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Rant & Rave Sunday

  • Hiroki Kuroda is 4-6 with a 3.82 ERA for the Yankees and has given up 70 hits in 68 innings with a 1.35 WHIP.  Aaron Harang is 4-3 with a 3.90 ERA for the Dodgers and has given up 63 hits in 64 innings with a 1.35 WHIP.   Chris Capuano is 7-2 with a 2.50 ERA AND HAS GIVEN UP 49 HITS IN 68 INNINGS WITH A 1.08 WHIP (61 K’S).  I mention this because Ned bought Harang AND Caps for the cost of Kuroda.  Who looks like the dummy now?  I liked the deals then – I like them better now.  Capuano is actually the Dodgers Number Two and Harang is a solid Number Four.  Good Job, Ned!
  • It sounds encouraging for Ted Lilly – he may actually be back by the end of the month.
  • If Gwynn continues his solid play, could Kemp go to LF when he comes back to reduce strain on his leg?  It’s HAS to be a consideration!
  • I keep telling you that Castellanos is a stone-cold hitter.  He’s a line-drive guy with gap power who I believe will be a .300 hitter.  Where his glove plays is the question?  I know he’s played third frequently, but I don’t know how well.  He is probably an 8-12 HR guy, but if he can hit .300 (which I say he can), he can be a nice asset.
  • Is Herrera for real or is he Oscar Robles?  I don’t know yet, but I’ll take it.
  • Colorado would be a perfect place to trade Loney, because he hits so well there, but I can’t see a trade fit on their roster.
  • Is Kevin Youkilis healthy?  If so, he’s probably the most viable option at 3B.  Chase Headly is not an upgrade over Uribe in my opinion.
  • Carlos Quentin is available, but is he with the prospects he would command, and is he really that much better than what the Dodgers now have?  He is a HOT-COLD guy meaning he can carry a team and also be a black hole.  He is also horrid in LF and has never played 1B because he has a cast iron glove.
  • Russ Martin is hitting .190.   WOW!  Carlos Santana is hitting .245 with 5 HR for the Indians.  He has shown flashes but would be backing up AJ Ellis (Freaking AJ Ellis) if he were in LA.  So far, that deal is not as bad as people have made it out to be.   Andrew Lambo is struggling to get playing time in AA.  What a moron I was in promoting him.
  • Sometimes, it just take patience – James McDonald will be 28 this year and is finally blooming!  He is 4-2 as a starter with a 2.20 ERA and a 0.96 WHIP.  65 IP/44 H/19 BB/63 K’s and the league is hitting .196 against him.  He’s the best one that got away.  Way to go James!  Let’s plot to get him back.
  • Andre Ethier has been a modicum of consistency this year.  He has matured and it is showing BIG TIME!
  • Dee Gordon is slowly making quiet progress at #8.  Just let him play is the answer, I guess.
  • Scott Elbert is also slowly looking like he can pitch in the majors.
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 6/2/12
  • Nate Eovaldi tries for the win today.  He may have difficulty with his curve-ball at Coors…



Today’s Lineup:

  1. Gordon back at leadoff – SS
  2. Hererra  3B
  3. Abreu  LF
  4. Ethier  RF
  5. Hariston  3B
  6. Loney  1B
  7. Ellis C
  8. Gwynn  CF

I have no problem with Gordon back at the top, but I hate that Alex Castellanos is not in the lineup.

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16 Responses to “Rant & Rave Sunday”

  1. ken says:

    Stats re NL and AL pitchers are apples and oranges because of the DH. However, based upon the Dodger known finances and the unknown quality in the over rated Dodger farm system (and draft) not signing Kuroda and signing a #3 and a #4 was the best approach.

    Cool Lilly will be rested for the WS!

    Of course Kemp should play left field (I said that earlier in the week!)

    A stone cold hitter usually makes a good PH. If he actually can play more than one position then the Dodgers can DFA Kennedy. HURRAH!!

    Nobody compares to Oscar Robles!

    Keep Loney and put him in front of films and in the batting cage 4 hours a day. He runs like a person who did not run over the off season.

    3B, the biggest problem is SS. Get Gordo a 27 ounce bat and tell him that if he hots one more ground ball to the 1B that he will be benced.

