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Underachievers and Overachievers

Honestly, this is no time to panic, but I do feel that Kevin Youkilis could have give the Dodgers a shot in the arm.  He’s younger than Pujols and is finally healthy after two unhealthy years.  Just like Pujols hitting .190 was not going to last, Youk is not going to keep hitting .225. (actually he’s at .234).  He will end up around his career average (.299) and he could have did it for the Dodgers…. without costing a nice prospect – I am still angry about that!

However, we have to move on.  The problem right now is overachievers and underachievers.  Offensively, the Dodgers have had a lot move underachievers than overachievers.


  1. Ellis & Ellis (but the last has been out for quite some time)
  2. Maybe Abreu
  3. Hairston


  1. Gordon
  2. Loney
  3. Uribe
  4. Rivera
  5. Gwynn

The overachievers have cooled somewhat and it’s time for them to step up or shut up, pack their bags and get out!  It’s that simple!

Kemp when he is back, and Ethier will do what they do.  The dead weight has to end.  It starts with the five listed above.

Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 6/26/12

Allen Webster pitched 7 innings with 4 hits and 1 ER.  Nice!

Kershaw had to pitch the game of his life to win yesterday. He didn’t!

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  1. DRomo says:

    I think you are right that Youklis would have helped however he has not been healthy. In fact he has missed time this season. According to reports the Dodgers did not want to take the risk of having him try and stay healthy for the rest of the season but if he was available for a 2 month rental they would have done the deal.

    Bottom line is we need help ASAP!! The team is taking on water and the good vibes and good feelings are all but gone! The All Star break can not come fast enough.

    • Dodger66 says:

      The beer goggles have worn off, and the morning warts are showing strong! I would not trade any serious chips for this team, there are to many holes. Keep the best minor league chips, and build in the summer for next year.

  2. Mike Dixon says:

    Agree..Dodgers needed the Youlk trade…He definitely would have given them a shot in the arm….Then when Kemp comes back in a couple of weeks it would have been another….and what is up with Ethier still swinging at every breaking ball in the dirt…WTF…

  3. Anonymous says:

    With the success that loney had against vogelsong why was he not starting? With loney these are rare opportunities you must take at vantage of. Even the night prior against zito, why with two on and no outs did you not have uribe bunt the runners over? Sometime donnie ball is stupid ball.

  4. Badger says:

    They must have another, better idea than Youkilis. He didn’t cost that much so he could have been had – they made a CHOICE not to.

    I believe Ethier is wilting under the pressure of having to carry a club. It would appear obvious he is not THAT kind of player. He is 99, to Kemp’s Maxwell Smart. (too old a reference? well, consider the source). This was a chance for Ethier to show he is worth #1 money. He is not. Trade him to Boston for 3 A prospects and turn the page on that guy. I used to think he was the next Shaun Green. Now I think he should be Shaun Gone.

    Loney. Make him use a lighter bat. He can’t square up anything anymore. Or get him some andro gel and insist he go to conditioning boot camp. So much potential, so little production. What about swapping him out for a guy like Carlos Lee? It would obviously take more than Loney, and Lee wouldn’t give us more than one or two more years, but, that would give us time to figure first base out. Lee is 37 next year and has already made his money. He can’t expect more than 2-3 year contract….. can he?

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    I used Badger’s advice, got up at 3 am — and it struck me — the Dodgers have been waiting for the Giants to catch up so as to put more people in the seats each game — with a real pennant race.

    All-Star Game — Dodgers. Kemp for sure as he has mucho votes.

    Pitchers: Not Kershaw. Right now he is 11th in the league in ERA, even Capuano is ahead of him.

    Kershaw has given up 11 HRs, that is 18th on the list — but Lincecum has only given up 8 and is 41st on the list.

    WHIP, Clayton is 8th. Heck, even our old friend McDonald (Pitt) is ahead of him and so is Beachy and Miley.

    I feel, if they put Kershaw on the team — it will be because of last year’s record.

    Now, Etheir for an outfield slot. Not sure. He is on his way for 130-150 Ks this season with 67 so far. He is 7th for N.L. outfielders in Ks.

    Average wise for N.L. outfielders he is 11th. Slugging average he is 14th.

    No longer does he lead the league in RBIs. This one is a tough call, since the Dodgers have been at the top of the standings for almost all season — Ethier is the man that is the face of this season.

