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Yasiel Puig & Other Legends

Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler were both rated as better players than Yasiel Puig, but they got a lot less money than the Dodgers are giving Puig.  Is he worth it?  Do the Dodgers know something others don’t?  I certainly don’t know.  There’s not a lot of information and scouting reports on him.  Ben Badler of Baseball America was less than impressed with the signing:

The Dodgers appear to have made a statement with an expensive Cuban signing, but the message they sent across baseball has mostly elicited the same response:

What are the Dodgers thinking?

The question around baseball is how the Dodgers could justify awarding such a lavish contract to a player who scouts considered more of a solid than a spectacular prospect. Puig hasn’t played in a year, and aside from a light series of workouts last weekend that were more notable for a circus atmosphere than anything else, he hasn’t been seen (legally) by American scouts since June 2011.

The 21-year-old Puig is a corner outfielder with a thick frame around 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds when he’s been in game shape, but more recent reports from scouts in Mexico—where his agent, Jaime Torres, said last week that he has obtained permanent residency—are that he looked heavier and was out of baseball condition.

That’s understandable given Puig’s history. The righthanded hitter had been one of the better performers in Cuba’s top league Serie Nacional during his brief time on the field, but due to disciplinary action (some say it was due to Cuba’s assertion that he was attempting to defect; others say it was for different reasons), it has been nearly a year since he’s seen high-level competitive action.

One executive called the deal “crazy.” Several others were floored by the reported contract terms.

“I don’t know,” said one international director, echoing several of his colleagues. “I don’t know what’s going on in Dodger land. They must have seen something.”

Those who have seen Puig seem lukewarm on his talent. He has good bat speed and generates plus raw power, but scouts have expressed concerns about his hitting approach. Some scouts say they have gotten some good running times on him before and he’s shown more athleticism in the past, but others haven’t seen him run well. He projects as a corner outfielder and has drawn question marks from scouts about his defensive instincts. He is an interesting prospect with raw talent, but for several teams, he wouldn’t have even been a first-round pick if he were in the draft.

Due to disciplinary action, Puig did not play in Serie Nacional this past season. However, in his final season in Cuba playing for Cienfuegos in 2010-11, he hit .330/.430/.581 with 17 home runs, six triples and 19 doubles in 327 at-bats in a league with a supercharged offensive environment. He drew more walks (49) than strikeouts (39) and stole five bases in nine attempts. He ranked 31st in on-base percentage and 22nd in slugging in the league.

“Leslie Anderson’s numbers were good in Cuba—where’s he at?” said one Latin American director. “It means nothing. You don’t want their numbers to be bad, but just because they’re good doesn’t mean anything.”

Unlike Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes or even younger Cubans like Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin or Reds lefthander Aroldis Chapman, Puig never played for the top Cuban national team. However, Puig did play for the Cuban national B team at the World Port Tournament in Rotterdam in June 2011, when he hit .333/.419/.481 with a homer, a double, three walks and five strikeouts in 31 trips to the plate as Cuba’s left fielder. Several teams couldn’t believe Puig could command a bigger contract than Cespedes, a well-known star in Cuba.

“You had many chances to see Cespedes play,” said a second Latin American director. “This guy’s kind of an unknown. I don’t know. That’s their flavor.”

When Cespedes left Cuba, the reaction was fairly widespread excitement from teams who viewed him as a potential all-star with immediate major league impact. Given Puig’s age and experience level, he could report to one of the Class A levels.

“Cespedes is a much better athlete, more of a complete package,” said a third Latin American director. “He’s a center fielder, good arm. (Puig has) got power and he runs OK, the bat stays through the zone quite a bit. He’s strong, not quite as strong as (Dayan) Viciedo, but he’s currently got plus power. I don’t know if they even had anyone close to beating them.”

Puig did play at the World Junior Championship in 2008 in Edmonton, where he was teammates with Red Sox shortstop Jose Iglesias and Royals lefthander Noel Arguelles before they defected at the tournament. Puig made the tournament all-star team, as did Toronto’s Brett Lawrie at catcher for Canada and Nationals lefthander Matt Purke for Team USA.

