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Still Crying Over Youkilis

Kevin Youkilis is hitting third for the White Sox and has raised his batting average to .249.  He hit the game winning homerun last night and scored two runs, but the Dodgers weren’t interested.  They were stupid then and they are stupider now.  Here’s the deal:  my son-in-law is a Red Sox fan and he watches then like I watch the Dodgers.  I don’t care what the Dodger scouts said, my son-in-law told me that Youk was healthy and that’s good enough for me.  The Dodgers could have had a third-baseman for almost no compensation, except money.  This was a foolish mistake.  I’m sure I’ll remind you of this again… unless I am wrong (in which case, I’ll ignore it).

The Junkyard Dogs are Alive and Well

If there is a more apt description of the 2012 Dodgers than “Junkyard Dogs,” I certainly don’t know what it is.  Nate Eovaldi struggled but got the win by pitching 6 solid innings.  Elbert and Belisario did their part and Kenley Jansen was filthy, needing only 11 pitches to strike out the side in the 9th for his 15th save.

It’s good to open a series by punching your opponent in the mouth and that is exactly what the Junkyard Dogs did.  Scott Van Slyke gave us a glimpse of hope for the future and his power with a HR that got out in a hurry, and Elian Herrera hit his first HR too.

Mark Ellis was a breath of fresh air and seemed to set the tone.  It’ s a shot in the arm to the team.  His presence seems to energize them as he got a double in his first at bat!  That’s what Junkyard Dogs do.

Luis Cruz played a solid SS as well.  Next man up!

Clayton goes tonight.  I have a really good feeling about this one.

Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 7/5/12


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34 Responses to “Still Crying Over Youkilis”

  1. Josh says:

    So what’s the story on Luis Cruz?

  2. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t know how many of you guys get to listen to the Dodger feed with Vin Scully. He is sadly reminding me of the last few days of Chick Hearn making mistake after mistake while announcing the game. I will truely miss him once he’s gone, because he’s the only voice of the Dodgers I’ve ever known. However like every great ball player, he’s got to know when it’s time to hangem up. Walk away with some pride Vin.

    Nate Eovaldi battled his way through 6 last night and the pen shut the door. Great win and as Mark said, Mark Ellis energized the junk yard dogs again. I would love to see Kershaw have a great performance tonight and head into the break on a positive note. Since Loney likes hitting in this park, why not give him the start? Go Blue

    • Badger says:

      Vin has been fading for a few years now hasn’t he. I have only heard him once this year, and though his voice was still golden, the mistakes came often.

      As for Youkilis, I have to believe he did not want to come all the way out west. I have no evidence to support that, but, the Dodgers surely could have beat that bid. He is a good fit for the White Sox. I have no ill will against them. I wish only that they fall short in their bid for the play-offs.

      Van Slyke’s home run was indeed impressive. Now, how do they teach him to square up mistakes with more regularity? The guy reminds me of Goldschmidt, only Goldie is just a much better hitter.

      This team is filled with fighters, but I think they are still not that great an offensive team. It was only 4 runs, and it was the first time they have scored more than 3 earned in quite a while. It should get better when the starters are all back. But wouldn’t it be nice to get that extra bat for the long haul? Youkilis would have been that guy….. but for whatever reason we didn’t get him. Next up. Somebody out there wants to come to L.A.. The attendance is back up, and will get better as the year goes on. S.F. is still outdrawing us and that is just embarrassing. That should never happen, and I trust after this year it won’t ever happen again. Southern California is a great place to play baseball.

  3. ken says:

    It is hard for some players to switch leagues. Maybe Youk was thinking about King Albert’s problems. After players go through their forced slavery period they have the right to play whereever they want.

    Loney is hitting .353 in the last week. Time for him to stay hot. Carlos Lee did the best thing for his family by not coming to LA and going to Maiami. Miami has the shortest and cheapest flights to South America and Florida has no personal income tax just like Texas so no pay cut for him. Florida should be good for him professionally and the environment whould help him obtain the type of contract that he may want for net year if he does not decide to retire.

    “Elbert and Belisario did their part” A WHIP of .000 is more than doing their part!

    Wow. Replacing the SS and 2B in the same week. Now that is better than a major trade!

    Monster trade in a week. Dodgers to get some guys named Kemp and Ethier!

    Coffey has a sore elbow after only 19 innings. Not like he was over used.

    I still want Headley. “Meeting adjourned. Oh, I am sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to overstep my bounds. You say that.”

