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Never Underestimate the Power of Junkyard Dogism

Junkyard Dogism – def. “The State of being a junkyard dog, that is an under-appreciated, plain and untalented species which on occasion can rise and bite someone in the ass.

Going into the last game before the All-Star Break, the Dodgers can still be in first place if they win or the Giants lose.   Who expected that?  Who expected that when they Dodgers have half their team in the hospital?  Never underestimate the power of “Junkyard Dogism.”

It’s appropriate that the biggest Junkyard Dog of them all, Chris Capuano, is going for his 10th win today.  He’s a junkyard dog because no one (except me) expected him to amount to much for the Dodgers this year.  He’s a junkyard dog because he has came back from Tommy John Surgery, not once, but twice!  He should have been on the All-Star team but Tony LaRussa was too busy with his girlfriend to notice.  He’s a junkyard dog because he doesn’t have great stuff – he can’t blow you away with his fastball, but he pitches with deception and finesse.  This junkyard dog wants to win today to show it was a travesty that he was left off the All-Star team.  Never underestimate the power of Junkyard Dogism.

Jerry Hairston is a junkyard dog.  AJ Ellis is a junkyard dog.  They both brought their A-Game last night. Thrust into the cleanup spot, James Loney, a freakin’ French Poodle, went 0-4 – he’s not a junkyard dog.  French poodles are not allowed.

Juan Uribe isn’t a junkyard dog.  Junkyard dogs aren’t fat – Uribe at .194 can’t even hit his weight.  Eat the contract Ned,  The Dodgers need Junkyard Dogs, not Junkyard Hogs!

Chad Billingsley is not a Junkyard Dog.  The thing that you can always count on with Chad is that you can’t count on him.

Bobby Abreu is a Junkyard Dog.  Plucked from the scrap yard, he continues to get the hits and even catches in LF.    Luis Cruz and Elian Herrera are both where they were never expected to be.  Don’t expect super numbers, but they are true Junkyard Dogs.

Junkyard Dogs – you have kept the Dodgers in first Place and I honor you!  Soon, the Lineup will have Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Mark Ellis playing every day and you will have to be at the ready.  Junkyard dogs always are.  Soon, another big bat may join you.  We will wait with baited breath.

P.S. Kevin Youkilis hit a 2-Run HR to lead the White Sox to a 2-0 win yesterday.  Moron.

Dodger News

  • Corey Seager went 3-5 in his second minor league game for Ogden.   He did make an error at SS.  Here we go….
  • Josh Fields was 3-5 (all singles) yesterday and is hitting .344.  His lack of “POP” is unexplained.
  • Jerry Sands went 2-4 and is up to .259.
  • John Ely pitched 6 innings and gave up 3 runs to get his 6th loss to go with 8 wins.  His ERA is 3.22.
  • Allen Webster went 6 innings and allowed 2 ER, lowering his ERA to 4.30 after a horrific start of the season, but Red Patterson got the win (his ERA is 2.28) for Chatt.
  • Nick Buss had 4 hits and Kyle Russell 2.
  • Bobby Coyle went 4-4 at Rancho.
  • Jesmuel Valentin went 0-4 for AZL and Jordon Hershiser pitched 1.1 scoreless innings, allowing no hits or walks and striking out two.
  • Ryan Dempster could be a Dodger before the next game after the break.

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34 Responses to “Never Underestimate the Power of Junkyard Dogism”

  1. Mike Dixon says:

    Junkyard dog shtick is getting old Mark….lay down the cheeseburger and think of something else….

    • Badger says:

      You got something better Mike, bring it. Otherwise, you just continue to sound like a bitter bitcher.

      On my way down to Phoenix in about an hour. Get there in time to give the wife a tour of the park, sit out in the lf bleachers for batting practice, grab a veggie burger…….. then dinner at PF Chang’s on the way home. Life is good in the Arizona.

      Sorry to hear you won’t be there Gonzo. Another time.

      It’s nice to think of these guys as overachieving junkyard dogs types, but honestly, the Los Angeles Dodgers should not be little dogs with big hearts, they should be big dogs with big bats. I look forward to looking out there and seeing our corner players hitting .300 on their way to 100 RBI’s. I want three or four Dodgers pushing 30 home runs, like some of the old Dodger teams. ‘emember them? It can be done, and I suspect it will be done. Might take some time, but heck, we have all waited nearly 25 years, we can wait another couple.

      Ely. An ERA of 3.22 is damn good where he is. Another shot? Use him in a trade? Sands and Ely might get some teams interest. Is Sands another Konerko? doubt it.

      Kyle Russell is still around?

      Dempster? Off the gurney and into a Dodger uni? Don’t we have enough broken parts lying around?

      Red Patterson? How old is that guy? 25? OK, give him his shot. Looks like he has the numbers to deserve it.