However, since June 2011, major league scouts have not had the ability to evaluate Puig in person or even on video since he missed the most recent season in Serie Nacional. And unlike even Jorge Soler, who signed a huge major league contract with almost zero experience in Cuba’s top league, Puig hasn’t had the time to work out for for teams outside of Cuba.

“For me, you have to have history in order to make that kind of investment,” said the third Latin American director, “and we certainly didn’t have that kind of history.”

When Dodgers president Stan Kasten held the same title in Washington, the Nationals proudly trumpeted their presence on the international market in 2006 by signing a 16-year-old Dominican shortstop named Esmailyn Gonzalez for $1.4 million. That deal embarrassed the Nationals and sent them back for years internationally when it was later revealed that Gonzalez was really 20-year-old Carlos Alvarez.

Puig is a much better prospect than Gonzalez/Alvarez, and there aren’t questions about his identity, but there is plenty of skepticism in the baseball world about the deal. Only this time, the money is exponentially higher.

I have no opinion on Puig.  I don’t know enough about him.  Only time will tell – Baseball America is not the Holy Grail – They are wrong as much as I am. His agent says he will play in the majors this year (I think that is hyperbole), others say it will be 2 or 3 years.  Some says he’s a 4th outfielder at best.  Time will tell…  The signing does tell us that the Dodgers are no longer afraid to spend.  I just hope it is wise spending, not spending just for spending’s sake.  Stan Kasten went on record that the Dodgers are willing to take on payroll at the trade deadline.  I like that, but if so, why didn’t you take a flyer on Youkilis?  No I can’t let that go.  Stan could have had him by just taking on salary.  Tony Jackson of ESPN/LA reports this:

Los Angeles Dodgers president Stan Kasten said Thursday the team hopes to be active ahead of the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, and that finances won’t be an impediment to improving.

As an organization, Kasten said, the Dodgers are thinking big and welcome expectations for aggressive action.

“As candid as I can be, we’re the Dodgers. We’re supposed to be big. We intend to be big. So will we look at big things? You bet. That’s as straight as I can be,” Kasten said. “We are The Dodgers. That’s all caps, alright? You should write that. All caps. We are ‘THE DODGERS’ all caps. And we should act that way.”

Short on high-end position players in their minor league system, Kasten acknowledged translating the desire for significant maneuvers into tangible results may not be easy. However, while avoiding conversation about specific players or contract-related hypotheticals, he indicated a willingness to explore any option available.

“I can’t think of anything I would rule out,” he said. “I don’t know that there’s ever a time you don’t want to improve your team. If you’re in a hunt, and we’re definitely in the hunt, you want to improve your chances as you go down the stretch. We know our competitors are going to be improving themselves, and so we expect to be doing the same thing.”

I am not so sure it was wise for Kasten to say that.  Certainly other GM’s will want the Dodgers to pay a premium now.  Some things are better left unsaid.

Dodger News and Notes:

  • The Dodgers offense is worse than pathetic.  Horrible.  Dave Hansen is evidently not the answer.  Move him out.  Bring in Mickey Hatcher and see if it helps.  If that doesn’t work, fire all the players.
  • Ethan Martin pitched 7 innings last night and gave up 4 hits, NO RUNS and NO WALKS.  If he keeps that up, he’ll be in LA before the season is over.  His stuff is electric!  He has proved a lot of us wrong (me included) who were decrying his signing!  I love to eat crow like that!
  • I remember when I suggested that The Dodgers should go after David Wright and many of you blasted me because “he wasn’t that good anymore.”  How do you like him  now?  Can’t hit one out of Dodger Stadium?  Yeah Right!
  • Sounds like Andre Ethier will only miss a few games.  Let’s hope.  The Dodgers could sure use Youk now.
  • Clayton Kershaw has  1.04 WHIP.  1.04!!!!!   He’s fine other than his left foot.  It’s not going to hurt his arm, so you leave him in there.  You don’t take him out of the rotation or DL him.  That would be silly.
  • I’m going to see if Logan White can give me some info on Puig.
  • Are James Loney (.240), Juan Uribe (.212) and Adam Kennedy (.223) still on the roster?  What a waste!!
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 6/28/12

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52 Responses to “Yasiel Puig & Other Legends”

  1. Badger says:

    The Dodgers hitting issues are no fault of the hitting coach. Look at the history of these hitters. Then look at the history of any hitters that come to L.A.. You bring .250 hitters to Los Angeles and what, expect them hit better? That just isn’t going to happen.