  4. Bobby says:

    I really really like Eovaldi. I remember back in Kersh’s early days, he would just stop throwing strikes at times, and it got maddening to watch. I guess all young pitchers go thru that.

    Once he figures out how to strike guys out with his stuff, he’s gona be filthy! However, if the right deal came along for an impact #1 or #2 (NOT ryan dempster), I can live with Eovaldi going elsewhere.

    Hairston’s D at 3b is just amazing. Fun guy to watch out there!

  5. Bobby says:

    Oh, I agree with you, Ken, about Loney.

    He is heating up, and he’s hitting the ball harder, even in his outs. 1b might not be an issue as I’d rather just fix 3b anyway.

    If Loney heats up, and if this rumored deal of us acquiring a couple guys named Kemp and Ethier does happen next week, I think the offense will really improve.

  6. Bobbie17 says:

    JLo can carry this team. Hopefully he will.

  7. Gonzo says:

    Glad the Dodgers won. The way that the Dodgers are built at the big league level reminds me of the way Polian built the Colts; everything revolved around Peyton and no plan B was ever executed.

    I like Logan White, but what I realized as this season has progressed is that he has done a lousy job selecting position players. Yeah I said it! Players that could have been drafted instead of Loney(who many saw as a pitcher)Votto and McCann in 2004 Pedroia. This is just to name a few. And yes I know drafting is a crap shoot but hopefully that pattern will be no more with the revamped scouting dept.

  8. Badger says:

    I don’t really have a problem with drafting pitchers if that’s what the organization is good at. Let’s face it, every team is looking for pitching. If we have a plethora of it, we can use it to get bats.

    Having said that, I think a decent bat now and then would be nice. We did draft a few interesting position players this year. Seager, Valentin, Chigbogu and Curletta could provide some results. I did just read some scouts are looking at Curletta as a pitcher. I hadn’t heard that before. He is the kid who is considered one of the best high school athletes in the state of Arizona. He has hit a few over 430′ at Chase Field. Who knows what the Dodgers might have in store for him, but at 6’4″ 235 pounds, he is built like a power pitcher.

    I’d take Headley too, depending on the price. I doubt San Diego is willing to do us any favors.

    • ken says:

      I have never seen such a short compact powerful swing before, except by King Albert. The Dodgers need to overpay for Curletta. 462 ft with a metal bat in batting practice? Not bad for a high school kid.

      If the Dodgers sign all 4 of these guys then the 2012 draft could be their best draft in the last 6-7 years.

      • El_Che says:

        He signed already . I think everyone got signed in the first 15 rounds. Curletta is struggling tho in the Arizona league .

  9. Bball says:

    Bill I agree with u that vin messes up quite a bit. But dodgers games won’t be the same without him. The guy is still better then anyone else in the game. I no your right but it would be a really hard thing for me and alo of other fans to let g. I couldn’t imagine not hearing my favorite words of all time. It’s time for dodger baseball. I can’t wait to hear those words everyday.

  10. foreverblue says:

    I’ve listened to Vin since 1950. I now live in the midwest where I can hear games from many teams (annuoncers) and as old and mistake prone as he is, he is still head and shoulders above everyone…EVERYONE!!

  11. Kevin says:

    Vin also doesn’t have the convenience of having someone in the booth with him to help him out and correct some of his mistakes. I’d say for 85 he’s still doing a pretty good job!

  12. Bill Russell says:

    That is all true about Vin, but hearing that Eovaldi won his first game out against the D-Backs last time he faced them several times last night and then hearing him say he’s 0-7 on the season. And the come backer to Eovaldi which he threw home for the force out and Vin kept scoring the run for Arizona. All the balls and strikes that he gets wrong, he forgets how many outs there are, it just reminds me of the last few days of Chick behind the mic. I am hoping that his mind is still ok and he hasn’t had a mild stroke or some kind of health issues. It’s getting very hard to listen to him fumbling around in the booth. I know he’s head and shoulders above everyone else when he’s right, but Elvis has left the building boys……

  13. Bball says:

    This shouldn’t even have been brought up shame on u bill.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    “Lord, I apologize to you and all the little pygmies of New Guinea.”

  15. DRomo says:

    A little harsh dude. I heard the mistakes last night. Plus he made a few throughout the game. But sometimes that happens with info being passed to announcers as well as maybe just making a mistake. Sure Vinny is old but no way he is quitting. He will have a few slip ups then give us 8 innings of gold. I’ll take it. All accounts are that he is still sharp as a tack.

    I think you are not going to win this fight brother. Haha

  16. Bill Russell says:

    Sharp as a tack? I’ll just turn down the volume so I’ll know what’s going on in the game.