    Quentin? LF is not a major problem. 3B, SS and long relief are the major problems.

    AJ Ellis is THE MAN!

    Lambo was never an athlete just a hitter. Those type of people usually di not make it in the MLB – see LaRoche. I called that one :).

    McDonald. Sometimes it takes patience and sometimes it taks a Shrink. McDonald just could not handle the presure in a Big City like LA with F….. Toore around. He still might not work out in LA until he is 35.

    Ethier is becoming a man

    Gordon is just a boy. He is hereby sentenced to bat 8th for life. :)

    When Elbert throws he is terrible but when he pitches his is ok.

    Go Nate. Go Dodgers. Win the Series with a lineup that does not “Tempt the Lord thy God” on Sunday.

  2. Badger says:

    Mark, you are coming to conclusions based on stats until June 2. I would wait another 3 months before drawing ANY conclusions.

    Gordon in the 8 hole for life? Then the team might as well trade him.

    Jonathan Broxton looks good again. Want him back too?

    Lilly will be rested for the WS? Are we trading him to the Rangers?

    Swisher is FA next year. Granderson has a $13M club option that will no doubt be exercised. Michael Bourne would look good in CF. And, I would think BJ Upton would be easy to get. He had a 2.8 WAR last year and would probably love to get out of Florida. Angel Pagan anyone?

    There will be a lot more to talk about in about 6 weeks. Until then, enjoy the Isotopes Show.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      1. The only conclusions I can draw is what I see right now. I will draw more as time passes.

      2. Broxton has no pressure – he\’s with KC. No and No!

  3. jeff says:

    Headley is an upgrade over Uribe when you get him out of San Diego. His home slash line is .234/.359/.336 his road slash line is .279/.379/.550 and he is healthy.

    I would like to see De Jesus and Van Slyke given a real chance to play to see what they are capable of. Its almost impoosible for them to get any kind of consistency going when they play one day sit 3 days get a pinch hit opportunity then sit 2 more days.

    Herrera appears to be a nice super sub to compliment Hairston giving the team reliable bench players.

    One question on Ethier is if they don’t sign an extension by July, do you keep him or trade him for max value?

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    New Update Above

  5. Badger says:

    They must expect a lot of pull hitters. They put two third basemen on the field. I am ok with that, but, it leaves a fairly sizeable hole on the right side.

    I think the month of June will have 28 different lineups in it. I have no problem with that either. I got no problem.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Last night, on the way to the Symphony, listening to the game on XM radio, the Rockies announcers were all hepped up with Carlos Gonzalez up and Elbert in relief.

    But on the first pitch, Gonzalez hit into that double-play. The announcers had all of the air knocked out of them with that one pitch.

    That was stone-cold pitching.

  7. ken says:

    Playing like a bunch of Girly Men

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    When a team goes into Colorado to play baseball — you are supposed to score some runs.

    Today – the Dodgers have a total of 3 hits in 9 innings. That will not win games.

    Noticed that Broxton got his 13th saved for K.C. today.

    The Dodgers really have a bunch of #8 place hitters: Gordon, Gwynn, Kennedy, De Jesus, Treanor, Hairston, Castellanos. But somebody has to win that position all by themselves.

  9. Bobby says:

    Another nice at bat by Castallenos today. He hit a shot, but the 2b made a great play to get him out. That could’ve tied the game.

    Eovaldi again with a quality game. There’s no reason to trade for a decent sp who makes a lot of money and will cost us prospects because Eovaldi is more than capable of matching that pitcher’s production. Only trade for a starter if he’s impact (i.e. Hamels, King Felix, etc)

  10. the truth hurts says:

    4 game series in philly??????

    i do not have a good feeling about this….

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I haven’t followed Broxton, but if he’s finally healthy (i.e., recovered from Torre’s abuse), throwing hard again, and breaking off the nice slider he used to have, then he will be effective. It never had anything to do with the look in his eyes, his demeanor, etc., etc., etc. It simply had to do with decreased velocity and a slider that lost its bite and hung over the plate consistently. Both of those things are signs of arm problems. Maybe he’s beginning to recover from the surgery he had.

