesn’t it. We can win a 3-1 game now and then.


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