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Sunday Dodger Talk

Have at it.  Remember this is all about the LA Dodgers.

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32 Responses to “Sunday Dodger Talk”

  1. Pete M. says:

    I’ll bet on the come that Dempster is coming with at least onme of the players being RHP Allen Webster. This doesn’t overjoy me but the thought of a Kershaw/Depster duo takes away some of the sting. Now if we could get/rent a bat for Kemp & Dre..

    • Badger says:

      Agree on the general thought Pete, but how many bats are available and at what price? We have enough A and AA league pitching prospects to land maybe one good player. Any team with a bat is going to be looking at Major League ready prospects – and who might that be in the Dodger system?

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    When my wife saw what Jansen did last night she immediately said \” he should be drug tested.\”

    I\’ll bet he doesn\’t do that again.

  3. Badger says:

    Did we just witness yet another glaring reason why this team is not prepared to win the Division? What a bonehead move. Ellis, Kemp and Ethier, the heart of the Dodger offense, did what they are supposed to do and it isn’t enough at home against a last place club? They gave it away.

    This is a team that cannot afford to give up unearned runs (40 this year so far). They don’t have the offense the other good teams do, (26th in runs scored) so this kind of thing needs to be fixed.

  4. the truth hurts says:

    what a bonehead move is right…

    takes me back to the NLCS in NY where the infamous double play at the plate occurred…

    anything that involves two runners coming home is ALWAYS going to embarrass us in some shape or form…

  5. Badger says:

    Yeah, it was embarrassing to everyone. The play is getting a lot of air time this morning. With what happened in S.F. yesterday, Lincecum pitching well and the Panda waddling home with the winning run, momentum sure looks like it could have shifted. Let’s hope this Little League move by the Dodgers actually woke them up. The good new is, the middle of our order looks to be back.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Definitely a bonehead play, by both Jansen and Ellis. Maybe they were both out late the night before doing drugs together, and just didn’t get enough sleep. Seriously though, it was hopefully a WAKE-UP call, and this type of thing doesn’t happen again. Surely it needs to result in an awareness by EVERYONE on the team that they need to keep COMPLETELY alert for the FULL duration of every game. By and large I think this team is generally alert, and this was likely (we hope) just an anomaly that won’t be repeated, and perhaps be a catalyst that drives home the message for the need to be watchful at all times. When you play as many close games as the Dodgers, little things can make all the difference.

    A little production from third base can make a big difference. A couple of hits from Adam Kennedy helped the Dodgers to score six runs last night. Now this is not an endorsement of Kennedy, but just an example of what can happen when you get some production out of a position that’s been a vast wasteland for the Dodgers. The Dodgers don’t need an All-Star at 3B, but they do need a consistent run producing bat that lengthens the lineup. Do the same at first base and LF, and this lineup will get us some runs.

    And of course we need an extra arm or two. Be it Dempster or someone else, this team does need to add some pitching depth. I know that Dempster is having a nice year, but I don’t see enough of him to know exactly what he’s worth in prospects. I still remember what the Dodgers did to him in the 2008 playoffs. But he’s probably worth the prospects being mentioned, especially since the Dodgers are no longer financially impotent, and now have the ability to build both for the present and the future.

  7. Bobbie17 says:

    Uribe should be on the bench all the time. Loney should play all the time and bat
    no higher than seventh. All the time. Let the chips fall. If we can get someone good
    with a chance of keeping him after the season, we should consider it. But, these scouts of ours better be good because we can’t afford to screw this up—-again.

    • Badger says:

      I agree Bobbie. I think we just have to let Loney do what he does, and hope the second half is much better than the first. His career number always seem to land near the same place at the end of each year. One would hope for, and expect, improvement as he enters his prime years, but he may be one of those guys that is content with where he finds himself.

      Hope you are right about the wake up call Brooklyn. The Dodgers just aren’t going to score 6 runs much this year. Not with the lineup and subs they currently have. They are 26th in total runs for a darn good reason. Some of that of course is due to the loss of the middle of the lineup. But 2-3-4 had a great night and the team only scored 6. They are not going to go 8 for 14 often, and they just have to win the games where that happens.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Not paying attention . . .

    Also, Gordon. Several times this season, Dee Gordon is on base. Taking a lead, looking around and not at the pitcher, kind of like Jansen last night.

    And I keep telling myself — one of these day, Dee Gordon will get picked off, off base because of his in-attention.

    The season is long, and each game can seem long — but they get good money, and to even be in the major leagues playing at that level — is an honor and can end at any time. They need to be prepared at all times.

  9. Gionfriddo says:

    Billingsley scratched today — bad elbow; MRI to follow… Keep sitting on your hands Ned, Stan, et al… AND, somebody explain why Kemp is getting a routine day off today?? Please, spare me the “he just came off the DL talk” too… He just missed 51 games.. Mattingly’s move I’m sure but this is complete BS to sit your best player when you’re taking on water ..

  10. Michael says:

    Something tells me that there must be more to this Kemp day off or Donnie Baseball is as dumb as I thought.
    You don’t sit a player who has more hits in the last 2 games than some of these stiffs have in the last month.

    Plop, Plop, Plop “Shit hits the fan”

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    What’s wrong with Dee looking around? That’s not inattention. When you’re on base you have to pay attention to everything, which includes the pitcher and the defense around you. And if he isn’t paying attention, something tells me he would hear about it from Davey Lopes.

