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Beat Like Rented Mules

The beat goes on.  18 out of the last 24.

Things are generally never as good as they seem.

Things are generally never as bad as they seem.

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37 Responses to “Beat Like Rented Mules”

  1. the truth hurts says:

    prediction badger

    next 12 games
    Phi,@mets, @cardinals, @giants


    • Badger says:

      OK. Reasonable prediction.

      Looking at the dbacks schedule, they have two more at Reds, then at home for ‘stros, Rockies and 4 with the Mets. They could easily go 8-4 in that stretch and catch us.

      To Mark’s quote – in the final analysis they are both. The Dodgers, when they were playing well, were very good. Best in baseball. The Dodgers now, at 6 and 18, are very bad. Remember when some were saying – “if they just play .500 the rest of they way they will win 94″ – or whatever it was – sounded reasonable right? I got waxed over at MSTI for, at that time, suggesting the team could very easily still only win 82-86 games.

      The best teams win because they have the best players. We do not have the best players. Not by a long shot. We have a few, but are a few short.

      Now is the time where we need a guy like Mitch Kupchak or Jerry West in the GM seat.

  2. RogerCraig says:

    I see that Youlikis went 3-4 again last night. He would have helped.

  3. Gionfriddo says:

    We are 6-18 in last 24 DUE to who’s in the gm seat, it’s that simple.. The fast start in April & early May was nice to watch, but in the end u have to have to have players to sustain success.. Yes, losing Kemp over 50 games was BAD; losing Ethier when the team was already on their heels before the break was equally bad.. However, EVERY team battles injuries, that’s a given..
    What has been exposed yet again is the ineptitude of Colletti in terms of constructing this team going back to this past off season. Ned’s very 1st signing this past off season was….??? Resigning a washed up Juan Rivera for 1 yr @ 4.5 mill.. 3 HR 27 RBI has been the return on that investment for our everyday LF.. That’s 3 jacks in 207 PA just in case you’re curious, THREE jacks for a premium power position ..
    Next, Ned decided to double down on our next premium power position by bringing back Loney for a cool 6.3 million .. The return ?? 2 HR in 274 PA to go with 24 RBI .. Yes, I’m throwing up stats we all know, my point is this team could have handled the Kemp injury a hell of alot better had we SOME production from those 2 premium power positions as opposed to nearly NO production… Once again, these failures stop @ Ned’s desk.. You guys can snub your noses at this but look @ these 2 OF’s who stayed on the market and signed for peanuts AFTER Ned gave Rivera 4.5 mill— Cody Ross got 1 yr 3 mill from Bos for a return so far of .263 13, 41 & Ryan Ludwick got 1 yr, 1 mill from Cincy for .240, 13, 36.. Match Rivera’s meager production against those two.. 1B is somewhat different because after the big 2 of Pujols & Fielder (how different would we look had Victor Martinez not hurt himself) went off the market, the 1B FA was bare with the likes of Carlos Pena & C. Kotchman.. For laughs, kotchman got a 1 yr/1mill deal from Cleveland & is @ .235, 9, 36 .. 9 JACKS?? Loney won’t get to 5…..

  4. ken says:

    Things seem really BAD as far as the position players go.

    Still 2nd in ERA 3.29 Yea!, and 3.09 in July Yea!
    Down to 20th in BA .249 argh! 25th in July .235 Laughable!
    Down to 26th in Fielding .981 Gawd awful :(

    In the real world the players would be working harder to keep their jobs, film, drills, workouts, batting practice, etc.
    Time to kick butt and bring back the BOWA mentality.
    Players Coaches are for players that actually play.

    Why would Youk or Lee want to come to a sinking ship?
    What if no player wants to come to LA. Would you really blame them now?

    AJ Ellis the new strike out machine. Nice hitch. Give it back to CAsey Blake. Rember the days (April) when Ellis had the same number of walks and strike outs. Those non-hitch days are gone.

    Last 30 days – 7 guys with more than 50 ABs are hitting below .220 and 2 hitting above .220. Wow. Looks like a long term trend is occurring.

  5. Mike Dixon says:

    Blaming the Gm for being 6-18 is just dumb……guy was handcuffed last 3 years, plus the injuries have been brutal for this team……relax Gion…long way to go….

  6. Jae says:

    With the new owners and with Kemp, Ethier, Kershaw and a few others, players will be pining to come to LA. Give it a little time…

  7. Gionfriddo says:

    Relax?? pull your head of the sand.. He was handcuffed the last 3 years huh?? he has been throwing cash down the toilet since he was hired in ’05.. Dixon, u must be one of the many who bought Schmidt, Pierre, and Andruw Jones’ Dodger jerseys after Ned “underpaid” all of them to the tune of a combined 128 million to bring us Dodger fans so much enjoyment… Yes, there is 72 games left to go and the GM driving the bus has no damn clue…

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Jones was signed 4 years ago, as was Schmidt…and Pierre was signed 5 years ago….terrible signings yes, but I said he has been handcuffed the last 3 years…please read before you type, makes you look foolish….