    Catcher, if the N.L. carries 4 catchers, then Ellis will make the team. But Ruiz, Molina and Posey are having better seasons. But 4th is not bad.

    • Kevin says:

      Roger….Kershaw is an All Star. The problem is that he was so lights out last year that when he doesn’t totally dominate everyone thinks there’s something wrong. You mention that he’s 8th in the league in WHIP….is that bad? One dominating outing and he’s in the top 5. He’s also 6th in K’s and has K/BB ratio of almost 4-1. Oh and he’s leading the league in innings pitched. He basically goes out every outing and gives you at least 7 innings(last night he was pulled for a pinch hitter but would have most certainly pitched the 7th if his turn didn’t come up). Out of 16 starts he has given up more than 3 ER only 3 times.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    It is time for Herrera to go back to AAA and try another player. The league has figured him out now. Great spirit, but the Dodgers need more.

    Boy, Kemp must really be hurt and the injury serious. Too bad . . . he was on his way for one great season. His key now — it come back when ready and help lead the team to the post season.

  7. the truth hurts says:

    i agree with you Mark, the Youk deal had to be made. I am a firm believer in our fan base waiting for that big move before we trust any ownership of this organization. Not that Youkilis would have done that but hope springs eternal.

    Ethier without Kemp is Bonnie without Clyde. He sucks!
    Loney sucks!
    Uribe sucks!
    Herrera is starting to suck!
    Gordon has sucked and is sort of unsucking a little, but still sucks!
    Rivera sucks!
    Ellis is sucking!
    Other Ellis is coming off a broken leg so he might suck!
    Kemp has a hamstring that might suck the rest of his career!

    I am off my suck rant……

    I need a drink

    The sky is falling and the truth needs management to step up and do something!


    Or Badger, you might be right, sellers this season

  8. Badger says:

    Welll truth, I can understand the angst. I don’t necessarily agree with all the applied sucks, but, I get it. I think Abreu and Rivera would both be outstanding sticks off the bench. Neither, in my opinion, is really a starter anymore. Not on good teams anyway. Herrera is basically what many call a 4A player. He too is not really a starter on a good team, but on a club like Kansas City, or even Pittsburgh, he could produce enough to stick around. He can play multiple positions and probably hit around .260 once he is used to playing at this level. That has value somewhere, but not here. We got a whole squad of Herrera’s on this team. Have to wonder what Jed was thinking when he cobbled this group together.

    The team will be better when Kemp gets back, provided he is the same Matt Kemp that left. But, even if he is, there are still the glaring holes that have been there all year. This is an organization that should have a Yankee type lineup, and that will not happen in the first year of new ownership. Patience will be required for the development of the Dodgers. Like I used to tell people like Mark when talking politics, it took 8 years of massive screw ups to end up where we are. It might take a few years to get back to where we belong. Same thing applies here. McCourt was a freakin’ disaster as an owner. It will take more than a few minutes to recover from his management.

  9. Badger says:

    Yasel anyone?

  10. jerry says:

    i am sticking up for either..he should not have to carry the team..this is a team…not one man. they use to say they are pitching around kemp and not giving him any thing to hit..well it the same with either..he been getting some double..s. but no one on base..

    • Kevin says:

      I agree Jerry. If Herrera doesn’t GIDP in the 1st last night (for the second night in a row!) we score a run. Ethier is the least of our problems. The problem is we have bench players starting at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, LF, and CF pretty much every night. Tough to win like that.

    • Badger says:

      Andre is hitting about .160 since Kemp left the lineup jerry. If he isn’t getting anything to hit, then he should stop swinging and take the damn walk. Is it just coincidence he goes into this funk at the same time our best hitter goes on the DL? I suppose that’s possible, but, I don’t think so. I think he feels the pressure and he isn’t handling it well.

      • Kevin says:

        Badger he’s hitting .295 his last 10 games with 4 walks. Again, Ethier is not the problem.

        • Badger says:

          You’re right Kevin. What the hell was I looking at? …

          oh yeah, he is hitting .218 in the month of June – .207 in the last 28 days. Maybe he is coming out of that… thanks.

  11. Bobby says:

    Ethier is a problem now. He just came out of the game on a slide into 2nd base.

    Wow this lineup now is hideous! Lincecum is utter trash if he can’t beat this lineup

  12. ken says:

    The overachievers are now underachieving.

    Looney just needs to shorten his swing and get rid of the stupid leg timing kick.

