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Sit James Loney NOW

Look, the time is up waiting for James Loney to get his mojo (I can’t say get it back, because he never had it).  ENOUGH ALREADY!  He is OPS’ing .680.  Jerry Hariston is OPS’ing .941, but he is not a middle-of-the-order hitter.    The Dodgers need to get some big bats in the lineup.   I have an idea how.  The Dodgers are having trouble scoring runs.  Loney is not cutting it as a 1B.  The Dodgers need some Moneyball-Type Players with higher OPS in the lineup.  I am OK with Dee Gordon batting first for a while as long as I see some progress… and I do, but Adam Kennedy and his .591 OPS is not tolerable.  IDJ2 has a .815 OPS – barely suitable.

Alex Castellanos is OPS’ing 1.229 in a very small sampling, but let’s see what he can do if he plays everyday.  Play him Donnie.  Where?  Well, if Loney has to sit, then who plays 1B?  Jerry Hariston  has played 1B once or twice.   Alex Castellanos has played it 7 games, Andre Ethier can probably play it, but you don’t move a gold glove RF to 1B.  Bobby Abreu has never played 1B, but he is a seasoned pro and has a good glove.  I think he could learn the position quickly.  Platoon Rivera and Abreu at 1B and trade Loney for a bag of baseballs.

Here’s the lineup I would run out there tonight:

  1. Gordon  SS (OPS .535)
  2. Hererra 2B  (OPS .759)
  3. Abreu  1B (OPS .887)
  4. Ethier  RF (OPS .932)
  5. Ellis  C (OPS .934)
  6. Castellanos  LF  (OPS 1.229)
  7. Hariston  (OPS .941)
  8. Gwynn (OPS .651)

Castellanos needs to show if he can play.  Play him if he deserves it.  He deserves it right now.  He is ahead of both SVS and Sands as the Dodgers top hitting prospect.

Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 6/3/12


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21 Responses to “Sit James Loney NOW”

  1. DRomo says:

    This roster can not win as it is currently constructed. Everyone has injuries but we have been hit pretty hard.
    I don’t hate the idea of Abreu at 1B, but has he played there? When?
    We need to make a move. A trade and soon. 1B &/or 3B must be adressed. Our bench is a strength but when the super subs (Hairston/Abreu/Gwynn) are everyday starters the magic can only last so long.
    I’d say even if we add an OF with a bat, we can move Rivera to 1B. He may even be better off to keep his hammy healthy at 1B full time?
    Bottom line we don’t need to panic, but we need to stop the bleeding fast!

  2. Badger says:

    But….. Mark….. if you look at his career splits, April and May is when you want to sit him. In his career, he has hit .324 with an .854 OPS in June.

    I wouldn’t sit Loney. I just wouldn’t. Not with a steady career of slow starts and hot summers. He is one of the few experienced bats we have on the team.

    It’s going to go like this until changes are made. We have thirtyleven second baseman and only one can play at a time. Like you, I give it to Herrera for now – or go ahead and put Castellanos in LF. Bummer for IDJ, but, he is the victim of multiple second base utility guy signings.

    It would be nice to see the same lineup three days in row just to see what might, or might not, happen. I’ll take that lineup but I don’t start Abreu in LF. I give him at least one ab off the bench, and maybe two with a couple late innings in LF and the occasional start. As long as he remains injury free, we know he will still be on the team in August. These other young guys need to be weeded out. Might as well find out now who is and who is ain’t ready to play Major League baseball.

  3. Badger says:

    oops.. obviously I don’t start Abreu at 1B.

    edit please…………..

  4. Bill Russell says:

    I have been saying for a while now that they should consider Abreu at 1st. Abreu brings a solid bat to the lineup and I believe he could learn the position quickly. James digs alot of balls out of the dirt and saves Dee Gordons butt a few times per game, however his bat is only 12 inches tall. Maybe James can be the 7th inning replacement at 1st until a trade can be worked out. I agree with you Mark.

