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It is better to be lucky than good…

Sometimes, you just need to get lucky and that is exactly what the Dodgers did last night.

On-the-job-training is tough.  We went through it with Matt Kemp.  We  we’re tantalized in the beginning by Andre Ethier and watched his softness and moodiness and then watched him mature.  We have seen it with Clayton and many others.  We are now seeing it with Dee Gordon.  I have changed my position and now think Dee should stay at SS with the Dodgers and not sent down.  The man has character and spine.  That goes a long way with me.

I learned a lot about young Mr. Gordon last night.  After committing two errors and probably wanting to crawl into a hole, he came back with 2 hits and 3 Stolen Bases.  Tony Jackson of ESPN/LA reported that Dee said this:

“Honestly, the whole year has been tough,” Gordon said in describing the way he felt after the second throwing error. “It’s just like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to be better. Go get it back.’”  ”Dee bounced back awesome,” Kershaw said. “He knows everybody has his back on this team. Just the way he came back out and got a couple of hits, stole some bases and got us going offensively. That’s what you do. You make some mistakes and just put your head down and keep playing, and that’s what he did.

“I can relate to that now. It doesn’t feel good … for me, personally, walking guys, giving up hits or runs. We all know how hard this game is. We can’t lose sight of that, and Dee showed a lot of character tonight coming back.”

Across the clubhouse Gordon was standing in front of his locker and watching the way Kershaw handled himself.

“I really want to have his back,” Gordon said of Kershaw. “He handles stuff well. He’s a great guy. That’s why he deserves everything he gets.”

Terry Collins toiled so long for the Dodgers, it’s sad to see him somewhere else … and doing a great job I might add.

We will rue the day Carlos Lee rejected going the to the Dodgers. He’s so fat that with Uribe at 3B and Lee at 1B the dodgers would only need one more infielder.  That way we could play with four outfielders.  Lee is soooooo massive!  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  The Dodgers were right to withdraw their trade offer.

How different would the  Dodgers look with Adrian Beltre at 3B?  Silly DePodesta.  Everyone predicted he would be the next great GM.  Dumb!  Hard to believe owners aren’t lining up to sign him.  He is what he is – Assistant GM, Stat-Geek.

This time last year, Clayton Kershaw had a 3.23 ERA.  Now he has a 2.65 ERA and people are complaining?

Wisely, Andre Ethier rejected Matt Kemp’s invite to participate in the HR Derby.  Obliques are a lot different than hammys…   Smart!  I believe they will put him on the DL retroactive to last week and let him return after the break with Kemp.

As bad as the Dodgers have been the past two week, they may be just as good as they have been bad after the break.  Getting Ellis, Kemp and Ethier  back doesn’t just mean the Dodgers with have more firepower – it will also make the “role players”around them better.  The rest of the team will benefit by their mere presence and get better pitches to hit.  Physically, the team will benefit, but the mental boost it will give the team to see them back will be tangible.  Don’t forget that Javy Guerra will be back then too.  Blake Hawksworth however, has been shut down with a sore wing.  Mark Ellis was 1-3 last night – his comeback has been nothing short of amazing!

The Phillies want 4 or 5 prospects for Cole Hamels and he is allegedly on the market.    I would say that Lee, Webster, Gould, Tolleson and Sanchez would be a lot!

Here’s a thought for LF – Minnesota’s Josh Willingham!

Jared Massey’s July 1, 2012 Minor League Report




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18 Responses to “It is better to be lucky than good…”

  1. Badger says:

    From an article posted about 30 times:

    “The free agent third baseman Thursday agreed to a five-year contract with the Seattle Mariners for $64 million, joining new slugging teammate Richie Sexson and rejecting an offer from the Dodgers for $70 million over six years with a seventh-year option.

    “We’re disappointed. It hurts,” said DePodesta. “Obviously, we would have loved to have him back. We feel like we stepped up with a very competitive offer and tried to make it compelling with a sixth guaranteed year. Adrian decided to go elsewhere.”


    Having said that, you were right about DePodesta being an assistant. Dumb move by a dumb owner.

    I haven’t heard anyone complaining about Kershaw. Some have wondered if his foot is all right. Looks like it is.

    I agree that everyone should play better, and more relaxed, after we get our starters back. There is no one on this team that can step up and carry the team. That is up to Kemp. Everyone else is Tonto.

    Regarding Hamels and 5 prospects… you’re right…. we got ‘em. The trade season is going to be nuts this year. So many extra buyers. Who wants it more?

    Desmond Jennings? Rumor at MSTI started by an alleged fake twit blog.

    We are not out of this thing. But I think it’s important to understand that the plethora of .250 hitters on this team are not likely to start hitting over .300 again. It is going to have to be done with everyone clawing and biting and making ZERO mistakes. It would also be nice to know Harang, Capuano, Bills and whoever can put together a string of quality starts. Obviously this team still needs good pitching to get anywhere.

    Agree about CLee. ef him. Let him stay on his ranch in Texas and play for second tier AL team. It’s where he should end his career.

    • hoagiebum says:

      I will never fully understand why Beltre opted to go to the mariners instead of accepting the Dodgers offer. I remember there were some bad feelings about him possibly not being made to feel welcome. I see Scott Boras as having a very heavy hand in it though.

  2. gionfriddo says:

    IF we give up 4 or 5 prospects in a deal like that for Hamels and deplete our young arms in the system we HAVE to get back not only Hamels but Victorino as well..

  3. gionfriddo says:

    On another positive note in our system, Joc Pederson went deep 3 times yesterday in high A… this kid is a legitimate everyday OF prospect for us.. just turned 20 and is doing very well in high A (6 HR, 8 sb’s, .286) for someone 2 years removed from HS…

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Did I just hear that Joe Hardy is using the name of Pederson now!!!