    I have no idea about Puig. Nobody does. But the signing is relevant because of the statement it makes. We are here, and WE ARE THE DODGERS. Of course, pounding your chest while you are putting back-ups on the field looks rather silly at the moment, but, what I see is an organization that is going to work hard at digging out of the hole they find themselves in.

    I say again, the deadline will present some hitters who are making too much money for their out-of-contention teams to justify. That is where we will come in. We will not be sellers. I doubt the Dodgers will every be sellers. We will keep adding bats and arms and signing international players until the right combination has landed on the field.

    As bad as it looks, it’s only a cocoon stage in our development.

    The Dodgers are back people.

    • ken says:


      Hey they scored 2 runs last night. A big improvement. Baby steps.

      Maybe Puig has the athletic potential of Kemp so the Dodgers rolled the dice. Maybe it is a statement from Stan to Logan that it is time to make up for the prior year drafts that included no MLB caliber position players. It not like it is our money. Well it is if you pay for cable tv or buy tickets or pay for parking or buy Dodger dogs, …

      Great to hera that Maury Wills is working again for the Dodgers. I wonder if he is wondering about why the young Dodgers have a memory that is worse than his. He can remember how to teach but the kids can’t seem to remember what he teaches them for more than a week.

      SF – Another shut out last night. Maybe they are just that good.

      1-9 in the last 10 games. Worst team in baseball? The Dodgers and Angels have the same number of wins. How can that be?

      • Kevin says:

        SF’s pitching is on fire right now. 4 straight shutouts are you kidding me! At this point I just hope we are within 3 games at the All Star Break. This team looks tired and lost at the plate.

        I was thinking about it and maybe a knuckle ball pitcher is just what we need. Something…anything different.

  2. Kevin says:

    At least we get Dickey and Santana the next two nights!!

  3. Badger says:

    He looks like Roberto Clemente to me.

    Dickey and Santana. eh…. overrated.


  4. Bobby says:

    I also have been impressed with Ethan Martin! Wow, I really need to go to AA and watch Lee and Martin pitch.

    But the best part of Martin figuring it out (and Lee’s great 1st start in AA), is that we hopefully have some trade bait now. We’re obviously not going to use all of our young starters, and Eovaldi has already proved he’s a MLB starter. RDLR is due back soon, and if he’s healthy, he’s clearly proven he’s MLB ready. With the expected additions of a Garza, a Hamels, a Greinke, or God-willing, a Felix Hernandez, we won’t have room for all these young starters.

    Now, to the offense……. wow. please send help!

  5. Bobbie17 says:

    What a waste of money. The way the Dodgers develop players, this Cuban has no chance to make it. He has 2 strikes against him already. What are they thinking? A sign of things to come: wasting money for the headlines but the product on the field
    stays the same. I am tired of all of this. Several years ago, they spent a bundle on a
    tall shortstop from the Carribean, who went nowhere. Here we go again. How about
    drafting players who have legitimate credentials and teaching them to play at the
    professional level? What a novel idea.

  6. Kevin says:

    Bobbie you have no idea if he will work out or not, none of us do. I trust Logan White. If he thinks this guys is a legitimate 5 tool player it might be worth the risk. Those types of players don’t grow on trees. I do think the contract was a bit excessive, I guess only time will tell on that.

  7. Dave says:

    I just read that Toronto may be sellers and Edwin Encarnacion could become available. They need starting pitching. How about trading Billingsley for him? We rent him and if he continues to produce big, overwhelm him with a contract offer/extension before he hits the free agent market. Play him at 1st. Pick up as much of Chad’s salary as needed to do the deal (oops, maybe all of it after what Kasten said). Think it could happen anyone? What about trading Martin and Lee for Chase Headley? Would that get it done?

    • Badger says:

      Dave…. my first reaction to the Toronto trade is simply this – we get one of the most underpaid players in the game for one of the most overpaid players in the game. Like you mentioned, it would cost us plenty to do it, but, yeah, good idea – go for it.

      As for Martin AND Lee for Headly? I wouldn’t do it. If we are going to offer both of those guys, it had better be in a David Wright deal. Or, offer one of them, and another prospect for Encarnacion. Just my opinion.