  5. Dusto says:

    I’d much rather see a move made for a short stop and send Dee down. It’s one thing that his batting has been atrocious. I can be patient with that. But his defense is so ridiculously bad, I can hardly stomach it anymore. He’s had some nice plays, but far more botched routine plays. He needs more time getting groomed in the minors. He’s still learning the game.

    I wouldn’t mind Hairston at first or even Castle. But James has always been a second half player. He has little power to speak of and can’t hit lefties. He is NOT the better half of a platoon option though. And I don’t think Sands or Van Slyke are better options either. We definitely need to go outside the organization for a long term solution. The same could be said about 3B. But honestly, its a position we could go defense first for a short time and get away with it.

  6. Badger says:

    I’m telling you guys… Loney is about to heat up. Don’t sit him now.

    And Abreu is going to need lots of time off if he is to be expected to last until late September. Just look at his three year splits, and pay close attention to last year. He is 38 now and just few ounces overweight. He is going to fade like an L.A. sunset come August. I think it would be a good idea to limit his at bats while we can. This would appear to be a time when Donnie wants to see which one of these young guys can be counted and which ones need to be jettisoned. I look for continued lineup changes for the rest of this month.

  7. DRomo says:

    Abreu is not an everyday guy. I agree with Badger. This is an emergency option if we put him at 1B. I would be OK with that from time to time, but as our everyday guy? No way!

    We need a bat. An everyday starter 1B or 3B. A legit BAT!That changes everything. When Kemp and Rivera get back we will have 4 straight legit bats. Also until the whole squad is healthy we will have Ethier and (insert name here) to hold down the fort. This steady parade of AAA guys has to end soon. Van Slyke and Sands are getting over exposed!

    I would like to see more Castellanos though. Also I really like Herrera.

  8. Badger says:

    He had 46 ribbies in 214 AB’s last year for us. That’s damn good. He had a .740 OPS. That certainly isn’t bad. He is only 33. He might have a few years left.

  9. Dusto says:

    I thought IDJ2′s OPS was barely suitable at .815? Rivera HAD a .740 OPS last year. That number doesn’t fit in the top 15 for first basemen. Considering, he doesn’t have a .740 OSP this year (.634 in limited action) that is worse than Loney but not by much (.680). Loney is sure to improve, though I don’t trust him as an everyday player for us. But Rivera simply isn’t the answer. And quoting RBI’s… really? Might as well start bashing on Billingsley for his win-loss record.

    Loney isn’t the long term answer. That much we can agree upon. But neither is Rivera. I’d argue that Rivera isn’t much better than Van Slyke or Sands.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Wow, panic mode for one of the best records in major league baseball.

    But the hoof beats are getting louder and louder.

    Ownership will have to do something soon.

    Oh yes, is not the draft tonight . . .

  11. DRomo says:

    I’m not saying Rivera is a offensive leader but he is a nice piece in a lineup featuring Kemp and Either. With Rivera and another bat. That’s a nice foursome.

    I also don’t think it’s time to panic but remember “Noah built the boat before the rain”. We are on a downward trend. We may be without Kemp for a month. Let’s not wait until we h e to panic. Let’s try to improve now. Or someone else will.

  12. Dusto says:

    Juan Rivera has been an example of offensive futility for 3 years running! Hands down WORSE than James Loney. The only foursome that Rivera should be a part of is the retired foursome on a golf course.

  13. Badger says:

    Hands down WORSE than James Loney? Really? On what basis?

    I just looked at the stats and they are very even as far as production is concerned, with Rivera actually having a higher oWAR for the last three years than Loney. The WAR is dead even. I am not that high on either one of them, but having THEM in the lineup instead of some AAA player sounds like a better idea to me. If you look at fangraphs projections, Loney is predicted to do better this year, but not by much and probably because he is about 6 years younger. I think maybe you are a little too hard on Rivera Dusto. He isn’t great by any stretch, but he is a better option than Sands or Van Slyke.

    And yeah, I’ll quote RBI’s, as run production on this team is paramount. As for wins and losses, more RBI’s would give Bills more wins now wouldn’t it. For pitchers, I like IP and WHIP as the more telling stats.

