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Just My Take…

  • Ted Lilly appears to be on track to return late this month or early August.
  • RDLR will be back in the bullpen in September.  The Dodgers will use him judiciously, but he will be back and he should be back.  It will be good for his 2013.  Let him pitch.
  • Kemp and Ethier should be back in the lineup before the end of the week.
  • I watched FedEx in the AAA All-Star Game, get an opposite field double, and drive in a run – he looked like professional hitter.  We know he has good defense, but he is the PCL All-Star Catcher and is hitting .301.  I can’t understand why so many Dodger Bloggers who were in love with AJ Ellis have so little respect for FedEx.  Silly, I think!  He’s 5 years younger than Ellis.
  • Forget Matt Garza – he’ll cost more than Dempster.  Dempster is a rent-a-player and he’s pretty good.
  • I predict the Dodgers will get a hitter no one has thought about.
  • It’s a new season.
  • The Dodgers will be 10+ games over .500 the rest of the way.
  • It’s amazing to me that Bloggers rate Seager and Puig in the Dodgers TOP 5 prospects.  Maybe they have seen them more than I have.  NOT!  That’s why I take all the player rankings with six beers.
  • I was on TV again yesterday.  If your are interested, you can see it here (this was for my daughter, although I didn’t say she was my daughter):



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20 Responses to “Just My Take…”

  1. Mike Dixon says:

    Next time warn us Mark before posting your mug…thanks buddy…

  2. El_Che says:

    Mark you should make a top prospect rankings.

  3. El_Che says:

    What would dempster cost realistically i read that it would cost zach lee.

  4. Badger says:

    I am fine with RDLR throwing a few innings out of the bullpen later on in the season. Limit his pitches and he should be fine. I would like to see him as a starter next year.

    Every year the new Dodger prospects go immediately to the top of the list. That list seems to change every month. And notice that there are no A prospects on that list. It might get better as the guys drafted this year prove themselves, but, it would appear the players who can play at the ML level are here, or have been here and sent back.

    Not that excited about having Lilly back. Hopefully he picks up where he left off, but who knows. Nobody else seemed to be able to keep it up. He was 5-1 when he left. Anyone think he will start 5-1 when he returns?

    The Dodgers will be 10 games over .500 the rest of the way? Only if they get a couple of new players in there. You know something we don’t? I don’t see it without some serious changes.

    Heard someone say today getting Kemp back probably won’t help that much because if he can hit like he was hitting when he left, no one is really going to pitch to him. Put him on and face Rivera/Abreu and Loney. Makes sense to me.

    If FedX can hit better than Treanor, bring him up and split the duty. AJ is going to continue to wear down as the heat gets worse.

    It’s a new season all right. For every team in the league. Amazing how many are still in this thing.

  5. ken says:

    Not much in the Dodgers system. They should rearrange the middle management team responsibilites so that whomever recommends that a player be drafted will also be responsible for that player’s development. Then we can end the discussion of whether the draft has been bad or whether the player development is bad. Maybe they are both bad. Just stop selecting pitchers #1 every year, select some position players #1 and development them. The cupboard is bare.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    “….Seager and Puig in the Dodgers TOP 5 prospects….”

    Maybe that is because the Dodgers do not have that many truly great prospects – period. So nice players trying to develop, but the two new guys go toward the top because the minor league roster is weak to begin with.

    +10 over .500. Since June 11, about a month ago, the Dodgers are the opposite, 8 – 18 or -minus 10 games . . .

    Not sure that just Kemp will make that much difference. Other teams will not let him beat them every game.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, you even looked intellegent on TV. You should have started breaking down what the Dodgers need to do or screamed out BA BA Booey….. Great Job…………..

  8. Badger says:

    Yeah, good work. Free local promotion.

    “Not much in the Dodgers system.” – ken.

    Nope. And that which was/is there, Herrera, Cruz, Gordon, Van Slyke, Eovaldi, Lindblom, Sands, Ely, Oeltjen, DeJesus, Castellanos is either needed here, or has already been exposed as not ready for prime time. Chatanooga is pretty thin too. I believe not many (1?) there on the 40 man.

    Who you gonna trade in a deal for a legit stick or front end starter?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see how pitching a few innings at the end of the year will be good for RDLR’s 2013. The kid doesn’t need a confidence builder going into next year, other than pitching pain free in instructional league all the way through spring training next year. If he’s healthy next year, the velocity and movement are back, and he still has the feel for his changeup and other pitches, he will be fine. And let’s not forget that RDLR for all his talent, was still far from a complete pitcher when he go hurt. So maturity will also play a role.

    Finally, what if he comes back and gets bombed? What will that do for his confidence?

    Let the kid continue his throwing and rehab over the winter, get in some unstressful innings in the instructional league, and maybe even in the AFL. Throw in spring training, and he should be ready to go when the season starts. This kid is too valuable to be rushing. This is a case where the risk is far greater than the reward.