    And all the Billingsley naysayers who think he’s a wimp should pay attention. Bills has always had a problem being consistent as a starter. But none of it has ever had to do with his character or toughness. I’m guessing with him it’s all about focus, or more pointedly, his inability to focus for long periods of time. Hence, his meltdown innings in the middle of games. Maybe I’m wrong, but I still feel he’s best suited for the pen, where he can come in and throw heat for an inning or two (mixing in an occasional breaking ball or change). And yes, he’s throws harder out of the pen.

    A few at bats does not a season or a career make. But in his limited play, Castellanos appears to be able to hit. Is he a .300 hitter? Who knows? .270 – .280 with gap power will be fine with me. And anybody is an improvement over Uribe or Kennedy. Veteran experience helps, but youthful enthusiasm trumps a decrepit veteran every-time. With Castellanos at 3B I’d have some hope. With Kennedy or Uribe there I have none. And Hairston needs to stay in his utility role. Same for Herrera.

    Gordon is still a work in progress. I knew his bunting was subpar, but I didn’t know until today that he still has no bunt hits this year. That’s near impossible to fathom. But I also think that he needs to play, and that the Dodgers will not win without a productive Gordon. Maybe he needs the full year to work this out, or maybe he’ll take off in the second half. He wouldn’t be the first.

    Kemp in right field I can see. Left I don’t. Can’t believe that playing LF protects his hammy any more than playing right. But if Kemp is in a corner that means Abreu/Rivera/???? doesn’t get any playing time, unless you want Ethier in CF (I don’t). I love Tony Gwynn’s defense, but this team cannot win without scoring more. Gwynn is not part of the answer to improving the Dodgers offense. If he hits .270 with no power he doesn’t add much to an already punchless offense. So for Kemp to move to a corner for me, the Dodgers have to acquire an offensively productive centerfielder. Otherwise, Kemp remains in CF.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    I saw the box score for Broxton a few nights ago, two walks, two hits and he got the save. He can stay right where he’s at.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I guess that Steve Lyons is not someone to count on to provide factual information.

    It appears that what I heard during the game about Gordon not having a bunt hit this year was untrue. Actually he has four. But it is true that his bunting is anything but a strong part of his game. He should have a lot more than four bunt hits.

    Actually I looked at Broxton’s stats. 7 walks in about 21 innings is fine. Only 14 strikeouts, but a 1.74 ERA. I believe he has 12 saves. He appears to be getting the job done.

  14. jerry says:

    i think we just need a set line up..with the player we have..all the switching is no good..we have lost most of the games ..because there is someone out of position .. i dont like the thought that we have this guy in because he hit left hands.and we have this guy in because he hit s right.. i am from the old school. if you can hit you play..

  15. Badger says:

    Donnie needs to find the hot players jerry. Personally, I don’t think there will be any that remain hot, but, he needs the guys that are most ready. Who is that? I have no idea. We have a slumping SS, a .650 OPSing CF, no 3b, a revolving door in LF and most of who we have on the bench are second baseman. Nice work by management.

    Yeah Brooklyn, I too have mentioned what I thought Dee needs to do to be a better ML hitter. He needs to use that speed and the way to do that is with bunts and the occasional slap hit. His home to first base speed is 3.5. That is Mickey Mantle speed. He needs to get the infielders moving, ne needs to go up the middle and opposite field and he needs to shorten that swing. Like I said, there is a loop in it that is troubling. A loop from a guy who weighs a buck fifty is a pop-up waiting to happen.

    I’ll say it again, we need to find a way to win the 3-2 games. And that requires an offense that is willing, and able, to play small ball. Has anyone seen it from this group? It starts with the lead-off guy, whoever it is, getting on base and those who follow him moving him around. Gordon needs to score 100+ on this team, and at his current rate, he isn’t going to do that this year. Last year, he scored every 6.86 PA’s. This year it’s down to 9.62 PA’s. Last year he was a .8 oWAR, this year he is a -.2. Has the league figured him out? It would appear so. And the same thing is likely to happen to all the other AAAA players the Dodgers have out there. If there is a hole in a swing, Major League pitchers will find it.


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