      Have to confess – A league stats don’t mean much to me. Every organization has a bunch of guys tearing up A ball. Get them to AA and see what they do against better pitching. That seems to be the league guys fall off the table.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    How about “kicked-out dogs” !!!! James McDonald was tossed out of the pen by Ned for basically nothing . . .

    OK, now at the break – let us compare Kershaw and former Dodger James McDonald of the Pirates in pitching.

    Both teams are in first place in their divisions . . .

    W-L Kershaw 6-5 – McDonald 9-3

    ERA, Ker- 2.91 – McD 2.37

    Games started, Ker 18 – McD 17

    Innings pitched, Ker 120.2 – McD 110

    Hits, Ker 96 – McD 76

    Runs, Ker 44 – McD 31

    ER, Ker 39 – McD 29

    HRs, Ker 11 – McD 7

    BBs, Ker 32 – McD 31

    Strike Outs, Ker 119 – McD 100

    Avg, Ker .221 – McD .196

    Whip, Ker 1.06 – McD 0.97

    Yes, Kershaw has been more in the limelight longer, has a Cy Young Award at home, and is considered one of the best pitchers in all of baseball.

    James has finally discovered what it is all about. His first half has helped the Pirates to lead the Central Division of the N.L.

    Also, right now, the Pirates have a better record than the Dodgers. Pitts is 47-37 .560; Dodgers 47-39 .547

  3. RogerCraig says:

    I have two things:

    1. Would anyone trade Kershaw for McDonald?
    2. If ignorance were bliss Mike Dixon would be the happiest guy in the world.

  4. Bobby says:

    Guarantee you all right now that whichever kid Ned trades for Ryan Dempster will wind up having a very nice career (like JMac), while we’re stuck with a old guy who won’t provide a lot of value.

    I”d stick with Eovaldi unless we can seriously upgrade the rotation (Dempster isn’t a serious upgrade, but Garza mayyyyy be)

    Question: Uribe is hitting .195, which means he’s getting 1 hit about every 5 at bats. Is it me, or does anyone else feel like he’s NOT getting 1 hit every 5 ab’s? seems like he’s ALWAYS getting out. Useless.

    This is why I don’t trust Ned making any trades to plug holes. He’ll find a Uribe, and trade a JMac.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Victorino is scratched from todays game, could the Dodgers be playing a play for Shane?

  6. Bill Russell says:

    The Giants are making it easy for the Dodgers to head into first place at the break, currently down 5-0 in the 4th. Lets go Pirates…………….

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Making a play for Shane……… Up above

  8. Bobby says:

    By the way, Dempster today: 5ip, 4hits, 4k. ERA down to 1.99

    Ignore what I said above, what do I know anyway!

    STILL, since he’s a FA to be, we shouldn’t give up toooo much, as he likely would only be a Dodger for 3-4 months.

  9. ken says:

    Nice to see that Looney has finnally shorten and sped up his leg timing kick, is stepping toward the pitcher better (about 1-2 inches less in the bucket), is keeping his hips going to the pitcher a little better, but he is still chocking with the pressure of hitting in front of Kennedy. Lower his expectations and just bat Looney 7th for the rest of the year.

    Nice to see that AJ Ellis is finally not lowering his hands quite so much during his Casey Blake timing hitch and is now hitting better.

    Why do these batting problems take a month or two to fix?

    You can ALWAYS count on Bills – To crash 90 minutes after the game starts. He has had this problem for years. What no solution yet?

    Ely – He should be brought to the Dodgers to be a true long reliever so that when a starter is getting bombed he will not have to take one for the team and the starters will be rested for the World Series. :)

    McDonald never had the balls to pitch for Torre or to pitch in front of his hometown. He needed 2-3 years of pitching away from LA to become who he is now. Some kids grow up slowly.

    For 2012 Dempster is better than Garza.

    Go Pirates!!!

  10. Joshua says:

    Hi All, Love reading this blog. and am new around here. Love the Dodgers ever since my uncle played with them in ’88 (B. Havens), despite being traded before the world series ;{

    Anyways, you guys seem to know B-ball strategy well. Tell me, besides that it goes against tradition, why is it that we don’t start games with a closer type of pitcher, have them pitch one excellent inning against the top of the opponents lineup, and then move to your traditional starter to pitch in the second inning?

    At first glance this seems logical, because it would essentially guarantee that for one inning their best batters will be opposed by someone that has the energy and oomph to terrorize the plate for one inning, the closer. Is there something wrong with this strategy?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Maybe the Dodgers should just plan on using Bills for 3-4 innings. Then pull him for Ely or Wright.

      Welcome aboard Joshua – no one here is quite in their right mind.

      Especially me.

  11. ken says:


    Wallach to be fired over the All-Star break because management just found out that the new hand signal that he was using for “Take” during the last 6 weeks was actually the universal hand signal for “Poodle Boy”.

