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Flash: Dodger Hitters Waiting For HanRam To Save Them

After Hanley Ramirez scored one run and drove in the other in a 3-2 loss, it became apparent that the Dodger hitters were done hitting and simply waiting for Hanley to do it all.

I’m not sure that will work, but that appears to be their mindset.

James Loney is the worst.

How about the Dodgers trade Zach Lee and James Loney (and pay his salary) for Chase Headley?

Then move HanRam to 1B.

The Dodger hitters are simply choke artists and someone needs to put a boot in their _______.

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29 Responses to “Flash: Dodger Hitters Waiting For HanRam To Save Them”

  1. DodgerDude says:

    The Dodgers hitters suck – BIG TIME!

    Bring up Castellanos to play 3B and move Hanley to 1B.

  2. Reggie says:

    I hope the Dodgers say NO to James Shields.

  3. Badger says:

    It’s a good idea Mark, but S.D. would never do it. I doubt they want Loney, even if it’s for free. I think most believe Loney will be DFA’d at season’s end, if not sooner. He is playing his way right out of any top tier organization. Shame too. The guy has some natural talent.

    As for the Dodgers waiting on HanRam, they were pretty bad long before there was even a hint he was coming. This schneid was predictable and in fact predicted. The Dodgers are playing with several “replacement” players at key positions. Anyone there with a 0.2 (or worse) WAR is basically nothing more than a back-up player. We got a bunch of those. When you think about it, how many players have we tried this year? And we are still sticking Gwynn, Abreu and Rivera in there. Even Ethier becomes a back-up player when he faces a LH pitcher. He has a .640 OPS against LHer’s and .950 against RHers.

    This team needs some work. In the mean time, we will have games like last night – hold the World Champions to 3 runs in 12 innings and lose.

  4. Casey says:

    Having a poor manager like Mattingly (who the Yankees didn’t want despite being a life-long Yankee and lobbying by Joe Torrie), who didn’t toil as a manager in the minors, he isn’t able to play small ball – moving runners over, hit and run (in appropriate settings), or even as Lasorda often did, actually teach fundamentals to players and make them accountable. His mediocre skills wouldn’t be apparent if you had a team with hitters, but with this anemic offense, his only tangible skills are wanting to be liked by his players, not win close games dependent on strategy. He is a checker player trying to play chess. Pathetic.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Memo to the Front Office:

    Getting more pitching is good, nice, and important.

    But of crisis mode is hitting. Hitters. Guys who can hit the ball fair. That should not be too hard to understand. Get some hitters.

  6. Bball says:

    U said it yourself Casey anemic offense. How is that mattingleys fault. I question some moves he makes but he’s not pathetic. The players respect and like him. When u have talent u win. When u don’t u lose. Plain and simple. Overall he’s a winner with mediocre talent. Pretty good if u ask me

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I see Xavier Paul is with the Reds. And got a hit. The Dodgers could have used that hit last night.

  8. Bball says:

    Agree roger. Im confidant another bat and pitcher are coming. I hope

  9. Gonzo says:

    Mark like I said yesterday, IF Hanley sticks around for 5-6 years I can see him moving to 1B when Seager is ready. Or here is an idea, move him to the OF. Braun, Holliday and a few others started at 3B and moved to the OF. Hanley will eventually end up a DH in the final part of his career.

  10. DRomo says:

    Seager? Already talking about him? He is a high school kid and is likely (at least) 3yrs away? Lets see what happens.

    I think Hanley is a 3B. Maybe not a gold glover but a 3B. Lets move on. I think we are gonna love him there for the forseeable future.

  11. Badger says:

    I agree with Bball about Mattingly. It ain’t his fault his guys don’t hit. It might be at least partially his fault they, as a group (AJ not included) still take fastballs down the middle and swing at breaking balls in the dirt. Kemp is doing that again, as is Loney. Seems to me all the rest of them do the same damn thing.

    I heard that Hanley doesn’t really want to play 3B. He still believes he is a SS. So, if it’s me, and it ain’t, I would let him play short and find the real 3B this team needs somewhere else. In the mean time, you got Hairston and Cruz that can play there.

    Yes, we all agree this team needs bats. They just aren’t really available yet. Headley looks like he is, but the Pads will want a whole lot more from us than they will from anybody else. I wonder what is being said in Gnu Yourk when teams call to ask about Wright. Same thing with Longoria – a Downey USC guy. The Rays are not going to catch the Yankees, but I am sure they still have WC visions.

  12. Win for Vin says:

    I like Mattingly as a guy…personable, players like him…it just seems like the other managers have a better feel for what’s going on around them. Even Matheny, who I don’t think managed in the minors..hell, he just retired. I don’t know…it’s probably not his fault, but a change is due…and Dave Hansen has to go. Just hit the damn ball if it’s down the plate..even with no strikes. Magic should know this…he got rid of Paul Westhead for Pat Riley!

  13. Gonzo says:

    Yes I’m talking about seager. When I said “IF Hanley sticks around 5-6 years and Seagler is ready move Hanley over” I assumed people would know it’d be a while.

    • ken says:

      I have learned over the last few years that a lot of people in here do not understnad what the word “IF” means.

  14. Casey says:

    The sign of a great manager is one who can coax wins out of mediocre/marginal players, like Lasorda did in ’88 when he had one super star and one great pitcher (sounds familiar?) and a bunch if fill-in guys who couldn’t have made the roster of any contenders (sound familiar?). Great teams have great managers (La Rusa, Bobby Cox). Again, with his entire history with the Yankees and having Joe Torrie lobbying for him, why did they pass on him? What did they know that the Dodgers didn’t?