    Kershaw has no slider this year so he just throws fastballs and an occasional curve. No wonder he gives up so many HRs.

    Mark was right – Herrera = Robles.

    So Ethier is hurt too? When it rains it pours.

    At least the June Gloom is keeping the weather cooler.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, nothing like gray skies to cool off the summer heat. Not that the Dodgers have been hot this summer.

      Man, I think I could pitch to that lineup. ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but, look at it. Yoiks. I’ll be Lincecum is drooling now.

      Yeah, we have them playing right into our hands. Get them overconfident, then score 3 and win this thing. Of course, that would mean Good Bills needs to show up. So far – 5 hits 2 BB and 2 earned in 3 IP. Not good numbers so far.

  13. Badger says:

    I guess with Mark maybe slowing down here, expecting that edit button at this late date is not realistic.

  14. Bobby says:

    Vin said it’s an oblique strain for Ethier. That will not heal that soon, so expect to be without him for AT LEAST 2 weeks.

    welcome to LA Sands,SVS,Smith/BCG, whoever?

  15. DRomo says:

    Remember today as the day the magic officially died.

    Call me crazy but I would like to see them shutdown Kershaw. He has not looked right to me. He has been effective. But not dominate. Protect him from himself.

    Come on All Star break!!!

  16. DRomo says:

    I am officially don’t with Billngsley!! Gutless wonder.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I hate uribe, he sucks!!!!! I would take eugenio velez over that piece of crap. DFA now!!!!

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    DL Ethier, put Kershaw on the shelf — then take the best of the AA and AAA team, move them up to L.A. — and take the 25 Dodger roster and move them down.

    The AA and AAA guys cannot do any worse. No way.

    In the last 15 games including today (and they are loosing) the Dodgers 4 – 11.

    In those 15 games the Dodgers have scored a total of 34 runs. That is just about 2 runs a game. Not major league worthy.

    In these 3 games, thank goodness that the Dodgers did not have to face Cain and Bumgarner. Might have been another no-hitter.

    Maybe — just maybe the Dodgers can score in the 9th inning an pull this game out and save the season. Maybe . . .

  19. Anonymous says:

    Roger sounds like a great plan. With the exception of Hairston everyone else looks like poop!

  20. Badger says:

    Wha’ happin’ to patience?

    I think Patience has left the building. She is being replaced by Muhktar.

    Well, what can be said, except – we kinda already knew there were two teams in this division that are better than we are and the odds of the Dodgers making the play-offs this year were always stacked against them.

    Now we can settle in and make a real plan. I say give the AAA players their shot. Hell, half of them are already here, bring the rest of them up and see who does and does ain’t got Major League talent. Give a AA pitcher a shot too. Find out who has value on the open market.

    That’s would I would do. Now, let’s talk about what the Dodgers will probably do.

    I’ll start:

    I have no idea.

    Anybody else?

  21. Bobby says:

    IF Ethier is out for an extended period (over 2 weeks), we have nothing of substance in the lineup.

    In that case, I agree. Let’s go with the kids and see if any of them prove worthwhile.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Send the vets packing and bring the young guns up! I would rather see the youngsters get the time good or bad to see what they are made of.

  23. Kevin says:

    You people are crazy!! Put Kershaw on the shelf??? Are some of you really ready to give up on the season right now? Unbelievable.

  24. ken says:

    Last month it was next man up. Now it is time for next man down.
    Down to the DL and down and out to the DFA line.

    Don’t get too down on Bills, his BA is hire than 2 of the 8 position players in the lineup. At least he got a hit.

    And Coffee has a WHIP of 0.63 in June.

    Reality has set in. Back to 10 games over .500 and tied for first with no real hope for replacement in the next 11 games. The Dodger need is now so great that no one will trade with them now without a huge premium.

    Something is wrong with Kershaw. Mechanics or sore arm? Why is his slider so inferior to his 2011 slider?

    The Dodgers only have to win one more game to be above .500 at the All-Star break. :)

  25. Bball says:

    Kevin I no I’m not. That being said I am getting very impatient with management. I no there is a lot of time left before the trade deadline but something needs to be done and quick

  26. ken says:

    Dodgers are now tied for worst BA in MLB for the month of June with Miami. They only reason Miami is not the worst is because of old friend Justin Ruggiano hitting .341. What bad trade let him get away?

