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I see you!

I love the sound of fine broom bristles sweeping the San Francisco Giants on a Sunday afternoon.

What a statement series!  We manned up, we rolled up our sleeves, ripped off the training wheels and swept the Giants in the Bay! 

This team has found an identity and it’s in the form of what I will call, “HanMan Glasses”.

HanMan Glasses

I don’t care how weird it looks or how childish it is but since Hanley arrived, the team has embraced the “HanMan Glasses” and it seems to have added a little humor and excitement in the dog’s dugout.  Simply reach base, take your thumb and index finger, make a circle and put them up against your eyes, look in the dugout and yell……….”I SEE YOU!!!”

“I See You”- I got your back, now you get mine, this is OUR team, lets do this!  I love it!

Someone would be smart to market “HanMan Glasses” and start selling them at Dodger Stadium….just sayin……

From now on, any Dominican player with the last name Ramirez that is available at the trade deadline…sign him, get him, I don’t care…..just make it happen.

As seen in the sweep, the team came together to reclaim the top spot in the west.  As I watched this series, it became more evident that we are simply a better team than the Giants.  Maybe because Sandoval was out, but their line-up other than Melky and Posey is just not that intimidating.  Is that the pot calling the kettle black?

To the pitching staff, hats off to the following:

  • Fife-Stellar
  • Bills-Stellar
  • Kershaw-As Mark predicted, Kershawshank Redemption at its finest!!!
  • Kershaw again

If these guys stay on this pace, watch out!

Eric Karros so “kindly” pointed out over 500 times Saturday that we have a much more difficult schedule than the Giants the rest of the way.  I don’t think there is really an “easy” schedule in MLB.

This game of baseball is all about highs and lows, so let me get off my high horse before we come crashing back down to earth.

The amount of anticipation surrounding the next big move is overwhelming. What team will we see come Wednesday?



  • We have all been here with Bills, is another heartbreak coming?
  • Cruz, how can you not love this kid right now?
  • Morneau and Victorino- All for it!  Victorino is the guy you hate on any other team.  Would love to see his scrappy self play for us.
  • Dempster wants to be a Dodger, come on Ned!!!!
  • Harang got the short end of the stick in his last start in St. Louis, throwing a 2-hitter and getting a no decision.  Mattingly let him pitch into the 7th inning which was a bad call and led to the loss- he was gassed and I think everyone except for Don saw it.   Remember, it was over 100 degrees.
  • “We understand, this is our year”-Clayton Kershaw post-game
  • Loney hitting .345 in last 10 games
  • Our biggest test might be right in front of us with Arizona, they are like snakes just lying in the grass….wait a minute….
    • Cahill goes Monday for the Dbacks, 2-0 w/ 1.96 ERA in 18 innings against the blue
    • Keep Young in check, .353 against Harang

Harang, also known as, “youuu rangggg???”

We see you!

16 Responses to “I see you!”

  1. Joe says:

    Vintage Kershaw today, back in 1st – way to get the swagger back. I rag on Ned a lot for his stupid moves but the Hanley Ramirez one I like and getting to enjoy. Finally a hitter that can lengthin out the lineup and a left hand relief pitcher to boot. As much as I liked Eovaldie it may turn out to be a steal to get someone as talented as Hanley basically straight up for a young fireballer. Hopefully it will take the pressure off Loney as he can now bat 6th or 7th in the order. If he can be like he was the last half of last year we have a excellent middle of the lineup going right-left-right-left.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    I see that Jerry Sands hit 2 Grand Slams last night and it was in Nashville, not Albuquerque! He went 2-3 in game 1 of a double-header and was 2-4 with 2 HR and 8 RBI in Game 2. He is now hitting .274 with 18 HR and 72 RBI. I have never been a big Sands fan, but maybe he\’s starting to turn it on?

    Ted Lilly pitched two innings and allowed 1 hit while RDLR pitched 3 innings and allowed 2 Hits with 3 K\’s. RDLR got the win.

    Expect to see both at a Ravine near you soon!

  3. Badger says:

    Looks like a team doesn’t it.

    I just read the midgets are interested in both Victorino AND Pence. Who would you rather they didn’t get? Of course, I want them both, but Victorino may be a better fit for us. He can hit lead-off. He is 31 but still stealing bases, has a 1.3 WAR (1.5 oWAR) and… he can play CF and give Matt Kemp’s legs a rest.

    Having said that…. Hunter Pence is two years younger and has a lot more power. He is a little off this year, but could get it back.

    For this team….. I’ll take Victorino.

  4. Corey says:

    From the standpoint of who would you rather see in the field and in the lineup, I would have to go with Pence. But given how much more it’s going to cost to get him, I think Victorino is the choice. I think he can be had for a lot less than Pence, and there’s not a huge difference there, in my opinion.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Victorino gives you steals, speed, defense and he’s been through the playoffs. Pence gives you more homeruns and another year on a bad contract. Will Pence hit those homeruns at Dodger Stadium? I take Victorino after weighing my options. I wish Ned would just go out and get Dempster. He is pitching pretty damn good and would be a solid #2. Give me Victorino and Dempster and I like our chances.

