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When The Sun Is Shining…

Do do you walk down the street on a sunny day and say “I don’t think this will last for long.  I think it will rain soon and be dark and gloomy?

If you go to a restaurant and eat good meal, do you say “I think this might make me vomit?”

Halfway through a really good movie, do you say “I am sure that this can’t be that good and will end badly?”

If not, why do you say “The Dodgers might be at .500 by the All-Star Break?”

I guess if you are miserable, you can’t enjoy this ride.  Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

What I do know is  that this is damn good run and the Dodgers have the best record in baseball.

You are a miserable person if you can’t enjoy it.

Peace out!



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22 Responses to “When The Sun Is Shining…”

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m sorry Mark I must have missed it did someone say we would be .500 at the break?

  2. Bill Russell says:

    I hear ya Mark. Count?me in for the ride. I love this team. Could it better? Yes, but couldn’t pretty much everything. I can’t wait to hear Vin say “It’s time for Dodger Baseball”. I’ll be watching the game in my sunroom with a bag of sunflower seeds. Bring on the Sox………………………

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Something strange happened to my post up above. Not sure if it was operator error or if the site is adding crazy stuff to my posts. Count me in for the ride. Could it be better?

  4. Badger says:

    If you know it’s supposed to storm on Thursday, do you pack a raincoat?

    I like the fact that a guy like Jerry Hairston can be hitting .336 in mid June, but I would plan on that number coming down. Our catchers won’t end the year at .300, DeJesus and Herrera won’t hit .290 and I wouldn’t count on Abreu finishing with an OPS of .861. And here’s something else, when Matt Kemp does get back, I am going out on limb and predict he won’t finish this season hitting .355 with an OPS of 1.163. The Dodgers offense is not going to finish like it started. And that isn’t being a Debbie Downer (love that one) it’s just being realistic.

    Most of the rumors I have been reading involve the Dodgers looking for more pitching. I am thinking that’s how they intend to get it done this year. Keep the other team from scoring and maybe they will give you enough runs to win. That’s a strategy. I guess I am down with it. Sure would like to see another thumper in this lineup though.

  5. Idahoal says:

    I have enjoyed the ride. I believe that management will do what it can to win this year. I think we have enough good pitching to take us all the way. I love the way this team battles. Put Herrera at third base when Ellis comes back. Looney is not great at 1st. but will do for now. Rotate Rivera and Abreu in left field and maybe at 1st. Gwynn is doing an excellent job for the injured Kemp. Kennedy and Uribe should be traded or let go. This team will continue to play well all year because they like and respect Donnie. I also think they have excellent coaches. All the players look like they enjoy being at the ball park. I just think there is a different attitude this year.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    I second Idahoal thoughts………………

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Uribe is due to hit a HR soon. I mean, he has 87 ABs and 16 Ks with 5 BBs and 1 HR — and the law of averages — he should hit another HR just by the amount of swings he has . . . building up.

    What the Dodger need? I just remember how important the turn-around happened when Manny came to the Dodgers. He built up all of the guys on the team. Wish that could happen again.

    Enjoying seeing some of these young hitters coming into the majors last year and this. But the Dodgers do not have anything like these hitters. I do not have the draft lists of the past 2 to 8 years — but it seems we have no future Hall of Fame hitters down in the minors at all.

    But again, without looking at the draft lists the Dodgers have gone for a lot of pitchers for a long time. I can think of Kemp of course, Beltre – but he got away.

    Maybe all the way back to Eric Karros and Mike Piazza and Paul Konerko. I am talking about players the Dodger signed, that developed and became something. Not many hitters in the last 15 years or so. You can count them on 1 hand.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Can’t disagree with Badger. But then again, maybe one or two of those guys have a career year. And even if they should fall off, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to fall off the the table. They could just play well the rest of the year, just not exceptionally well. And to counterbalance any drop-off from certain players, there’s this. Maybe Loney turns it around in the second half, and we have Kemp for ALL of the remaining season after he returns. And maybe Mark Ellis returns and continues to perform well for ALL of the remaining season. And perhaps the Dodgers add some new pieces that help spark the team in the second half.