      • Dave says:

        From what I recall reading, San Diego will consider trading Headly but they expect to be overwhelmed with an offer. I’d think they’d want two prospects like Martin and Lee if they were to do an inter-division trade. Maybe Headly would be too costly. (Should have traded for Youkilis then.) As far as Toronto, their rotation is decimated and they need someone who can step right in. Maybe they’d bite on Bills IF we picked up the tab. Maybe they’d see him as one to benefit from a change of teams to live up to his stuff (as is the case sometimes – seems to be working for Broxton so far). Kasten himself said they are in a position to pay and will look to do so if that gets a deal done considering our lack of position player prospects to otherwise work into a trade.

  8. Badger says:

    “The Dodgers, according to major-league sources, have talked multiple times to two likely sellers, the Cubs and Astros, and a third club that also could trade veterans, the Brewers. In addition, they’ve touched base with a number of other teams, including the Mariners, Royals, Twins, Blue Jays and Padres, sources said.”

    Somefin gonna happin. Somfin BIG!

  9. jerry says:

    my thought about dee gordon..he takes to many pitches..and if your going to strike out..please do it swing..not looking at a pitch down the middle.every one is waiting for him to step up..but i dont think that will ever happen..he been playing ball since he was little..he dont even know the strike zone.

    • Kevin says:

      Actually Jerry he hasn’t been playing ball since he was little. He started playing when he was a Senior in High School. So he’s only been playing organized baseball for about 6-7 years. He was a dedicated hoops player growing up. Nice try though.

  10. Badger says:

    Dee Gordon:

    Ranked Pacific Coast League #6 prospect in 2011

    Organization Best Tools:

    Rated Best Athlete in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2008 season.
    Rated Best Defensive Infielder in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2008 season.
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2008 season.
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2009 season.
    Rated Best Athlete in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2009 season.
    Rated Best Defensive Infielder in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2009 season.
    Rated Best Hitter for Average in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2009 season.
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2010 season.
    Rated Best Athlete in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2010 season.
    Rated Best Defensive Infielder in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2010 season.
    Rated Best Hitter for Average in the Los Angeles Dodgers system after the 2010 season.

    League Best Tools:

    Rated Best Baserunner in the Midwest League in 2009
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Midwest League in 2009
    Rated Most Exciting Player in the Midwest League in 2009
    Rated Most Exciting Player in the Southern League in 2010
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Southern League in 2010
    Rated Best Baserunner in the Southern League in 2010
    Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Pacific Coast League in 2011

  11. DRomo says:

    Do we all forget Dee Gordon is basically a rookie? Calm down. He is frustrating at times I agree. But Matt Kemp used to piss me off something awful. But he figured it out. Dee is improving. His bunts are getting better (not great). His average is creeping up. His body I feel is breaking down a little in my opinion because his speed is not what is was in the beginning of the season in my opinion. But he will get there. Be patient.

    I don’t hate Chase Headley. I like him. He is a legit 3B that will do better in Dodger Stadium. Which isn;t quite the pitchers park PetCo is. He would be a nice addition to a lineup of Kemp, Ethier, the Ellis twins, etc. I would LOVE the move if there is yet another bat at 1B involved in our shopping. Dream on!

    Something will happen. I still believe.

    C’mon All Star Break!!!

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Absolutely agree with Badger about the hitting coaches. Bad hitters don’t become good ones because they have a good coach. Doesn’t seem that Matt Kemp was adversely affected by his hitting coach. I’ve heard the same stuff about Honeycutt, and yet the Dodgers pitching has been their strong point this year. The Dodgers have good coaches, and I’m sorry to say, too many bad hitters. And don’t I remember Dave Hansen being praised last year after he took over as hitting coach?

    Agree again regarding the statement that the Puig signing sends. In fact, I said essentially the same thing in the previous thread.

    Badger said the following:

    “As bad as it looks, it’s only a cocoon stage in our development.

    The Dodgers are back people.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Again, as I’ve noted before, this ownership only came on board May 1, and consequently missed all of last offseason when they could have signed some free agents or taken on contracts in trades. That’s more difficult to do inside a season, so maybe the Dodgers won’t get what they’re looking for. But they will be looking, and will be ready to pounce if the opportunity presents itself. That’s a sea change compared to the McCheap regime. Like I’ve said before, it’s darkest before the dawn, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Looks pretty gloomy right now, but I do think better days are ahead. It just might take a little while.