    And nobody is sitting on their hands. This is a tough trade market, with lots of teams still in contention for a playoff spot. And really, there isn’t a whole lot of offense available, and whatever pitching is available is being sought by multiple teams. I believe I read that there were 10 teams interested in Dempster. So unless Ned/Stan want to vastly overpay in players/cash, this is likely going to play out all the way to the trade deadline or very close to it. Teams holding onto valuable trade bait aren’t going to give it away without exacting as much for it as they can. The other GM’s aren’t Dodger fans.

    Could be, in fact, that the Dodgers may find it difficult to get what they need w/o having to overpay, which could mean that they won’t get all that they need, and be forced to wait until the offseason, when trades are easier and free agents are available. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s likely not going to be the case with the Dodgers.

  12. Joe says:

    It tells you were Mattingly view Loney at this point by not always starting him against right handers like last night. I guess we need Dempster now that Bills appears to be hurt.

  13. Badger says:

    Methinks everybody will overpay in this market. We have never seen anything like this before, what with that extra WC keeping so many teams in this thing. What a year to be a seller.

    And I don’t think it’s possible to get ALL we need. One pitcher, one bat, or maybe just either/or is about all we have the ammo for.

    Could it be possible that someone might still consider Sands a prospect? I mean, we need help in LF badly, and he isn’t an option for us, how valuable could he be in trade? And SVS has already showed how unprepared he is. Fedx? Man, we are thin in bats.

  14. the truth hurts says:

    we are trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces

  15. Bball says:

    What about Wandy in Houston. If there is so many teams after dempster y not go for him

  16. Bball says:

    Unless bills was going to be used as a trade chip. I’m glad to see him hurt. I hope he’s out the whole year I no that’s horrible to say but he’s the pitching version of uribe. I just hate seeing his face. What the hell is up with this d. Horrible just horrible

  17. Badger says:

    4 more errors.

    4 more unearned runs.


  18. Bobby says:

    this is actually funny to watch, unless one is a Dodger fan (like us)

    Time for some major moves!!!

  19. Bball says:

    Ned do something you worthless piece of sh:t. Enough is enough. Hurry up

  20. Badger says:

    5 errors and 6 unearned.


    Another embarrassment. How much more of this is yet to come?

  21. Badger says:

    Capuano actually pitched better than Cain today.

  22. Gonzo says:

    What happened to Bills? I said about a month ago that we should be sellers. Bills should be wearing pinstripes and we should have some of their top prospects.

    Still believing in Loney Badger? His numbers might be there at the end, but were they difference makers? I’d rather have a guy that had 25 RBIs that tied or gave the team the lead rather than a guy that has most of his numbers at garbage time. Remember Eric Karros who once told a reporter when asked about a slump, “my numbers will be there at the end of the year?”

    • Badger says:

      I still believe it will possible for Loney to hit .280. His career BA is .284. It’s not like he is totally out of orbit, though he’s close. His RBI and HR total won’t be what it usually is because he is just not going to get the at bats this year. He’s hitting .333 with an OBP of .360 in July. Not many other guys on this team are hitting that well this month.

      Any difference makers? Well, his WRISP numbers are .270 .379 and .744. Not great, but not bad either. His WAR is currently -.9 and is on it’s way up. Who you gonna put in there that is going to do any better?

      Do I look for an upgrade? Hell yes, but it ain’t likely to come this year.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, when I watched Dee on base several times — he was a bit out of the game for a few seconds . . . and his head appeared to me to be relaxing. Just my view.

    As I remember Maury on base, he never took his eyes off the ball and the fielders for a second.

    Missed the game today, because of moving to our new home.

    But since Mark said “Good night Dodger fans . . .” the Dodgers have lost, and thrown games away. It is all Mark’s fault. Someone please pull the panic button.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Dodgers will likely do something, if only because of expectations. But for what the Dodgers really need, we’re probably going to have to wait until the offseason. They would probably be better off if they were sellers, but that’s not likely to happen given the message it would send. Of course, Kasten and company may not care about the message, since they can change that message in short order by spending big this winter. Maybe they’ll be smart, and just take the heat for a while, knowing that they can re-capture the fan base with a big winter.

    I’m not all that hopeful that much can be accomplished until the winter. This team has holes at 3B, 1B, and LF. And with Gordon out, we have one at SS too. Throw in a depleted pitching staff, and it will take more than a player or two to make this team relevant in the postseason, even if they get there.

  25. WinforVin says:

    I also feel bad, but I am glad not to see Chad’s “lost” look on the mound. If and when he comes back…he needs to talk to John Smoltz’s “shrink” and get his head straight. There’s no need for a panic button any more. Just pack it in and wait for free agents.

  26. Badger says:

    We could easily be in a position to be sellers. It’s still over two weeks to the deadline. How far behind could we be by then? Plenty. The best players might not be dealt for a while, though it always sounds like it’s going to happen soon. Hardly ever does. Dempster might be the exception because he could go back on the DL at any moment. But, holding Hamels for a while could benefit Philly. And I still don’t know the best bat that will be available and if there is a good one – how much we will be in on the bidding how much difference will it make? Right now we are further behind in the Wild Card than we are in the division. I don’t see that changing, but I suppose it could. We need to win the division. Can that be done with this group? When they’re bad, they’re awful.

    This team just doesn’t look built for a pennant, let alone a World Championship.

  27. Gionfriddo says:

    Sure hope Mattingly gives Ethier tomorrow off.. He needs the rest. Then for Wednesday’s day game give Kemp his scheduled day off… Gotta keep these guys fresh rite??

  28. ken says:

    Maybe O’Malley is buying the better team. :)


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