    Yes, some players may settle down more into the their norms, but others may counter that by picking up their game, and new pieces will likely come aboard and help to fortify the team.

    Yes, the Dodgers may hit a bump or two in the road going forward, but so may the Giants.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    The law of averages will balance out. Dee Gordon, Loney, Rivera will do better the second half. Kemp will play the rest of the season hopefully. Jensen might develop another pitch and Nate should be here to stay. New management will procure some help and all will be good at the Ravine. Some of the hot guns with falter a bit or not. The pitching is pretty good and the defense has been good for the most part. They are playing hard for Donnie and they never give up and that’s what I like about the team. I’m in…..

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Will falter. I swear my keyboard is setting me up……………

  11. RogerCraig says:

    I am enjoying the ride. It is what it is! We have no control. I am just enjoying the moment. I have a choice to be miserable or happy. I choose happy.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Are the clouds rolling in? Is the magic about to go?

    Can the Dodgers score more than 1 run?

    Is Kershaw on a downer?

    Are the White Sox this good, or is Clayton just having a bad month?

  13. Gonzo says:

    Clayton’s hurt.

  14. Bball says:

    I have a question. What r the dodgers waiting on to make a move for a bat. Is it that new management wants to see a little bit longer what the younge guys and loney and uribe r gonna do or is it cause there just isn’t anybody willing to deal at this point. I’ve seen enough of these low scoring games and I’m pretty sure the new management has too. I think they will trade for someone but y wait. The time is now. Don’t wait till ur a couple games back to do something. Do it now to stay ahead all year right. Come on new owners make a splash and make it sooner rather than later

  15. Badger says:

    I got a 25 push-up bet with an old high school buddy on this game. His son was Sale’s college pitching coach, and remains good bud with him. I picked the 25, figuring I could likely lose this one and I wanted to be able to do them all in one set.

    Sale is a good one. It’s going to be difficult to come back on him. Kershaw with 4 earned in 6 IP. 104 pitches, I assume he is done.

    What’s wrong with Clayton Gonzo?

  16. Bball says:

    Of course. Y would I ever doubt them. Silly me

  17. ken says:

    5 runs! Will the Dodgers win tonight?

    Manny was released by the As. Sign him now. Oh that is right he is still signed by the Dodgers. Is that Deferred Compensation still around $8 mil per year?

    Coffey should go on the Green Coffee Bean Diet.

    When Kemp returns after the All-Star game it could feel just like getting the old Manny the first time. What excitement it will be.

    Q1. Yes in San Francisco.
    Q2. Yes if you have an ulcer.
    Q3. Yes if you are watching The Titanic.

    I am ok with the Dodgers playing .500 from today through the All-Star break. Platoon players at 3-4 positions. Get everyone healthy. Sign 1 or 2 players. Score 5 runs or more half of the time. Go to the World Series.

  18. ken says:

    Sweet Change by Jansen.
    Easy Button = 5 runs.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    Never say never with this team……. We are better then .500 ball between now and the Allstar game. Starting tonight we are now +1 towards the .500 ball. Ken, keep us informed on this stat…… Glad to see Badger getting the win against the college buddy. GO Blue

  20. jerry.. says:

    loney may not be that great at hitting..but his defense in my eyes is the best at first in the majors..there was a ball the rivera miss that loney would of scope up every time..great come back

  21. Badger says:

    That sure wasn’t the game I was expecting. Weird. Sale vs. Kershaw – neither looked like an ace. But, I’ll take it.

    Anybody else find this scheduling strange? I thought we were playing the AL West this year. Oh well, we caught the Sox at the right time. They are in first place, but have not been playing well of late – 3-7 in their last 10. Arizona and S.F. still playing well enough. Loney – .324 in June.

  22. Gonzo says:

    I think that his foot is hurting him more than he’s letting on. It might not be excruciating pain but enough to compensate for it. Pitching is strenuous on the feet no matter which foot you push off with or plant.


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