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Would You…

  • Trade Zach Lee, Kyle Russell and Alex Castellanos for Matt Garza and Alfonzo Soriano?
  • Trade Zach Lee, Chris Capuano and Alex Castellanos for Cole Hamels?
  • Trade Zach Lee, Alex Castellanos  and James Loney for Justin Morneau?
  • Trade Zach Lee, Alex Castellanos, Juan Rivera and Shawn Tolleson for Chase Headley and Carlos Quentin?

What say you?

Here’s the deal:  If the Dodgers want an impact player (pitcher or hitter), Zach Lee is going to be part of the deal.  He’s their biggest bargaining chip.  Get used to it.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  You have to give up value to get it.

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25 Responses to “Would You…”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    If the player or players I get — are indeed impact play/ers — and would make this a championship team in 2012 — I make the trade.

    I think it is in hitting not just another pitcher. Zach Lee does not even figure in the parent club this year and most likely not even next in a key role.

    But, not for an older, run-down player, on their last leg and needs Oxygen in-between innings.

  2. ken says:

    How about first just telling Uribe to get a lighter bat and see what happens before looking at Soriano. :)

    I would do the Hamels trade if there was a side agreement regarding a 5 year extension.

    Quentin’s defense is worse than Rivera and Abreu.

  3. Glass Is Half Full says:

    Yes to the first two proposals…and no to the last two…..

  4. Bobby says:

    I”d trade any kid and even a lot of the current mlb guys for a stud.

    Cole Hamels is a stud! Justin Morneau was a stud, and maybe he will be again (that takes some doctors to figure it out and I’m not a doctor)

    Carlos Quentin and Chase Headley are nice, but not studs. Those guys should NOT cost ur top 2-3 prospects, unless Ned has the old team pay all of the players’ salaries again.

    My #1 goal would be to find out if King Felix can be had. And IF he can, it’s time to say good bye to a lot of our kids!!!

  5. Badger says:

    Does Soriano still make $111,111,111.11 a night? If so, and the Cubs won’t pick up at least part of the contract – then no. Unlike a player such as Manny, nobody is going to pay to go see Aflonzo Soriano play. That kind of money is better spent elsewhere. Yes to Hamels, no to to the others.

  6. Badger says:

    ok…typo…. $111,111.11

    my bad

    and still no edit button

  7. Bobby says:

    I mentioned Soriano several weeks back. Granted he’s not great, maybe he’s like a right handed Adam Dunn?

    BUT, if the cubs paid a significant portion of his salary, is he worth $10 mil a year? $8 mil a year? He’s up to .276 with 12hr/41 rbi this year. Not horrible, especially on a crappy team. He could be a more realistic way to get a solid bat in LF. Then again, is he better than a Rivera/Abreu/Herrera/Gwynn combo? Probably factoring in the 2-3 years left on his contract, the prospects we’d send out, and the fact that we’d have to sit the of the platoon brothers down, maybe our current situation is better than Soriano?

  8. emersonlake says:

    No! I don’t buy that we have to trade our best stuff to get an impact player–here’s why. I’m thinking long term. Why trade great prospects like Lee and Castellanos for guys we can just sign in the off season, now that we have deep pockets? A trade for Hammels is nuts at this point. Why be so desperate to win this year? We have a great shot to win anyway with smaller deals. I’d rather keep stacking the great prospects up, while dealing off all the Kyle Russells, and maybe the Jerry Sands’ that we can find takers for, and then making serious moves in the Fall. Maybe even Fed-ex too, now that the real AJ Ellis has emerged. We have other good catchers a couple rungs down in the minors. I’m fully confident that the Dodgers are back, whether we win this year or not, and I want to consolidate that and keep it that way.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    Looking for good Bills tonight……………….

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Why would anyone want the 36 year old Soriano? His 12 HRs this year are probably largely the result of his playing in the NL Central, not exactly the home of spacious ballparks. And his .325 OBP is certainly not what the Dodgers are looking for. And exactly where would he play? if anyone thinks his 36 year old body can now suddenly return to the 3B, I think they’re sadly mistaken. I would want him if he was making a $1.11.

    Morneau I think is too questionable to surrender any kind of talent for, and Headley/Quentin don’t excite me.

    That leaves Cole Hamels. And YES, I would pull the trigger on that deal. And if Garza could be had, I’d probably consider a deal for him as well, maybe even the one suggested above, WITHOUT Soriano.

    I’m not worried about surrendering some prospects, since I think the Dodgers will spend as much as necessary to replenish the talent pipeline in the organization. And we have young pitching talent with Eovaldi and RDLR, and others.

    As for surrendering talent to rent Hamels, it’s a gamble I think is worth taking. And if it turns out good, it just might be what convinces Hamels to stay in LA long term. After all, he is a Southern California kid.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    In my previous post I said this about Soriano. “I would want him if he was making a $1.11.” Sorry for the typo. I meant to put the word “NOT” in front of “want”.