  17. Bball says:

    Just listen to mark grace and the other guy who calls the d backs games and be bored as hell

  18. joe says:

    Justin Upton is young and looks like the diamondbacks are willing to trade him. He has struggle this year but still is very young and under control for the next four years. This is a big bat the would not only gives the dodgers the best outfield in all of baseball with upton-kemp-either but the middle of the lineup would be scary. It will cost the dodgers and arm and a leg to get him, but he can also make you forget about all those prospects that it will take to get him. can puig learn how to play first?

    • Badger says:

      I read that too. I would take him in a heartbeat. Somehow I doubt Arizona unloads him. He is too talented and too young to dump this early in his career.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    I hear ya Bball, I know what everyone is saying. I want Vinny to stay forever also. I didn’t want Andy Griffin to leave us either. There just comes a time when you should put someone in the booth with him to tell him what’s really going on once in awhile when he loses track of the game. I never thought my buddy DRomo would turn on me with his craws out. You would think I spoke bad about God…………….. Vin is the Blue God. Lord, I apologize. Just bring us Headley and we’ll get the calvary back after the break.

  20. Bball says:

    Bill I’m not disagreeing with u but for god sakes my great grandpa listened to him my dad and me and I named my son after this great human being so forgive me if I get defensive but I just can’t imagine my hero gone. It cant happen. Long live vin scully

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Now Billy, we have talked on the phone several times and met at Spring Training a couple of years ago — so I know I can use this example with you.

    When Vin makes a mistake in, say, the score, like “its now 4 to 3 . . .” but it is really 4 to 2 — and you know it — does that bother you????

    Now — say you are back in your high school or college days — and you are on a hot date — And Billy, you and she are in heat — and she says . . . “oh Bob you are so wonderful . . .” Does that bother you that she did not call you Billy or you are enjoying your time together and Bob or any other name just does not matter????

    See . . .

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    Game: Gwynn just got on, with overthrow to first by the D-Backs. So he was safe going down the line.

    He kept, of course, going past the bag down the foul line — stopped, and turned “outward” toward the field, turing left, and went back to first.

    Now, that is fine, but I thought they taught players to turn, right, toward the stands — so as to not presume in any way, they were making a move toward second base.

    His turn to the left was in no way a move toward second, but it in BIG game — a player could have charged him with the ball, and it he moved at all — he might be considered in “no man’s land” and out if tagged with the ball.

    In other words, trained to turn to the right, stops all possible problems.

    • Badger says:

      You are taught to immediately look over your right shoulder for the ball.

      And for the record, she calls me Bob and the date is over.

      Also for the record, these Dodgers swing at a lot of pitches out of the strike zone.

      I don’t get to listen to Vin that much, so my only take on this is if he starts to embarrass himself it’s time to hang ‘em up. They will find someone to announce the games, but there will be nobody in our lifetimes that can take his place.

  23. Bill Russell says:

    So far not a bad night for Vin. The only mistake of the night so far was him calling Mark Ellis, Aaron Hill on a pop field to right field but besides that he’s been spot on. Maybe he just had a bad night last night. Kershaw stayed out a few batters too long but hopefully the Dodgers can recover for the win.

    Roger, if my women called me by another name it would be a problem, however I understand the point. As DRomo put it, 7-8 good innings of Vin is better then most other announcers. I stand corrected…………….

  24. ken says:

    Eovaldi won the “first” time he faced them last year. I heard Vin say both this correct statement and his error last night.

    If Kershaw is going to throw the same pitch all night long then he is going to get ripped like tonight no later than the 3rd time through the lineup

    77 4 seam fastballs
    9 Curveballs
    16 sliders

    His pitch selection was like an early spring training game.
    All-Star? Small-Star!
    His foot still not bothering him while he pitches?
    Still doesn’t trust his 2nd and 3rd pitch so he throws too many 4 seamers?

    • Badger says:

      One bad inning is all it takes. He was getting that fastball up in the zone. You just can’t do that.

      2 earned again. Seems to be about all we are good for.

      I don’t understand why every pitcher in the game, especially those that throw hard, don’t add the two seam fastball to their arsenal. It can be a devastating pitch. I mean…. 77 four seamers? Really? This isn’t AA ball. These guys can all hit a four seamer, no matter how good it is. You mix in a two seamer, and move the thumb underneath it and you have two more pitches, pitches that move, the batter has to deal with. They are not that difficult to learn, and even easier to teach.

      OK, so far the split we were asking for is in place. Sure would be nice to hold on to first place at the break.


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