  8. Badger says:

    I think in some ways Jed was limited. It’s hard to give a full review on exactly how deep the damage from Frankie McDipshcit goes. That doesn’t excuse Jed overpaying for the veterans we have here. In a perfect world, Abreu is our LH pinch hitter, Sands or SVS is our everyday LFer, Kennedy is playing golf somewhere and Rivera is an old Buick.

    Then there is Uribe. For some, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but for many it was … huh? Uribe had a good year in S.F., and like many Major Leaguers, a good year is all it takes. For anyone who cares to look, Juan Uribe is a good year about every 5th year and is a career .250 hitter with a career .715 OPS. A good GM should be able to predict what a guy like him is LIKELY to do.

    We still don’t know what the play is, but I suspect they will try to do something soon hoping it will trigger a win streak. I hope it works, but with all the crazy talk out there involving trades, I can see us overpaying for a band-aid.

  9. Bobby says:

    Speaking of Uribe, why did Dummie Baseball pinch hit for Eovaldi in the 5th with Uribe??? I think I”d rather Eovaldi, or his grandmother, hit over Uribe.


  10. Badger says:

    “Speaking of Uribe”…..

    do we have to?

    OK….. how about this….. blind squirrel?

    Well, then how about this…. Eovaldi had 87 pitches and was about to see the middle of the order once too often.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Most Valuable Sports Teams
    #1 Manchester United ($2.23 billion)
    #2 Real Madrid ($1.88 billion)
    #3 New York Yankees ($1.85 billion)
    #3 Dallas Cowboys ($1.85 billion)
    #5 Washington Redskins ($1.56 billion)
    #6 Los Angeles Dodgers ($1.4 billion)
    #6 New England Patriots ($1.4 billion)
    #8 Barcelona ($1.31 billion)
    #9 New York Giants ($1.3 billion)
    #10 Arsenal ($1.29 billion)

  12. Jae says:

    Stephen Fife called up to start tonight. We got Fife and FedEx for big flop Trayvon!
    That was a good Ned deal. You can’t put this all on him. McCourt and Logan White get their share.

  13. jerry says:

    ken….ellis when he was doing well,, was trying to they told him to hit..he can,t. hit for shit..he never should of been consider for the all start game..seem like every game there is a ball that get bye him..wheater it is his fault or the pitcher,, some one seem to get in scoring postion all the time.

  14. Gionfriddo says:

    Tuesday nites #5 thru 8 hitters—- Kennedy, Loney, Cruz, AJ Ellis….a 38 year old is leading off… seriously, outside of the 3 and 4 hitters, why would you go spend hard earned $$ to watch this collection of garbage…by the time July 31 rolls around LA will be lucky if they are within 5 of SF….

    • Bobby says:

      I would not pay to watch this, but I say that since it’s July.

      If this were Sept 24 and we’re 1.5 out, then yes, I’d go

      God can we please only be 1.5 out on Sept 24!!!!

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not going to defend Colletti, nor am I going to blame him.

    There is no doubt his hands were tied under McCourt. And yes, there were some bad signings. But none of those signings were for elite players, because quite frankly, Ned was effectively locked out of that market, and was forced to gamble on the fringes. Maybe if provided with greater resources he would never have signed a lot or any of those players, since he would have had the ability to seek out bigger fish. It’s all speculation, so really we don’t have a clue what he would have done in different circumstances.

    Cody Ross. Pleeeeeeeeez. And if he’s hitting for some power in Boston, what would that translate into in the NL West, home of Dodger Stadium, Petco Park and AT&T Park. Same for Ryan Ludwick who’s playing in the Great American BANDBOX. I’m not defending the Rivera signing, because I wasn’t a big fan of it when it happened. But Cody Ross and Ryan Ludwick, other than being better defensive outfielders, are not the kind of players that would have made all that much difference on this team. Like Rivera, signing either of them would have been a continuation of a Dodger trend, i.e., the signing of players on the fringe, and avoiding those in the elite.
    Hopefully that era is over. Is Ned the guy to continue as Dodgers GM? I don’t know. But I’m also not going to stick him with all the blame.

  16. Badger says:

    I think it would be a good idea to turn the page on the whole McCourt saga by dumping Colletti right after the season is over. We need somebody new, and I think it should be somebody with experience so other GM’s won’t try an okey doke on the new guy. I don’t know who that is, but I am sure the right guy is out there somewhere.