    • Badger says:

      “Give me Victorino and Dempster and I like our chances.”

      Me too.

      I think the fans are in basic agreement about this.

      As you know, I want it all and more. If you can’t bring me Utley, Wright/Longoria, Josh Johnson and Crawford, (and Juan Uribe for Josh Reddick ain’t likely) then I’ll settle for Victorino and Dempster.

      Any time Jed………….

  6. Bill Russell says:

    I just heard this morning that Crawford needs a Tommy John Surgery so he can stay in Boston. I know Gonzo mentioned something about this a few days ago. Boston is also shopping Beckett. This should be a fun time of the year for us Dodger fans now that the owner has money to spend. Watch Philly try to dump Cliff Lee and his 30M per year back loaded contract on the Dodgers. Something is going to happen that we least expect. I honestly never thought we were going to get Hanley. I would like the Hanley deal much better if he would have left his I see you glasses in Miami. I noticed that Ethier doesn’t play the I see you game. I guess it’s all in fun.

  7. ken says:

    ‘I see Mary and Hank and William and Virginia and Hannah and all of you boys and girls out there!’” Just a reminder that Miss Nancy was very nearsighted. Lets don’t be.

    Next the Dodgers will celebrate a victory by dancing around the “Mulberry Bush”. Just don’t all fall down in September! :)

    I give Ned a big “Do Bee”! for his trade to obtain Hanley

    Speaking of falling down!
    7 day scrubs
    Gwynn .125
    Treanot .143
    Abreu .167

    Capuano 12.46
    Belisario 7.36
    Wright 6.75

    30 Day Scrubs – Fortunately none are starters
    Belisario 6.28 – No movement on the fast ball :(

    Treanor .120
    Uribe .143
    Gwynn .157

    Pence projected at $14.1 mil for 2013 – Pass

    Phillies – Please trade Victorino to the Dodgers. Polanco would be nice too!
    Cubs – Please trade Dempster to the Dodgers. Soriano would be interesting!

  8. Bill Russell says:

    I wonder if Ned can package Soto with Dempster to give us a slightly better catcher in the fold. I know he hits like Russell Martin but what does anyone else think about Soto and Ellis spliting time?

  9. DRomo says:

    I don’t see how we pull off a Dempster move with out being stuck with Soriano. Which isn’t the end of the world, he is having a great year. He too can leadoff although I don’t know if we want hm for the length of that deal? 2 more years? That is the rub. Crazy how absorbing the contract even doesn’t seem to be an issue, for now?

    So where do we get the other arm if not Dempster? That is the question.

    Justin Morneu is interesting. Adding him and batting him 5th or even 6th? Holy crap that would be one helluva line up for opposing pitchers to go through. Say the Dempster/Soriano deal happens it might be:

    M Ellis

    Rotation of :

    Rivera off the bench?

    I’d take that for now…

  10. Bill Russell says:

    If the Dodgers got Soriano and Morneau along with Dempster? Who would be the players coming off the active roster? I can see Gwynn going on the DL but who are the others? Fife and Uribe? Or would the Dodgers try to include Uribe in the Chicago deal if we had to take on Sorinao?

  11. Bill Russell says:

    What’s more important, placement defense in the OF and 1st Base or hitters off the bench. If Gwynn stays, then it would become Loney, Rivera or Abreu being pushed out. This could get interesting. Uribe and Fife is a given but who else?

  12. DRomo says:

    I agree BRuss. It wil be interesting who comes off the active roster. Kennedy can be DFA after he comes off the DL. Uribe is owed too much money to release so that might be tough. Maybe Loney is included in a trade? Would Minnesota take him and prospects for Morneau? Is Abreu expendable? Who knows?

    Damn this is an exciting deadline!

  13. Badger says:

    I would not be upset about losing Rivera, Abreu and Uribe. I think Gwynn has some value, though not that much. Abreu has fallen off the charts in the second half. Rivera might be of interest to somebody out there, but wouldn’t net much in return. Just lose Uribe.

    Fife is a good option down the stretch, or at this point could be included in the deal for someone else.

    Like I said, I would accept Soriano, but I sure don’t want to be bullied into taking him. Not if Victorino is actually available to us. And after this is all done, if the deal for a LFer doesn’t fall into place, bring Sands up again. He’s earned it. If we do get a LFer, what is the need to keep Sands around anyway? Use him to get Pence or Victorino. Philly loves taking our rejects and making stars out of them.

  14. The Redhead says:

    And like you said, “this game of baseball is all about highs and lows”. What this team really needs is Dempster. Someone needs to send him a memo

  15. Bill Russell says:

    I understand the delemma with the large amount of money left on Uribes contract but the fact of the matter is, Who do you want pinch hitting for you? Abreu or Uribe? Even if it’s a left handed pitcher, I still take Bobby. I know he’s dropped off over the last few weeks but I bet he was getting tired. CBS just reported that momentum is picking up in the Dempster talks. Come on Ned, do us proud………………….


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