  27. Badger says:

    I ain’t giving up. I am just saying take those tired vets that never should have been signed anyway (start with Kennedy and Uribe) bench ‘em and give the kids a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t score?

    I too am somewhat concerned about Kershaw. He just doesn’t look right to me. I don’t know that I shelf him, but I might skip a start and keep him on a pitch count for a few starts after that.

    The All Star break is coming up after this bitch of a schedule (where we actually play a run of good teams). Maybe something will happen between then and the end of the month that will change the mojo of this team.

    Was the start of the year this team’s reality?…. or is what they have done in June what we are likely to see the rest of the way? I know what I think. One of these days we might actually hear from management, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s rather quiet for a few weeks.

  28. Bobby says:

    Last year the average DL time for a strained oblique was 31 days.

    Don’t expect to see Andre back in the lineup until the very end of July.

    Then again, maybe July 31 we get Ethier, along with a big trade acquisition at the deadline, in our lineup??

  29. Bill Russell says:

    A long, long time ago
    I can still remember how that music used to make me smile
    And, I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people dance, and…
    Maybe they’d be happy for a while
    But, February made me shiver with every paper I’d deliver
    Bad news on the doorstep – I couldn’t take one more step
    I can’t remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride
    Something touched me deep inside the day the music died

  30. DRomo says:

    I just read,

    “First 50,000 @ the stadium get their very own Eric Karros bobblehead as well as a tryout. Bring a mitt.”

    What a night!?!?

  31. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t think you give up when you’re tied for first. But it’s also true that this team has had problems scoring all year due to obvious holes in the lineup. Losing Kemp, and Ellis has compounded that, and losing Ethier will compound it further.

    I’m absolutely amazed that people are starting already to criticize new ownership. Let’s get something clear, this team is the outcome of neglect on the part of Frank McCourt, and Frank McCourt only. I don’t even know that Ned can be faulted much given that he had to work under McCourt’s constraints. Some of you probably think that a new ownership team can take over on May 1 and suddenly transform the team. It ain’t that easy. They lost last winter’s free agent season (think maybe that Prince Fielder might be our first baseman if Mark Walter owned the team last winter?), and the opportunity to trade for any talented players that bring along a sizable contract. On top of everything else, they took over in a year in which a wildcard has been added, and less teams are currently in seller mode.

    And there are good signs. They spent $500,000 on 20 international prospects recently, and I’m guessing there’s more to come. Also, I believe the $500,000 is more than the Dodgers spent all last year on international talent, a year in which the Dodgers were dead LAST in that category.

    The fact that the White Sox got Youkilis as cheaply as they did tells me that no team, not just the Dodgers, bid very much for his services. I’m sure he was scouted extensively by a lot of teams, and I’m guessing that the reports that came back were not very encouraging. And again, as I have noted, Badger has noted, and others, we don’t know that something larger isn’t cooking. That doesn’t mean anything will happen, but it could be that the Dodgers prefer not to spend any of their chips just now in hopes of landing a larger prize. And quite frankly, it just may be that getting all that they need may be just be out of the Dodgers’ reach between now and the trade deadline. Perhaps they need a combination of trades and free agency to build the team that we would like to see.

    Whatever the case, I believe that ownership is doing everything it can, and I also think that Kasten is too savvy to get bamboozled by teams that may want to test how desperate he is. I suspect he’s cool under fire, and won’t do anything to compromise this team’s future for a quick fix. And if the Dodgers can’t get the kind of impact players they want, they may just hold onto their money and put it to better use during the offseason.

    Kershaw hasn’t looked quite as sharp as normal. Maybe it’s the foot. And maybe he should skip a start or two. Whatever the case, it’s probably a bit early to get into panic mode. And although his stats aren’t what they were last year, he’s also pitched a lot better than his record. Even Kershaw can’t win when his team doesn’t score. Also, last year Kershaw saved his best for the final months of the season. Maybe he’ll give us an encore, maybe not.

    For now I’ll hope for the best this season, and hold out hope that given a full cycle, our current ownership will prove to be everyting that Frank McCourt wasn’t. They’re looking to fill Dodger Stadium and develop a lucrative TV deal. Both require that money be spent to bring in winning talent. I can’t believe that they spent $2 billion without having a plan in mind to build a championship caliber team. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the Dodgers.

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree with this from Mike Petriello at MSTI.