    Sometime, to break out of a slump, a team slump — you have a win like last night. The crowd really got into that game as well.

    Interesting that almost every hitter of the Dodgers over the past week or two — just could not get: 1) a good pitch to hit, 2) feel comfortable hitting, 3) had any lucky hits, 4) forgot how to hit.

    Loney’s double last night helped the team turn the tide.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    I have been told by people in the know within the Dodgers organization was that it was a very sterile, unemotional negotiation with Beltre, sort of like sending a girl a formal invitation to marry you verses getting down on your knee and asking. I think Beltre felt like a stat, not a wanted player. It was only a few million off. Depo could have absolutely signed him.

    Adrian Beltre will be in the Hall-of-Fame.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    I agree with Mark.

    Maybe, just maybe Beltre will come back to the Dodgers in his old age — like 36 or 38 to put up a year or so as a pinch hitter, vet off the bench, and oh — the N.L. will have the DH by then — and he can be the DH.

    I prefer the N.L. with no DH —- but the younger generation and sports fans love action and the long ball. NOT watching some pitcher who cannot hit a lick – bat or try to bat — and some of them just cannot bunt (kind of like Gordon cannot bunt).

  7. Badger says:

    Well, gee whiz. Beltre didn’t get stroked softly and spoon fed by a guy offering him $70 million dollars. A guy from an organization that paid him EXTREMELY well for several years BEFORE he actually had his one good year for the team. Tough sh*t Adrian. He goes to Seattle and puts up numbers that wouldn’t get anyone into the HOF and then ends up bouncing around the league. Texas is a good spot for him because in that park, in that lineup, he can actually hide a bit and have decent years. I don’t want a guy like Adrian Beltre on my team. He is one of those service to self people that I find annoying. He is going to need another 6 years of max production to have any shot at the HOF. Let him stay in Texas.

    I want guys who appreciate the opportunity to play for a class organization (ok, so it wasn’t really a class organization when McBa‘al Zebûb was running it – it is now) and will give it their all EVERY year, not just in the contract year.

    I like traditional ball Roger. The pitchers should spend more time working at their craft – and that includes hitting. Starters are going to get about 70 PA’s a year. Why not work at the skill? With those 70, you should be able to hit .200 with them. Most of those guys are 6’3″ 220 or better – if you are that big you should be able to square one up now and then and put a run on the board for yourself. Put some time into it. Geez, you are paid millions to be a baseball player – play baseball!

  8. ken says:

    Kershaw does NOT follow through toward the mound in the same manner that he did during the 2nd half of the 2011 season probably becasue of his left foor injury, and presumably resulting in his pitches being higher, his control being worse, his HR rate. Yes he is battling through his injury very well.

    New song to be played when Gordon comes to bat..

  9. ken says:

    Here is hoping the Dodgers are lucky because they sure are not good!

    The second best hitter during the last 7 days and the last 30 days is KENNEDY! He will be around for a while.

    Last 7 days

    Tolleson 20.75 Send him to AA
    Eovaldi 11.32 Needs another pitch
    Harang 6.35 So he fixed his mechanics?

    Last 30 days
    Guerra 27.00 DL
    Tolleson 7.71 Him again
    Eovald 5.03


    30 Days
    Only Rivera and Kennedy hitting above .250

    Last 7 days

    Abreu .000 15 AB Not hitting since the HR
    Uribe .000 13 AB – Never hit
    Treanor .000 3 AB
    IDJ .000 1 AB
    Looney .071 – Go back to your old 2007 swing. The batting practice swing does not work
    SVS .111 Needs 2-3 more years in AAA
    Herrera .120 8-9 inning defensive replacement
    Ethier .167 go to DL
    Hairston .200

  10. Gionfriddo says:

    BELTRE— sterile negotiation?? I’ll buy that.. THAT happens when Scott Boras is involved.. Boras had Beltre turn down 60 mill from LA for 66 mill from Seattle ..

  11. Bobbie17 says:

    How about trying the 3A third basemen? That is what he is there for. Same with the
    Hamels situation. You have youth for a reason–to play them. Trade them when everything else is in place. Nothing is in place with this team.

  12. DRomo says:

    Heres the question.

    Trade 4 or 5 prospects for Hamels this year? No guarantee we win it all. Plus unless Hamels can score runs it aint gonna help.


    Keep the prospects. Sign Hamels in the offseason. Sign a legit 3B or 1B & trade a few of the prospects for any other needs.

    I hate to blow the farm for 2 months of Cole Hamels. I might like him if he was a Dodger but as of today I think the guy is a primadonna. Self centered D-Bag.

    • Badger says:

      I would think that whoever trades for Hamels, will do everything they can to get him signed long term. If it’s me, I don’t trade for him unless I know damn sure he will stay long term. The exception to that would be the team that is one great starter from the World Series. And how can you be sure of that in July?

      We have as good a shot at Hamels as anyone I would think. Do we want him more than we want a bat? With a limited stock, they appear to me to be mutually exclusive. We could get Hamels, and maybe still sign a big bat in the off season. The problem with that is, the best players on that list of FA for next year have club options that I am fairly certain will be exercised.

      As MSTI mentioned, this is officially the Silly Season. And with the extra WC team this year, this deadline could be crazier than any before it.

  13. Kevin says:

    I don’t get this facination with Hamels. He’s gonna cost an arm and a leg and we already have a left handed ace better than he is. What we need is a solid righty to stick between Kershaw and Cappy.

  14. jerry says:

    bill is a lose before we even play..he is useless..


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