    And nobody should be worrying about trading our top prospects. The Puig signing should tell you that if young talent is surrendered to acquire impact talent, that more young talent will be signed to replenish the pipeline.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from Dylan Hernandez:

    “But the Dodgers scouted Puig before his banishment from Cuban baseball when not every team was scouting him. What they saw in the few times Puig played internationally was a five-tool player with power and speed.

    Puig had a breakout season in Cuba in 2010-11, batting .330 with 17 home runs and 47 runs batted in.

    The Dodgers plan to take a measured approach with Puig, who will probably start his American baseball experience at the team’s year-round training complex in Arizona. If he progresses well, he could play in the Arizona Fall League, a finishing school for baseball’s top prospects.”

    Maybe the Dodgers do know something that the other teams don’t. And that 2010-11 season sounds pretty good given that Puig was only 19 at the time.

    If Puig plays in the AFL this fall, and is able to handle it, then his development just might be sped up. I don’t expect to see him in a Dodger uniform next season, but two years isn’t out of the question.

    • Badger says:

      I would like to see him in AA as quickly as possible. He should be able to handle A ball already. What he does with the good pitching of AA will tell us a lot. I too see him on the big club within 2 years.

      The system can be rebuilt quickly with just a few good decisions and some money being spent.

  14. jerry says:

    kevin…yes you are probably write..but his dad was a big leaguer and thought he would of been play since he was little..

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    DRomo – “His (Gordon) average is creeping up. . . . ”

    Hey, when he goes 1 for 4 his average goes up.

    There are times I watch him at the plate, and wonder, if he were to try a big bat, slap at the ball — and take off.

    Matty Alou – 5’9″, weighed 160 (and probably lighter when he started out)

    He played 15 years in the majors. Lifetime average: .307. Won the batting championship with .342 in 1966.

    I saw him play (live) when he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1967 and 1968 probably 20 games.

    I am remembering a bigger bat, thicker, not to drive the ball, but to hit the ball here and there, slapping it, chopping it, pushing it — and running like holy heck.

    The fans used to cheer: “Go Manny Go . . . Go Manny Go . . . Go Manny Go . . . ” or something like that.

    His big year he had 231 hits, 42 walks, and only struck out 35 times (all season).

    Gordon needs to work on this. Just get the ball on the grass and run.

    Just a suggestion . . .

  16. David says:

    Dodgers, Astros Discussing Lowrie Trade
    By Zach Links [June 29 at 9:02pm CST]

    The Dodgers are talking to the Astros about a trade that would send Jed Lowrie to the Dodgers with minor-leaguers Zach Lee and Garrett Gould headed to Houston, according to Buster Olney of (via Twitter). One source place the odds of the deal taking place at about 50-50 right now, Olney tweets.

    Sources also say that others could be involved in the talks, according to Olney (via Twitter). Lowrie would provide the Dodgers with options at shortstop and third base to go along with a power bat. The 28-year-old has a .262/.350/.492 slash line with 14 homers in 68 games this year.

    Lee, 20, was the Dodgers’ first-round pick in 2010 and signed with the club over attending LSU on a football scholarship. The right-hander was promoted to Double-A Chattanooga earlier this week after turning in a 4.55 ERA with 8.5 K/9 and 1.6 BB/9 in 12 California League starts in 2012.

    Gould, also a right-hander, was the club’s second-round pick in ’09 out of Wichita, Kansas. The soon-to-be 21-year-old has made 12 starts and three relief appearances in the California League this year, posting a 5.12 ERA with 9.0 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9.

  17. Nedsucks says:

    Did you hear? Zach lee and garret Gould for Jed lowrie? Wow straight shit

  18. Badger says:

    We trade our first round 5 million dollar pick, and another solid arm, for a guy that has 33 home runs in 1056 at bats and a career avg. of .255? That’s a future #1 and #3-4 starter for a less than average power bat.

    I think we can do better.

    Patience. If we are going to let Lee go, make sure it’s for thunder. There are a lot of teams that would love to get their hands on a young arm like Lee.