    Now the Dodgers might get more aggressive after the break!

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    Caps is in danger of being kicked out of the Junkyard Dog Club!

  13. ken says:

    Time for Ned to grow some and DFA Uribe.

    When Kemp and Ethier come back Ned should DFA Uribe and send Sands back to AAA.

    C – AJ Ellis (Backup – Treanor)
    1B Platoon Loney and Rivera
    2B – Mark Ellis
    SS – Cruz
    3B – Hariston (4-5 days /wk)
    2B/SS/3B Backups – Kennedy and Herrera
    RF – Ethier
    CF – Kemp (Backup Gwynn)
    LF – Platoon Rivera/Abreu

    7/31/2012 Trade Hairston/Valentin/Tolleson to Padres for Headley
    7/31/2012 Bring up Ely for long relief

    Gordon/Sellers/De la Rosa/Guerrier and Lilly to hopefully return 9/1/2012.

    FIRST PLACE AT THE BREAK!!!!! Seems like two seasons already :)

  14. the truth hurts says:

    first place at the break…

    I believe in miracles

  15. Michael says:

    Limping into the break with our tails between our legs, ruff,ruff

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Can’t trade Valentin unless the rules have changed under the new CBA. Draft picks under the old CBA couldn’t be traded until a year after they were drafted.

    Kershaw vs. McDonald isn’t the question. There is no way to have predicted that McDonald would be this good (although we can’t assume that it will last long term), but giving him up for Dotel was pure stupid. And hopefully that kind of deal is behind the post-McCourt Dodgers.

    And Mark, you’re wrong. I thought Capuano was good a sign, and so probably did others. Just most of us didn’t think he was going to win 20 games (and that’s starting to look less likely).

    I’ve been very busy lately, and haven’t been watching very many Dodger games, nor have I been posting.

    As for Billingsley, I still think it might be a good idea to send him to the pen. Again, he looked good out there in 2007. I don’t know if five years later he can do it again, but it seems worth a try. Billingsley seems better suited to pitch in short stints. Maybe it’s concentration, maybe it’ something else, but whatever it is, he’s not a reliable starter at this time. And his contract may make him difficult to trade, unless the Dodgers are willing to eat a significant part of his contract. Or maybe he could be included in a deal for someone else’s even bigger contract.

    I’m not upset that the Dodgers didn’t get Youkilis. Maybe they’ve got something else on the fire. Also, just because he’s off to a fast start doesn’t mean that Youkilis is the next coming of Manny. He could keep it up, or he could hit a slump just as easy. Too early to come to any judgment.

    It may not seem that Uribe gets a hit once every five times up, but really, he doesn’t. Keep in mind that at one point this year his average was over .260, or even higher. To get below the Mendoza line at this point took a lot of o’fers.

  17. Badger says:

    Back from the game.

    Sat in row 6, right at the end of the Dodger dugout. For those of you who were looking for me, I was with the babe in the black shirt and pink hat.

    A few observations – Capuano is in great shape and is a terrific athlete. On a different club, he could maybe win 20. Bu not this club.

    Dee Gordon looks like a skinny 17 year old kid.

    Goldschmidt is a stud. So is Upton.

    Before the game, I looked up at the Dodger starting lineup and my first thought was – every name up there is a back-up player. The one exception might be Mark Ellis.

    After we noticed the gints were getting hammered, I said to my wife “the Dodgers will go into the All Star break in first place no matter what happens here today.” A few seconds later she says to me “this doesn’t really look like a first place team.” No sh*t. Brilliant woman my wife.

    How long can we continue with this smoke and mirrors baseball team? It could be different with Kemp back, or he may not see a strike until Ethier gets back and proves he can still hit.

    All in all, we enjoyed our anniversary gift to each other. The dbacks are an exciting club, and if the Dodger can’t pull it off, I have no problem rooting for the dbacks. But the Dodgers can sure put a fan to sleep.

  18. ken says:

    Good Bye “Marty” a true blue collar guy and a junk yard dog. God Bless Him and his family.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Sorry I could not respond to a couple of posts above; been gone all day.

    Hey, RogerCraig — you totally screwed up my post above. I never talked about swapping or trading Kershaw for McDonald. You need to read more carefully. I simply compared them — since McDonald was a Dodgers and we gave him away for basically nothing. Now he has had a great first half of the season. And almost every stat I listed was better than Clayton’s. That is all it said.

    And Mike Dixon — you got it even further off base. Remember: only Mark can call people dummy or idiot or stupid.

    But both you guys (RCraig & Mike D) — get some glasses or if you have them, clean ‘em.

    Just saw the Dodgers played like champs today — another trash job by Ned’s team. This is a terrible lineup, no matter how Donnie mixes it up each day.


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