    “Should the team even be trying to buy offense on the market? I get that it’s an odd question for a club that’s currently tied for first place, but this is a group which was expected to struggle even with Kemp & Ethier; I’m not sure that we should let a hot and almost certainly unrepeatable start color that. I’m certainly not advocating selling right now (again, tied for first place) and Kemp & Ethier & Ellis will all be back at some point. I’m just starting to think – let’s be honest, I was thinking this a bit before Ethier got hurt – that selling pitching prospects for a Josh Willingham or Carlos Lee or Jeff Francoeur whomever else is out there might not be the best use of assets to reinforce a roster which is full of holes even at full strength. There’s a pretty convincing line of thought that says to enjoy the hot start, conserve your trade chips, and spend big in the offseason to take a real shot in 2013.”

    • ken says:

      There is alot of wisdom in that approach. But we would like something to happen just to see that something can be done this year. I would still like to improve the platoons.

      Youk is a more significant upgrade over O’Dog than he would be over Uribe. How sad for O’Dog.

    • Badger says:

      I agree with all that, including what Mike said. The start this club had was surreal, and exciting, but we all know it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. I knew it couldn’t last. I posted a stat that said last year Cleveland did the same thing – and we know how they finished. Every year some club starts out hot like that. Seldom does that club stay hot – unless they have a lineup like the Yankees. This Dodger lineup was never built for the long haul and play-offs. With Kennedy, Uribe, Gwynn, Sellers, a rookie SS, etc etc …….. if everything went right for this team, it’s an 84-86 win club. Most of us knew that. I am not all that disappointed in what is happening to the team now because, as you know, I have been waiting for it.

      The thing that bothers me about the Youk deal, and is yet to be explained, is the fact that he came REALLY cheap. Boston paid his salary and the White Sox gave up virtually nothing. We got virtually nothing all over the place in our minor league system and Youkilis would have been a rather significant upgrade from Uribe. At least, I think he will be. If he continues to hit .215 then I will admit I am wrong. But I think it’s safe to say, he will hit better than Uribe.

      And now Ethier goes down for a month. Yeah, we are still in first place. The question for me is, how soon before we are in third place?

  33. Bball says:

    Brooklyn I totally agree. I don’t mean to criticize new management. I just get impatient sometimes. I know it will take longer then we all want to reverse the McCourt stank

  34. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, I am the one calling for a new owner over the past several days.

    Tongue in cheek — the irony is, with all of the money they spent on buying the club — the play on the field for the past month or so as been about as bad in all of baseball as possible. The injuries, the DL, the up and down of players to the minors — and yet, no panic by the owners to just jump at the first wagon near by.

    No, I do not think they will wait till next year — because this year has been handed to them — first place almost all season — and all they have to do is add a piece or two, and the other guys start playing smart again . . . but the irony is that baseball is a very funny game.

    • Badger says:

      Roger, the thing that allows me to believe that is the fact we have the pitching. The pitching can keep us close.

      But to make this team a real play-off contender, they need upgrades at more than one position. Maybe Kemp and Ethier come back 100% and with the addition Ellis, and a real third baseman, the team can make a move on the division in August and September. But, the dbacks and the gints also believe they can win this thing. And this last series no doubt has everyone in S.F. jacked up. To win this division is going to be a very difficult assignment. I wonder what the Vegas odds will be tomorrow.

  35. Gionfriddo says:

    Brooklyn, great stuff there .. I agree with 99% of what u said but to absolve Ned thru the cover of McCourt I disagree with.. Yes, Ned worked with financial constraints due to McCourt but Ned has been in charge of the baseball side of the operation in terms of free agent signings in addition to extensions.. Schmidt, Pierre, Jones constitutes over 120 million to 3 guys who were disasters and that mite be an understatement .. Furcal’s extension Ned gave him in ’09 was another waste of 30 million .. Lilly’s 3 yr/33 mill $ deal he signed smelled when it happened and it’s getting worse by the day as his shoulder shows no improvement.. Ditto for Guerrier’s 3 yr/12 mill deal & his sore elbow.. Bottom line, Ned has bungled his time as GM in regard to giving out $$ to free agents.. There’s NO WAY Ned should come out of this with his job when ’12 ends, regardless of where the Dodgers end up in the standings..

  36. Gionfriddo says:

    Ethier MRI tomorrow.. DL stint coming.. A deal has to be made now– here it goes– Francoeur?? A. Soriano? LaHair? Carlos Lee?? Last week, I would have said no to 3 of those 4, but tonight, under the circumstances they all look intriguing ..