  14. Bobby says:

    I’m not sure River is a better option than Sands/SVS, because Rivera gets constant PT and Sands/SVS get a couple AB’s here and there and then sit for a while.

    If you gave those guys 15-20 games of constant PT in 1 position, perhaps they’d get a real chance to prove themselves and prove to us that they are indeed legit prospects.

  15. Michael says:

    I’m so tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you oooo Kinks
    Been James biggest fan and have stuck with him through the good and the bad but I like Donnie have lost my faith in him.

    How about we trade him to the Orioles for Mark “200K” Reynolds?

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I admit to not having studied the stats. But if memory serves, Loney’s 2011 season was the reverse of 2010. Slow start last year, torrid finish. Great start in 2010, tepid finish. That doesn’t indicate to me that he’s a second half hitter about to break out. But again, I haven’t studied the stats, so maybe I’m wrong.

    Juan Rivera is what he is. A .260 – .270 hitter, with 15-20 HR power. Probably better against lefthanded pitching. And Abreu is what he is, a 38 year old who can still hit, but will probably run out of gas if he’s run out on the field everyday. However, we do have a stretch of inter-league games coming up. Abreu and Rivera probably fit well as alternating DH’s.

    SVS is back on his way to ALBQ. and Tolleson just got the call to replace Guerra, who was put on the DL (knee problem I believe).

    Castellanos has looked good, and probably deserves a shot to start somewhere on the field, be it 2B, 3B, or LF. Probably not 1B, but who knows. In the end something will probably get done, and a lot of the speculation will change.

  17. Badger says:

    “How about we trade him to the Orioles for Mark “200K” Reynolds?”

    I might be the only guy in here that would sign off on that trade. I watched Reynolds several games when he was here in Arizona and I can tell you nobody leaves their seat when he is up. Can’t say that about Loney.

    Brooklyn… here you go:

    Last year he went nuts in June, August and September. Snoozed all the way through July, and he it is generally accepted that he is a streaky hitter.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Looking at the 2010/2011 it doesn’t appear to me that Loney has a “steady career of slow starts and hot summers”.

    Seems like my memory concerning those two years was correct.

    2010 Pre All-Star = .309/.361/.442/.803
    Post All-Star = .211/.285/.331/.616

    2011 Pre All-Star = .268/.311/.342/.653
    Post All-Star = .320/.380/.534/.914

    No doubt Loney can get hot. But there is no indication that getting hot is what he does in the second half. Apparently it can come at anytime, if at all. I love his defense, but his inconsistency as a hitter, and his overall pedestrian stats are simply a drag on the punchless Dodgers offense. I was always a big Loney supporter, but his lack of production over the years has worn out his welcome with me. I think it’s time for a change. Might be good for both sides.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    Loney’s heater has a burnt out element. He’s a permanent cooler. He’s a great person and an outstanding fielder but time has run it’s course. Ship him to Houston for Ken’s long relief guy.

  20. TruBlu says:

    Here the facts. The Dodgers Management is the only one keeping the younger guys from succeeding. There use to be a saying..” who was the only man to keep Michael Jordan from scoring 40 points in a game? The answer …. Dean Smith. The same is true here. Only Ned and Don are keeping the kids from growing. If you platoon them every day they get not chance to grow and adjust. If I only get to see RHP or LHP I am not going to learn to adjust to hit them. We need to committ and let them learn, work, improve. Look at the minor league stats below.

    Player Yrs. In Minors AVG OBP SLG OPS
    Kemp 4 0.313 0.360 0.524 0.884
    Either 5 0.315 0.388 0.459 0.847
    Herrera 6 0.282 0.363 0.388 0.751
    Sands 3.5 0.283 0.372 0.546 0.936
    Loney 5.5 0.296 0.363 0.430 0.794
    Slyke 7 0.287 0.356 0.468 0.824

    Sands and Slyke are the future power hitters but Donnie Boy and Ned are the only thing blocking their progress.



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