    The signings we made were affordable, but don’t forget the Dodger payroll has remained one of the highest in the NL for a while now. Some of that has been all that deferred money. Colletti had to do to keep payroll down and to get guys to come play here. Like we say on yesterday’s thread, even with payrolls over 100 million while they were here, we are still paying Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones. That is just ludicrous. I would hope the Guggenhymens would just write the check to those guys so Dodger fans like us don’t have to see those names every time we check Cots.

    Watching the dbacks tonight and happily they are having trouble WRISP too. The gints didn’t seem to have that problem tonight. Those guys are a team. And if Zito is winning, we could be in serious trouble. What am I saying, we ARE in serious trouble.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Finally in our new garden home, boxes everywhere . . . had AT&T and DirecTV both came today to get us up and running with TV, phone, and broadband . . .

    Lot’s of interesting comments on the Dodgers the past several days. Some hopeful comments, some long jaw comments, some wishing comments, some complaining comments.

    For me — reality has set in. The Dodgers had the best April of any team in the majors. May was ok, but then in June and July — the bottom started to fall out.

    No set lineup. Missing key parts. Many players underperforming. Not much help from the minors. No key deals yet.

    Reality — I think short term (this season) will see the Dodgers continue in this tailspin. Middle term – begin to build for next season. If things begin to jell later this season, fine. It can happen, but pitching has to turn itself around, and hitting needs to wake up. It can happen . . .

    But with a weak minor league system, teams with trading parts — will probably see other teams first.

    Thus, on the long view — build the cornerstone with key players, add the ones really needs — and let the wagons roll.

    As I type this: the Dodgers have 4 straight hit. That has not happened many times this season.

    Sometime soon, I would bring up FedX as #2 or even #1. AJ Ellis is just not a major league hitter. Backup ok, but the Dodgers need more.

    I have been a Loney lover since he first came up. I live and die with James. Fellow Texan. I keep him, unless Lou G. is available.

  18. ken says:



    When he was walking and hitting for average (AND HITTING HRS IN MAY) his batting hitch never let his hands drop below the letters. Now his hitch drops his hands to or below the letters and now he can not hit.

    He is all screwed up and the coaches are clueless to figure out why!

  19. Bball says:

    I thought he was a good defender. He looks lazy tonight and lately.

  20. Badger says:


  21. Bball says:

    Another eavoldi, kershaw, capuano, harang. Just another dodger pitcher who doesn’t get run support

  22. ken says:

    Maybe the sky is falling :)

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Bring back McCourt. This team played better under Frank.

    • Badger says:

      Bite your tongue Roger.

      The positive of all this is, so far it doesn’t look like we are getting blown out of games. Our defense sucks, and hopefully that is fixable. Our offense sucks, and that too is fixable – though maybe not right away. Putting aside the bullpen collapses last few games, our pitching has been good enough that with some more professional defense, and more professional offense, we can start winning the close games.

      Now if I heard myself correctly, in summation – our offense sucks, our defense sucks the pitching is up and down so all we have to do is fix our offense and our defense and tighten up our pitching and we will be contenders.

      I think I need another cup of coffee.

  24. Bill Russell says:

    As Badger predicted a few weeks back, we may be better off selling and restocking for 2013. This team is trying to win the Indy 500 on a mini bike.

    • Badger says:

      I read again that the Dodgers are “favorites” for Dempster.

      Why? With all the teams looking for pitching, and there are a bunch, what is it that makes us the favorites? What are we intending to give for this guy?

      We are now 2.5 games out. If we play the next 10 games the same way we played the last 10 games, we could be 6 games out. If that happens…… what do we do?

      If it does happen, it will be time for the Dodgers to consider the future of this team.

      In the mean time, we watch as this team flounders it’s way toward .500.

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        Because he has 5 & 10 rights and wants to come to the Dodgers.

        • Badger says:

          All that means is that the player cannot be traded without their consent. The team has some rights you know. They have the right to get the best possible deal for the organization. As long as the player isn’t being traded to a team on their no-trade list, it can be done.

          If the Cubs are offered a better deal by someone else, Dempster goes there and then the Dodgers can try to get him in Free Agency. He has already said he will consider the Nationals, the Tigers and the Red Sox as well as the Dodgers. I know all those teams have better prospects than we do.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know the details of Dempster’s situation, but do knows that if he has 5 and 10 rights, there is no list of teams he can’t be traded to. It simply means that he can veto any deal to any team, period. The Cubs have no rights, other than the right to offer him some incentive to leave, or get their trading partner to do so.

    No doubt Dempster could probably help. But there is no doubt either, than unless the offense is significantly upgraded at the same time, there is likely little to be gained by acquiring him now.


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