  37. Badger says:

    We just added another hole to fill. If the Dodgers weren’t willing to try to get Youkilis, for nothing, why would they now try to get any of those other guys for no doubt something? Even if Ethier is replaced, we still have the same problem we had before he went down.

    By the deadline, if it’s 4th and long, I say we punt.

  38. Gionfriddo says:

    We are tied for 1st on June 27.. The Youkilis factor is over, it has no bearing on what happened today or what will occur in the coming weeks.. We have to tread water for next 11 games til we get to the break and get Kemp & Ellis back.. Adding a bat or two should happen before the break; if Ned don’t, this situation is going to go sideways in a hurry.

  39. Gionfriddo says:

    A POSITIVE from today for Dodger fans— Zach Lee’s first start in AA Chattnooga–6 innings, 5 hits, 1 ER, 3 BB’s and 7 K’s.. Nice 1st start in AA for the 20 year old…

    • Bobby says:

      very solid! he’s clearly being showcased for a big trade (not the Francour, Carloss Lee, Lahair nonsense, but a legit star)

      • Badger says:

        Agree Bobby.

        Francouer? Give me a break. Lee? Well, he would be an improvement over Loney, but, he is also 36 going on 300 pounds. LaHair sounds interesting, but he is a 29 year 39th round pick career minor leaguer that may, or may not, have figured out how to hit at this level. He only has 204 at bats in the Show. Looks promising, but I also know how some bats come to L.A. and are put to sleep.

        I don’t know friddo. Maybe you are right, but the “Youk factor” as you call it, is troubling to me. He would have helped and he would have been had for virtually nothing. Everyone mentions what a bad year he is having, but most know how good he has been and know he just needed to get out of Boston. He sure has started well in Chicago and the fans love him there. I just don’t understand why the Dodgers wanted to keep Uribe over him. No one owes me an explanation, but, I remain curious. Maybe they have something else in mind, maybe they are just going to ride this year out. Guess we will see in the coming weeks.

        If it ain’t gonna be the Dodgers, then let the local dbacks win it. Anybody but the midgets.

        In the mean time, what you see with the Blue is what we will continue to get. We’ll pick up a win now and then. But, this team will be run challenged for a while.

  40. Badger says:

    Well…….. nobody said a word when I suggested Yasel, but…. looks like the Dodgers signed the Cuban!

    He won’t be ready for a while, but this is a good sign!

    • ken says:

      How many years until he is in MLB? Does his signing mean that you can forget about signing any Ranger OF players in the off season?

      After the 2012 season is over we all want a #1-2 starting pitcher, a 1B and 3B (one of them being an All-Star.

      Of course I want better platoon players at SS and 2B.

  41. Mike Dixon says:

    Mark as soon as your done playing golf with that Chinese dude start a new thread on the big Dodgers signing today…k?…….

    Great news…love my Dodgers…

  42. ken says:

    Good News – LAD pitchers
    April 3.13 7th in MLB
    May 3.25 3rd
    June 3.52 8th

    Bad News – No consistent hitting
    April .254 12th (The Real Dodgers with Kemp)
    May .285 1st
    June .219 DEAD LAST BY A LOT

    Average BA for May/June = .252 :)

  43. Anonymous says:

    The Cuban signing doesn’t mean the Dodgers won’t have money to spend on free agents in the offseason, from Texas or anywhere else. It’s simply an indication that the Dodgers are serious about rebuilding their currently depleted farm system. I believe it’s $42 million over 7 years. That’s $6 million per year. We pay Manny and Andruw Jones more than that. I’m hoping for more signings before spending restrictions go into effect for international talent on July 2.

    Last year the Dodgers were dead last in MLB in international signings. I believe it was half of the $500,000 they recently spent on 20 international signings. They’re spending where they can at this time, since this ownership missed free agency during last offseason. I don’t believe that will happen again. As for upgrading now, I think there is a willingness to spend if it brings a top tier talent, especially one with long term prospects of staying around after this season.

    I don’t know if anything will get done between now and the trade deadline. For now I’m satisfied to let it play out, and see what happens. What other choice is there?

    • Badger says:

      We still don’t know who the sellers will be by the end of July.

      Somebody we don’t know about yet will become available. I still have hope these guys can remain above .500 until then.


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