    And yes, I believe that the Dodgers will pick up reinforcements between now and the non-waiver trade deadline. And it could be a player or players that we’re currently not thinking of. If Lilly picks it back up when he returns, that would be nice. I’m just not counting on it. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets back, pitches some, and then re-injures himself. What is he, 35? Fact is, I’m not counting on him for this year or next.

  10. ken says:

    Draft History – Current Dodgers

    2000 – None
    2001 – None
    2002 – Loney
    2003 – Bills, Kemp, Ellis
    2004 – Elbert, Guerra
    2005 – SVS (To AAA Fri)
    2006 – Kershaw
    2007 – None
    2008 – Lindblum, Gordon, Eovaldi
    2009 – None

    10 players in 10 years, 4 position players and 6 pitchers. That really sucks. The Dodgers must build from within, develop their draft picks properly and keep them for more than 3-4 years.

    Is management still complaining about Loney and his lack of power partially caused by twiking his swing the wrong way?

    So what first baseman have they drafted since they signed Loney?
    2003 – 16th, 34th, 37, 40th – None signed
    2004 – 3rd – Cory Dunlap; 6th Dan “No” Batz; 28th, 29th & 50th did not sign
    2005 – 35th Rick Taloa; 40th Jason Mooneyham
    2006 – 4th – Kyle Orr; 7th Jamie Ortiz; 10th and 49th Did not sign
    2007 – 17th Franklin Jacobs; 29th and 34th did not sign
    2008 – 9th Caseres; 15th Goulder; 38th Did not Sign
    2009 – 11th Did not sign
    2010 – 8th Dean; 35th Brett; 47th did Not sign
    2011 – 12th Dickson
    2012 – 4th Chigbogu; 24th Hoenecke; 37th Sgromolo

    How many of these potential Loney replacements have you ever heard of and how many were ever potential MLB players.

    So if the Dodger management does not like Loney then they should let him go back to his old swing or draft some players who actually are candidates to replace him.

  11. Badger says:

    Good point about RDLR’s confidence Anon. I would think if he can get a few guys out it will do wonders for it. Help him to work that much harder in the off season.

    “Today the surgery only takes about an hour and full recovery takes about 10 – 12 months. One misconception that people have about Tommy John surgery is that after the surgery the pitcher will throw harder (faster) then they did before the surgery. There may be an increase in speed but it is not because of the surgery. The increases that may occur in performance is usually because of the pitcher’s increased attention to conditioning.”

    The surgery was done last August. He should be able to throw competitively by August of this year. If he can’t, then I have no problem with just allowing him to wait. I’ll bet he is anxious to get back out there.

  12. ken says:

    Top 20 Prospects as of the beginnning of the year

    High Achievers – 7
    3. Pederson .294 ETA 2015
    4. Reed 1.20 ETA 2013
    7. Martin 3.14 ETA 2013
    12. Casty .359 ETA 2013
    13. FedEx .301 ETA 2012
    17. SVS .326 ETA 2012
    20. Sullvan 2.57 ETA 2013

    Under Achievers – 13
    1. Lee 5.14 ETA 2014
    2. Webster 4.30 ETA 2013
    5. Sanchez 5.55 ETA 2013
    6. Withrow 5.40 ETA 2013
    8. Tolleson 4.82 ETA 2012
    9. Baldwin .207 ETA 2015
    10. Gould 4.61 ETA 2014
    11 Rodriquez 8.53 ETA 2014
    14. Silverio TJ and concussions ETA 2015
    15. Santana .282 ETA 2016
    16. Wall 5.68 ETA 2013
    18. Erickson .213 ETA 2013
    19 Smith .286 ETA 2013

    One thing is for sure, do not believe the Estiamted Time of Arrival when the Dodgers are spinning the quality of their draft picks.

    If the Dodgers wanted one of your players which Dodger minor leqgue players would you want?

    I would demand Reed over Lee everyday of the week.

    I would demand Pederson, Reed, Martin, Casty and Bills for Hamels and Victorino.

  13. Gonzo says:

    I think that trotting RDLR to face MLB hitters would be a good idea just so both the team and he can assess where he’s at and what he needs to work on.

    I know that if he gets bombarded his confidence may suffer, but what if he gets guys out? What will that do for him?

    • Badger says:

      I read a report that said he was throwing off flat ground in February and feels “more power” now than he ever has. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him face some hitters later. If he is ready, a few innings won’t hurt. He’s throwing anyway, why not against real batters if he is ready?

      Having said that, I hope that they don’t do it out of a feeling of necessity. We have other relievers that can get a few outs, we don’t need to rush a guy who could be in the rotation next year if handled properly.

  14. The Bunny Rabbit inside Broxton's Soul says:

    Ronald Belisario missed Dodgers workout and is detained by Immigration in Miami after spending break in Venezuela. See


  15. Joe says:

    Seems to me the only thing the Dodgers have been producing anymore are relievers for the most part. Linblom, Elbert, Bellisaro, Guerra, Jensen on the big club now. Plus in the minors – Tolleson, Ames, Reed, Bawcom, Eadington seem to dominate, just based on stats.


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