  19. Bobby says:

    Lee can be a centerpiece to get Hanley Ramirez, or Felix Hernandez

    If Lee gets us Jed Lawrie, this Gugenheim group is as idiotic as the Mccourt group

  20. ken says:

    Rumor is Seager to be signed by 7/4.

  21. DRomo says:

    Others may be involved in the Lowrie deal! I hope the others are named Wandy Rodriguez… Or maybe Loney going there too for Carlos Lee, Wandy, & Lowrie ?

    Hell I believe in the new regime. I believe in Stan.

  22. DRomo says:

    Deal involves Carlos Lee , Not Lowrie!!!!

    Hmm? Now I wonder?

    Steep price. But I have heard some say they believe Zach Lee will go back to football soon…

    I like the risk. Let’s roll

    • Bobby says:

      No way we trade our top prospect for a fat guy who will be a free agent.

      Lee is making $18 mil this year. We will pay all of his salary in order to save Houston money and thus give them a lesser prospect.

      I can see Gould for Lee, but NOT Zack Lee

  23. DRomo says:

    Latest is Zach Lee is not in the deal.

    Carlos Lee is only owed $5 million. Plus we keep Loney? Ok I’m in! Loney plays late innings. Done deal. To clear roster spot DFA Kennedy.

  24. DRomo says:

    Carlos Lee has to approve deal. C’mon Carlos! We need the bat!!!

  25. ken says:

    2012 MLB pitcher ACE Meter – Who should be an All-Star?

    Cain SF 1.97
    Dickey NYM 2.07
    Verlander DET 2.19
    Cueto CIN 2.41
    Peavy CWS 2.42
    Bumgarner SF 2.52
    Kershaw LAD 2.53
    Hamels PHI 2.62
    Hernandez SEA 2.81
    Lohse STL 2.81
    Capuano LAD 2.81
    Greinke MIL 2.89
    Price TB 2.91
    Sabathia NYY 2.93
    Lewis TEX 3.00

  26. Bball says:

    Any chance puig is ready tomorrow. Holy crap. Panic button anyone

  27. Dave says:

    At age 36, has Carlos Lee lost his power (4 HRs)? I prefer the thought that we might be able to get Edwin Encarnacion as I posted about earlier. Does Edwin play good enough defense to play 3b so that Carlos Lee at 1b would work? We NEED a big power bat, even after we get Kemp back. I don’t see Lee as being that bat anymore (again only 4 HRs so far this season).

    • Bobby says:

      Lee is around .291 with 5hr and 29 rbi this year, after 18hr and 94rbi last year.

      I think since he’ll be a FA after this year, he’ll be motivated to play hard for his last contract (likely as a DH), thus giving us a solid bat at 1b.

      NOW, this Edwin Encarnacion could be a huge get for us! I’ve actually always liked him since his Cincy days. Maybe he’s figured things out (or maybe he’s up in Toronto taking whatever Bautista is taking). Either way it’s a 100% improvment over Useless-ribe.

      • Dave says:

        If we’re going to rent Lee’s bat for the rest of this season, why is there even talk about sending one of our top pitching prospects in return? Picking up his contract since he’ll likely head to the AL to finish his last couple years as a DH should suffice.

        Some good news. . .the Hated Ones lost tonight.

  28. Dave says:

    oops – my bad, I should have checked Lee’s stats before posting. He has 5. . . count them FIVE. . . total HRs.

    • Badger says:

      I do not believe that Lee is the answer.

      The answer lies in the future of this organization, not what now remains of the past. We need help at multiple positions. Maybe Kemp, Ethier and Ellis, when they return, will generate enough offense to win some of the close games, but I think the Dodgers need serious upgrades at three positions – 3B, LF and 1B. Until those three positions are addressed, this team will not remain competitive with the deep teams in this league.

      I still wait to see what happens later in July. Knee jerk reactions at this time may make things worse.

  29. Badger says:

    Holy smoke. They got 9 runs, we got 1 hit.

    Going to be a lot of chatter until something is actually done. I think I’ll just wait and see what actually happens.

    The Dodgers are in free fall. It won’t last all year of course. Bottom has to be hit. How far do they tumble? gints and dbacks looking good these days……….