    I wouldn’t want Soriano even if the Cubs wanted to give him to the Dodgers.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    One other thing. If the Phillies would go for the suggested deal above, I’d do it not only because I think the Dodgers would have a good shot at signing Hamels long term, but I also think the talent surrendered is of a type that could be reacquired over the winter via free agency and/or prospects. And a strong run by the Dodgers due to a Hamels acquisition this season would likely be worth oodles of money to the Dodgers in increased regular season attendance, and revenue from the postseason.

    And all that would be possible because McCourt no longer owns the Dodgers. And that’s something we shouldn’t forget.

    Finally, I’m not sure deal above would get it done. Keep in mind that there may well be other strong bids for Hamels by other teams.

  13. Bobby says:

    Great point Brooklyn.

    By the way, the Dodgers record in the last 162 games? 94-66. Not bad!

  14. Badger says:

    Good points being made today.

    I think it’s ok to look for the right move, one that works for now and for later. Clubhouse chemistry has to be considered, and I just don’t know about a guy like Soriano. I think Hamels would be a good fit with this group, and being a SoCal guy, maybe he would be interested.

    The Dodgers don’t HAVE to do anything yet. We have the lead, so, why not wait and see who will come available? There could be a real fit out there just waiting for the right deal. We have some chips to play, and we have the ability to take on contracts. I am fine with just waiting to see what comes to us.

  15. jerry says:

    ken ..if uribe got a liter bat..he would just screw himself into the ground..he swings to hard..and his head flys out..seem like he never goes for the base hit..someone need s to tell him ..he only has 1.

  16. jerry says:

    i hr run…sorry

    • ken says:

      My comment actually is tungue in cheek and has to do with the change in the production of Soriano due to his coach telling him to use a lighter bat and Soriano’s resulting production significantly improving. Would Uribe improve like Soriano has in that last month? Probably not!

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Interesting loss last night to the White Sox.

    Dodgers do not score any runs in their last 6 innings. Totally shut down.

    Hairston & Uribe left a total of 9 runners on base.

    Herrera did not get a hit — call someone.

    Dodger relief pitching looked strong.

    On the plus side: Lincecum, now 2-8, lost again. 2 bombs against him.

  18. Bill Russell says:

    Games between June 15th and Allstar break. 1-1

  19. Badger says:

    Count our blessings that Lincecum isn’t what he usually is. Without him, the gints could be in serious trouble. With him, they are serious contenders.

    “Games between June 15th and Allstar break. 1-1″

    Yep. .500. This is a tough part of the schedule, and it would appear it will done without our best hitter. .500 is a worthy goal.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from Badger above. And I wholeheartedly agree.

    “The Dodgers don’t HAVE to do anything yet. We have the lead, so, why not wait and see who will come available? There could be a real fit out there just waiting for the right deal. We have some chips to play, and we have the ability to take on contracts. I am fine with just waiting to see what comes to us.”,0,7537521,full.story

    If this (below), from Shaikin’s article, is true, then the Dodgers are likely to have to pay a price to get what they need. And whether they act sooner or later, if at all, is a judgment that only Kasten/Colletti can make. None of us has enough information, speculate as we may, to know for sure what should be done next, and when.

    “but the market is overloaded with buyers.

    ‘I honestly don’t believe there will be enough players to go around,’ said the general manager of another major league club.”

  21. Badger says:

    L.A. now has a lot going for it. The lifestyle is suited for rich athletes and the weather is perfect for playing baseball. The stadium holds 56,000 and the owners are mega wealthy. This now IS a place where championships can be had.

    It does not have to happen this year, but it does have to start this year, and I think it already has. We have locked up Kemp and Ethier, Kershaw will likely be extended and we have Bills locked up too. We have a few good, not great but good, athletes in the system and once the dead weight contracts are finally cleared, that money can be spent on some free agent pieces that should put us over the top. I just have this feeling that the new era is going to be a positive one. I never felt that way with Fox, and most of you know exactly how I felt about McGrease from the beginning.

    The skies are Blue again. No need to rush this thing. Keep moving forward and do it right this time.

  22. quasimodo says:

    if they trade loney i’ll be an unhappy fan. but i was unhappy when furcal left, now i’d be more unhappy if gordon was traded, so what do i know? but i’m not big on the idea of trading off talent for superstars, too often its failed. naw, i wouldn’t trade loney alone for anybody, not even puhols. i cheer for the dodgers not some fantasy team

  23. Badger says:

    Everybody slumps. Even the best. Willie Mays went 0 for 27. Reggie Jackson had a 77 for 397 and 0 for 37 slump in ’83. By your definition Mark they are chokers.

    Well said friddo. You too Brooklyn.

    Maybe we can agree to disagree and move on.

    We need a healthy Kemp.


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