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LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today selected the contract of infielder Luis Cruz from Triple-A Albuquerque and optioned right-hander Shawn Tolleson to Albuquerque. In a corresponding move, the club also transferred left-handed pitcher Ted Lilly (left shoulder inflammation) to the 60-day disabled list. Tolleson, 24, posted a 7.71 ERA in six big league relief appearances.

Cruz, 28, was selected to the Pacific Coast League All-Star team this season and is hitting .318 with eight home runs and 46 RBI in 74 games with the Isotopes. The native of Mexico was hitting .390 (30-for-77) with runners in scoring position and batting .433 (39-for-90) against left-handers with Albuquerque. Cruz, who batted .308 with a home run and eight RBI in 24 Spring Training games with the Dodgers as a non-roster invitee, has played in parts of three Major League seasons with Pittsburgh (2008-09) and Milwaukee (2010), compiling a .221 batting average in 56 games.

Second Press Release


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced the International signings of pitchers Lenix Osuna, Victor Gonzalez and William Soto and catcher Julian Leon. Dodger Assistant General Manager, Scouting Logan White made the announcement.

“We are pleased to announce we have been extremely active in the July 2nd signing period and have signed multiple players with more on the horizon,” said White.  “We are able to get three fine young arms with bright futures.”

Osuna, a 16-year-old right-hander from Mexico, is the son of former Dodger pitcher Antonio Osuna, who went 24-21 with a 3.28 ERA in 265 relief appearances with Los Angeles over six seasons from 1995-2000. Gonzalez, a 16-year-old left-hander, also hails from Mexico, while Soto, a 16-year-old right-hander, was signed from Venezuela.

In addition to the three pitching prospects, the Dodgers signed 16-year-old catcher Julian Leon out of Mexico. Said White: “Leon was highly regarded as one of the best catching prospects on the International market and he should follow a long list of quality catchers to come from Mexico.” Los Angeles has previously had three Mexican-born catchers, including Sergio Robles (1976), Alex Trevino (1986-87) and Noe Munoz (1995).

The Dodgers have been active this year in signing International free agent players and have a longstanding tradition of signing future big league players out of Mexico and Latin America. Just last week, Los Angeles signed Cuban outfielder Yasiel Puig while the club has also signed both its Cuban-born draft picks, left-handers Onelki Garcia (3rd round) and Alfredo Unzue (32nd round), and non-drafted free agent catcher Selme Angulo from Cuba.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Hopefully he’s being called up to get a shot at 3b for a couple weeks.

    Also, since Lilly is now on the 60day DL, his injury is serious enough to warrant a trade for a starter. And I don’t mean Ryan Dempster. I mean Cole Hamels. Or Cliff Lee. Or Felix Hernandez.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:


  3. Kevin says:

    Cruz starting tonight at SS.

  4. Badger says:

    16 year olds? Wow. They should be ready for the bigs by age 20.

    Just curious – I see these signings going on all over baseball. Is this a new trend, or have we just not been in on it for about 8 years? At least we’re busy on the international market. That has to be a good thing.

    Cruz is the next through the revolving door at third base huh. OK.

  5. Voldomer says:

    Still no Josh Fields? This is puzzling.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    As soon as I started reading the International signings — I saw the name: Osuna. I thought — could it be the son of our old friend Antonio, I saw him pitch here in San Antonio for the AA Dodger farm team. For awhile, he was really good.

    And he is . . .

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, the Dodgers were dead LAST in spending on international talent last year. Under McCheap they completely abandoned the international market. Every year at the beginning of July the international signing period begins. I read that when the Dodgers spent $500,000 on 20 international prospects about a month or two ago, it was DOUBLE what they spent ALL of last year. And whether he turns out to be a success or not, the signing of Puig for $42 million was a message sent by the Dodgers, loud and clear, that they are back, and serious about using their resources to acquire top tier talent. And I expect that there will be more. I believe under the new CBA that teams are limited to spending $2.9 million each on international talent. The Dodgers reportedly spent $1 million on the four players they signed today. Since they have about $1.9 million left to spend, I expect that we will be seeing more signings ahead.

    The Dodgers are doing what I expected them to do this year, and it’s the reason why I am less concerned about trading prospects. If the Dodgers trade prospects, rest assured that they will also be active replenishing the farm system. And going into the winter, expect that they will be active on the free agent market.

    Even with the holes they have, I expect that the Dodgers could have a solid second half. I believe it was 2006 when they lost 14 or 15 (or maybe it was 15 of 16) just before the All-Star break. They followed that by winning 18 of 19 after the break. Anything can happen in a long baseball season. And with Kemp, Ethier and Ellis coming back, and the prospect of the Dodgers filling some of their offensive holes via trade, and knowing that they now have the ability to pick up a large contract or two, I am confident that we could see a vastly improved team in the second half.