    • Kevin says:

      Another bad comment by Casey. Everything you just described there is what Donnie is doing….”coaxing wins out of mediocre/marginal players” It’s amazing we are in shouting distance with this team.

      • Casey says:

        When do you ever see the Mattingly Dodgers move runners along via sacrifice or hitting to the opposite side? Even Vin Scully remarks on how unbelievable it is the Dodgers can’t execute a run-down play or deliver a bunt. Lasorda would be drilling his players on those fundamental routines before and after games. Do you think a Lasorda team would be throwing a fast ball down the pike on an 0-2 count? Again, Vinnie, who never second guesses managers, has commented, with exasperation, on how many times Dodger pitchers do just that. Perhaps you should stop listening to Dodger apologists like Steve Lyons and watch the execution of quality teams/managers. I still believe this team can win despite it’s mediocre manager, but they could be winning close games with basic strategies and I worry that if they do make it to the play-offs, he will likely be out-managed by the likes of Washington, Leyland, or Mike Scioscia.

        • Glass Is Half Full says:

          I kind of like Steve Lyons…like that he doesn’t take himself serious like alot of ex-players do who become announcers…I definately don’t see him as an apologist..

          I think he Angel announcers are the “homers”

  15. Win for Vin says:

    Agree with Casey…Vin Scully sees it too. Donnie is outsmarted in X’s and O’s. He was a first baseman…he doesn’t see the field like a catcher or shortstop (and I know Lasorda was a pitcher…but he managed in the minors forever). Donnie is a good counselor…I like him…but I don’t see the Dodgers winning with him…even friggin Bochy (a former catcher) and his lousy bunch are better. Also good to see someone else thinks Steve Lyons is a joke…god I can’t stand him.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hanley is a huge improvement, and should be a big part of jump starting the offense. But he can’t do it alone. I didn’t watch today’s game, but it appears as if Kemp is has taken to fishing for breaking balls away. He’s done it before (as have plenty of other hitters), and I’m sure he will find his way out of his current funk. And Ethier, even when hitting, isn’t really driving the ball. And Kemp, Ethier and Ramirez, even if hitting, aren’t going to completely resolve the problem that comes when you start the likes of Loney, Abreu, Rivera. This is still an incomplete offense, and more is definitely needed. And I’m guessing some of it will be coming between now and July 31st.

    I’m the only one mentioning him, but I wonder if Daniel Murphy of the Mets is available. I believe the Dodgers tried to acquire him last winter, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s a better hitter than Headley. And since the Mets and Dodgers aren’t Western division rivals, he’d likely come cheaper, although not cheap. He can play first, third or second base.

  17. ken says:

    Most accurate headline I have ever seen in my life.

    Padres need lots of pitching and do not need a 1B. 2 pitchers for Headley, the Padres have a highly rated 3B in the minors that should be ready in 1-2 years. What kind of an organization would draft position players like that :)

    Loney needs to hit 7th and be fined $1,000 every time he hits a pop up or ground ball in the infield. $10,000 for a double play. Screw the CBA.

  18. Michael says:

    Betting man says the GM and Manager will go, no matter what Stan says out of the side of his mouth now. He’s trying to win this thing now and can’t set these two off in a lifeboat until the ship goes down. With his vast experince,contacts and reputation I’m sure he has probably already selected the replacements or has a list to contact at thee appropiate time. This is his team now and he isn’t going to settle for Laurel and Hardy to blow this gig.
    As far as a bat, I’m sure Vernon Wells will be dropping by soon. Hopefully after his release so we aren’t eating any of his massive contract.

  19. ken says:

    Flash: Dodgers Wwaiting for Extra Innings?

    Dodger Batting Averages by Inning and MLB Ranking

    First .299 5th
    Second .251 14th
    Third .244 16th
    Fourth .226 29th
    Fifth .219 29th
    Sixth .253 19th
    Seventh .255 12th
    Eight .242 17th
    Ninth .217 23rd
    Xtra In .328 5th

    Maybe the Dodgers should just play the First Inning and Extra Innings and skip the rest of the game. Or maybe they should change their f…. approach to hitting in innings 2 through 9. This is insane.

  20. Haha says:

    Cruz keeps producIng runs when runners are on the pads.

  21. Mike Dixon says:

    Seager?…lol Dodgers just got Ramirez yesterday and this guy is talking about him playing first base in 6 years…what about today…

  22. Badger says:

    Watching Matt Murphy make his ML debut with the Mets. This kid has an arm. Threw one 98 and has breaking stuff he can get over.

    Also, watching Daniel Murphy. Yeah, he is a good bat, would be great out of the two hole, but I don’t know why he would be available. He is a .300 hitter that only makes a half million a year. Those are the kind of guys you hang on to. The guys the Mets would think about trading are Jason Bay and David Wright. Bay is way overpaid and Wright is a guy with a club option for $16 mil next year. Santana might be available too as he is owed over 50 mil for the next two years. The guys we are probably looking at will be salary dumps. And there could be a bunch of those.

    Runners on the pads. That’s a new one for me. I like it. Yes, he is hitting WRISP – .368, but only has 23 PA in that situation. I wonder what that figure will be after 50 PA’s. He just doesn’t look like that great a hitter, having had a shot with 4 ML teams and only hitting around .230 with them. He is only hitting about .240 now. We seem to have a few of those.

  23. Badger says:

    That would be Matt Harvey of course, not Matt Murphy.

    damn lack of edit capability bin pissin’ me off for a long time now.


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