  30. Bobby says:

    Meanwhile, Saeger, our top pick, signed for $2.35 mil!!

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Knee jerk reactions at this time may make things worse.”

    Words of wisdom. I cringe when I see suggestions that the Dodgers pursue players like the over the hill Lee and the currently over-hyped Edwin Encarnacion who came into this season with a .258/.336/.453 slash line. I remember not being very impressed when he was with the Reds, and I’m not about to be suckered in because he’s in the midst of a career year. Haven’t we seen enough career years this year with the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers need to think BIG. These are not the McCourt/Newscorp Dodgers. No need to think small anymore, and no need to pursue the leftovers. If we have promising young talent to deal, then let’s package it for IMPACT type players with a future, not a bunch of run of the mill has beens or players in the midst of career years that will likely sink back to their norms with further exposure.

    I’m sure the Dodgers will try to obtain talent that will keep them in contention this year. But if that’s not possible, then I’m satisfied to allow the process to play out, and see what the financially loaded Dodgers can do in the off-season when they are likely to have much greater flexibility in their dealings.

  32. ken says:

    The Dodgers are now the joke of MLB

  33. Badger says:

    “IMPACT players with a future”

    I agree Brooklyn. If Kemp, Ellis and Ethier were all here and playing well, if Loney were putting up his typical June numbers then a guy like Youk or Lee could definitely be a lift. But, those “if’s” are not in play and the lift these guys need requires a Cummins engine and 60″ forks.

    This team just can’t hit. This was coming, I think we all knew it. Looking at this team now, everyone knows it can be pitched to. No need to be fine with them, just throw strikes.

    They had their run and they are to be commended for it. But this lineup now has 8 guys with 1 for 4 written all over them – and that is on a good night.

    Obviously we need our starters back in there. And just as obviously, we need more better players along side of them. Management has their work cut out for them. I trust they will get it done.

  34. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I trust they will get it done also. I’m just not sure they can get it all done between now and the trade deadline. But maybe they can get enough done to keep this team in contention for a playoff spot. That might not be enough to get us a championship, but it could be the first step in a process that will continue to play out during the off-season. Hope springs eternal.

  35. Dave says:

    Hey Brooklyn. . .I, too, want impact players with a future. But, getting one now or before the trade deadline is going to be difficult for all the reasons we all know (don’t need to elaborate with you guys – I think as this is an informed group). So, knowing we need to get as close to an impact bat as possible, I see Encarnacion as the best possibility out there this year. He hit well last year and even better this year. A trend? Time will tell. I just think that trading a pitcher most of us have tired of but still might be viewed as having top of the rotation stuff (Bills), for a guy that the other team probably can’t resign just might be our best bet until the offseason. If he continues to tear it up, then we sign him to a new contract. If not, we get a better bat after in the offseason.

    “Officials of three teams describe the Blue Jays as being in a “full court press” for rotation help,’s Jayson Stark reports. The 38-38 Blue Jays maintain a buyer’s stance, Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports report. The team recently sent multiple scouts to at least two of Wandy Rodriguez’s starts, Rosenthal and Morosi report. The club has also maintained contact with the Cubs about Matt Garza, FOX reports. The Blue Jays prefer to acquire players who are under team control for an extended period and Rodriguez (team control through 2013 or 2014) and Garza (through 2013) are more than rental players.” Bills would not be the rental player to the Jays that Rodriguez or Garza would so maybe they’d bite!

    • Dave says:

      Upon further thought…maybe the fact that Bills is only signed for one more year than Garza and Rodriguez won’t be enough “team control” for the Jays, but maybe we can “sweaten” such a deal with money. Our two strengths that we have to trade with are pitching and money after all.

      • Badger says:

        Bills just isn’t cost effective for most ballparks. Toronto’s park is middle of the pack in R/game, so I doubt Bills would go there and be better. I don’t know who would be interested in taking on his contract. I am not a GM (but I play one on my computer) I would take Garza over Bills. They are paid about the same this year, but starting next year Bills is making 11M, then 12M then either 15M or a 3M buyout. I don’t know…. if we got good Bills 4 out of 5 starts, maybe. But, lately he is good Bills maybe once every couple of starts. I have no idea what Garza might get on his next deal, but would it be that much?


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