    Looking at Luiz Cruz’s prior work at the MLB level, factoring in that he’s 28, and taking into account that his numbers this year are PCL numbers, I’m not expecting that he will be the next coming, of whatever. I want proven major league impact players to be our reinforcements, not an underwhelming career minor leaguer. Maybe he’ll do OK, but I haven’t reached the excitement stage just yet. We have another four weeks before the trading deadline is reached. Lots can happen between now and then.

    • Badger says:

      I knew the Dodgers weren’t signing anyone, I was just curious if the signing of 16 year old kids from other countries has been a common practice for a while. I thought it was rare, but looks like I am wrong about that.

      Brooklyn I would like to recommend that you help Mark with this blog. Your opinions are always well articulated and well researched. If you have the time, you might enjoy the work. I am sure he could use the help. He’s a busy guy.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Voldomer, don’t be puzzled. Maybe Josh Fields will get a call, but he’s really nothing to get excited over. As is often the case, his numbers this year are typical inflated PCL numbers. Playing in ALBQ just inflates them a little more. We want an impact big league player at 3B, etc. Not a suspect 27 year old who’s already had more than a cup of coffee at the big league level As I mentioned in a prior thread, Josh Fields might be a decent call-up for a team at the bottom of the pack. He’s not what a contender needs.

    • Voldomer says:

      No one thinks Fields is David Wright, but with so many AAA players on the ML roster at present and 3B being a major problem spot, it only seems reasonable that he get a shot, especially while both Uribe and Hairston were out. The subsequent explanation that Cruz was really called up to spell Gordon adds perspective this time, though.

  9. ken says:

    Calling up Cruz to start and replace Gordon for a short period of time! What a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh yea I did! See prior posts. :) Cruz could be better than Gordon for a week until the other team’s scouts figure him out. A .221 MLB Average. How does that compare to Gordon’s .228 this year? Who is a better fielder?

    Actually Cruz is a candidate to stay with the Dodgers and platoon with Gordon, along with being a sub for other players.

    If Gordon is dehydrated then he should add a lot of water to his life. Maybe in the off season he could work out with some of the females on the US Olympic swim team. They sure look like they have muscles and endurance.

    Too bad about Lilly. See him by Labor Day?

    Hopefully 1 out of 20 international signings make it to the Dodgers 25 man roster some day.

  10. DRomo says:

    I don’t know what you guys are worried about? Dodgers are undefeated in July and averaging 8 runs per game!! Let’s do this!

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, let me speak for Voldy. We go back to last century and went to some White Sox games together in Chicago.

    I am sure that he remember 2007 when he hit 23 homers for the Sox hitting .244 along with 67 RBIs (in 418 ABs). I think he is hoping that, if given a chance, just might find his stroke and help the team. Surely Josh Fields can do better than Uribe.

    But as you have kept saying — maybe the Dodgers have a strong idea for a trade SOON.

  12. Badger says:

    We have 27-30 year olds at AAA for some reason – right? If not for emergencies like the one we are facing now – then why the hell are they there? These guys are experienced in the show so the whole intimidation factor should be reduced. Who knows, maybe one of them can light it up for a month. That is all we are asking…… correct?

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I posted those Fields stats a while back. I think he also struck out 125 times in less that 400 ABs. And since then, he’s done nothing to approximate that year. Maybe he’s older and wiser, or just older.

    Roger, both you and I might be able to do better than Uribe. While not exactly true, I’m sure you get my point. Josh Fields probably is better than Uribe. But two bad players does not make a good one. My desire is not only to rid the Dodgers of Uribe, but I would also like them to obtain a real major third baseman.

  14. Reggie says:

    I think Fields has only 8 HR is near 300 At Bats in Albq. That’s not good. He should have 25! No pop.

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    I couldn’t get the game tonight – this happens frequently when Chicago or Cincinnati is playing in LA. I don’t get the Cincy stations and WGN isn’t always showing the game, so I fixed it tonight. I went to and signed up. Then I selected my IP address.. I chose Dallas, Texas and presto! I have the game on the internet!

    I will rarely be blocked out of a game now.

    Booooo Yaaaaaaahhhhh!

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    I feel like a hacker!

  17. Mark_Timmons says:

    But I tricked MLB.

  18. DRomo says:

    Well so much for a winning streak. Bad Chad showed up again…

    On a lighter note: My daughter wants to see the Dodgera play. So I am taking her to Rancho Cucamonga. More major leaguers there….

  19. Badger says:

    6 IP, 3 earned. 8 K’s and no walks. That ain’t bad. What’s bad is the Dodger offense again. 5 for 23 so far.

    Hope you enjoyed the Quakes game. Tell Joc and Leon Badger says hey. They won’t have a clue who you are talking about……..

  20. ken says:

    Back to Reality

    Melt down again for Bills at 90 minutes
    No offense
    More errors

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Anyone notice the month of June the Pirates had?

    There are a HR machine. Great to be a Pittsburgh fan these days.

    • Badger says:

      “Anyone notice the month of June the Pirates had?”

      Actually no.

      But, I’ll take notice now that you have mentioned it.


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